April 2007

1937/40 Duesenberg Model SJ Rollson Cabriolet

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This Duesenberg might be Rudolf Bauer's best-known work; it's certainly
the most valuable

Faced with the surreal scale of the Duesenberg's chassis, some designers attempted to reduce the scale of the car. Not artist Rudolf Bauer. His intent was to create the longest, most distinctive Duesenberg ever built. And he did.

Bauer emphasized the dominant theme of the chassis-its sheer size-rather than hide it. Accordingly, his sketches depict a narrow, elongated hood extending well beyond the Model J radiator shell and reaching all the way back to the low vee windshield. A canted, streamlined grille conceals the standard grille, recessed behind, and reveals the influence of the Art Deco and Streamlining movements.