Welcome to Car Crazy Arizona!

The ACC crew’s boots are on the ground in Arizona, where it’s currently about 70 degrees and sunny. We left Portland this morning in the midst of a rare valley snow ‘event,’ which will likely only end up producing a few inches of the white stuff – but it’ll shut the town down just the same. I love snow in the Portland area, so although the plane to Phoenix was a timely escape, I was a little sad Read More

Out with the old, in with the Hemi

My daughter Katie has been with us for six weeks now, and during that time, I’ve talked about my Camaro and its small back seat to just about anyone who’d listen. Sure, you could make a baby seat fit in the back, but getting it secured was tricky. And try doing it in a small parking spot in the rain, or in the dark. Unfortunately, although I’d loved my SS Camaro, its time had come, so I had to sell Read More

Saying goodbye to the last auto plant in Minnesota

Editor’s note: B. Mitchell Carlson, a key contributor to American Car Collector, sent us this heartfelt note about the closure of Ford’s Twin Cities Assembly Plant. The world is forever changing all around us, but some changes are much harder than others.

We saw it coming during the last three years, but it is still difficult to realize that the last auto assembly plant in Minnesota closed on December 16.

The last Read More

Detroit Lives in Mexico

Jim Pickering, the usual mastermind of this blog on American Car Collecting, is busy with his new baby daughter, so I’m taking it out for a short spin.

I just got back from a week in Troncones, Mexico, which is a terrific small town nestled against the blue, warm Pacific Ocean. This spot is mostly about surfing, fishing and loafing on the beach, but there were a couple of memorable car sightings in this tropical paradise.

First, I confess that Read More

Every Old Car in Portland

For two years now, my brother and I have been documenting the amazing wealth of vintage automobiles parked along Portland’s curbs. Our photo blog is called Old Parked cars, and you can check it out here. You wouldn’t think that rust-prone old cars would do well in the soggy Pacific Northwest climate, but apparently that doesn’t matter. The number of oddball, unrestored, daily drivers still slowly acquiring patina and putt-putting around this town is truly remarkable. Check out some highlights Read More