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3 Corvette Market $57k $15.2m for Corvettes in Scottsdale ■ 128 Corvettes Rated Keith Martin's The Insider's Guide to Collecting, Investing, Values, and Trends Guldstrand Roadster— Holding Strong at Spring 2008 ► 165 Top Corvette Sales ► Why a $1.1m ZR1 Makes Sense ► Wiseman's $700k Cut-Away Corvette www.vettemarket.com

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Corvette Market Keith Martin's Volume 1 . Issue 3 . Spring 2008 34 Elfi's Roadster 40 One of six Guldstrand roadsters 36 Pininfarina's C2 Take Profiles C1 1955 Roadster “We know Duntov was constantly trying to improve the Corvette's brakes, and based on the modifications to this car, it may have helped in that development.” 34 by Thomas Glatch C2 1963 “Rondine” Concept Pininfarina.” 36 by Michael Pierce C4 1971 454/425 ZR2 Coupe 38 by John Gunnell “If you're going to buy a rare, historically significant Corvette, it certainly pays to get one the owner preserved for a long time and then treated to a proper restoration.” C6 2009 ZR1 Coupe 44 by B. Mitchell Carlson “I think the buyer here was nobody's fool. In fact, I think he was one of the smartest buyers all weekend.” “The single most recognizable feature of the 1963 Corvette—the split rear window—was not used by C4 1995 Guldstrand Nassau Roadster 40 by Thomas Glatch C5 2000/1962 C5/C1 42 by B. Mitchell Carlson cost, it has retained its value much better than most comparable C4 Corvettes, even ZR-1s.” “While Al Wiseman's Roadster sold for less than its original ”As conversions go, the CRC is much better thought out than most, and a far cry from a Tupperware Cobra.” On the Cover: 1995 Guldstrand Nassau Roadster. Photo: RM Auctions 4 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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Market Reports 48 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ 99 Corvettes sell for $11.9m beneath the WestWorld tent by Paul Duchene 60 Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ '69 L88 leads the way as 27 of 47 Corvettes total $2.3m by B. Mitchell Carlson 72 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL 100 'Vettes bring $4.5m at Mecum's season opener by Chip Lamb 80 Global Roundup 32 Corvettes total $1.2m by CM Market Analysts Features 28 1:1 Model: Inside the Cut-Away Sting Ray 30 Scottsdale Overview: Decoding Arizona's auction results 32 CM Insider's Seminar: The Corvette market in 2008 48 B-J sold 99 Corvettes Departments 6 Publisher's Note 8 Contributors: A few of the faces at CM 10 You Write: Don't forget the original ZR cars 14 Industry Roundtable: Through the lens of Arizona 18 Events: Things to do and places to be with your Corvette 19 Auction Calendar 22 Q&A: 6-cylinder '55s, old-look paint, and flood sales 24 Affordable Classic: 1970–72 LT-1, a small-block sleeper 25 20 Year Picture 26 Versus: Tri-Five Corvette and T-Bird prices compared 46 Market Overview 88 Vette-o-bilia: Searching for the best garage art 90 Trick Stuff: Be cool, shift well, clean your air, and stay found 92 By The Numbers: Top Winter Sales 96 Resource Directory 98 In Miniature: Danbury Mint scores two bullseyes www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 5

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Publisher's Note To Stamp or Not To Stamp I have the feeling that somewhere down the line it will become convenient to forget the engine re-numbering by Keith Martin W e spend a lot of time chasing our automotive tails around here. At lunch yesterday, the topic of discussion centered around restoring a Corvette to original condition, and whether that should include putting crayon marks on the firewall. We remain divided on that, with half the CM magazine staff believing that it's the right thing to do, as it correctly replicates the “as-built” condition, and the other half denouncing it as pure fakery, since it is impossible to accurately replicate the sheer randomness of the markings. Generally, I can bring these discussions to a cordial close by pronouncing both sides cor- We'll stick with the status quo rect, depending on respective points of view, and reminding everyone that they actually have a magazine to produce. But all this big thinking has led us in a new direction with our 1963 Split-Window. We bought it with an incorrect, pedestrian 327, probably from a pickup truck. It has the correct rear end, early gearbox, and all trim is intact. In silver with black interior, it's a handsome car, and since we had the rear suspension and power steering rebuilt, it drives nicely. As you can imagine, we've had no shortage of suggestions as to how to remedy the engine situation. They range from putting a built 350 into it, to sourcing a period block and heads and creating a “restoration re-stamp” engine. That means stamping a fake, but date correct, serial number onto the pad of the rebuilt engine. In theory, so long as everyone involved with the car, now and forever, tells the truth about the re-stamp, all is good. But I have the feeling that somewhere down the line, whether five or 50 years from now, it will become convenient to forget the re-stamp, and the car will become a “naturally born numbers-matching” example. We will never be able to locate the missing engine for this particular car. How would we know even if we did find it, as we have no paperwork of any kind? So if a car can never be returned to original, this car can never be truly numbers-matching. At least for now, we have decided to leave it in “as-found” condition. I have no interest in a 350, and even less in creating a fake “authentic” engine. While it may not be as quick as I would like in its current configuration (the 4.56 rear end and RV cam help, however), it takes off well enough. If I need to go faster, I'll buy a C5 for $20,000 and smoke every C2, especially if there are corners in the road. We are coming to realize that if you have a car that is not original, and cannot be returned to original, you have to think long and hard before you start messing with it. Who's to say what you are doing won't make things worse, as you start compounding sins trying to fake OEM specifications? We're going to take the money we were preparing to spend on a restoration re-stamp en- gine and put it in a savings account, to be used if a numbers-matching Split-Window comes along (maybe even with air). In our opinion, we're better off accepting what we have, living with it, and buying another, more correct car, rather than starting to pull this one apart under the guise of “improving” it. ■ 6 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Corvette Market Keith Martin's Volume 1 . Issue 3 . Spring 2008 Publisher Keith Martin V.P. Business Development/ General Counsel Rob Sass Art Director Kirsten Onoday Executive Editor Paul Duchene Managing Editor Stefan Lombard Auction Editor Jim Pickering Auction Analysts B. Mitchell Carlson Linda Clark Tom Glatch Daniel Grunwald John Clucas Dave Kinney Richard Hudson-Evans Norm Mort Contributors Carl Bomstead Marshall Buck Colin Comer John Draneas Peter Frye Mike Mueller Donald Osborne Web Design Valarie Huston Information Technology/ Internet Bryan Wolfe Controller Jimmy Carter Editorial Assistant Brendan Floyd Administrative Assistant Emily Hill Print Media Buyer Wendie Martin Director CM Television Roger Williams ADVERTISING SALES Advertising Executives John Scharff john.scharff@vettemarket.com 314.802.8139 KJ Glennon kj.glennon@vettemarket.com 877.219.2605 x 222 Cody Wilson cody.wilson@vettemarket.com 877.219.2605 x 213 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions Coordinator Jennifer Davis-Shockley To order new subscriptions 800.289.2819 Current subscriptions 877.219.2605 x 204 service@vettemarket.com 503.253.2234 fax CORRESPONDENCE Fax 503.253.2234 General P.O. Box 4797 Portland, Oregon 97208 FedEx/DHL/UPS 401 NE 19th Street, Suite 100 Portland, Oregon 97232 Corvette Market magazine (ISSN# 1939-6481) is published quarterly by Automotive Investor Media Group, 401 NE 19th Street, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Corvette Market, PO Box 4797, Portland, OR 97208. The information in Corvette Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats, and intellectual concepts in this issue © 2008 by Keith Martin's Corvette Market, LLC, Automotive Investor MediaGroup, and Automotive Investor in this format and any other used by Corvette Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. PRINTED IN USA

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Corvette Market Contributors PAUL DUCHENE grew up in England, where left-hand drive sports car—especially fast ones—required a passenger with an exceptionally well-developed sense of self-preservation. Moving to the U.S., he borrowed a friend's '73 small-block coupe long enough to wonder how anybody could see anything out of one. It wasn't until a Northwest rally last summer in CM's '63 Split-Window coupe that he finally saw the light. Duchene is Executive Editor of Corvette Market, as well as SCM. His automotive writing has appeared in the New York Times and regularly appears in the Chicago Tribune. In January, he spent several days at Barrett-Jackson scrutinizing Corvettes, and his Market Report appears on p. 48 MICHAEL PIERCE has been involved with the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) since 1980 and was originally inspired to judge for the hobby in order to learn more about the 1967 427/435 convertible he bought that year. Of 5,000 NCRS judges, he currently ranks in the top few dozen and describes his involvement with NCRS over the years as the greatest car-related experience you can have. Pierce has judged around the world, written articles for various NCRS publications, and been the NCRS Northwest Chapter Judging Chair. He has also been on the other side of the clipboard, having taken part in the restoration and showing of his mid-year Corvettes, many of which have received numerous accolades, including Top Flight, Bloomington Gold, and NCRS Duntov Awards. His profile of the $1.7m 1963 Corvette Rondine concept appears on p. 36. He lives in Portland, Oregon. GEOFF ARCHER figured out how to make money being around cars by working as a lackey at two Porsche dealerships, then as a mechanic on the 1997 Panama-Alaska vintage rally, and finally progressed to full-time employment as Brand Manager for Yahoo! Autos, Business Development Manager for the now-defunct Yahoo! Auctions, and General Sales Manager of Cars Dawydiak (www.carsauto.com). By day he teaches Entrepreneurship at Oregon State University, and at night Archer goes crazy in equal parts over cars and the Internet. On the rare occasion that he does get out, however, he has enjoyed himself at some Corvette-thick venues, including time spent at the Bondurant Racing School, the Arizona auctions, and Corvettes at Carlisle. This month, you'll find his C6 contributions from eBay at the end of the Global Roundup, which begins on p. 80. CHIP LAMB has been immersed in the automotive world since childhood, and these days he wears many hats in the collector car hobby. For over ten years, he has been writing about cars and the people who own them. During daylight hours, he owns and operates West of Sweden SAAB, which supplies new and previously-enjoyed parts to thousands of vintage SAAB owners worldwide. His background with Corvettes extends to appraisals and inspections, the perfect warm-up for his duties as a Market Analyst for CM. In January, he traveled to Kissimmee to poke and prod Corvettes at Mecum's annual sale, and you'll find his report on p. 72. He and his wife live in Richmond, Virginia. 8 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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You Write Please send your letters to youwrite@vettemarket.com. All submissions subject to editing. How about those ZR cars? With all the hoopla surround- ing Chevrolet's recent unveiling of the ZR1, I'm dismayed how little has been mentioned about the original ZR1-optioned C3 Corvettes. Top-tier enthusiast publications covering the introduction of the new Super Corvette barely—if at all—touched on the genesis of the ZR1 option code and its significance in Corvette performance history. Instead, most mags recollected the C4 series ZR-1 over the earlier original ZR1 cars. The C3 ZR1/ZR2s were Zora Duntov's parting shot to shore up Corvette's hard-won competitive reputation in the face of federally mandated emissions and safety regulations by offering the public factory-prepared SCCA competition-ready racers. No other Corvette—and no other passenger car, for that matter—has since rolled off a GM assembly line with the corporate-issued warning, “Not recommended for normal traffic situations.” Granted, these cars are so rare that they garner almost a mythical status based on wide-ranging conjecture about configuration and build numbers. A few C3 fanatics have created de facto registries for ZR-optioned cars, but they are very guarded about releasing detailed information for fear of counterfeiting. Based on historic information at hand, the build numbers appear to be 25 ZR1s in 1970, eight ZR1s and twelve ZR2s in 1971, and 20 ZR1s in 1972. I own an unrestored 1970 ZR1-optioned coupe. I was fortunate recently to acquire this “garage find” from its owner of 29 years, who bought it in 1979 when he was an engineering student at Purdue University in Indiana. At the time, he had no idea the car was anything more special than an LT-1 Corvette with an M22 transmission. The car was wellpreserved but covered in a thick blanket of dust when I bought it. Documentation included a tank sticker and interior order copy, as well as the history related to me by the seller. In typical performance-car fashion of the day, only two option boxes were checked in its 2009 namesake. I look forward to hearing from any ZR1/ZR2 aficionados who are able and willing to offer more specific information regarding these rare bits of Corvette history.—Dan Pepper, C2@corvettes.com Stefan Lombard responds: In typical performance-car fashion of the day, only two option boxes were checked when the coupe was originally ordered—N37 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column and the ZR1 Special Purpose Engine Package when the coupe was originally ordered—N37 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column and the ZR1 Special Purpose Engine Package. The ZR1 package precluded the addition of any power assist options and required a long list of GM-engineered heavy-duty racing bits that made the car a less-than-enjoyable street cruiser, but certainly a weapon on the track. The ZR cars were, in essence, L88-prepped chassis with Chevrolet's new LT-1, solid-lifter mouse motor, which was conservatively rated at 370 hp and 380 ft-lb of torque. The ZR1's heavy-duty components included F41 suspension with matched HD springs and shocks, HD aluminum radiator, HD M22 “rock crusher” close-ratio 4-speed, lightweight flywheel, LT-1 350 with 11:1 compression, and transistorized ignition. Radios were also precluded from the list of options offered, and a simple block-off plate took the place of the AM/FM unit found in most other street-equipped Corvettes. My particular ZR1 is one of four known to be optioned with 4.56:1 Positraction. Another oddity is 10 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com the presence of NA9 Evaporative Emissions Control, which was required for all cars delivered to California in 1970. The car's history between 1970 and 1976 is not known, but based on the presence of the ZR1 package and 4.56 rear end ratio, it's sure to have seen a few trips up, down, or around a race course. Driving the car is a unique experience; the engine revs eagerly when the throttle is blipped—a testament to the effect of the lightweight flywheel. The whine from the M22 and the deep exhaust note rise in a dueling, delightful crescendo, and the car's driving characteristics are excellent. Near-perfect weight distribution, stiff yet supple suspension, and slight understeer combine to create a car that can be driven on the edge, coaxed into a drift, and brought back in line with little effort. Biographer Jerry Burton quoted Zora Arkus-Duntov as saying, “The ZR1 was my last great white hope for Corvette racing.” Even after almost 38 years, this car underscores his statement and upholds the heritage and performance said to be reincarnated Thanks for your letter, Dan. We agree that the original ZR cars are too often overlooked when recounting the many milestones in Corvette history. A War Bonnet Yellow 1971 ZR2 recently sold at Barrett-Jackson for $357,500. We profile that car on p. 38. As for the other Z options that graced Corvettes, we are at work on a detailed look at the 67 separate Z options that made their way into not only Corvettes, but GM cars of all types between 1963 and 2005. Look for that in our next issue. As a ZR-1 owner for some 14 years, I took special interest in the two ZR-1 articles in the Winter 2008 issue (“C4 Profile,” p. 40; “Should You Own a ZR1?” p. 42). There were, however, a couple of minor errors. First, in the profile, Dan Grunwald states: “… and the car was equipped with the more desirable 6-speed manual transmission.” All ZR-1s came so equipped; no other transmission was offered with the package. In the following story, Grunwald writes: “Numerous road tests were conducted over the fiveyear span of production,” and “sales dropped significantly after the initial impact and the option only lasted five years.” The C4 ZR-1 was built from 1990 through 1995, inclusive, which would be six model years, not five. Despite looking much like a regular C4 Corvette, the ZR-1 still attracts attention. Park it on the show field and open that hood, and the exotic four-cam, 32-valve aluminum engine speaks for itself. It's a real engineering marvel. Like a lot of guys, I couldn't afford one new, so I waited three years to let the first owners absorb the bulk of the depreciation—from $60,000 down to

