Jim’s Blog: Let’s Talk Cars

ACC’s Readers’ Forum section is one of my favorite parts of the magazine. It’s a place where we can all chime in on a range of topics, from the market to car modifications and fixes, and I’m looking for more of those topics.


If you have a burning question about the market, we can help. Want to know what you should buy? Is it a good time to sell? Ask us and we’ll get the question out in front of ACC’s readership. Looking to change something on your car? From the right way to do the job down to what the value impact of the change might be, ACC’s readers have the answers, and they’re not afraid to kick a few tires and tell it like it is. 


Here’s how it works: We select one question per issue and send that question out to ACC’s readership. The readers then send us their thoughts on the matter, and we then take those thoughts and build them into the forum page you see in print. Send us your questions at comments@americancarcollector.com and we’ll get started.


The next issue of ACC is just around the corner, and your question might be included if you get it to us by Friday at 10 am PST. 


It’s hard to believe that we’re now building issue #30. That issue rounds out our fourth year and starts off our fifth, and we’ve got some great content in store for you coming out of Monterey and the summer auctions. Stay tuned!


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