Jim’s Blog: What’s Your Current Project?

Since our usual car events are on hold right now, what are car people up to? 

Right now I’d normally be getting ready for the Portland Swap Meet, and a few local shows that take place in April. Instead, I’m working in my garage and spending a lot of time with my kids.

My ’66 Caprice needs a deep detail pretty badly, so that’s near the top of my list of things to do. I haven’t spent much time with that car in months, and since it’s black, every light scratch, fingerprint, and imperfection sticks out like a neon sign. The paint is pretty old and shows a lot of wear from years of cruising and drag racing. A cut and buff will solve all that. I also want to change some of the wiring around and put the Holley EFI fuel pump on a relay versus running it off the ECU. I’m building a list of Summit Racing parts to get that handled, and I’m sure diving in will open up other stuff I’d like to tackle, too.

Beyond that, I’m doing some a/c work in the 1979 C10 I built in 2019 for my book on squarebody GM trucks, and have the grille and the frontend brightwork apart again for a deeper cleaning than I had time for when I was initially building the truck.

My main project has been ACC #51, which we’re finalizing and getting out to press this week. I’m pleased with this issue and I think you will be too. It’ll be hitting mailboxes in a few weeks — if you haven’t already subscribed, you should do it now!

What have you been working on in your own garages? 


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  1. Being in the Chicago area I’m waiting for the warmer weather to start. In the interim, in the garage polishing up my Dodge Challenger and enjoying the opportunity to drive it out on the less congested roads these days. It gives me a break from these stay in place times and being able to keep social distancing in play. Will get my 99’ 30th Anniversary TransAm out of winter storage soon and have a few small projects to do on it for the upcoming car show season. I hope for all us car enthusiasts that we can see car shows and cruises happen sooner then later!!
    Good health to all and stay positive for better days💪👍.

  2. Well, it depends how you look at this. I am still coordinating some upgrades for my 61 Invicta in AZ as my main focus. However, now that my job and the state are keeping me at home, I am going to do some deep cleaning on my 04 SRT-10 Viper Truck. I have wanted to take the wheels off for a deep front and back deep deep clean since taking ownership. This venture will include updating brake paint and detailing other areas of the undercarriage. I will also take this time to pull my 2 BMX bikes apart for a major chrome detailing for my Nickle 79 Mongoose and my Chrome/Red 83 Kuwahara Laserlite. So, excited to see the results.