Jim’s Blog: What’s The Best Christmas Gift for a Car Guy?

Christmas is almost here, and with it comes the gifts of socks, sweaters, gloves, and probably more desserts than you should really be eating.

But if you’re a car guy, you’re probably not that interested in those socks, sweaters, or gloves. (Unless they’re Nomex racing socks, a car design sweater, or heavy-duty work gloves.)

I tend to give my dad car-related stuff on Christmas, and I’ve tried a little bit of everything over the years, from whatever the newest gadgety tool from Sears is (which he subsequently never uses) through a reproduction ’68 Camaro console for his project car. It was probably that console that made him the happiest, since he didn’t have an original and I don’t think he knew he could get a repro. It’s held a high spot on the shelf overlooking his Camaro project car ever since, waiting for its day of installation, which is likely going to happen this winter. 

As for me, the best thing I remember getting under the tree actually never made it to the tree — it’s pretty hard to wrap a set of 275 60 R15 BFG Drag Radials.

So what do you think? Is the best gift a specialty item for a specific car you own, like that reproduction center console, or would you rather have something more general, like wax kits, polishing tools, washing tools, etc? We’ve built lists of possible car guy gifts before — here’s your chance to chime in.

What have you given over the years that turned out to be really useful? What wasn’t? Let us know in the comments below. And Happy Holidays!


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