Enter the Dodge

It’s been a big couple of weeks for ACC. On Wednesday, we shipped our second issue to the press, complete with all of our 2012 Scottsdale coverage. I think it’s even better than our first issue – it includes a number of new features, including a poll of what our subscribers bought in Scottsdale and a look at some of the best junkyards in the U.S. Subscribers should see it in their mailboxes sometime around the end of the month.

But for me and for the ACC staff, even more exciting was the arrival of our new drag car – the 1963 Dodge 440 we bought for $37,100 at Mecum Kissimmee in late January.

ACC Data Analyst Chad Tyson and I met the Reliable Carriers truck outside ACC HQ bright and early this past Saturday morning, ready to take delivery of the Hemi-powered monster. The car turned out to be nicer than I thought it would be, with unmarred paint and generally good original chrome and trim. And of course, there’s that Hemi.

It’s usually pretty quiet outside HQ in the morning, but the Dodge managed to draw a small crowd even before the truck driver hopped in to start it up. And once he got it spinning, children on the street ducked, wildlife ran for cover, and every car guy in a five-block radius looked up from his breakfast.

I spoke with Gary Spencer, the car’s builder, before it arrived to get some of the specs. The high points include that 500-ci Indy aluminum Hemi, a solid roller cam, 850 Race Demon carb, 727 push-button automatic with manual valve body, minitub with Strange Dana 60, spool, and 4.11 gears, and custom-made headers flowing into 2-chamber Flowmaster race mufflers.

I’ve only taken it around the block a few times, thanks to having no title, plates, or registration yet. And it’s loud exhaust has already really irritated the people who work in the space above us. But aside from the sound, it seems pretty mild-mannered. I’m sure that’s just a false sense of security. We’ll find out once the weather in Portland turns around.


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