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You Write Please send your letters to youwrite@vettemarket.com. All submissions subject to editing. As for CM itself, I am as impressed as you are at the way the magazine has taken off, and am proud to be a part of it. The CM staff is very fussy about what they put in print, and I think that is the proper approach to take in doing a Corvette publication. Hooray for the hobby My wife and I spent an enjoy- able long weekend in Scottsdale, where we went to experience Arizona's equivalent to Mardi Gras. What a great time. Even though we currently live only an hour from the Kruse Auburn headquarters and make our annual pilgrimage there, Scottsdale was beyond anything we could have expected. As a faithful subscriber The panelists at the Corvette Market seminar were wonderful, and the whole experience was informative and encouraging to all of us with Chevy's plastic cars $30,000. My '91 Steel Blue car had 21,000 miles by that point and now has just 45,000, thanks largely to splitting my drive time between it and my other three 'Vettes—'60, '67, and '82. The ZR-1 is a tremendous bargain, especially at today's prices. It still gives me a thrill every time I take it through the gears (and still scares the devil out of the wife).—Bob Stevens, Sidney, OH Knock it off I am a veteran Corvette driver and have owned twelve different models over the past 43 years. The first Corvette I drove was a 1963 4-speed, fuel-injected coupe with the big tank option. I was hooked after driving that car, and I began reading Corvette magazines (Corvette News) when I bought my first new 'Vette, a 1965 Glen Green coupe with a 4-speed and 300 hp. The subscription was included in the purchase of the car. All of this leads me to my really picky observation. On p. 35 of your C2 profile in the Winter 2008 issue, author John Gunnell notes: “Firsts for '63 'Vettes included optional knockoff wheels, air conditioning, and leather seats.” As far as I know, the knockoff wheels were never available from the factory, although the point has been debated for years. The '63 I drove was used for gymkhana racing and likely would have had the knockoff wheels if they were available (it didn't have them). Having said that, I must say that Corvette Market has now become my all-time favorite Corvette magazine. The format, with its short series of articles and information on the auctions, is great. I wonder, though, about the popularity of the auctions. It has certainly helped to raise Corvette values, which may be a good thing, but I am concerned about the buyers at many auctions being investors who may not appreciate the history and lore of Corvettes.—Rick Cosier, 12 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com West Lafayette, IN John Gunnell responds: Thanks for your letter, Rick. The information about the knockoff wheels came from the Standard Catalog of Corvettes, a book I first compiled in 2001 and updated in 2005. The same information was carried over into Mike Yager's Corvette Bible, which we published later. My understanding has always been that a few sets of knockoffs were made in '63, and that the option was later cancelled. After a little digging, this is what I can tell you: Knockoff aluminum wheels were introduced as a 1963 option, but actual availability is questionable. Porosity of the aluminum and rim seal difficulty caused tubeless tires to leak. Delivery of a 1963 with knockoff wheels to a retail customer has not been confirmed, but wheels were sold over the counter. Two-bar (early) and three-bar spinner styles were available, and finish between the fins was natural. to both SCM and CM, I want to particularly thank you for the Corvette Market Insider's Seminar you led on Friday morning at Russo and Steele. The panelists were wonderful, and the whole experience was informative and encouraging to all of us with Chevy's plastic cars. My wife particularly appreciated your acknowledgment of your own wife. I know she is an associate of the magazine, but acknowledging her made a big hit with my wife, who has been very supportive of my hobby for some time now. While she can't push the clutch on one of the cars, she does drive our faithful little MG B and is a really good sport about going on rallies and to car club dinners. Thanks again for two great magazines, the great seminar in Arizona, and for what you continue to do for the hobby. I look forward to more of all of it.—Tom Dunn III, Warsaw, IN Keith Martin responds: Tom, thanks for the kind words. We were impressed by the turnout at the seminar (see story on p. 32), over 200, and even more impressed by the intensity of the discussion during the two hours. I personally learned an enormous amount from both the experts on the panel and the members of the audience. I want to personally thank everyone who attended, and I look forward to our next one. ■

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Insider's View Industry Experts The Corvette Market Through the Lens of Arizona Drew Alcazar President, Russo and Steele I was prepared for a more conservative market, so I was very pleased. We toed the line on last year's numbers. We did a touch over $20 million last year, a touch under this year at $19.2 million. In a market that's down 20% to 30% in the muscle car sector, that makes me pretty happy. There was a haze over the hobby last year, and lots of people got an education about market corrections—sure it's down, but we don't know how much, and if you're in a no-reserve situation, you might have a gun stuffed in your mouth when the final bid arrives. But the market this year was healthy, and there was not as much blood in the water as I expected. Buyers right now have a wonderful op- portunity to buy muscle, including 'Vettes. The market of the last two years justified a lot of top-shelf restorations, which are just now seeing the light of day. From a buyer's standpoint, it's a brilliant opportunity for a long-term hold. Four qualities define this market: origi- nality, documentation, matching numbers, and provenance. Buy cars acknowledged nationally—not just locally—by NCRS and Bloomington Gold. Such cars are known by the hobby, and as the tide recedes, they will be left at the top. Colin Comer President, Colin's Classic Automobiles I find the Arizona sales reassuring. Given the current volatility in other segments, I'm happy to see Corvettes returning predictable results. Corvette prices have never experienced crazy increases or large adjustments or “turbulence.” A good '57 fuelie was $90,000 five years ago, and $125,000 now. Anybody with sales results from last year could guess nearly every result within 15% in Arizona. That is a solid market. My hot sheet includes well-documented, limited-production C1–C3 cars. Some of these are very significant historically: cars with big brakes, air boxes, or big tanks, the L88 and L89, and factory-sponsored or famous race cars are all very strong buys. The number of special Corvettes is tiny, yet price premiums do not fully reflect this. I also encourage buyers to seek out original, unrestored examples. Bloomington Gold Survivor cars will continue to outpace the market as more people recognize their significance. Sell and hold predictions are difficult— telling others what to do with their kids is never simple. My advice: Sell any car that may have “issues” or is not quite your dream, and keep the ones you enjoy. True value is based on more than money. If it was just about guaranteed returns, we'd have garages full of savings bonds. Dave Glass Owner, D&M Corvette Specialists For all the doom and gloom about the economy, the Arizona sales were pretty good. Barrett-Jackson was down, but they didn't have the same cars they're used to selling. Good cars will always be strong—cars with known background and good history. Even so-so cars were selling for $50,000– $60,000, where four to five years ago they were only $30,000–$35,000, so the Corvette market has done well. As for tributes, continuations, etc. (we call those hokes), you have to be honest about it. I think 1968–72 cars are coming on strong, partly because the mid-years have gotten so expensive. People who want 435-ci cars are looking at C3s. I think the mid-years will be good for an- other ten to 15 years because of the Boomers; at that point they'll be pushing 65 to 75, and while their hearts will still be in it, they won't be driving as much. Lots of people are driving C5s and C6s even though they have a '67 put away. The old cars are too valuable to blow up and put a new motor in. I have a silver and blue '63 Z06—original everything, Gold Certified, NCRS Top Flight. I don't think I could replace it. 14 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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David Gooding President, Gooding & Company The results from the recent auctions in Arizona show us that the Corvette market is still very strong for correct cars. By correct I mean fully documented and well-restored examples. Buyers are looking for the best examples and attach a great deal of importance to the numbers and production codes. The best performers are still the late, mid-year big-block cars, with coupes slowly catching up to convertible prices. But C2 and C3 cars from 1958 and into the 1960s are beginning to get more popular when correctly restored, heavily equipped, and presented in attractive color combinations. There seems to be quite a bit of analysis on the market in general, with people wanting to point to a downturn in prices. However, if you examine all of the auction results from January, good quality cars are still bringing top-level results. Jim Jordan President, County Corvette This year's Arizona auctions brought an expected boost to the overall Corvette market. Solid-axle cars were stronger than anticipated, with nice examples exceeding expectations. Quality big-block mid-years brought a premium but were not subject to frenzied buying. The big winners were rare C3s. The L88 market is strong, and L71-optioned models are finding their place among collectors. These are probably the best buys right now and will most likely see the highest appreciation in the short term. Russo and Steele had the most impressive selection, and while Barrett-Jackson never disappoints as a sensory experience, it had fewer cars than prior years. One note: buyers should not misinterpret the term “NCRS-certified” as an assurance of authenticity. Several seemingly rare cars with this announcement came up short for good reasons. Bob Kroupa Publisher, Vette-n-Vestments Regarding the Arizona auctions, I find they are not representative of the Corvette resale market across the U.S. With the glitz and media coverage, the Arizona events qualify more as entertainment than market correctness. Many special Corvettes sell at record prices in Arizona, but it seems to me that many bidders with seemingly unlimited funds will buy a standard Corvette beyond the market price to claim pride of ownership. But overall, rare and certified Corvettes continue to sell for top dollar. First-generation Corvettes remain the hot ticket in Arizona, and I see additional appreciation in the 1955–1962 models. I believe the 1953 and 1954 models have peaked in price for now. Mid-year cars in average condition are showing some slippage in price. The entrylevel 1964s may be worth a second look at prices in the mid-thirties. Third generation Corvettes, especially the chrome-bumper cars, are becoming attractive to Corvette enthusiasts, since many are available in the mid-twenties, with accelerated appreciation potential. Finally, in today's market, the early C5 Corvettes offer handling, performance, technology, comfort, and convenience under $20,000. These are definitely worth considering as drivers. www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 15

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Event Guide Alabama 5.15.08–5.17.08 Circle City Corvettes' 28th Annual Beach Caravan, Dothan Beginning in Dothan and heading to Panama City Beach, Florida, this annual caravan expects more than 150 'Vettes. Highlighting the weekend's activities will be a Corvette banquet and auction, '50s and '60s sock hop, special guests, seminars, and display. www .circlecitycorvettes.com. Arizona 7.20.08–7.26.08 Bloomington Gold Summer Tour, Flagstaff This six-day tour begins in Flagstaff and treks through Southwest Colorado. Along the way participants will be treated to the scenery of the Colorado Rockies, Lake Powell, Mesa Verde, Durango, and Telluride. This tour has a 15-Corvette limit. Cost for a two-person tour package is $2,995 through April 15, and $3,245 after. One-person tour packages are $2,695 through April 15 and $2,945 after. www.bloomingtongoldtours .com. Arkansas 4.17.08–4.19.08 10th Annual CACC Weekend, Little Rock www.centralarkcc.com. California 5.4.08 Legends on Display 28, Alameda America's oldest Corvette club, the Northern Send your Corvette event listing to cmcalendar@vettemarket.com. California Corvette Association, sponsors this annual Type 1 Corvette Car Show. Cars are categorized in four classes: stock, modified, custom, and competition, plus seven divisions based on generation. The cost to show your car is $30 for WSCC members and $35 for non-members. www.nccacorvettes.org. 6.7.08–6.8.08 'Vette Magic 33, Sacramento www.nccacorvettes.org. 6.22.08 Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance, Palo Alto The Corvette will be the featured American marque at the 42nd annual concours sponsored by the Palo Alto Host Lions Club. The event will be held at the Stanford University athletic fields and will include plenty of food, entertainment, auto-related vendors, and free parking. www.paconcours.com. 5.4.08 Corvettes Limited 51st Anniversary Chevy Car Show, El Monte This annual show is open to 1975 and older Chevrolets and all Corvettes. Several prizes will be offered and all entrants receive a 4” x 6” framed picture of their car. Pre-entry is $25 by April 22. www.corvetteslimited.org. 6.1.08 Plastic Fantastic All-Corvette Car Show, San Diego This event, sponsored by the North County Corvette Club, is the oldest and largest “AllCorvette Show” in the Southwest. Several trophies will be offered and dash plaques and goodie bags are given to the first 300 entries. The entry fee is $25 postmarked before May 18, and $30 afterwards. For the non-judged display class, the fee is $15. www.ncocc .com. Circle City Corvette Beach Caravan, Dothan, Alabama 18 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Circle City Corvette

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Colorado 5.1.08–5.3.08 NCRS Colorado Regional, Denver www.ncrs.org. Florida 4.12.08 Uptown Altamonte 2008 Corvette Show, Altamonte Springs This event is sponsored by the Florida Corvette Club and features several judged classes, including prizes for each generation and Best of Show. The cost is $35 per vehicle and each entry fee includes one event T-shirt. Proceeds benefit local charities. www.cfca.net. 5.10.08 River Cruise-In, Ft. Pierce This 10th annual Corvette show features first-in-class awards for each generation, as well as top in show. Activities include music and a 50/50 raffle. www.stuartcorvetteclub .com. Georgia 6.8.08 Tops of Georgia All-Corvette Show, Blairsville Held at Georgia's highest point, Brasstown Bald, this year's event will feature door prizes, a 50/50 drawing, trophies, cash drawings from pre-registered entries, food concessions, a DJ, and live and silent auctions. The total number of generation trophies will be doubled from previous shows. www .corvettegroupbrm.com. Idaho 7.17.08–7.20.08 Valley Corvettes—'Vette Fest, Boise www.valleycorvettes.org. Illinois 4.4.08–4.5.08 27th Annual Spring Chevy 'Vettefest, Rosemont This event is the home of the coveted Triple Crown award, and this year will feature LS6powered Chevrolets, straight-axle cars, and vintage race cars. Last year's event saw over 500 cars. Swap spaces are $95. www .chevyvettefest.net. 6.26.08–6.29.08 Bloomington Gold, St. Charles Bloomington Gold's roots began back in 1973, when a group of Corvette enthusiasts gathered to display their cars and swap APRIL 4-6—RM Ontario, CAN 4-5—TOM MACK Concord, NC 5—MECUM Indianapolis, IN 5—SILVER Spokane, WA 11-12—MIDAMERICA St. Paul, MN 11-12—KRUSE Charleston, SC 12—LUZZAGO Rome, ITA 12—MECUM Indianapolis, IN 12—POTTS Rock Springs, GA 12—SILVER Portland, OR 13—ARTCURIAL Paris, FRA 16—H&H Yorkshire, UK 18-19—COX Branson, MO 18-19—ICA Tucson, AZ 18-20—SILVER Dallas, TX 19—MECUM Indianapolis, IN 19—RM Dallas, TX 19-20—KRUSE Tampa, FL 20—SHANNONS Brisbane, AUS 21—BONHAMS Hendon, UK 25-26—KRUSE Salt Lake City, UT 25-26—CARLISLE Carlisle, PA 26—MECUM Indianapolis, IN Auction Calendar 26-27—RM Novi, MI 28-29—BARONS Surrey, UK 30—SILVER Spokane, WA MAY 2-3—KRUSE Modesto, CA 3—BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS Half Moon Bay, CA 3—MECUM Indianapolis, IN 3—WORLDWIDE Seabrook, TX 5—SHANNONS Sydney, AUS 9-10— MIDAMERICA St. Paul, MN 10—COYS Monte Carlo, MCO 15-18—MECUM Indianapolis, IN 17—BONHAMS Newport Pagnell, UK 17—SILVER Reno, NV 17-18—KRUSE Lake Placid, NY 18—RM Maranello, ITA 29- JUN 1—KRUSE Auburn, IN 24—ICA Church Point, LA 24—KRUSE Paso Robles, CA 25—COYS Kent, UK 29-June 1—KRUSE Auburn, IN JUNE 2—SHANNONS Melbourne, AUS www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 19 JULY 5—COYS Oxfordshire, UK 5-6—SILVER Jackson Hole, WY 11—BONHAMS Sussex, UK 12—PETERSEN Roseburg, OR 18-19—KRUSE Denver, CO 21-22—BARONS Surrey, UK 26—BONHAMS Silverstone, UK 26—KRUSE Midland, MI 26—KRUSE San Jose, CA 26—MECUM Des Moines, IA 6-8—LEAKE Tulsa, OK 14—RM Tustin, CA 14—SILVER Coeur d'Alene, ID 15—BONHAMS & GOODMAN Sydney, AUS 16-17—BARONS Surrey, UK 20-21—MECUM St. Paul, MN 21—BONHAMS Northhamptonshire, UK 21—KRUSE Topsfield, MA 22—BONHAMS & GOODMAN Auckland, NZL 27-28—MECUM St. Charles, IL

