American Car Collector September/October 2016

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Climbing in Four Low

With the red rocky crags and metal-crunching monoliths fresh in my mind, I’d like to take a moment to talk about Moab.

This special place in Utah does everything it can to pulverize you, and the pulverized evidence of the place fills not only your ears and your eyes and your nose, but your soul, too. Moab is one of those few places on Earth that enchants with its harshness and implores with its desolation, which is why so many Read More

This year, my boots were on the ground at all seven auction venues, searching out the cheapest American cars available. Be it expensive and exotic or cheap and neurotic, every auction has a high and low winner.

So once again, back by popular demand, I present the bottom of the Arizona sales chart, class of 2017:

(5/5 is best)

1911 Ford Model T Speedster

Gooding & Company Lot 2, VIN 50170
Sold for $26,400

This car’s engine block Read More

Strange But True Tales of Car Collecting – Signed Edition

Abandoned Bugattis? Rusty Rolls-Royces? A priceless collection of historic vehicles, rotting in the sun? The horror… the horror!

But that’s what you’ll find inside Strange but True Tales of Car Collecting. As many car enthusiasts know, the automotive world is rife with otherworldly stores of intrigue, mystery, chance redemption, and ruin. The stories collected here are some of the best, culled from those who lived or witnessed them firsthand. They stretch east to west and north to south, stories from Read More