Question of the Month: What’s the Best First Collector Car?

We’re working on the January/February 2015 issue of ACC this week, and that means it’s time again for our ACC Question of the Month.

ACC’s staff has been talking a lot lately about ways to get young people into the collector car world, and that’s led us to an inevitable question: What’s the best first collector car for someone new to the hobby?

The way I see it, a first collector car needs to be relatively inexpensive to buy, simple to fix, reliable, and must have a decent following to make resale for a profit relatively easy. It also needs to have that old car cool factor — nothing boring allowed.

Maybe a first-gen Mustang is the answer. Or maybe a mid-’60s GM truck. Or maybe the best bang for your buck is something from the 1980s.

Most of us have been involved in the car world for years. But if you can imagine just starting out in the car world today, knowing what you know from years of experience, what would you buy, how much would you spend, and why would you choose that car over everything else available today?

Send your thoughts, along with your name and city/state in a comment on this page or in an email to by Friday, November 21. And look for your comments in the next issue of American Car Collector!


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