The 5 Hottest Collectible Pickups

The classic truck market has been gaining steam over the past few years, with good-condition original rigs now seeing some very high prices across the auction block. But that hasn’t made them all rise in value. While some trucks are up, others are still just old workhorses without collector interest. So if you’re in the market, which trucks should you be looking for? Here are five I’d watch:

Car Show Season is Here

From the outside, Portland, OR may not seem like a big car town. What most people see here are a mass of bicycle commuters and greenies driving hybrids on the highway at under the posted speed limit. But all that changes when the annual spring rains let up. Nothing really rusts here, so there’s a large underground of classics, hot rods, and muscle cars in this town. And all it takes is a few days of Read More

Five Best Bet Late-Model Collectibles

Which late-model fuel-injected performance cars are good investments? That’s a hard question to answer. There’s a sweet spot of low-production cars that actually saw some use from new, which has thinned their numbers and made them harder to find – especially in all-original condition. But in terms of investment potential, my money’s on super low-production cars and cars that were aimed at racing – all would need to be in very original condition with few miles. These are Read More

Springtime Wrenching on the ACC Fleet

Early May is typically when Portland’s gray gloom comes to an end each year, and with sunny skies likely just around the corner, we spent some time this week getting ACC’s fleet of cars ready for the season.

First up – the ’63 Dodge 440. This car is basically turn-key ready, minus a set of collector plates that we still need to source. However, one little issue it’s had since we got it in January is an inoperative fuel Read More

Meet and Greet ACC at the Portland Swap Meet

April is finally here, and for car guys in the Pacific Northwest, that means one thing: It’s swap meet time — and you can meet us there.

The Portland Swap Meet, held at the Portland Expo Center, is the largest auto parts swap meet on the West Coast. More than 50,000 parts hunters roam the grounds over the course of three days, with over 3,500 vendor booths offering countless pre-1980 parts and project cars. And that’s just one of the Read More

How Much Performance is Too Much Performance?

It seems like a simple question. How much power is too much? Ask muscle car guys that question and you’ll get funny looks. Too much power? Does that even exist?

Sure, it seems simple. But it isn’t.

This past weekend was the annual Portland Roadster Show — a show that’s been held in the Rose City since 1955. This year, ACC’s booth included our Dodge 440 sedan. I drove the car to the event from our offices, which Read More

Amelia Island Auctions Total $59m

The preliminary numbers are in from Amelia Island, and they are impressive. 

RM sales broke $23m between 92 cars, with pre-war heavy iron selling strongly. The high sale there—and the most expensive American car for the week overall—was a 1929 Cord L-29 Special Coupe, sold for $2.42m. Signicant post-war sales included a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible, which brought $157k, and a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette race car, sold for $275k.  See the rest of the results at

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Smoke em if you got em! Is our hood scoop too big?

The Dodge we bought at Mecum Kissimmee has been quietly parked at ACC HQ for a few weeks now, taken out only a few times to scare a couple of writers and staffers interested in the big Hemi. But since it’s going to be at our booth at this weekend’s Portland Roadster Show, I had a handful of technical and cosmetic things I needed to take care of, and a few rare sunny March Read More

Should I Recab My Frankentruck?

Should I put an original ’72 cab back on my pieced-together 1972 work truck? That’s the question we’ve been kicking around the ACC office this past week.

About two years ago, I bought a 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 4×4. I was house shopping at the time. Since I grew up in a family that always had trucks around for hauling yard debris, picking up new appliances, and for serving as mobile work benches, I wasn’t about to jump into home Read More

Enter the Dodge

It’s been a big couple of weeks for ACC. On Wednesday, we shipped our second issue to the press, complete with all of our 2012 Scottsdale coverage. I think it’s even better than our first issue – it includes a number of new features, including a poll of what our subscribers bought in Scottsdale and a look at some of the best junkyards in the U.S. Subscribers should see it in their mailboxes sometime around the end of the month.

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