Welcome to Car Crazy Arizona!

The ACC crew’s boots are on the ground in Arizona, where it’s currently about 70 degrees and sunny. We left Portland this morning in the midst of a rare valley snow ‘event,’ which will likely only end up producing a few inches of the white stuff – but it’ll shut the town down just the same. I love snow in the Portland area, so although the plane to Phoenix was a timely escape, I was a little sad to miss out on actually needing my old Cheyenne Super 4×4 to get to work.

If you’ve ever been to Scottsdale during the annual January auctions, you know how easy it is to get lost among all high end cars and events in the area. Our sister publication, Sports Car Market, has put together a great guide to everything that takes place throughout the week. If you haven’t already seen it, take a look here. It’s full of all kinds of useful information on where to be and when to be there – and that makes a big difference in making the most of your trip.

And if you’re not heading to the valley of the sun this year, don’t worry – we’ll be sending out daily updates covering the high points of each day. Watch this space for more information.

As for me, I’m spending the next few days driving a bland silver Chevy Impala rental car. But snow on the ground in Portland would mean no wheel time in the Charger SRT-8 anyway. And I really can’t complain about the Arizona weather or car scenery.

Stop by and see us at any of this week’s events – we’ll be glad to kick some tires, chat about the market, and get you signed up with an ACC subscription.


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