Arizona’s Results are In—And the American Market is Back!

The whirlwind Scottsdale auction week is over. The ACC crew is now back in the office and knee-deep in production of ACC’s second issue, which is going to feature an in-depth look at everything that happened in the Arizona desert this year.

The results were great news for the American car market, with a grand total of $184m sold at 6 auctions. And the biggest trend? American muscle values seem to be on the rise.

ACC’s staff and writers all made note of just how many good cars there were at every auction, and clearly plenty of buyers were on-site with money to spend. Want to know more? We’ll have complete coverage in issue #2, available later this month.

The Mecum Kissimmee auction also just wrapped, with a preliminary sales total of $59.5m. And $35k of that came direct from ACC, as we bought the mother of all Mopars there —- a 1963 Dodge 440 2-dr hard top with an all-aluminum 500-ci 680-hp Hemi. Looks like it would fit right in alongside the early Dodge Ramcharger racers of the 1960s. That’s right—- ACC just joined the 10-second club. And I can’t wait to get to Portland International Raceway to prove it.

I know I keep saying I’m a GM guy, but it seems like I’m being overrun by Chrysler Hemis these days—- first it’s an SRT8 Charger family car and now this. There are certainly worse problems to have. Maybe it’s time for me to finally buy that 8-71 Weiand blower and dual 750 Holleys I’ve been dreaming about for my 12-second big-block ’66 Caprice coupe. At least then I could keep up. Think my wife would mind?


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