Lincoln’s Q-Ship

Lincoln cars traditionally had unique engines, dating all the way back to inception by Henry Leland. But the purchase of the company by Henry Ford, refinement by Edsel Ford, and restructuring in the post-World War II era by Henry Ford II all led to an all-time great engine, sourced from the Blue Oval.

The revitalized Ford Motor Company of the 1950s expanded the use of common components in production. Lincoln’s first overhead-valve V8 engine in 1952 was also used in Read More


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  1. Great article! I picked up my 1978 Town Coupe with the 460 last year in Nevada and drove it the long way home back to NJ with my wife, taking parts of old Rt. 66. What a trip what was… I would do it again in a heart beat. The 460 even managed to return a consistent 12MPG 🙂

    I also road race cars and I too thought the Lincoln would make an ideal tow vehicle for my open wheel aluminum race trailer and race car, weight totaling slightly less than 5000 lbs. I’ve already outfitted a full gauge set, a trans cooler, and a larger 3 row aluminum radiator. I saw you mentioned fitting a larger, aftermarket rear sway bar to yours – do you know which brand and who sold it?

    Thanks for any and all advice related to towing with this beast.