In 2018, when Danny Thompson screamed over the bleach-white Bonneville salt inside Challenger 2 at over 440 mph, he probably didn’t think he’d end up sending that same car across the block at a Mecum auction just a couple years later.

Thompson had hit his mark by setting the speed record that both he and his late father had dreamt of, but it wasn’t without financial hardship. That achievement wasn’t cheap, quick or easy. The money it cost Thompson to Read More

The 300K Blazer

One of the downsides of spending a lot of time scouring auction results is that the excitement born out of outrageous hammer prices begins to wane.

The more you understand about how markets are influenced — and the more data you process that validates or disqualifies any assumptions you may have about those markets — the less likely it is that you’ll be surprised by “unexpected” results.

Here at ACC, we do the heavy lifting to make sure surprises are Read More

Affordable — Ford Pickups

Pity the 1961–66 Ford F-series pickup. Despite vintage pickups being one of the hottest segments of the collectible-vehicle market, this era of pickups seems to be generally forgotten today — and that really is a pity, since they combine vintage-pickup charm with modern utility.

A cleaner Ford

The new fourth-generation trucks, introduced for 1961, had an all-new cleaner design. Compared with the previous boxy generation, the styling was smoother, more rounded and more svelte.

Part of the svelte look was Read More

Muscle on the Cheap

You want a muscle car. Here’s the problem: You only have $10k to spend.

What can you really get in today’s market for that kind of coin? Will it be a hidden gem or a problem-filled pile? Let’s explore.

Parts or whole?

First, lose those rose-colored glasses. Want a ’Cuda, first-gen Camaro or ’69 Mustang? Your best hope is a running parts car. Of course, that purchase price is just the down payment on a big stack of receipts needed Read More

Bucking the Trend

Shakespeare may have melted the hearts of star-crossed lovers when he wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet,” but he was clearly no marketing man.

Take the name “Bronco,” for example. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ve likely been inundated with news blurbs and Internet rumors of the impending return of Ford’s iconic nameplate.

There have been so many “leaked” renderings Read More

Back to Basics

This month’s “Wrenching” feature is all about getting back to basics with drum brakes. It’s the kind of task I love to tackle, as it’s a blending of skills both old and new. This kind of job means I get to pull out a handful of my special tools — the stuff that sits most of the time — and go back through all the tricks I learned while fixing classic cars on a daily basis in the late 1990s Read More

Behind the Scenes at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

Let’s say that you’re in the market for a new vehicle and you go to an auction to pick one up. You want it to be 100% original, numbers matching, the whole enchilada. If one comes across the block, how do you know it’s authentic? Is it the real deal, or did someone build it up from a lesser example?

This is the problem facing buyers and sellers at every collector-car auction.

Barrett-Jackson has come up with a way to Read More

Spotting the New Wave

Recently, Editor Pickering and I discussed a simple question that I think may have far-reaching market implications. We’re constantly scouring market results in an effort to create a high-level view of the American collector-car market as a whole, and we got on the topic of cars from the 1980s and 1990s. That led to a big question — have we already seen peak demand for vehicles from the ’80s?

To take this on, I knew we’d need some hard and Read More

Keeping the Change

Change is a constant in the collector-car world. From what car people are buying and selling through how much those cars and trucks achieve when they sell, the market is always in flux.

This is ACC’s 50th issue. The magazine has come a long way since our first issue back in the late summer of 2011, but measuring change in the market has always been our core mission. What’s interesting, however, is where that change pops up — and where Read More

Arizona’s Cheapest

Gooding & Company

Lot 62: 1927 Ford Model T Custom Dry-Lakes Roadster
VIN T14884116. Sold at $11,200

This one took a lot of folks by surprise. The auction house guesstimate was $20k to $25k. It was a good-quality build, even if it was in off-the-shelf project-leftovers territory. With a fuel-injected Chevy 305 small block, 700R4, and modern 4-wheel disc brakes, it would take that $20k estimate to build one.

It may not be the most practical hot rod out there, but Read More