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Event Guide Send your Corvette event listing to cmcalendar@vettemarket.com. Minnesota 5.30.08–6.1.08 Corvettes for a Cure, Hutchinson This event benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Among the many activities will be a welcome party, dart run, car show, blind faith autocross, trivia contest, loudest exhaust contest, plus prizes and trophies. A dash plaque and free T-shirt will be given to the first 75 cars registered. www.crowrivercorvettes.com. Missouri C5/C6 Bash, Bowling Green, Kentucky extra parts with one another. Today it has grown into a multi-feature event with the Bloomington Gold certification recognized as one of America's most prestigious Corvette awards. New this year will be an All Brands Survivor show, where any alloriginal vehicle over 20 years old qualifies. Tickets purchased in advance are $15 per person for one day, or $40 for a four-day pass. At the gate, $20 for one day and $50 for four, with children 13 and under free. www.bloomingtongold.com. Indiana 5.20.08 Open Track Day for Corvettes, Putnam Park This 'Vette-only track event is open to 25 drivers with track experience from a driving school. www.corvetteschool.net. Iowa 6.7.08 10th Annual Corvette Spring Fling, Indianola This all-Corvette show will feature judging in eleven categories, including best of show and best stock example from each Corvette generation. The registration fee is $15 and includes show photo and goodie bag. Several other prizes and raffles will also be offered. http://clubs.hemmings.com/wccorvette Kentucky 4.24.08–4.26.08 C5/C6 Bash, Bowling Green This 11th annual bash kicks off the event season at the National Corvette Museum. Activities include scenic road tours, museum tours, seminars, autocross, drag racing, a “Celebrity Choice” car show, preview of the 2009 model year, and more. www.corvettemuseum.com. 20 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com 5.8.08–5.10.08 C4/ZR-1 Gathering, Bowling Green www.corvettemuseum.com. 5.22.08–5.24.08 Corvette Forum Cruise-In, Bowling Green www.corvettemuseum.com. 7.18.08–7.20.08 National Corvette Homecoming, Bowling Green This 27th annual event features shows, awards, swap meets, and a multitude of other 'Vette-themed activities. The judged Reunion Show is open to '58, '68,'78, and '88 models. www.corvettehomecoming.com. Maryland 4.5.08–10.4.08 Corvette Meet & Greet, Baltimore County Every Saturday. www.baltimorecocorvetteclub.com. 6.14.08 2nd Annual Dad's All-Corvette Car Show, Baltimore www.baltimorecocorvetteclub.com. Michigan 5.15.08–5.18.08 NCRS Michigan Regional, Novi www.ncrs.org. 6.21.08 4th Annual Canterbury Village Corvette Fest, Lake Orion This event is open to all stock, custom, and modified 'Vettes from any year and will include 1st, 2nd, and, 3rd place awards in each class, as well as Best of Show. A silent auction will benefit the Leader Dogs for the Blind charity. www.gmccorvetteset.com. 7.20.08-7.24.08 NCRS National Convention, St. Charles www.ncrs.org. Nevada 5.23.08–5.25.08 Corvette Roulette, Las Vegas This NCCC-sanctioned event features a judged concours car show, low speed autocross, awards banquet, and a roaring '20s raffle theme. www.vegasvettes.com. 6.5.08–6.7.08 Bloomington Gold Route 66 Tour, Laughlin This three-day event, which begins in Laughlin and ends in Flagstaff, Arizona, will feature 250 Corvettes traveling down Route 66. Also included are dinner and dessert receptions, a Route 66 Corvette show, guest speaker presentation, cash prizes, and more. Cost is $245 for one person and $305 for two. If you are a returning VIP member, $225 for one and $285 for two. www.bloomingtongoldtours.com. 6.13.08–6.14.08 All-Corvette Gathering, Sparks This all-Corvette-from-any-year event features a slot tournament, people's choice show-n-shine, poker run, and private banquet. www.corvettecruzin.com. 7.18.08– 7.19.08 Checkerboard 'Vette Gathering (Black or Red 'Vettes), Sparks This event is open to any black or red Corvette from any year and features the same events as the All-Corvette Gathering in June. www.corvettecruzin.com. New York 6.6.08–6.8.08 Cruisin' Around the Mountains, Saranac Lake Three days of Corvette activity in the

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Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York include a cruise and luncheon, shown-shine, and treasure hunt. Registration is $20 per car prior to May 15 and $25 per car afterwards. www.cruisinaround.com. 7.27.08 'Vettes at The Beach, Sylvan Beach Well over 400 'Vettes are expected to show up at this event, which features door prizes, 50/50 raffles, and trophies. All profits go to local charities, which to date have totaled approximately $51,000. www.syracusecorvetteclub.com. North Carolina 5.24.08–5.25.08 4th Annual 'Vettes in the Valley, Maggie Valley Held at the Festival Grounds in Maggie Valley, this annual show should have over 300 Corvettes from all over the country. Festivities include plenty of vendors, trophies, and awards for all generations, and more. www.smokyevents.com. Oregon 7.18.08–7.20.08 Corvettes on the Coos, Coos Bay/North Bend This 10th annual event will feature a poker run, steak barbeque, show-n-shine, breakfast buffet, awards, and raffles. www.pacificcoastcorvetteclub.com. Pennsylvania 5.18.08 Spring 'Vettes '08, Monroeville This special 50th anniversary all-Corvette judged show will feature a DJ, door prizes, dash plaques, Chinese auction, snacks, and trophies for all classes. There will also be a fun class for non-judged cars. The cost is $10 in advance and $15 at the door, with spectators getting in free. www.ccwp.org. 6.12.08– 6.14.08 NCRS Pennsylvania Regional, Seven Springs www.ncrs.org. South Carolina 4.18.08–4.19.08 'Vettes Doin' the Charleston, North Charleston The Coastal Carolina Corvette Club hosts this all-Corvette show, with proceeds benefiting the National Corvette Museum. There will be six judged classes plus a Pace Car class. Pre-register online with PayPal for $15. www.4cccc.com. 6.6.08– 6.7.08 Corvettes at Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach www.myrtlebeachcorvetteclub.com. South Dakota 7.17.08–7.19.08 Black Hills Corvette Classic, Spearfish www.blackhillscorvetteclassic.com. Tennessee NCRS Southeast Regional, Chattanooga www.ncrs.org. Texas 5.16.08–5.18.08 19th Annual Lone Star Corvette Classic, Fort Worth This full slate of events, including shows, vendors, auctions, burnouts, Wheels 'n Pipes Challenge, and more, is sure to keep 'Vette enthusiasts busy. Benefits the Texas Motor Speedway Children's Charities and the National Corvette Museum. Registration ranges from $15 to $55. www.lonestarcorvette.com. Washington 7.26.08 Glass on Grass, Spokane www.spokanecorvetteclub.com. ■ 'Vettes in the Valley, Maggie Valley, North Carolina www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 21

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Questions Answers Please send your questions to questions@vettemarket.com. All submissions subject to editing. What About Those '55s With the Blue Flame? Drips, runs, sags, dirt, and overspray were all hallmarks of a factory finish, and all should be in the new paint to really make it true to original by Colin Comer (no gloss). Once this sets up, top coats of clear polyurethane finish are applied to give gloss and protect the color coat. This system quickly became the darling of the refinishing industry, as it was the new stateof-the-art technique and was required to repair any contemporary car. The advantages are many, the main ones being vastly improved resistance to fading, easier repair, higher gloss, and much better durability. For example, scratches that A 1955 with a 6-banger is just a newer '54 and little else 1955 6-bangers count as “rare and should be” I know that of the 700 roadsters built in 1955, seven came with the Blue Flame Six, while the rest got Corvette's first 265-ci V8. I've seen plenty of '55s come and go, but never any of those 6-cylinder cars. Should one expect to pay a premium for such a car in light of its rarity, or is it “rarity-schmarity” in this case and thus subject to the same pricing rules as a similar 1954? —R.E.L., Homewood, IL We've all been taught that rare doesn't always equal desirable. I certainly wouldn't pay any more for a 6-cylinder '55, in spite of its rarity. What makes a '55 special is that first Corvette V8. Take that away, and while you do have the rarest variant of '55, it is, as you mention, basically a '54. I'd much rather save my “pay a premium” money for one of the 75 or so late-production '55 V8 cars with the 3-speed manual transmis- sion. Hopefully this response will not send seven really angry '55 owners to my doorstep with shovels and pick axes. What, no authentic drips, runs, dirt, and overspray? My '62 is getting restored, and they are just about to paint it. The restorer is adamant about using what he calls “singlestage” paint. Everybody else I have talked to says I should make sure he uses “two-stage” or “basecoat/clearcoat” paint. All of this confuses me. If I knew anything about paint I'd be doing it myself. Can you offer any insight?—D.B., Milwaukee, WI It sounds like your restorer has an eye toward doing an NCRS or Bloomington Gold restoration. To score maximum points, show judges expect a factory-correct finish. In 1962, this would be single-stage paint with what they call “typical” orange peel. Basically, single-stage paint is just as it sounds; the color and shine come from one 22 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com stage of paint. This means the top coat is pigmented, making it relatively easy for show judges to confirm this by rubbing a proper white polishing cloth with a mild cleaner on an inconspicuous area of your paint. If color appears on the cloth, it is a single-stage finish. Most restorers wanting to earn full points for a factory-type finish will also strive to leave a very tight orange peel finish with singlestage, i.e. no wet sanding or polishing after it is painted—just as the factory would have done. Drips, runs, sags, dirt, and overspray were all hallmarks of a factory finish, and all should be in the new paint to really make it true to original. It's a proper, but not necessarily eyepleasing, result. Two-stage, or base/clear finishes, started being used by most manufacturers (including Chevrolet) in the early 1980s. The basic principle is that a color coat is sprayed first that is actually just straight color do not break through the clear coat can be polished or wetsanded out quite easily. So the question for you is do you care more about showing your car or driving it? Unless you are planning on trying to make your '62 a 100-point show car, go for the two-stage paint in a correct color. It will be much easier to live with, and even if you do show your car in judged competition, you'll only lose a few points. To most people, a well-executed two-stage finish that has been wet-sanded “flat” and polished to a perfect gloss looks far superior to a singlestage “OE”-type finish. And if the most important car show you attend will be the “Buddies and Beer Annual” held in your garage, you can't go wrong. Pay what you are comfortable with What should I pay for a set of five original RPO 576 15˝ x 5.5˝ “big brake” wheels for a '57?—S.M., Scottsdale, AZ I haven't seen an original set of factory big brake/ wide wheels sell in ages. The last time I heard of a genuine set of four selling they brought

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$10,000. The simple answer with rare parts like these is to pay what you are comfortable with, or maybe even 20% more if you think you'll still sleep at night (or still be allowed in the house). Just make sure they are truly factory original wheels and not a set of the nearly indistinguishable reproductions that have been made for the last 15 years or so. Although not cheap by any standards, the reproduction wheels are damn nice and sell for about $1,000 each. Lots of places to check your car's original color Is there any way to tell what color a 1954–62 Corvette was originally? I know they do not have trim tags like the later cars, but was just wondering if there was a trick.—B.M.C., Port Washington, WI Unless the car has retained some original paperwork, Z06 dash in living color such as a dealer invoice or window sticker, the simple answer is no. However, if a car has not been comprehensively restored, there is a good chance that somewhere on the car a little original paint or overspray will be hiding. Look under the dash, espe- cially around the defroster vents. Seach every nook and cranny you can think of (I've even peeled up dash vinyl to discover the original color). Unbolt the doors and look behind the hinges—be creative. Unless the car was dipped or blasted inside and out, you may get lucky and find some original color. Unfortunately, without paperwork, this is really the only method, outside of tracking down previous owners and gathering history to as close to new as possible. If something looks too good to be true, etc. I have a friend who has a used car dealer's license, and I occasionally go to the wholesale dealer auction with him. Last week I saw a 2006 Z06 in the salvage pool lot for an upcoming auction. It looks perfect, a little dirty and with bald tires, but nothing some TLC wouldn't fix. They say it has an “insurance claim paid” branded title because the car was in a flood. It doesn't run and nobody knows how many miles are on it because the dash is dead. My dealer friend says it prob- ably just needs the electronics dried out and maybe some new computer chips. He says the dealer sells all of that stuff and the car will probably sell for about $25,000, which is half of what a good one sells for, from what I gather. You know a lot about this stuff, so the million dollar question is would you go for it? —B.W., Erie, PA No. The car has already been underwater. Why do you want to join it? ■ www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 23

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Affordable Classic Early LT-1 Corvettes LT-1, Short for Light'em Up It weighs less, is better balanced, less thirsty, and runs cooler than an LS5 454, yet was rated only 20 hp less by Rob Sass 1971 LT- 1, power dropped to 330 hp J ust five years ago, the C3 market looked a lot like the C4 market today. Sure, there were buyers for just about every car that hit the market, but prices were stable and for the most part very reasonable. But when even small-block, non-fuelie C2 coupes regularly began to trade above $25,000, the market suddenly woke up. Enthusiasts began to examine what was essentially the same chassis with a very different but still aggressive and attractive body, and it was easy to spot the inequity, as the C3 traded for little more than a third of a comparable C2. Accordingly, the market changed fast. There was no reason that it shouldn't. After all, the C3 was a direct descendant of the over-the-top Mako Shark II show car of 1965, and in hindsight, the hallmark Stingray design—those curvy, sharp-edged fenders and the assertive ducktail—began to look really good. As a result, chrome-bumper (pre-'73) C3 prices have roughly doubled over the last five or six years, and big-block cars are now more expensive than small-block C2s were just a few years ago. 24 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com By 1970, the first year of the LT1 option (no hyphen when noted as an RPO code), the quality control glitches that plagued the 1968 model were a thing of the past—the folks on Natural Bridge Avenue in St. Louis had figured out how to build Corvettes again. Other changes from the 1969 car were minor. Side vents went from the attractive “shark gill” style to a more fussy egg-crate design, amber turn signal lenses appeared in front, and black paint was unavailable for the first time since 1956. A solid-lifter version of the old small block The LT-1 was essentially a solid-lifter version of the venerable 350 small block, with 11:1 compression, a high-performance cam, and a Holley four-barrel on a tuned aluminum intake manifold. Many people felt it was the best iteration yet of the Chevy small-block V8, which dated back to 1955. Without wading into the LT-1 vs. LS5 controversy, an LT-1-equipped car weighs less, is better balanced, less thirsty, and runs cooler than an LS5 454, yet in its first year, it was rated at only 20 hp less—370 hp (SAE gross) vs. 390 hp for the LS5. It was the highest-revving, fastest small-block GM ever dropped into a Corvette. Unfortunately, things began to go downhill after 1970, when a drop in compression to allow for running on unleaded gas resulted in a loss of 40 hp—the 1971 LT-1 was rated at 330 hp. The 1972 edition was further detuned and was rated at 255 hp. The power loss wasn't as extreme as it sounds, because 1972 was the year that horsepower ratings went from SAE gross (measured without niceties like air cleaners and exhaust)

