A Collectible Crossover?

1984 AMC Eagle sedan
Sold at $3,850
Mecum Auctions, Chicago, IL, Oct. 25–27, 2018, Lot T35
VIN: 1FAFP42X1YF206398

People want cars that do it all. Part sedan, wagon, SUV and minivan. But with all those requirements, we have ended up with the endless amount of crossover-types clogging up our roads. They have it all, yet do nothing well — and most of them look like jelly beans left out in the sun.

When editor Pickering sent me this AMC Eagle, it seemed like the perfect car to show my disdain for the CUV crowd. It’s four-wheel drive, can haul a reasonably amount of people and has a dedicated trunk for everyone’s bags. Yes, it looks ridiculous, but no more so than the coupe/sedan/hatchback combinations you’ll see at any traffic light.

Our subject 1984 AMC Eagle sedan, lot T35, crossed the block at the Mecum Chicago auction on October 25 to 27 and sold for $3,850 with buyer’s premium included. The body is very straight, the maroon paint and vinyl top are in great shape and all the trim is present and shiny. The maroon interior with woodgrain dash and grid pattern seat inserts have survived as well. It even comes complete with a rusty trailer hitch bolted to the rear bumper.

The AMC Eagle was a first in the automotive industry. A sedan with four-wheel drive was unheard of. A struggling AMC had an aging model line and limited funds to produce something new. Fortunately, they owned Jeep and the off-road prowess that came with that brand. So they took the aging AMC Concord, which was already derived from the even older Hornet, and sent power to all four wheels.

The Eagle was available in two-door, four-door, kammback and wagon body styles, with nearly 200,000 of all variants being produced from 1980 to 1988. A niche crowd took note and the Eagle kept AMC afloat for a few more years, and an even more niche crowd of 1980s fans still love these things today.

The wheezy six-cylinder and automatic transmission won’t win any races, but who cares? For less than four grand, this sedan is the ultimate gesture to show those jelly bean CUV owners what an original crossover looks like. Well bought.

Images courtesy of Mecum Auctions

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