Should you upgrade your vintage muscle car?

1965 Mustang - Enrique Landa

The ACC Question: Should you upgrade your vintage muscle car with modern wheels, tires, suspension and brakes in the name of performance and safety, or is that just a modern fad that will die out? Do you keep your car as stock as possible to be true to how they were in their heyday? Which do you think should be worth more in the market today?

Mike Daley

Lots of thoughts on this subject. Unless you have one of those Read More

Hack and Splice: Fixing the Worst Wiring Jobs

I don’t know many car guys who like to work on wiring. Especially wiring that’s been hacked on over the years.

But your muscle car is now pushing 50, and past owners added and removed all kinds of accessories back when these cars were daily drivers. Things like that CB radio, or that bitchin’ 8-track player, or even trailer pigtails to tow a boat. Maybe they upgraded to a one-wire alternator, or put in a late-model Read More

It’s Arizona Auction Time

Tony Piff

There are hundreds of classic car auctions in the U.S. every year, but to those of us who keep a close eye on classic car values, several week-long events stand out from the rest. Arizona auction week, with six sales pushing close to 3,000 cars, is one of the largest events of the year, and that makes it a great barometer of how the market is doing.

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Jim’s Blog – Five Last-Minute Car Guy Gifts


Christmas shopping for car people can be tough, especially when you only have a few days left before the big day. But there are a lot of great gift ideas out there, and you don’t have to spend a lot to make a gearhead happy. Here are a couple of last-minute automotive gift ideas for under $100 each.  

1. A nice tire gauge. Something like this Moroso unit for $41.95 at Summit Racing would be perfect Read More

Jim’s Blog – What’s the best winter snow rig?

It doesn’t snow much in Portland, OR. But when December rolls around each year, I always start watching the forecast a little more closely.

When the white stuff does start falling, the town more or less shuts down. We don’t salt the roads, and there aren’t many snow plows. Plus, Portland is a hilly place, so anything slicker than rain causes all kinds of trouble. Think minivans in ditches, abandoned city buses blocking four lanes of traffic, and round-the-clock team coverage on every TV news Read More

Jim’s Blog – Put 700 hp in Your Garage

That’s right – the Hemi-powered Dodge 440 monster is looking for a new home. I hate to see it go, but ACC has had our fun with it and we’re ready to move on to something else. So if a 700-hp badass street/strip car is on your list this holiday season (and why wouldn’t it be?), look no further.

Make no mistake – this car is a race car fitted for street use. But the builder spent a lot of time Read More

Jim’s Blog – Question of the Month: Is it wrong to put a Chevy engine in a Ford hot rod?

Jim Pickering

We’ve all seen it hundreds of times. A 1932 Ford roadster done up in hot rod style, with big and little wheels, candy paint, tuck and roll upholstery, and a 350 Chevy V8. 

A Chevrolet 350? Wait a second. Shouldn’t your Ford hot rod be all blue oval? 

Traditionally, in the hot rod world, Bow Tie powerplants have been popular swaps over their Ford counterparts. Why? Because the small-block Chevy is cheap, effective, and simple. And hot rodders loved that Read More

Jim’s Blog – Are Classic Cars Safe for Kids?

Here’s a question I never thought I’d worry about. Is it safe to haul your kid around in your vintage car?

My daughter Katie is nearly a year old. I usually drive her around in my ’06 Charger or in my wife’s ’11 Toyota 4Runner. But every once in a while I take her out in my ’66 Caprice or my ’72 Chevy Cheyenne 4×4, and whenever I have her in either of them I wonder if I’m making Read More