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to a more honest SAE net rating. Back in the day, the 454 overshadowed the LT-1 in sales. Its best year was 1971, when just under 9% of Corvettes were ordered with the LT-1 option, compared to 23% with the LS5. A shame, as an LT-1-equipped car (if you can find one) makes for a sweet daily driver. With abundant torque, plenty of power, eminent tweakability, and less weight up front, nearly everyone agrees it is a better handler than a 454. The usual things apply when looking at any C3. Poorly repaired accident damage is the most obvious nono, while the most insidious is frame rust. Professional inspection of the frame is essential, especially for saltbelt cars. Noted Long Island Corvette restorer Kevin Mackay sees a large number of rusty Corvette frames and notes the most common spot is in front of the rear wheels where the rails curve up over the rear axle. According to Mackay, if it's too far gone, a straight, rust-free replacement frame is the best option. The “birdcage”—the steel windshield and cowl support—is the other area to check for rust. A ratty interior is no reason to pass on an otherwise sound C3. Specialists like Mid America Motorworks sell complete interior kits for a reasonable price. Items like door panels and seat covers are moderately advanced do-it-yourself jobs. 1970 LT-1 brought a strong $72k at Mecum Kissimmee LT-1s have closed the gap with big-block cars LT-1s have garnered more respect recently, closing much of the gap with the big- block LS5 cars. This is especially true of the highest horse 1970 LT-1s. The gap in values is a bit wider for 1971–72. Currently, high-$20,000s to low-$30,000s is what you might expect to pay for a good but by no means perfect LT-1 coupe. Documentation is key in the form of invoices, window stickers, and Protect-o-Plates. Solid documentation can add as much as 20% to the value of a car. Bloomington Gold and NCRS 20 Year Picture 1970 Chevrolet Corvette LT-1 history adds value as well. While small-block cars will always lack some of the swagger of a big-block from the same year, as drivers, many people prefer the small-block LT-1. As far as future values, who knows? But the Shelby Cobra market may provide a clue. Until recently, the car everyone wanted was the big-block 427, but in the last several years, the 289 has caught up as cars that are more user-friendly have caught collectors' fancy. ■ Prices are for cars in excellent condition. This information is provided by Black Book and Cars of Particular Interest Collectible Vehicle Value Guide, www.blackbookusa.com. $120,000 $100,000 $80,000 $60,000 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 $40,000 $20,000 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 1989 1994 1999 2004 2008 www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 25

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Versus 1955–57 Corvette / 1955–57 Ford Thunderbird Battle of the Tri-Five Two-Seaters Corvette wouldn't be bested by their cross-town rivals, and salvation was in the wings from Zora Arkus-Duntov by Carl Bomstead door “coves,” improved driver comforts, and performance enhancements. When ordering your base 1956 Corvette ($3,120), with options 449 and 469, you received the hotter “Duntov” cam and two four-barrel carburetors, which upped power to an unofficial 240 hp. Sales increased almost five-fold from 1955, to 3,467 units. On the other hand, 1956 sales actually decreased for the $3,151 Thunderbird to 15,631, although the changes were minor for the new model year. Portholes appeared on the hard top, and the spare tire was moved outboard of the rear bumper. The average sale price for the 1956 1956 Corvette T he CM/SCM Platinum data base has over 1,000 auction sales of 1955–57 Corvettes and sameyear Thunderbirds, which means we can draw some pretty clear comparisons between the two marques. During this period the Thunderbird was far more popular, with 53,166 two-seaters leaving dealer showrooms, while only 10,506 Corvettes found buyers. The initial edge clearly goes to the T-Bird. The Ford Thunderbird, which was introduced on October 22, 1954, at a price of $2,944, received more than 3,500 orders in the first ten days. Ford went on to sell 16,155 of the two-seaters in the first year, easily eclipsing the $2,909 Corvette with sales of just 700. The buying public perceived the Thunderbird as having sports car functionality with the creature comforts the American public demanded. The Corvette, on the other hand, was on life support, even with the new V8 under the hood. The suits at Chevrolet were ready to pull the plug. The market today places a much higher value on the '55 Corvette. Roadster styling, limited production, and V8 power have pushed the average sales price to about $125,000. The T-Bird, with 124 offered for sale compared to only 29 Corvettes in our database, averaged $36,150. Both average sales figures are, however, heavily weighted toward recent sales, as both marques are enjoying renewed popularity and appreciation. Corvette stayed the course, perhaps through stub- born determination not to be bested by their cross-town rival and with salvation in the wings from Zora ArkusDuntov. Duntov presented new styling in 1956 with side 26 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com 1957 T-Bird Corvette at recent auctions decreased from 1955 levels to $66,782, reflecting the increased production, though the 265/240 option cars skewed the average toward the high end. The average sale price for the 1956 T-Bird, on the other hand, increased from 1955's average to $45,894, although they were very similar to the prior year's styling. Nineteen fifty-seven brought on the performance wars, as both marques offered significant power enhancement options. The body for the 1957 Corvette ($3,176) was a carryover from the previous year, but Chevy offered four optional fuel-injected engines and a 4-speed manual transmission. Sales increased to 6,339, with 1,040 of those ordered with one of the 579-code FI options. Corvette continued to offer the 469-code dual four-barrel option, and 3,666 cars—over half the production—were ordered as such. Thunderbird ($3,408) countered with the “F Bird” which offered a Paxton

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McCulloch VR 57 supercharger. Ford rated the engine at 300 horsepower, but McCulloch placed it closer to 360; in fact it was somewhere in between. It's recorded that between 208 and 214 “F Birds” were produced, with a dozen of those being the unusual “D/F Bird,” which was an “F Bird” with a D stamping on the data plate. Ford also offered the “E Bird” with a dual four-barrel carburetor setup. Average prices at recent auctions for both marques are heavily influenced by the high-performance models, as both have a few examples that have sold for close to $300,000. Our database provides an average sales price of $91,880 for the Corvette and only $51,292 for the T-Bird, but again, that is heavily skewed to the high end. From all this we can state that while Corvette lost the sales battle, it won the two-seater war, as 1957 was the last year the Thunderbird was offered in that configuration. We can also state that Corvette has, on average, a higher resale value as indicated by our auction results. These figures are heavily influenced by the condition of the vehicle offered and the performance options ordered with the car. All things considered, the Corvette has the overall edge as the resale value leader. ■ 1955 'Vette, leading the Tri-Five pack at $125k Average Sales Price, 2002–2008* $150,000 Corvette Thunderbird $120,000 $20m $15m Total Sales Volume by Year, 2002–2008* Corvette Thunderbird $90,000 $10m $60,000 $5m $30,000 1955 1956 1957 1955 1956 *Data sourced from auction sales reported in the CM database. Does not reflect private sales. 1957 www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 27 1955 Thunderbird

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Collecting Thoughts Cut-Away Corvette 1965 Corvette Cuts to the Chase People thought the $704,000 Cut-Away Corvette was hidden in Detroit; in reality it was in South Africa by Daniel Grunwald Now you see me... T he 1965 Corvette was a marvelous automobile for its time, but it was also in its third year of the Sting Ray body style. General Motors was looking for ways to keep prospective purchasers interested. The styling changes for '65 included three functional vertical side panel lou- vers and a new interior seat pattern featuring wide pleats that made the seats appear softer while maintaining their sporty style. The arm rests were integrated into the door panels, and four-wheel disc brakes became standard. Subtle changes at best. So in order to attract customers at the auto shows nation- wide, the company also pulled an early production-run Corvette from the line in St. Louis and made a one-off display like none other ever made for Corvette. The car they started with was a loaded Nassau Blue coupe fitted with white leather seats and fuel injection. The idea was to pick the most attractive colors and the hightech Rochester fuel-injected 375-horsepower engine and cut away all of the chassis and engine parts to show the public exactly how America's sports car worked. What they came up with is probably the most unusual and significant display Corvette ever produced. The base holds all the motors and gears The Cut-Away Corvette is a stock-appearing car set on a display base that holds all of the motors, gears, and rigging that make this model work. The body shell still sports most of the original paint from 1965, and the display has never seen rain. The interior is complete, with the exception of the shift boot, ball, and reverse lockout lever because those items would interfere with the body rising from the frame. 28 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com When the correct buttons are pressed, the body lifts from the frame on four chrome-plated worm gears until it is about three feet above the chassis. The underside of the body is fitted with lights to show the chassis components clearly. When the next switch is flipped, the tires rotate on powered rollers that also rise and fall independently of one another to show the workings of the suspension components. As this is happening, the engine is being driven from the rear wheels through the cut-open differential, 4-speed transmission, and clutch. The engine is fitted with clear valve covers and the heads are also cut open to reveal the working valves inside of the engine. Most every component on the car's chassis has been cut away to reveal its functionality. The fuel-injection unit, the wheels, the disc brake calipers, the exhaust manifolds, the cylinder heads, even the mufflers, are cut open and painted in contrasting colors to show the inner workings. White-painted edges for visibility Although this is a “survivor” in every sense of the word, it is also significantly different from your normal survivor in the NCRS or Bloomington Gold definition. RM Auctions

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The components drastically exceeded the average fit and finish of a normal factory Corvette. The frame is smooth and painted yellow and the engine and driveline are red with white paint on the edges of all of the cuts for maximum visibility. The mufflers are red with white innards, and many components are also chrome-plated. The underside of the car is painted white to reflect the lighting and reduce shadows on the display surfaces. The steering rag joint, wiring, and fuel and brake lines are disconnected and not needed, as this car will never be driven. This particular display car was used on the show circuit by GM and then just disap- peared. Most thought it was probably demolished or hidden away until Doomsday in some deep, dark archive in the bowels of Detroit, along with the Ark of the Covenant. The Cut-Away must hit $1 million soon In reality, it was sitting in storage in South Africa until the mid 1990s, when it was rediscovered and shipped back to the U.S. Al Wiseman acquired it and stored it in his garage until last December. The car still has its very acceptable, mostly original paint and original white interior, as well as that delightful undercarriage. The chassis is complete with labels identifying significant components, including one that appears to be in Dutch or Afrikaans and is the only clue to its South African vacation. I must also comment on the very unusual two-spoke wood-rim steering wheel, which is unlike that found on any other Corvette produced. The original rayon tires are still mounted on the factory aluminum knockoff wheels. The Cut-Away Corvette was sold on December 1, 2007, at the RM auction of the Al Wiseman Collection in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The hammer dropped at $640,000, which made for a final figure of $704,000 after commission—high sale of the afternoon by about $300k. Was it worth it? I would have to say a resounding yes. I think in the next few years we may well see this particular car break the million-dollar mark. Not just a pretty face Other, less significant cars have done it, and if you get a chance to see it up close in the future at Bloomington Gold or elsewhere, don't miss the opportunity. The photos just don't do it justice. ■ www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 29

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Featured Event Arizona Auctions Sunny with Scattered Clouds The Corvette market outlook is bright, as 161 of 212 cars sold in Arizona at a 76% rate by B. Mitchell Carlson Corvettes of all stripes colored the auction blocks around Phoenix H aving marked my territory at almost every single auction in Arizona in January, I have some overviews of all things Corvette. From the first Corvette across the block on Saturday, January 12, at the ICA sale in Gilbert, to the Montana Rules Monday at Silver on January 21, I was in the thick of it. The one event I wasn't able to attend was the Kruse auction the weekend after, but the results from that sale didn't go against the other six earlier auctions. First, let's look at each of the events, in chronological order: ICA GILBERT: There has been an ICA auction on the first weekend for the last four years in Gilbert, but it really wasn't a collector car event of the same nature as the other Arizona auctions. However, based upon positive feedback from dealers I know, I figured it was worth scoping out. And it was worth attending. ICA sold 116 of 233 cars, for a 51% sell-through. While they had higher quality specialty cars out there, ICA is more a working man's auction house, where the average car sold for $12,393. It's also a favorite for the dealers, since there can be some good deals. The 14 Corvettes were mostly C4s (six), with none of the C1s or C2s selling. Pricing seemed to be market-correct, with a few bargains or cheap cars (not always one and the same). Seven 'Vettes found new owners (no, not all of the C4s), for a 50% sell-through. BARRETT-JACKSON: Once again, the conspicuous consumption convention pro- vided plenty of prices that made attendees and TV viewers wonder if buyers had been exceeding their ten-drink daily limit (I'm not making this up) at the bidder's bar. 30 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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However, the money was a bit down this year, as were the number of consignments. With the largest numbers came the largest number of Corvettes (99 of them, all at no reserve). Another interesting facet was that the top sale at B-J was a Corvette— the Rondine Pininfarina styling exercise. This was also the highest selling Corvette anywhere in Phoenix. Not too far behind were the rights to the first 2009 ZR1, at $1.1 million. On the opposite end, there were three 1978 Indy Pace Car editions, all of which sold at or slightly below market prices. RUSSO AND STEELE: This was the first year I really had a chance to spend much time there, and I liked what I saw. The cars were in the same league as those on the other side of Scottsdale Road, but included more practical (not necessarily correct) drivers and many European sports cars. One thing that drove me nuts was their multiple lot number scheme. If you had seen a '69 big-block convertible in the catalog that you wanted to check out, good luck trying to find it, and figuring out when it was supposed to cross the block. However, once you did crossreference to the run number, you were in like Flynn. Ultimately, 47 Corvettes crossed the block, with 27 of them changing hands for a 57% sell-through rate. It seemed like all of the C2s missing from everywhere else ended up here, with C3s close behind in popularity. RM: Rob Myers's company seemed to be holding the course, helped by the reawakening of the CCCA Classics and a strong global market for European sports cars. RM also had some competition this year, in the form of the first Gooding event in the area. Since RM's sale was on Friday and Gooding's a day later, it was more a gathering of giants than a head-to-head shootout. RM only had one Corvette, a 1953, which had a nearly 25-year-old restoration. It found a new owner at $264,000. SILVER: I've attended every January auction Silver has held in the Phoenix basin—now going on eleven years—since they pitched a tent in Fountain Hills. Their auctions have improved every year, and 2008 was no exception. Mitch and company may bill themselves as the reasonable alternative, but there are cars here that would be worthy of an RM or Gooding lot number. For several reasons—most to do with a number of buyers realizing there is more to life than BarrettJackson—there were more people out at Ft. McDowell this year. And they were buying. Silver upped its sales records by nearly 50 cars and over $1 million. Silver offered 23 Corvettes, 17 of which found new homes, for a 74% sell-through. It was a well-rounded group of cars, with at least one from each generation selling (bearing in mind that there were no C6s). GOODING: Any doubts that Phoenix was maxed out for auctions were laid to rest when Gooding came to town to get a piece of the action. And quite a piece they got, selling 90% of their consignments for $21 million. Not bad for an event that went from 0 to 71 (lots) in about two months. To put the icing on the cake, they even hammered down the top sale of the extended week: a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder, for $3.3 million—16% of their total handle. Among all the high-end machinery, Gooding had a couple of plastic cars: a '54 and a '61 with the solid-lifter dual-quad. The former sold for $99,000, while the latter failed to reach its reserve at $80,000. KRUSE: Dean and company were the first to have an auction out here in the desert, so it wouldn't be right if they weren't selling cars somewhere. They have had venue issues in the past but seemed to have settled down at the Arizona Fairgrounds for now, and did a respectable job out there. The Kruse contingent had 26 Corvettes consigned, several of which were known repeat offenders from other auctions. Of those, ten sold, for a 38% sell-through. Not too bad overall when you choose to be the caboose rather than the locomotive. Corvette market trends Now for some trends I noted: C1: Prices seem to be getting soft. About a year ago, solid-axle cars were going nowhere but up, whether they were correct fresh restorations or fright pigs. This year, while the top-shelf cars seemed to hold their ground, the condition #3 and lesser cars seemed to take a hit. A number of 1958–62 cars I expected to no-sale near $50,000 instead found new homes under $40,000. That's good news for those of us who like to drive a trunk-back restoration candidate and who won't feel bad about adding a few more cracks in the already-worn body and a few more miles to one with a replacement motor. This could also be the time to pick up a correct but tired original car or one whose restoration has unwound to redo for the future. C2: Later C2s—especially the 120% of the 1967 435-hp cars ever built that seem to be showing up—seem to be holding their value after taking a hit last year. It brings to mind the call center greeting we've all heard: “Please hold, as we have been handling unusually high call volume.” Truly stellar one-offs, such as the Rondine, will forever be that—unique objets d'art priced according to the passion of the moment between two bidders. C3: Your time has come. This is especially true of the soft-bumper 1973–77 cars, as they are no longer the dregs of the Corvette world. Even the bubble-back '78s to '82s have taken an upswing—especially '78 Indy Pace Cars and '82 Commemoratives. Chrome-bumper cars have been increasing in value the last few years, and the rest of the C3s are rising with them. I saw some cars that previously would have fizzled out below $10,000 find new homes this year at more than double the price. Avoid motor swaps or “Corvette Summer” wannabes—or at least don't pay top dollar for them—but used cars with all the stock bits are doing quite well. Even tired ones. C4: These are at the bottom of the pool now. The technological leaps made by the later C5s and C6s are really driving the C4s down. While top-shelf C4s—especially limited-edition models from the mid '90s—do okay, very few were to be had here. Nearly all were tired used cars; had they been Cavaliers from the same model year, they would have been $400 winter beaters. C5/C6: It still makes no sense to bring these here. The dealers were only looking at the Wholesale column in their Kelley Blue Books, while the consignors were quoting the Retail column for their reserves. A few moved out, but at a bid or two above wholesale on truly used cars, with no bells being rung for record sales. The only exception was the 2009 ZR1, which doesn't even exist yet. Babied and pampered examples like the '04 Z06 Commemorative at Russo and Steele were exercises in futility. So does this give us a glimpse into the rest of 2008? I think so, simply because of the numbers of Corvettes for sale. It's hard to ignore the sale of 161 out of 212 Corvettes—76% sell-through. While this is generally similar to Mecum's Bloomington Gold all-Corvette auction, the impact in Phoenix was spread over seven venues and all types of collector vehicles. And while we have watched muscle car values gyrate like Elvis on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” the Corvette market demonstrated that it is both deep and wide, which bodes well for the future. ■ www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 31

