Jim’s Blog: What’s a Good Story Worth?

Remember the story of Lambrecht Chevrolet? A small-town dealer in Pierce, NE, Ray Lambrecht was known for holding on to his unsold inventory. The cars, over the years, piled up in his closed dealership and on his property. When his family decided to sell them off via Vanderbrink Auctions back in 2013, it fired up a media frenzy. 30,000 people came to his small town. This was urban legend come to life.

No-mile MSO trucks and cars, many of which Read More

From the Auction Desk: GAA Classic Cars February 2020 Preview

The Scottsdale auctions are firmly in our rearview mirrors (be sure to check out our coverage in the latest issue of ACC), and — since our crazy little planet won’t stop spinning — there are plenty more chances to get the car of your dreams.

At the end of the month — February 27–29 — GAA Classic Cars is holding the first of their three Read More

Jim’s Blog: Value

As a magazine that follows the market closely, you’ll find value as the centerpiece of pretty much everything ACC does. What is something worth? What should it sell for? Was it a good deal at a certain price? These are all important factors that every car person needs to consider, if just to understand how much insurance to buy on the car they’ve loved for decades.

Value can be a funny thing, because beyond all those objective factors is a Read More

Jim’s Blog: Your Cheapest Thrill?

The barn find trend may be dead, and as some of you noted last week, maybe that’s a good thing.

The trouble with barn finds, at least generally, is how expensive they really are. They are thrilling to some, at least in the moment when one is on the block, sitting there in an untouched state. But the premium for that thrill isn’t usually worth what it takes to bring one home, or bring one back Read More

Jim’s Blog: Are Barn Finds Dead?

Trends come and go. Sometimes this is a good thing. Anybody miss their custom Van from 1977?

One thing I saw less of this year, at least in Scottsdale, were barn-find cars. Sure, there were dusty originals on offer at places like Barrett-Jackson, but they were typically OE cars with delivery miles that were still on the MSO. What I’m talking about were the ratty, rusty, only-original-once muscle cars and trucks in need of everything, from body and paint all Read More