September 2007

1967 Corvette 427/435 L71

Written by  Thomas Glatch


In the Corvette world, three models have dominated the collector market: the 1957 with fuel injection, the 1963 Split-Window Sting Ray with fuel injection, and the 1967 Sting Ray with the top horsepower 427 engines. Other years may have offered better performance, superior features, or better styling, but this threesome tops the value list.

Demand for the 1967 427 Sting Ray has resulted in this model hitting the sweet spot of performance and style. That’s ironic, since this Corvette almost wasn’t built. The curvacious Mako Shark-inspired Sting Ray introduced in 1968 was supposed to be the 1967 model. That car was delayed a year, mainly over indecision on the coupe’s roof design. The rush to bring a 1967 Corvette to market was eased by the fact that both the ’67 and the ’68 rode on the same chassis. The new series of powertrain options readied for 1967 could sit under either body, so the majority of the engineering was done.