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Featured Event Corvette Market Seminar First Annual Corvette Market Insider's Seminar Experts share their tips with 200 hobbyists at a seminar inside Russo and Steele's auction pavilion by Paul Duchene Jordan: I first saw a '69 when I was three or four years old and I thought, that's what I gotta have. When I was 17, I bought a '69 and it changed my life. Let's start off on C1s. What's the sweet spot for driving pleasure among them? 200 enthusiasts gathered in the Russo and Steele tent I t was the first of its kind. Take six Corvette market experts, add 200 enthusiastic Corvette Market magazine subscribers, throw in a terrific breakfast hosted by Drew and Josephine Alcazar of Russo and Steele, and you've got the makings of a very high-energy morning. CM publisher Keith Martin led the discussion at the inaugural Corvette Market Insider's Seminar at the Russo and Steele auction tent in Scottsdale on Friday, January 18. The discussion covered Corvettes from 1953 to 2008, with advice on what to buy, sell, hold, and restore, as well as how to go about finding your dream car, The panel of experts included David Burroughs, CEO of Bloomington Gold, NCRS judge Michael Pierce, Jim Jordan of County Corvettes, Kevin Mackay of Corvette Repair Inc., Dave Kinney of USAppraisal, and Colin Comer of Colin's Classic Automobiles. Martin started things off by asking who in the audience had the most Corvettes. Ed Foss of Roanoke, Indiana, was the winner. “All my Corvettes have under 10,000 miles and I have 14 ZR-1s,” he said. His prize was an official press kit for the new ZR1, which Martin had brought back with him from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Panelists replied to questions from emcee Martin and from audience members. How did you get caught up in the Corvette hobby? Pierce: In 1953, a neighbor pulled up in one of the first Corvettes. I was enthralled. I bought my first car—a 1965—in the 1970s. Mackay: At a Chevrolet dealership in 1966, I remember girls waved at me while I was driving one, and that was it. Kinney: I worked at a car dealership at 15 and I bought one at 18—I got money from my father. The car caught fire on the Washington Beltway and burned to the ground. But I got the insurance money and paid my father back. Comer: I found a '57 in a garage when I was 13 or 14 with only 1,000 miles on it. That was my first Corvette. Burroughs: I started with Chrysler 300s. In 1960, two guys came to the gas station in a new Corvette and we felt like old guys in our Chrysler. 32 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Pierce: A '62. It's the end of the line, more performance, more refined, highest horsepower. Start at $40,000 for a good car. Mackay: '62 is a great car. Buy a survivor, look for known history and answers to all your questions. I'd say $100,000 for an investor car. Kinney: '62 to drive, '54 to invest in, as '53s have gotten too expensive. Comer: I agree on '62s, though you want to keep use in mind. Don't buy a fuelie if you want to drive. Jordan: Nobody buys a C1 to commute anymore, but I agree the '62 is the best driver—the perfect car for the street. Martin: You have to consider the size of SUVs on the road. The tires are up by the side of your head. The worst new car stops and handles better than the best old car. It's best to look for events and tours. Now let's talk about the cost of a frame-up restoration on a C1. What should you expect to pay to go from disassembled to finished? Jordan: How long is a piece of string? I can estimate hours, and cost of parts—but availability is a factor. You could spend $50,000–$70,000 on parts alone. The cost of restoration just keeps climbing. Mackay: I wouldn't finish a car for $80,000. It's got to be quality work. If you've got no documents and a replacement block, it's not worth spending $100,000– $120,000. Find an original car with factory documents and you're still looking at 1,500 man hours easily. Pierce: It can cost a lot less if you do the restoration work yourself. NCRS encourages this, and you can save 50%–60% of the cost. The hobbyist can be his own general contractor. When is it time to restore a car? Pierce: It's only original once, but take photos and document everything. Don't throw away anything— even bolts. And if the car has historical significance, think twice about doing it at all. Comer: If the car is original—even if it's tacky—I'd say leave it alone. Burroughs: There's no short answer to this. Is it drivable and 50%-plus unrestored? Are key finishes

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good enough to be used as a model for a restoration? If the answers are yes, I'd leave it alone. It qualifies as a survivor. How old would a repaint have to be before it's valuable in itself? Burroughs: It's a matter of personal taste, but bad paint isn't always a bad idea. It's silly to have a car with new paint and a rough engine and chassis. Kinney: There's been a huge change in the past ten years and what's been learned comes from the art market. You wouldn't have a painter touch up a Picasso. Jordan: Survivor cars are just more desirable, and survivors are being built now— cars made to look old. Martin: Can you make a survivor? Burroughs: There are different definitions of survivor. Some certified cars have been… massaged, but our judges are too good to let that go by. Let's talk about C2 cars and what's special about them. Kinney: Iconic look. Comer: They'll never look dated. They'll always be beautiful and usable. Mackay: They still look advanced. Pierce: The range of performance options. Disc brakes, big blocks, easy to drive, comfortable. They were a huge advance. Jordan: The '63 isn't like anything else. What are the deal-breakers on C2s? Jordan: The condition of the body. An un-hit body defines the car. Pierce: Make sure you're getting what you think—paperwork, provenance, Protect-o-Plate, tank stickers. Mackay: Look for frame rot. More than 50% have frame rot. Check out the kickup at the rear. Kinney: Documents. Approach it with your eyes wide open. No documents? Pay a no-document price. Comer: Paperwork is #1. Look at that first. Trim tags are being forged now. Verify. You want a real car, not a Split-Window with a pickup motor, like the one Publisher Martin recently bought. Pierce: Get the correct-year motor, not a fraud. Let's talk about Shark cars—C3s. What are the best buys? Jordan: A 1969 427/435. That's the next one to increase. When the '67 broke $200,000, the '69 was a good deal at $70,000. Comer: The best C3 is the LT-1. The 427/435 is too finicky. Find one with air. Mackay: Buy an L88 for an investment. Buy a clean '68 or '69 small-block in a good color to drive for $35,000–$40,000. Are there any 1984–96 collectible C4s? Kinney: '84s are like '54s—horrible to drive, like a bad buckboard. Later cars with the right equipment are very drivable. They are a lot of bang for the buck, but not collectible yet. Pierce: The high water mark is in the B2K cars—the Callaway cars of 1987, the Z51 of 1987 to 1990, and the ZR-1. Jordan: The Callaway Turbos are the best buy out there. Any thoughts about C5s and C6s? Kinney: Limited-production models are a worthwhile investment. It's fun money. Mackay: Buy a great driver for under $25,000, like a 1997–2000 C5. Jordan: The Z06 is great performance for the money. Burroughs: Compared to mid-years they are a great buy. Comer: They won't be collectible in my lifetime, but buy a 2004 Z06 for $30,000, and you've got performance without having to put the whole contents of the Mid America catalog on your car. Pierce: C5s are the proverbial drivers—30 mpg and 150 mph. How much are the right papers worth to a car's price? Pierce: About 30% of the value. Mackay: The percentage varies, but always go with the car that has paperwork. Comer: Real papers add 25%–50%. I wouldn't buy a car without papers. Burroughs: It varies from car to car, but a restoration with no detailed papers is worth zero. Jordan: Watch out for fake documents. Many tank stickers are repros. Sometimes I'll see two tank stickers for one car. What's the market outlook for the next twelve months? Comer: Good cars will go up, less desirable cars will be flat. Mackay: “Real deal” cars with high horsepower like the ZR1 and ZR2 will bring top dollar. Beware of 1968–69 L89s. Jordan: The prices I saw at Bloomington Gold in 2006 can't continue. Medium cars have dropped like a brick. Real cars are going up. What would you spend $100,000 on? Burroughs: There'll be a $100,000 LT-1, but I think I'd rather have two $50,000 cars. Kinney: The market is treading water. It's been supported by home refinancing money and dead parents. Rather than spend $100,000 on a Corvette, I'd buy a new 2008 C6 and have $45,000 in my pocket. To get advance notification of the next Corvette Market magazine seminar, sign up for the Corvette Insider's eNewsletter at www.vettemarket.com. ■ Publisher Martin and panelists Pierce (l), Mackay, Kinney, Comer, Burroughs, and Jordan www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 33

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C1 profile Elfi Duntov's 1955 Roadster The fact that the winning bidder now has the car for sale at $299,000 indicates this was a missed opportunity for an end user by Thomas Glatch Chassis number: E55S001249 I nspiration for the introduction of the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette was attributable to a flood of young Americans arriving home after World War II who craved nimble, athletic sports cars. A team of General Motors engineers, under the leadership of Harley Earl, set about creating a car bodied in fiberglass, with enough appeal to compete with Europe's best MGs and Jaguars. The outcome was a Chevrolet powered by a modified GM 6-cylinder engine that was lavishly displayed on a revolving centerpiece at the 1953 Motorama in New York. It was a tremendous success—over 300,000 people admired the Corvette during its first weekend in New York and collectively spent a reported $800,000 on GM products. One of the many Motorama attendees was Zora Arkus-Duntov, an accomplished Belgian-born engineer and racing driver, who later submitted a letter to Chevrolet's chief engineer, Ed Cole, requesting the opportunity to work on the Corvette's development. He was hired and rose through the ranks to become a director of highperformance programs, a proponent of early fuel-injection projects, and founder of the Grand Sport project, among other undertakings. His contributions were so great that despite the fact he was not responsible for its initial design, Duntov is often termed the “Godfather of the Corvette.” Although the specifics of its genesis are clouded in mystery, this particular Corvette was first owned by Mr. Duntov himself. It was officially titled as a “1956 Assembled Corvette,” as it was apparently one of two 1956 prototypes built upon a 1956 chassis with a 1955 body. It was presented to Duntov, although it is unknown whether he paid 34 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Details Years produced 1955 Number produced 700 (120 in Harvest Gold) Original list price $3,389.10 CM Valuation $66,000–$122,500 Tune-up $300 Distributor cap $25 Chassis # Driver's side door post Engine # Pad on front of block below right cylinder head Club National Corvette Restorers Society; Solid Axle Corvette Club More www.ncrs.org; www.solidaxle.org Alternatives 1955 Ford Thunderbird, 1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta, 1954 Buick Skylark CM Investment Grade B Photos: RM Auctions

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for the car or received it as a gift. Finished in silver with a blue center stripe, it was outfitted with a fuel-injected 283-ci V8, along with various newer features, including the steering wheel, dash instrumentation, hub caps, rearview mirror, and shift console. Interestingly, Mr. Duntov's wife, Elfi, was the car's primary driver, as it was registered in her name. To a large degree, Zora Arkus-Duntov was respon- sible for Chevrolet's recognition of its performanceminded youth market. Well-documented and boasting a remarkable provenance, this is, quite simply, one of the most significant early Corvettes ever assembled. CM Analysis This car was sold for $134,750 at RM's auction of the Al Wiseman Collection in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on December 1, 2007. If cars could talk, what stories this mysterious 1955 Corvette could tell. First, there is the car's description on the original title: Assembled 1956 Roadster. There are other clues to this car being a work in progress, including a hole drilled in the firewall above the master cylinder that matches a stud on the brake pedal. Sheet metal was added to the frame around the front wheels and engine compartment. The shifter console is like the 1956 Corvette design, and the steering wheel, instrument panel knobs, rearview mirror, and many other details date from the 1956–57 models. The front bumper brackets were lowered, possibly to increase airflow. And for years, owners claimed this car to be a '55 body on a 1956 chassis, although the chassis serial number shows it's a '55. Confused? The name of the first owner may make things clearer— Zora Arkus-Duntov. That's right, the “Godather of the Corvette.” No doubt the car was used for experimental work for a time. We know that Duntov was constantly trying to improve the Corvette's brakes, and based on the modifications to this car, it may have helped in that development. A strong attachment to her home-built '56 Other changes indicate this car was used for some kind of airflow testing. Additionally, the car was equipped with a 283-ci V8 with 4-speed manual transmission and an early Rochester “Ram-Jet” fuel injection unit—all options that were introduced on the 1957 Corvette. It seems that after some time at Chevrolet Engineering, Duntov either bought or was given the Corvette and then titled it in his wife Elfi's name. The fact that Duntov called it an “Assembled 1956 Roadster” on the title suggests this car was procured out the “back door” of General Motors. By this point, the car had been repainted from the original Harvest Gold to silver with a blue racing stripe, possibly by GM Design. A story about Elfi Duntov by Barbara Spear on the Idaho Corvette Page states: “The only Corvette to which she [Mrs. Duntov] still has a strong sentimental attachment is her home-built 1956. Elfi's 1956 Corvette convertible was a special car... Originally painted yellow with a green interior, the styling group repainted the car silver blue and www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 35 added racing stripes. At the time she owned the 'Vette, Zora and Elfi had no garage, so the car stayed outside. Elfi mused that they would just get it cleaned up after one rainstorm when another would soak it. The side curtains couldn't keep the water out. Eventually, Elfi and Zora sold the car to their former newspaper boy.” That would be Chuck Schank, in 1962. Schank kept the car until 1968, when he sold it to Mike Casey, who painted it Pearl White, dyed the interior black, replaced the top, and went drag racing. In 1972, the Corvette was bought by James Dalesandro of Riverside, Illinois, who contacted Zora Duntov about his possible ownership of this car. “Yes, I was the original owner…” In a letter dated June 5, 1973, Duntov stated: “Yes, I was the original owner of your car. At the time it had a 283-ci FI engine equipped with ram-horn exhaust manifold. The car had a 4-speed transmission, and the rear axle was 3.7 or 4.11. The exterior color was silver, but the interior color, I don't remember. It may have been yellow. It was a pretty car. Your car is not the 1955 Corvette used at the Arizona Proving Grounds that went slightly over 160 mph. The car I used in Arizona had a 3-speed transmission. The above is the extent of the information I have on your car.” Mr. Dalesandro subsequently restored the car to its original Harvest Gold paint with green interior. Barnaby Brokaw of Omaha, Nebraska, bought the car around 1978. It only had 39,795 miles on it at the time, and it was featured in the pioneer Corvette magazine, Keepin' Track of Vettes. After two more owners, Al Wiseman added it to his huge collection in the late 1990s. It was displayed at Bloomington Gold in 1999 in “The Roar to Zora—Field of Dreams” display and also at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in 2005. EX87, the experimental 1954 Corvette Duntov used for his famed 160 mph Arizona Proving Ground run and for the Daytona Speed Week trials, sold for $262,500 at Mecum St. Charles in October 2003 (CM# 36610). EX87 was thoroughly and accurately restored just before its sale, while the Al Wiseman '55 was last worked on in the early 1970s and needs a proper restoration. Also, the developmental history of the Wiseman '55 Corvette is less well documented. But this car has the unique distinction of being one of only two or three Corvettes the Duntovs ever owned, and it was the favorite of his wife. The auction house expected $400,000 to $500,000 for this car, and the fact that the winning bidder, Terry Michaelis, owner of ProTeam Corvette Sales, now has the car for sale at $299,000 tells me this was a missed opportunity for the serious Corvette enthusiast. ■

