Jim’s Blog: The Best $10k Collector Car?

What can $10k buy you these days? It may not seem like much, but it’s enough to get you something fun to drive that’s also on the collectible spectrum. 

What do I mean by that? Well, unless you’re into a total project, you’re not going to find a ’69 Camaro for $10k. Muscle Mopars are out, too — unless you like trucks. And no, you probably won’t find a good ’66 Mustang, either. Although that one is worth investigating.

For my money, the best $10k buy right now is a C4 Corvette. Preferably a ’95 or ’96 with a manual transmission. These cars are generally pretty robust, and they’re the last of the C4 line, so most of the bugs had been worked out. Parts aren’t too hard to come by, and that wedge-shaped C4 body is starting to become cool again. I think there’s some slight upside here, assuming you find a car without damage and without a million miles on the clock.

What about you? If you were spending $10k of ACC’s money, what would you buy right now and why?


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  1. I agree with your example of the C4. I own a C4 and the handling is great and peppy enough for a chuckle here and there. Mine is a bit older and has the knight rider dash, which I love because it makes me feel like a kid on a adventure every time it lights up. I only wish it would say something clever.
    I would add that you can also get some nice C3s and judging by what I saw at Carlisle this weekend with the reaction of the C8 that may only grow. For example I did sell my 79 L-82 4sp Midnight Blue over Oyster at Barrett crossing the block at 10k. Yes, it did not perform like my 69 427, but it had A/C creature comforts that batmobile feel looking out over those fenders and extra storage room, perfect for weekend get aways.
    But even average VWs are climbing north of 10k, 80s cars like IROCs and GTs not to far behind (nice examples much further north), and as for trucks it is hard to even find a square body(73-87) for under 10k. So, 90s cars and yes especially Vettes are a good way to enjoy/start the hobby with change to spare.

  2. Agreed, especially if the body has not shaken itself too loose – they do rattle – with manual and the convertible. Learn how to beat that annoying 1-4 upshift by double clutching while you are at it. OR – consider if you can tolerate the minor to medium hassles associated with a 60-something British Leyland product.

  3. I’ll sell you a Museum Mint, pampered, Palm Springs, Classic, 1999 Cad Eldorado Coupe. Garaged 79,000 orig Miles w/ orig Window Sticker & Manuals for $9,500. Drive this fast & healthy Northstar V8 to a Cadillac Car Show tomorrow ! Gorgeous all original Bronze Paint/ Dash/ Tan Leather & Carpets ! Give that Corvette a good Race