Jim’s Blog: New Year Resolutions

The collector car year is just about to start in a big way, with Kissimmee already underway this week and Scottsdale kicking off with Barrett-Jackson on Saturday. We’ll know soon just how much McQueen’s Mustang is worth, and what the trends are for 2020 out of the desert.

But before all that, it’s time to take a second and think about what the new year can bring for you and your cars. What are your new year’s car resolutions for 2020?

I’m making an effort this year to drive my old cars more. I spent most of 2019 building a C10 in my garage, and with that project out of the way, it’s time for me to remind myself why I have old cars in the first place. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and skip out on the fun car stuff — especially when you have little kids. I’m going to more shows, more cruise-ins, and more drag nights in 2020 — and I’m bringing the kids with me.

Driving my cars more will mean I’ll finally need to fix a couple of the things about them that make them hard to use, but that’s a good thing. Owning something just to store it isn’t much fun. Old cars should earn their keep, and mine are about to.

How about you? What are your plans for 2020? What events will you finally attend, what cars will you finally buy or sell, and what will you be doing to the cars you already own? Sound off in the comments below.


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  1. Jim, as you are aware I seem to enjoy adding to your blogs every month now for quite sometime. I hope to be able to continue in the future.
    I just spent a few weeks at my folks in AZ for the holidays (sadly won’t be making car week now because of the length of the trip). I was reminded of some harsh and some pleasant realities concerning my love for this auto lifestyle.
    The 1st as I went to go look at my 69 corvette, which my good friend that was in my Dad’s and my corvette club (I was 8 of course) and my high school auto teacher are doing the finishing touches for me. Was as they joke I need to retire to have the time to finish. They have done an amazing job with the details that so many don’t have the knowledge nor the patience to perform. I have been working on this car now for well over a decade most of the time spent in paint shops. It was this experience and the current experience of my 72 blazer in the paint shop going on 4 years now that has pushed me to buy a new 61 Buick for me to replace the one I have so I don’t have to do paint and body with it in the future. So, maybe my resolution is, “No more paint shops.”
    But, wanted share the best part of the hobby is the folks we share it with. I was reminded this last trip at home working with my friends and sharing stories with other the great friendships that have been forged through this love and passion I have for the hobby. Especially when I saw how so many have worked so much on my car, while I was stuck on the other side of the USA to get it done for me and for the car.
    As for shows, I have not been to Good Guys Scottsdale yet and we are hoping that the vette will be there with me this year, especially since it is my birthday.

    1. I know how you feel about paint shops — but the final product will be worth the time and effort! Hope you make it to Goodguys — it’s a great show.

      1. Jim, I will be at Good Guys. Sadly, I don’t know if my vette will though. However, I did buy that new to me 61 Invicta and it is currently in Scottsdale getting some work done. So, it should be done and will still allow for me to arrive in style and have room for friends too…

  2. I just want to thank you for organizing the Car Collector’s Forum
    at the Barrett-Jackson Auctions. I attended for the second year running and sat in the first row. I would encourage anyone attending in the future to attend and get some expert opinions on what cars and trucks are hot and not so hot.
    Despite one of the speakers giving me the stink eye after seeing my Shelby American Auto Club shirt; I will continue to enjoy my 1969 GT350 Fastback; but will take Ken Lingenfelter’s advice and consider a sale of my 1966 C2 Corvette.