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C2 profile 1963 Corvette “Rondine” Concept If this had not been a feature car on Speed TV, I don't believe it would have brought anywhere near the price by Michael Pierce Chassis number: 30837S103720 T he one and only 1963 Chevrolet Corvette “Rondine” coupe was built for the Paris Auto Show by renowned design house Pininfarina for Chevrolet. The car features a 327-ci, 360-hp fuel-injected V8 with 4-speed and power brakes. This historically significant prototype has been stored and preserved at the Pininfarina Museum since new and is being offered for the first time. Using the new 1963 Corvette chassis, Pininfarina realized this special coupe. The body style is based on the idea of simplicity and functionality and features a remarkable outline owing to the lightness of its sections. The limited use of chrome stresses the sober elegance and harmony of the whole. The front was designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency with a smooth curve projecting from the front fenders. The central grille features thin chrome strips, while eyebrows partly cover the headlights when they are turned off. The two-piece front bumper is also unique to the car and ends at each side of the grille. The side panels take a sharp line from the nose back into the door, where it curves over the tail in a “Coke-bottle” effect, which makes the car seem slender. The rear end features a unique “swallow tail” design, with the rear fenders projecting further than the trunk. The broken line across the rear contributes to the light effect of the design and the taillights are flush in the rear fenders. The gas filler cap is quick-release. The roof follows the line of the large curving windshield and is quite thin and flat with a wraparound rear window. The luggage compartment is located inside and below the rear window. The interior remains unchanged and is made of leather with ventilation panels in the rear of the seats. 36 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Details Years produced 1963 Number produced 2 Original list price n/a CM Valuation $1,760,000 on this date Tune-up $180 Distributor cap $14.99 Chassis # Pad at right front of engine block Engine # Pad at right front of engine block Club National Corvette Restorers Society More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1954 Pontiac Bonneville, 1954 Oldsmobile F-88, 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt CM Investment Grade A Photos: Barrett-Jackson

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CM Analysis This car sold for $1,760,000, including commission, at The Rondine has been called “an American car in an Italian suit.” Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction on January 19, 2008. This Paris Auto Show car is certainly one of a kind, but as a close-fitting suit, the nose is too long, the car must weigh considerably more than the fiberglass version, and the headlights do not rotate. And the single most recognizable feature of the 1963 Corvette—the split rear window—was not used on the Rondine. The Rondine Corvette started life as a styling exercise from the Pininfarina Group in Italy in 1962. Ironically, it was a Detroit-born architect—Tom Tjaarda—who designed the car. He would go on to design the Fiat 124 Spyder, which has several similarities to this car. Tjaarda was hired by Carrozzeria Ghia in 1958 and moved to Turin, Italy. In 1961, he was hired by Pininfarina and began work on this project. When completed, the Rondine was prominently displayed at the 1963 Paris Auto Show, then remained in the Pininfarina Museum for 45 years. Complete '63 chassis sent to Italy General Motors sent a complete working chassis for the new 1963 Corvette to Italy. The car was equipped with a 327-ci, 360-hp, Rochester fuel-injected V8, power brakes, AM/FM radio, 4-speed synchromesh transmission, and heater/defroster. The stock chassis, running gear, and instrumentation of the Rondine are identical to that of a 1963 Corvette Split-Window coupe. Two versions of the Rondine were actually built, each with different rooflines (the other featuring an inward-slanting rear window with the roof cut off at the B-pillar). Pictures show headrest seats on the cut-off window version, an option that was not available on Corvettes until 1966. Rondine is Italian for “swallow,” and you can readily see classic lines mimicking that bird on the back side of this Corvette. Swooping tailfins below the sight line, 90-degree bumpers, and horizontal brake and back-up lenses clearly differentiate this Corvette from its GM counterparts. As mentioned above, the hand-fabricated rear glass does not carry the iconic split window from 1963. A quick-fill gas lid is used in place of the standard 1963 roller door and cap. The hood is much longer than standard; a center-mounted horizontal grille shell provides greater airflow to the radiator, and the turn signals protrude from the body above the front bumpers. Original T-3 bulbs are still installed in the body-blended, fixed headlights; rotating buckets were not used on the Rondine. Wheel covers must be the only four in existence The custom wheel covers with attached three-bar knockoff spinners are certainly the only four in existence. They are similar to the stock '63 hubcap but have a series of raised concentric circles with radial fins protruding out from the center of each cap. The interior is significantly different from original, with the exception of the dash cluster, radio, and heater. The white, full-leather seats and door panels are custom, as is a teak steering wheel. This Corvette option, from the Howard Miller Clock Company in Michigan, was not available from GM until 1965. Several early pictures of the Rondine show a standard black steering wheel; however, this teak wheel could well have been a prototype, like the seat design, which was closer to the one used by GM from 1965 to 1967. Of note is that the Rondine has neither a VIN tag nor trim tag, since it was not fully manufactured by GM. The Rondine is now part of the collection of Michael Schudroff and on the showroom floor of Carriage House Motor Cars in Greenwich, Connecticut. It's difficult to say whether the Rondine was well bought or well sold. The counter bidder was from the Blackhawk Collection in Northern California. If this Corvette had not been a feature car and on Speed TV Saturday afternoon, I don't believe it would have brought anywhere near the selling price. In terms of rare Corvettes, the limited-production '62 Gulf Oil, fuel-injected, Le Mans-winner, the 1966 Penske L88/M22 race car (“They never made one!”), and the original Grand Sports are each worth millions of dollars. The market for all of them is strong and their race history and provenance are proven. Are these cars a better investment? I believe so, but time will tell, and in fairness, the Rondine is a completely different kind of investment. Styling cars have become their own market in great part because of televised auctions. In many ways, this is a good thing, as the wide reach of television has made auctions—and higher collector car values—a part of our collector car culture. ■ (Introductory description Jackson.) courtesy of Barrettwww.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 37

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C3 profile 1971 ZR2 454/425 Coupe Elfi Duntov drove a pretty Sunflower Yellow LS5 convertible, but Zora wanted the fastest car around—the ZR2 by John Gunnell Chassis number: 194371S112787 T he C3 arrived in 1968, sporting the Corvette's first major restyling since '63. Obviously based on the Mako Shark II show car, the new 'Vette had an aero front end with hidden headlights and disappearing wipers. Except for fender air vents and chrome on the rocker panels, the undulating body sides were plain. The blunt, Kammback rear deck had four round taillights. A “tunnel roof” coupe with a removable back window and optional T-top replaced the Sting Ray fastback. The Shark convertible's optional hard top had a glass rear window. The '68 Corvette's 427 big-block engine came in four versions up to the L88 alu- minum-head V8 (See Winter 2008, “C3 Profile,” p. 36). Thought to be the “ultimate big-block” at the time, it cost $947 and was installed primarily in racing cars. It had a 12.50:1 compression ratio, mechanical valve lifters, a special ultra-high-performance cam, and a single Holley 850-cfm four-barrel carburetor. With a 3.36:1 rear axle, the L88 convertible did the quarter mile in 13.56 seconds at 111.10 mph. Racing was a big part of the C3 story. John Greenwood, Allen Barker, Don Yenko, Hal Sharp, and Tony DeLorenzo were some of the winning drivers. Even actor James Garner and comedian Dick Smothers tore up racetracks in their cars. The Corvette won twelve Sports Car Club of America national titles and was the favorite car in Car and Driver's Reader Poll four years in a row. As a new decade began, the focus on racing grew even stronger. A 454-ci big- block V8 replaced the 427 in 1970. For small-block racing classes, an awesome new ZR1 option was released. This special racing package included Chevrolet's LT-1—a solid-lifter 350—as well as the M22 heavy-duty 4-speed transmission, a dual-plate clutch, J50/J56 dual-pin brakes with heavy-duty front pads and power assist, a special Details Years produced 1971 Number produced 12 (8 coupes) Original list price $7,500–$8,000 CM Valuation $300,000–$375,000 Tune-up $150 Distributor cap $19.99 Chassis # Top of dash on driver's side Engine # Right front below cylinder head Club National Corvette Owners of America, 900 S. Washington St., #G-13, Falls Church, VA 22046 More www.ncoa-vettes.com Alternatives 1970–71 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda, 1970–71 Pontiac Trans Am RA IV, 1970–71 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6 CM Investment Grade A 38 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Photos: Barrett-Jackson

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aluminum radiator, and a revised F41 heavyduty suspension. Proving that it was a serious competition package, the ZR1 Special Items Group did not offer power windows, power steering, air conditioning, a rear-window defogger, wheel covers, or a radio. The LT-1 engine could propel a ZR1 from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. The quarter mile took 14.17 seconds at 102.15 mph. The LT-1 returned in 1971, but for a few brave souls who wanted to go even faster and do even more serious racing, there was a new “ZR2 Special Purpose LS6 Engine Package.” This was basically the ZR1 with the LS6 bigblock V8. It was only available for one year and just 12 cars were built with the $1,747 package. As enthusiasts say, there's no replacement for displacement. Car and Driver reported the ZR2 could sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and run the quarter mile in 13.8 seconds at 104.65 mph. The War Bonnet Yellow Corvette ZR2 coupe seen here is a beautiful example of a very rare Corvette. Some enthusiasts call the ZR2 the “Zora Duntov Racer.” Both Zora and his wife Elfi drove 1971 Corvettes. Elfi's was a pretty Sunflower Yellow LS5 convertible, but Zora was more interested in having the fastest car around, so he concocted the ZR2. Cars getting the engine package—factory described as the “RPO ZR2 454-cid 425-hp V-8”—already had all the other ZR1 racing goodies. The big-block RPO LS6 Chevy V8 had the same 4.251-inch bore as the 427 it replaced, but the stroke jumped from 3.76 to 4.00 inches. For use with the new fuels, it had a mere 8.5:1 compression ratio, but Duntov compensated for this by using a highperformance cam grind and a single Holley 800-cfm carburetor. The LS6 developed peak power at 5,600 rpm and produced 475 ft-lb of torque at 4,000 rpm. This matching-numbers ZR2 was put up for sale by its second owner, who had pos- session of it for 20-plus years. It's one of twelve ZR2s produced, and one of eight ZR2 coupes. That makes it even rarer than an L88. It was restored by Thorpe's Corvettes, but still has its original drivetrain and original interior. The car was displayed alongside boards showing documents related to it, other important authenticating items like its original dealer Protect-o-Plate, and an array of awards. These included Bloomington Gold “Gold” Certification, a Top Flight Award, a National Corvette Restorers Society Performance Verification Award, a Duntov Award, and NCRS judging sheets. CM Analysis This car sold for $357,500 at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale sale on Barrett-Jackson's Sneak Preview booklet pointed out that the car had the 454- January 19, 2008. The price is impressive. ci/425-hp engine and the M22 “rock crusher” 4-speed, which Corvette enthusiasts knew as soon as they read “ZR2.” Though 188 Corvettes came equipped with the LS6 in 1971, and some of those with M40 automatics, the ZR2 package necessitated the M22. The booklet showed an attractive photo of the car from the rear (one of its best views) and did a good job pointing out the original drivetrain and interior, the low production, and the fact that it is believed to be the only Duntov and Bloomington Gold winner. Right color, “righteous” restoration The ZR2's War Bonnet Yellow finish is actually an attractive gold color and fits the era so well that Franklin Mint has produced a 1:24-scale 1971 Corvette coupe in its Fiberglass Edition line that looks just like this car. For all we know, they modeled it after the same vehicle (you can see a Tony Perrone writeup on this miniature at www.diecast.org). Franklin Mint invests a lot of marketing research into picking cars to copy, so that should tell you something about this car and this color. This ZR2 was a “righteous” restoration with a properly detailed engine bay and its original Saddle interior trim. It was very nicely done, but not over-restored. If you are going to buy a rare, historically significant Corvette, it certainly pays to get one the owner preserved for a long time and then treated to a proper restoration. Of course, the high value of this car does not lie in its condition so much as in its extreme rarity and the degree of desirability it offers big-time Corvette collectors. This is evidenced by the fact that Barrett-Jackson sold a 1971 Corvette LS5 coupe at the same auction for $34,000, just a bit over one-tenth of the ZR2's price. When they only made twelve of a model and there's probably just a handful left, serious collectors are going to bid it up. The path of ZR2s What does this high-dollar sale mean for the Corvette market and the average collector, who will probably never own, ride in, or even see a ZR2 in person? The answer is that a rising tide lifts all boats. People who watched the Barrett-Jackson sale on television saw a C3 Corvette sell for over $300,000, and that's what counts. One look at B-J's entries shows that probably more C3s (20) were consigned this year than ever before. So a sale like this is going to raise interest in the model and most likely boost the value of cars that look like a ZR2—the ones you and I could afford. ■ www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 39

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C4 profile 1995 Guldstrand Nassau Roadster Modified Corvettes rarely retain much value. Rarity has nothing to do with it since most are one-offs, and the cost of the modifications is lost by Thomas Glatch Chassis number: G1YY32P9S5116237 N ineteen eighty-three marked the introduction of Chevrolet's fourth-generation Corvette, which until the mid-1990s would be improved and modified by a variety of in-house and aftermarket specialists. Of the various aftermarket tuners, one of the most impressive was Guldstrand Specialty Automobiles (GSA) out of California. Company founder Dick Guldstrand had developed a formidable reputation in the 1960s as a successful Corvette racing driver at Daytona, Le Mans, and for Roger Penske's Grand Sport Team. He went into race car production shortly thereafter, before producing his first road car in the 1980s. In 1995, “Mr. Corvette,” as Guldstrand was often called, introduced the GS90 and its soft-top sibling, the Nassau Roadster, so named for the legendary Grand Sport victory over Shelby's Cobras at Nassau in 1963. Fitted with a supercharged, 420-horsepower LT1 engine, Guldstrand's carbon fiber-bodied Roadster set new performance standards, backed by over three decades of Corvette racing experience. The second of only six ever produced, this Nassau Roadster has less than 7,000 original miles and was acquired by mega-collector Al Wiseman from its original owner. Finished in metallic blue with a white center stripe, the paint is virtually flawless and in excellent, factory-original condition. The black Haartz cloth convertible top, glass, and five-spoke O.Z. wheels are all as-new and free of any damage. While the body is an original design, factory Corvette touches are visible on the interior, which appears to be entirely original and features charcoal black leather up- 40 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Details Year produced 1995 Number produced 6 Original list lrice $85,000 approx. CM Valuation n/a ($34,000–$46,300 for 1995 ZR-1) Tune-up $350 Distributor cap $149.49 Chassis # Driver's side dash at windshield Engine # Pad forward of cylinder head on right side Club National Council of Corvette Clubs More www.corvettesnccc.org Alternatives 1987–91 Callaway Twin-Turbo 1990–96 Callaway Supernatural 1990–95 Corvette ZR-1 CM Investment Grade C+ Photos: RM Auctions

