From the Auction Desk: $15,500 McLaren

With land auctions closed down, our options for buying and selling cars are very limited at the moment.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t strange and interesting discoveries to make. Check out this ’89 Turbo Grand Prix ASC/McLaren that sold on Monday for $15,500.

You can read the auction-site copy for in-depth details on this specific car, but ASC/McLaren, you might remember, was a subcontractor to many of the auto manufacturers around the world for convertible bodies and parts. They’re best known for Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri convertible conversions running from 1984–90. ASC’s contributions to Pontiac’s lineup in ’89 consisted of turbocharging and intercooling the 3.1-L V6 (adding 65 horsepower over the stock assembly) and added body flair.

Now, this price, umm…folks, what are you doing? This can only be cabin fever taking grip of the bidders. The car hits the right notes, sure: 5,500 miles, Arizona address, rebuilt ABS system, one of 750, and it’s likely one of the best ones remaining. But, this is an ’89 Pontiac that isn’t the Turbo Trans Am. The best I can say about it is that it’s a curiosity at five figures — even if that interior looks like a million bucks.

Keep your eyes open for the strange and unusual cars that pop up around the Internet. With the traditional barrier of auction acceptance more or less out of the way, the consignment lists get a lot less (seas of black or silver SL-class Mercedes or 5-series BMWs) and a lot more interesting.


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  1. Chad, we have a guy out here that comes to cars and coffee and has one very similar to this. To be candid I do not know if it is a ASC, but it has the other buttons checked. I have been to other events around the country and have to say our is one of the best, being filled with old and new exotics and other never seen anywhere else stuff. However, there are two cars that steal the show every time the Bonneville and a early 80’s vw rabbit drop top. The crowds are always thick and never ending when they show up. So, could be a signal for a bright future for these… I know that I thought they were a kinda KIT’s big brother cool.

    1. I think you’re on the trail here, Jay. The two previous sales on BaT of Turbo Grand Prixes were for $5,900 in April 2019 and $7,400 in December 2017, so there seemed to be a pretty big jump up. But, if this era is in — and things like Radwood, “Youngtimer Collection,” etc. seem to reinforce the notion — then prices move accordingly. Prices usually follow the attention, right? I think a flashing red light bar would fit nicely right above the lower twin grille.