Jim’s Blog: Tuning Right in 2015

My wife can always tell when I’ve been out driving my ’66 Caprice. Unburnt hydrocarbons waft around that thing and stick to my clothes like high-performance perfume, thanks to a high-lift long-duration cam and big carburetor. I kind of like it, but I’m sure the people sitting behind me at traffic lights don’t.


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Jim’s Blog: Four Overlooked Old Car Fixes

If you drive an old car on a regular basis, you’ve likely had to come to terms with the fact that it’s just harder to use than a modern car. Brakes, lights, wipers, and suspension systems just weren’t as good 40 years ago, right? Right. But that’s not the whole story. The age of the parts — and how much they’ve worn — is a big factor in how your car drives.

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Jim’s Blog: Crate Motor or Not

Buying an engine is a lot like buying a whole collector car: it’s almost always cheaper to buy one already done. But you never really know what problems might pop up on a project you didn’t complete yourself.

About five years ago, I tore the 350 out of my Chevy truck and took it apart. The truck was new to me, and the engine had a bunch of little problems at the time, including a leaky carburetor, a chug at Read More

Jim’s Blog: King of Engine Swaps — Radial Engine Truck

My three-year-old daughter Katie grabbed my ears and pointed my head at the car she wanted to see. We were at the 59th Annual Portland Roadster Show this past weekend. The long-running show brings in a couple-hundred cool cars from all over the U.S. and Canada. I’ve been going for years — it’s one of the events that got me hooked on cars in the first Read More

Jim’s Blog: How do you make old cars safer?

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my ’72 K10 pickup as a daily driver, and since gas has been cheap, I’ve been using it more. It’s a decent regular commuter save for one important thing: safety.


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Jim’s Blog: Five Modern Muscle Drivers

Driving old cars is one of my favorite things, but let’s be honest — sometimes you just need a car with modern air conditioning, decent brakes, and a no-nonsense cooling system. You’re probably not going to drive your ’70 Hemi Cuda to the doctor’s office when you’re sick, or use that ’69 Z/28 to take the wife to the airport on a rainy day. But you don’t have to drive something bland and boring, Read More