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holstery throughout. Both the engine compartment and undercarriage seem to be untouched, clean, and well preserved. The aluminum supercharger housing, in particular, has been nicely polished and is indicative of the car's low mileage and outstanding overall condition. Complete with an original owner's manual, window sticker, and center console-mounted plaque, the Nassau Roadster is one of the rarest collector Corvettes ever produced. CM Analysis This car sold for $57,200 at RM's auction of the Al Wiseman Collection in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on December 1, 2007. Ever since there was a Corvette, there have been those whose goal it was to improve it. As early as 1954, supercharger kits were developed to add some muchneeded power to the original 155-hp Blue Flame Six. The Corvette's style also came under scrutiny, with everyone from Pinin Farina and Bertone to the King of Kustoms, George Barris, getting in on the act. But of all the Corvette tuners, no one has had the credentials of Dick Guldstrand. While working as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry, Guldstrand began racing a battered 1956 Corvette on the West Coast. By the early 1960s, Guldstrand dominated California B Production racing. He won three consecutive SCCA Pacific Coast Championships from 1963 to 1965, and was named the California Sports Car Club Driver of the Year in '64. His reputation was spreading, and in 1966, “Goldie” (as his friends call him) was hired by Roger Penske on the recommendation of Zora Arkus-Duntov. Guldstrand was to prepare and drive Penske's ex-Works Grand Sport Corvette roadster in the Prototype class in the 12 Hours of Sebring that year. “For an old front-engined car, we sure made them know we were there,” said Guldstrand. “The car was a dinosaur—it was the last of the front-engined cars.” The Grand Sport crashed out of the event in the wee hours, but Guldstrand concluded, “we were proud of our efforts.” Guldstrand hit 171.5 mph on the Mulsanne In 1967, when Duntov wanted to enter the new L88 Corvette in the 24 Hours of Le Mans—and do it without direct factory support—he turned to Guldstrand, who was working at Dana Chevrolet in Los Angeles at the time. In near-stock trim, the L88 hit 171.5 mph on the three-mile-long Mulsanne Straight, and it led the GT class for nearly twelve hours until the stock connecting rods failed. In 1968, he founded Guldstrand Engineering in Culver City, California, building Corvette race cars for actor-turned-racer James Garner and others. By the 1970s, 70% of the racing Corvettes on the West Coast came from Guldstrand. In 1986, he created his first street Corvette, the GS80, a stock-looking ultra-high performance car for an exclusive few, Alex Van Halen. “The great including drummer thing about the car is—it's kind of a weird way of explaining it—it's like a motorcycle, except with four wheels,” Van Halen told Road & Track magazine. “When you finally get into the groove and feel the car, it's kind of like becoming one.” In 1990, Guldstrand Specialty Automobiles was formed, and in 1994 the first GS90 debuted on the Chevrolet stand at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Named after the legendary Grand Sport, the GS90 was built around a ZR-1, featuring stylish Grand Sportinspired carbon fiber body panels designed by California designer Steve Winter. Producing 475 hp, with suspension and brake upgrades to match, Goldie hoped to build 100 to 150 of the $135,000 GS90 coupes before the ZR-1 model ended. The Roadster emphasized style over performance With the introduction of the GS90, Guldstrand also announced the availability of a convertible version, the Nassau Roadster. The $85,000 Nassau Roadster emphasized style over performance, yet had more power than a stock ZR-1. The number of GS90 coupes is unknown—the figure of 100 $135,000 ZR-1-based cars is implausible—but just six Nassau Roadsters were built before the C4 era ended in 1996. Modified Corvettes rarely retain much value. Rarity has nothing to do with it, since most are one-offs anyway. When a street Corvette is modified, the cost of the modifications is forever lost, and the overall value of the Corvette is greatly reduced. Only the Callaway Corvettes have shown any appreciation over time, and mostly it's just the rarest of the breed (like the Callaway Twin-Turbo Speedsters) that do. While Al Wiseman's Guldstrand Nassau Roadster sold for less than its original cost, it has retained its value much better than most comparable C4 Corvettes, even ZR-1s. Perhaps the uniqueness of the Nassau Roadster, the stirring performance, and the original design may have something to do with it. On the other hand, maybe it just reflects Dick Guldstrand's Midas touch on Corvettes. Well bought and well sold. ■ (Introductory description courtesy of RM Auctions.) Dick Guldstrand's Racing Career • Pacific Coast Champion 1963, 1964, 1965 • 1964—California Sports Car Club Driver of the Year • 1966—Daytona 24 Hours GT Class Winner • 1966—Drove the Penske Grand Sport Corvette at 12 Hours of Sebring • 1967—First to build, race, and win in a Camaro in Trans Am, with three victories • 1967—Led the GT class during the 24 Hours of Le Mans for 11½ hours www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 41

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C5 profile 2000/1962 Corvette C5/C1 Usually I roll my eyes when I come across a replica of a car that exists in reasonable numbers, especially one that was originally mass-produced by B Mitchell Carlson Chassis number: 1G1YY32G5Y5129768 C lassic Reflection Coachworks's 1962/C5 Conversion transforms a C5 Corvette into a spectacular modern version of a Corvette legend. Titled as a 1962 Chevrolet Special, the car uses a 2000 Corvette chassis with a carbon fiber body. The car combines advanced computer technology and a composite material of carbon fiber and E-glass layers—the same as Aston Martin and the Mercedes SLR McLaren. The car is designed to use factory stock hinges, wiring, and interior, and the hand- crafted panels and trim are custom-fit with a new soft top. This car has 70,000 miles and has all the newest, safest technology with the classic look. Options include all factory options, plus XM Satellite radio, custom wheels, Billy Boat Performance exhaust, Baer Eradispeed rotors, and custom calipers. CM Analysis This car sold for $123,200 at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, on First and foremost: No 1962 Corvettes were harmed, maimed, or molested to cre- January 19, 2008. ate this vehicle. Unfortunately, several states endorse this silly practice by allowing this car to be registered as the year it replicates. Odd, since it actually retains the donor's 2000 VIN. Usually I roll my eyes when I come across a replica of a car that still exists, espe- cially one that was originally mass-produced like a Corvette. While several manufacturers have created ersatz 1953–55 Corvettes, you can almost make the argument they are more like the 427 Cobras, in that there were far fewer of the originals than the current demand for one to drive. And at least this isn't a case of remaking a $90,000 car into a $40,000 car just to 42 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Details Years produced Stock C5 chassis: 1997–2004; (CRC C5: started in 2005) Number produced 248,715 C5s (54 by CRC) Original list price $37,495 ($135,000) CM Valuation ($120,000–$145,000) Tune-up $500 Distributor cap N/A (8 ignition coils @ $72.12 each) Chassis # Driver's side dash top at windshield Engine # Pad ahead of cylinder head on right side Club Corvette Club of America, P.O. Box 9879, Bowling Green, KY 42102-9879 More www.corvetteclubofamerica.com Alternatives Lynx D-type, CSX4000 Cobra, Perfection Autosport Hemi Challenger Recreation CM Investment Grade C- Photos: Barrett-Jackson

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modernize the driveline. However, one has to wonder why anybody would knock off a 1962 Corvette when there are quite a few originals out there? Why yes, it IS rocket science The original impetus for the Classic Reflection Coachworks (CRC) line was fitting an actual 1962 body over a lengthened 1993 C4 chassis and running gear. When C5s came out, they were friendly for conversion, as the cockpit tub didn't have the deeper side sills. Plus, since CRC was based in the Seattle suburb of Lakewood, the company was able to tap into the resources of area stalwart Boeing—more precisely, Boeing's REsolutions reverse-engineering design group, since spun off as REALADI. CRC contracted the design group to scan the '62 on Boeing's computers, plus the C5 superstructure, and married the two to create a template that looked as much like a 1962 Corvette as possible. The design utilized C5 body panel hinges, interior components, and wiring harnesses. Classic Reflection retained REALADI to refine parts and assembly of the cars. Needless to say, this is a bit more sophisticated than your run-of-the-mill Cobra replica, even the ones Shelby is making today. Once the computer design models worked, it was time to put it to fabrication. In this case, CRC used a carbon fiber base and E-glass layers placed in the body component mold and then autoclaved in a vacuum bag to cure the composite material. Since the Mercedes McLaren SLR is made from this stuff, it's not like it is an unproven material. While the largest component—the rear “ducktail” trunk and passenger tub area—is permanently bonded to the C5 donor frame, the balance of the body components are attached with removable fasteners, should collision repair be needed. The bumpers and several chrome trim pieces are custom-fabricated for CRC, but all emblems are GM-authorized repop items. On the outside, only the deeper rake of the windshield gives away the true lineage of the car, but opening the door or putting the top up leaves no doubt that this is a C5 Corvette. In fact, customers who wish to have a car built are advised to have a “donor” that is already in the color combo in which they desire the final product. However, if your kid flipped your C5 and you bought it back from the insurance company, that may not work. Since the body is CAD-designed to fit any C5, the car that it will be built on has to meet GM body alignment specs perfectly—no frame rack S&M here. But why not just build your own? Our featured car was one of the early development and demonstrator cars, but not really a “test mule.” The tilting front end has been repainted (my least favorite portion of the car, as I feel they should have retained a standard hood like both the '62 and the C5) but matches well with the body. Why would someone spend $123,000 for a used—actually twice used—2000 C5? Simple, the CRC conversion lists for at least $8,000 beyond the selling price of this car, and you need a 1998–2004 donor car. On lower-mile 2004s, this discrepancy is more like $14,000. Only a handful of specialty dealers have any CRCs in stock, and you might not like their choices in color and trim. While the two-tone coves were not an option for 1962, they still looked the part, thanks to previous offerings, and black with silver coves was a stock combination then. Finally, it was in turn-key, drive-away condition, far more attractive than a 12-week minimum wait for a standard conversion. At this auction venue, instant gratification is what it's all about. In comparison, a good example of what you can do with a real-deal '62 if you have a jones for a resto-mod was at Russo and Steele (lot# TH290). That '62 had a modified LS6 and Tremec 6-speed stuffed into it and sold for $112,200, less than it cost to build in the first place. For about the same price, this car was ready to go, has some product support, and did not permanently alter a real 1962. Sounds like a respectable deal to me. As conversions go, the CRC was much better thought out than most, and a far cry from a Tupperware Cobra. On the other hand, it's really an exercise in indulgent pleasure for the person who wants an allusion to a car of the past with all the comforts of a car of the present. Serious collectors are rarely attracted to compromises, and rarely value comfort over provenance. So while I call the CRC both attractive and well-bought at this price, I doubt we'll ever see it as a formidable force in the collector car world. ■ www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 43

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C6 profile The Million-Dollar ZR1 Bargain Dave Ressler really didn't pay ten times retail. In fact, he may be the only person to pay sticker for an '09 ZR1 by B. Mitchell Carlson Chassis number: “001” C hevrolet presented the very “First Retailable Unit Built” Corvette ZR1 for auction at Barrett-Jackson on Saturday, January 19, 2008, with all proceeds from the auction to benefit the United Way. The VIN was publicly declared to be number “001” in a unique series within the U.S. DOT standard 17-digit VIN format. The car presented on the block (as an illustration) was 1G1YY26EX850022EX. CM Analysis This first 2009 ZR1 sold for $1,100,000, in Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 19, 2008. The car, which became the third incarnation of the ZR1, started out as a challenge by GM's president Richard Wagoner to then-Corvette Chief Engineer 44 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com including commission, at Barrett-Jackson Dave Hill. Impressed by what had been done with the Z06, Wagoner asked Hill what he could do with no holds barred. The result was code named the Blue Devil (since Wagoner was a Duke University alumnus). The car and the project have echoed GM's trials and tribulations, but in November 2007, the ZR1 got the green light. There were probably more names ruled out with Blue Devil, though it might have been popular in North Carolina. Since Zora Duntov once proclaimed that “all Corvettes are Super Sports,” that and the SS moniker were also out. Stingray was considered for a while, along with Z07 and Z08, but in the end ZR1 (two letters, one number, no hyphen; the current GM parlance for equipment and options coding) was put back to work. It does seem to fit the task. In its most recent incarnation, from 1990 through 1995, the ZR-1 was the 375-hp Lotus-designed, Mercury Marine-built 350-ci supercar of the time. In 2009 tune, the supercharged 376-ci LS9 mill is generally quoted at 620 hp, and it propels the car fast enough to earn a driver a 200 mph Club hat at Bonneville. While GM has said it is looking at about 1,000 units per year, other sources suspect that it Photos courtesy of GM

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Details Years produced 2009– Number produced none yet, but at least one by 2009 Original list price $99,000 CM Valuation $99,000 Tune-up $0 (warranty coverage) Distributor cap N/A (8 ignition coils @ $72.12 each) Chassis # Driver's side dash top at windshield base Engine # Pad forward of the cylinder head on right side Club Corvette Club of America P.O. Box 9879 Bowling Green, KY 42102-9879 More www.corvetteclubofamerica.com Alternatives CM Investment Grade 2004–06 Ford GT, 2006– MercedesBenz McLaren SLR, 2004–06 Porsche Carrera GT, 2005– Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Next 12 months, A+ 13–24 months, B+ 25–36 months, B will be about half that. The upcoming CAFE standards make this even more likely, especially since it will be the first Corvette to pay the “gas guzzler” tax. 1 of 1 option code BD1, in LeMans Blue Since the official announcement at the NAIAS in January that the ZR1 was a go for 2009 production, there has been much speculation about price and availability. As an added kicker, GM also announced that the first saleable production unit was going to be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson. This car will be finished in LeMans Blue with GM equipment code BD1. In addition, GM tossed in a threeday course at the Bondurant Racing School (something rumored as part of the regular ZR1 package), signed design team artwork, and Corvette Museum delivery, in addition to the UAW-blessed option of the new owner being the first person to start the car at Bowling Green Assembly. GM's pal Jay Leno drove the blue prototype—which was on display at GM's booth during the sale—up onto the block. Leno also was the color commentator while the car was auctioned. In describing the ZR1 program, Leno kicked in the buyer's option of taking delivery of the car at Jay's Big Dog garage, “so we'll all get to drive it.” The one thing we do know about ZR1 #1 is the price—$99,000—since the IRS would really like to know how much of that $1 million hammer price is going to the United Way. This price will most likely apply for the rest of '09. However, “dealer adjustments” have already begun, with double MSRP being reported in a few instances. This brings us to this car and this buyer. The final bidder (who actually increased his own bid to put it at an even $1 million hammer price) is Dave Ressler, a guy who sells a lot of Silverados and Suburbans in North Dakota and Montana. www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 45 Having lived in the Flickertail State myself, I can safely say that Mr. Ressler is prob- ably the antithesis of most of his customers from his native North Dakota, in that he's no shying wallflower. As the owner of Chevrolet dealerships in Mandan, ND, and Bozeman, MT, along with the Toyota franchise in Bozeman, he has been extremely successful. How can one become wealthy selling pickups to frugal farmers? Simple—truly suc- cessful farmers don't like to be flashy. Instead of going to the Buick or Cadillac store, they'll spend their grain and subsidy checks on a heavily optioned Chevy pickup, and rightfully call it a work vehicle at tax time. They're generally gearheads too, and you do find interesting vehicles in those machine sheds, including the occasional new Corvette. Ressler broke onto the scene at Barrett-Jackson four years ago when he paid well over retail for a 1969 Camaro Z/28 cross ram. He wore a vivid yellow sport coat to match the yellow paint on the car. Since then, loud sport coats have become his trademark, and in this case, he pulled a bright blue one off the rack in his skybox. Apart from Ressler having the correct sport coat at the ready, this sale felt orches- trated, although I have only my gut feeling to go on. Two years ago, he bought the oldest known Corvette in existence for a million bucks. This time, when the bidding reached $900,000, he raised his own bid to the $1 million mark. After the car was hammered sold, he was on stage with some of his employees, presenting checks from each dealership's United Way campaigns to GM's own United Way fund. A coincidence that he had the checks there and ready? Conspicuous consumption or investment? Most Corvette web forums were abuzz after the sale, with a 50-50 split. One camp said he was the biggest idiot on the planet, paying a million bucks for a silly plastic car that doesn't even exist yet. The other camp generally defended his purchase, observing that not only can he spend the money he earns as he chooses, but that a worthy cause actually got the lion's share. I think he's nobody's fool, and actually was one of the smartest buyers all weekend. Here's why. Despite the fact that Ressler is a Chevy dealer, if he wanted a ZR1, he'd have to order one through normal channels. Then he'll get what GM sends him, when they see fit. This way, not only is he guaranteed the first car in the series—with a unique serial number and option code, to boot—but he has already paid MSRP for it. As a dealer, he missed paying the lower invoice, or getting dealer holdbacks or incentives such as higher allotments for Corvettes, but this unique car offsets that. As it is, he's not strapped for cash to buy it. In addition to the $901,000 off-the-top charitable donation write-off, he could also use the $99,000 spent for the car as a promotional expense if that ZR1 spends any time at all on display at his dealerships. Therefore, when people say he was foolish for paying ten times retail for it, he really didn't and he wasn't. In fact, after the charitable deduction, he may end up being the only person to pay sticker for an '09 ZR1. How foolish is that? ■

