Carburetor or Fuel Injection? Share your thoughts with ACC!

ACC’s staff is currently working on the Insider’s View section of the July/August issue, and we’d like your input on the following question:

Fuel injection or a carburetor: which would you rather have under your classic’s hood?

Say you’re assembling a ’64 Chevelle as a cruiser. Everything’s complete but the engine – it’s time to choose between modern computerized fuel injection and a carburetor. Which do you go with and why?

There’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of a carburetor – you can adjust it with a screwdriver, and when it’s tuned right, a carb will give you crisp throttle response and great overall performance. But have you had enough of chokes, leaky float bowls, and plugged jets?

Modern fuel injection systems can make a lot of power while being easier on the fuel bill, and companies are now building bolt-on units that take the place of your original carb and use self-learning computers – just hit the key and go. But they’re expensive. And does adding a modern bolt-on injection system (or a late-model injected crate motor, like an LS1) take something away from the old car driving experience?

Send your thoughts, along with your name and city/state in a comment on this page or in an email to by Friday, May 10, by 6:00 pm, pst. Look for your comments in the next issue of American Car Collector!


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