Jim’s Blog: Big Money – The Most Expensive American Cars Sold at Auction

Summer sets the stage for some of the biggest collector car auctions of the year, and those auctions tend to bring some really high-end cars to market. And when those cars sell, they tend to bring big dollars as well.

Here’s a list of the top five American cars ever sold at auction, sourced from the ACC Premium Database. There are hundreds of Read More

Jim’s Blog – The Five Coolest Screen Machines

We’re deep in production of ACC #10 this week – it’s set to ship to the press in early June. One of this issue’s profiles is of a well-known star car from the silver screen. Which one is it? I’m not giving it away here – you’ll just have to wait to see. 

Of course, since ACC’s staff is made up of a bunch of car nuts, this profile prompted us to Read More

Jim’s Blog – See Your Car Featured in ACC!

ACC’s all-new Your Cars section takes a look at the cars our readers own and drive – it’s a place to show off what you’ve bought, describe what you’ve done with it, and detail what you’re planning to do with it down the road. And we’re looking for submissions from our subscribers. If you’ve always wanted to see your car in the pages of ACC, here’s your chance!

Send us 200 words or less on your car, Read More

Carburetor or Fuel Injection? Share your thoughts with ACC!

ACC’s staff is currently working on the Insider’s View section of the July/August issue, and we’d like your input on the following question:

Fuel injection or a carburetor: which would you rather have under your classic’s hood?

Say you’re assembling a ’64 Chevelle as a cruiser. Everything’s complete but the engine – it’s time to choose between modern computerized fuel injection and a carburetor. Which do you go with and why?

There’s a lot to be said for the simplicity Read More

Classics in Bloom

Spring has finally hit Portland, and it’s great news for me, as I’ve been itching to get my Caprice back on the road. I finished up installing poly bushings and boxing the rear control arms about a month ago, and I’ve been watching and waiting for the rain to lift, if only for a day, just to see if the upgrades made any difference in the way the car handles Read More

The Wonderful, the Rare and the Weird at the Portland Swapmeet

Every April, the Portland Expo Center becomes ground zero for automotive bargain hunters and seekers of rare parts — and, sometimes, weird stuff.

Six of Oregon’s biggest antique auto clubs run the annual Portland Swap Meet: Historical Automobile Club of Oregon, Horseless Carriage Club of America Portland Regional Group, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America Columbia River Region, Ford Model A Club of America The Beaver Chapter, Early Ford V8 Club of America Read More

What’s the best 10k Collector Car? Share your thoughts with ACC!

ACC’s staff is currently working on the Insider’s View section of the May/June issue, and we’d like your input on the following question:

Say you’ve got an empty spot in your garage and $10k burning a hole in your pocket. You want a complete and drivable collector car to take to shows, cruises, etc, and you don’t want to break the bank when buying it. What’s the absolute best $10k (or less) American collector car buy in the market today? Read More

ACC Blog: A Practical Driver Ruined

People wreck cars every day, but we never talk about how a car can wreck a person.

Here’s the deal:

I recently found myself behind the wheel of a 2012 Ford Mustang GT, and in the beginning, I wasn’t too happy. First, the Grabber Blue paint looked garish and loud under the noon sun. Second, I was driving the car about 250 miles from Portland, Oregon to a gathering of fly fishing fanatics – a nerdfest – just Read More

The American Muscle of Amelia Island

Chad Tyson

The Amelia Island auctions are known to the collector car community as the East Coast version of Pebble Beach in August – meaning that they, along with the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, bring out some of the rarest and most expensive cars seen annually. Bidders and concours attendees fly in from across the U.S. and abroad for these events each year, and the auctions have been steadily growing in size and in total Read More

Jim’s Blog – Hunting for Time in a Drag Car

Everybody has a goal when it comes to their collector cars. I’ve decided that the goal for my ’66 Caprice street/strip car is getting it into the 11s in the quarter mile. 

I’ve talked about this before. When is the hunt for more speed going one step too far? But I’ve decided that I should be able to speed the car up without taking away any of its drivability. And I should be able Read More