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Market Report Overview From Arizona to Paris, 'Vettes Total $20m One-offs and concepts topped the list, with the 1963 “Rondine” bringing the most at $1.76m by JimPickering T he months leading up to the annual Arizona sales in January were full of buzz within the auction world, with several notable changes causing much speculation about the state of the collector car market in general. Barrett-Jackson, which has in recent years seen nothing but growth, broke the news that it would be scaling back consignments by 20% in Scottsdale, while Gooding & Company announced it would be holding its first-ever Scottsdale event alongside B-J, RM, Russo and Steele, Silver, and Kruse. CM watched Corvettes sell and not sell almost everywhere—not just in the Arizona desert, but from Hawaii to Florida, and as far east as the annual February Rétromobile show in Paris. Barrett-Jackson had 99 Corvettes under its tents in Scottsdale—43 fewer than in 2007. The 20% reduction Barrett-Jackson had promised materialized as just 104 fewer cars (around 5%) crossing the block. Their final total sales dropped over $23m from last year's $107m—which B-J creatively spun in a press release as indicative of their skill in making cars more affordable. Our analysts on the ground felt the lower sales amount was directly related to fewer higher quality cars being offered than in the past. Of this year's $85m total, $11.8m came from Corvettes, with the high sale of the event going to the 1963 Pininfarina-bodied “Rondine” concept car at almost $1.8m (see the C2 profile on page 36). The first new production ZR1 also sold here, bringing over $1m. Just down the road from Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steele's annual hometown sale offered 47 Corvettes of its own, with 27 of those finding new homes. The high sale here was a 1969 L88 coupe at $412,500, known to be one of 17 fitted with an automatic transmission. A larger number of the cars on offer here had reserves this time around, which was likely a large factor in this year's overall total falling just slightly to $19m from last year's $20m. Among the $2.3m in Corvette sales were a large number of bigblock C2s and C3s, with a several customs as well as late-model examples to round things out. Mecum Auctions trav- CM 1–6 Scale Condition Rating: 1: National concours standard/perfect 2: Very good, club concours, some small flaws 3: Average daily driver in decent condition 4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems 6: Good only for parts eled to Kissimmee, Florida, just one week after the auctions in Arizona, with 100 46 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Top Ten Sales This Issue 1. 1963 Corvette Rondine coupe, $1,760,000—Lot# 1304, p. 50 2. 2009 Corvette ZR1 coupe, $1,100,000—Lot# 1316, p. 58 3. 1969 Corvette L88 coupe, $412,500—Lot# S714, p. 68 4. 1971 Corvette ZR2 coupe, $357,500—Lot# 1290, p. 56 5. 1953 Corvette roadster, $264,000—Lot# 182, p. 80 6. 1953 Corvette roadster, $249,900—Lot# S109, p. 73 7. 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible, $220,000—Lot# 1267, p. 53 8. 1958 Corvette 283/290 convertible, $198,000—Lot# 1272, p. 50 9. 1967 Corvette 427/435 coupe, $198,000—Lot# 1327, p. 53 10. 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible, $197,400—Lot# S135, p. 76 Best Buys 1. 1954 Corvette roadster, $99,000—Lot# 37, p. 80 2. 1965 Corvette 396/425 convertible, $101,750—Lot# 992, p. 52 3. 1967 Corvette 427/400 convertible, $79,750—Lot# TH298, p. 66 4. 1953 Corvette roadster, $249,900—Lot# S109, p. 73 5. 1964 Corvette coupe, $36,720—Lot# 536, p. 82 of the 156 Corvettes available selling for a total of $4.5m. The auction's total sale numbers slipped to $15m from last year's $20m, with last year's Corvette sales tallying $5.5m. Weather was an issue here, with rain causing mud and some confusion among bidders and consignors, but the results remained fairly stable both for the Corvettes that crossed the block. We've seen lofty reserves be an issue in the recent past, but in many cases sellers are dropping their reserves once their cars are on the block and they find out what “real money” is. Our analysts report back that all-no-reserve sales are rapidly losing their popularity, as in uncertain economic times, sellers want to have the safety of a reserve to fall back on if their car doesn't get to the point they were hoping for. At CM, we predict that all of the Scottsale auctions will offer sellers the option of a reserve within the near future. Clearly, Corvettes with exceptional history or in exceptional condition are still doing well almost anywhere. But for anything less, there is just no way to predict what the mood of the market will be on any given day, so sellers should be prepared to be ecstatic if they are lucky, and sanguine if bidders give a thumbs-down to their less-than-wonderful cars. ■

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Market Report Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ A Field Day for Discerning Drivers The best were very good, the worst were truly scary, and contraptions like the Jesse James “mud bogger” did the Corvette brand few favors Company Barrett-Jackson Date January 15–20, 2008 Location Scottsdale, Arizona Auctioneers Tom “Spanky” Assiter, Mark Gellman, Doak Lambert, Jimmy Landis, John Nicholls, Shane Ratliff Corvettes sold / offered 99 / 99 Corvette sales rate 100% Corvette sales total $11,878,350 Corvette high sale 1963 Chevrolet Corvette “Rondine,” sold at $1,760,000 Corvettes accounted for $11.9m—14% of B-J's $84.5m haul Report by Paul Duchene, photos by Jim Pickering Market opinions in italics T he 2008 Scottsdale auction might have been a down year for Barrett-Jackson, which reported total income of $84.5 million, off $23.5 million from 2007, but B-J's Corvette offerings remained strong, with 99 cars sold—43 fewer than last year. The best were very good, the worst were truly scary, and contraptions like the Jesse James “Mud Bogger” C3 did the Corvette name little justice. In between were some great driver-quality cars at reasonable prices. The Pininfarina Rondine 1963 Paris show car was the top sale of the whole event at $1,760,000. It's the only steel Corvette ever built and was designed by American Tom Tjaarda at that. Other strong cars included the 1971 ZR2, which made $357,000. It was one of only eight coupes built, and though it had been resprayed a one point, it carried bulletproof provenance. It likely wouldn't be repainted today and might have brought even more if it hadn't been. On the subject of originals, a delightfully scruffy plain Jane '63 Split-Window coupe brought $74,800. It's bound to draw a crowd at Corvette gatherings, like a nice old man in a threadbare tux with great stories. Meanwhile, a yellow 1976 coupe with 168 miles on it sold for $38,500. With 180 horsepower, orange-peel paint, and casual fit and finish, it surely represents the nadir of Corvette production. One can only guess a collection is being amassed, and for that hefty price, it's nearly finished. More disturbing was a silver '69 small-block convertible with a claimed 599 miles. It sold for $80,000 48 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Buyer's premium 10% (included in sold prices) after being subjected to an examination as intense as any on “CSI,” and it raised as many questions as you'd find in the show's script. Another car that was exhaustively examined by the experts was a black '67 427/435 L89 coupe, and it was beautiful. At $198,000, it must be counted as a screaming deal, unless there's more to the story. It looks like '73s are making their way out of the basement, with a red big-block coupe fetching a healthy $37,400, despite being automatic. I imagine the consignor was fit to be tied when he found the paint on the nose rubbed through, probably in shipping. Tracking the bottom of the Vette market, two C4s—an '84 and '86—each sold for about $17,000, proving that it's not worth restoring any of these just yet. Several 1978 Pace Cars brought middling money in typically mediocre condition. A black 1990 ZR-1 with only 5,300 miles sold for $36,300, so that original owner is still about $20,000 underwater—make that about $3.75 a mile. A spectacularly restored '54 brought an Barrett-Jackson Corvette Sales Totals $3m $6m $9m $12m $15m 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 eye-opening $192,500, presumably on its way to a museum, but I'd rather have bought the maroon 1966 327/300 convertible for $66,550. Its combined credible mileage (97k), detailed provenance, and sympathetic restoration made it seem like a profoundly right car. Overall, B-J got decent money for most Corvettes offered, and exceptional money for a few. If you aren't bothered by the allno-reserve format, and believe that by rolling the dice you are going to hit the big time, it remains a viable choice for finding a buyer for your 'Vette. And it certainly offers name recognition and exposure second to none. ■

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Market Report C1 #1259-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S002618. White/tan cloth/ red vinyl. Odo: 19,464 miles. 235-ci straight-6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Hubert Morton's car from new, owned until his death in 2005, when it was left to a caregiver. Mileage verified, many documents and receipts including the 1958 title. Body-on Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ factory production. NCRS Top Flight winner. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $176,000. A lovely car with tremendous presence and desirable options. About 30% over book, but a good deal for both parties. Nobody complains about too much money for the right car, and that was the situation here. 4-speed is uncommon as most were 3-speeds. “Correct engine” suggests the block was from the right year but was maybe not original to the car. Meticulous restoration was not typical of original construction. Described as having been in a museum since restoration, which feels like where it belongs. Market-correct for condition. TOP 10 #8 restoration in Oregon in 2007, multiple awards since. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $192,500. A “Joan Rivers” car—looks too good to be true. Paint better than factory, interior tidy, engine clean and correct, glue on door strip not typical color, paint on hood latch springs not typical either. Bound for a museum or to complete a collection, and priced accordingly. #980.1-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N 0491917F54YG. Black/tan cloth/red vinyl. Odo: 6,743 miles. Displayed at an NCRS national meet in Bend, OR, in 1982, after being restored using the Nolan Adams Technical #1272-1958 CORVETTE CHEVROLET convertible. S/N J58S100982. Turquoise & white/black vinyl. Odo: 46,647 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Matching- numbers “big brake” car with Positraction and heavy duty suspension. Good panel fit, excellent chrome, straight trim, photographed restoration with mirror-smooth paint, wavy body, and non-typical paint under hood. Refinished 1960 plates fitted. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $148,500. Provenance and relative rarity pushed this car 25% past high book value. Yet for all that, I still count it as well bought; a few years of patina and the work done should fade to just about right. Guide. A three-owner car with decent panel fit, good interior, and nice paint expertly detailed. Frame-off restoration in 2005, NCRS Top Flight in 2006. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $198,000. One of only 144 “big brake” cars in an unusual color. The correct steel wheels fitted are worth about $2,000 each, and although the price paid here was well over high book for a 290-hp fuelie, the brake option and condition made this one well bought. in rare black. Original side curtains in cases. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $165,000. Patina turned this former show car into a nice driver, but the big question here was the color. According to the Corvette Black Book, there are only four known black '54s, though the records are admittedly hazy. Somebody paid 30% over top dollar gambling that this was built as a black car. Bravely bought and brilliantly sold. #1266-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S102825. Venetian Red & white/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 2,570 miles. 283-ci 283-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Subject of frame-off restoration, fitted with the desirable T-10 4-speed, hard top, signal-seeking radio, and Positraction. Excellent throughout, convertible top is loose fitting. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $165,000. Great colors, and the 50 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com #1238-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S102804. White/red vinyl. Odo: 2,267 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuelinjected V8, 4-sp. Claimed numbers-matching engine, fitted with both tops, Wonderbar radio, power windows, and Positraction. One of 745 with the 290-hp option. Exceptional paint and chrome, hood finish and latches not typical of #956-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S10642. Honduras Maroon/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 50,306 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-speed. Tired paint, wrinkly top, wavy body, scratches on chrome. Clean original interior, new tires look like they've been sitting a while. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $74,250. Questions abound. #1244.1-1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 00867S103288. Black & silver/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 66,665 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Numbers matching, two tops, three owners from new. Five-year fully-documented and Described as a two-owner car once owned by Reggie Jackson, with a form he signed at 26k miles on display. Did he buy it new? Honduras Maroon looked more like '61 Cadillac Rose Taupe, and it appeared to be a quickie job at that. Said to run well, which might keep the new owner's spirits up while he decides what to do. Mid-priced, but still well sold. C2 TOP 10 #1 #1304-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Rondine coupe. S/N N/A. Blue metallic/tan leather. 327-ci 360-hp fuel

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Market Report Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ restoration. Fitted with Positraction, transistor ignition, side pipes, pb, AM/FM radio, telescopic column. Excellent paint and chrome, very good panel fit, snug top. One of 2,175 with the oneyear only engine. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $101,750. Tasteful restoration of what looked to have been an excellent original. At least $25,000 light and very well bought. injected V8, 4-sp. The 1963 Paris show car, and the only steel Corvette. A one-off concept that's been in the Pininfarina museum since new. Nice patina with some cracking in paint and blush that indicates enthusiastic buffing. Excellent Corvette interior, irreplaceable one-off hubcaps, original headlights. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $1,760,000. A generic PF form that could equally be a Buick or a Lancia. A pure museum piece (try finding a taillight) which bridges '50s and '60s Italian thinking, with a tail that heralds the Fiat 124 Spider. An art car that is more art than car and will always have to be explained. Expensive, but it's the only one. #1037-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 30837S108429. Daytona Blue/ black vinyl. Odo: 72,397 miles. 327-ci 250-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Three owners, always garaged. Protect-o-Plate, proving ground stickers on windshield, cross-ply tires, original spare with car. Checked paint, all bonding strips visible. #1346-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S101797. Black/silver leather. Odo: 824 miles. 396-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Ground-up restoration in 2001. Removable hard top, radio delete, sidepipes, reproduction knockoffs, Goldline tires. Rubber valve cover gaskets in place of typical cork numbers-matching documented 427 car with an M21 4-speed, a/c, teak wheel, telescopic column, and AM/FM radio. Also delivered with leather, ps, pw, tinted glass, and Positraction. Original Protect-o-Plate, invoice, and owner's manual. Side pipes and knockoffs added later, evidence of earlier collision repair to nose. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $121,000. About as attractive a driver's package as you'll find on this model, which explains a price $20,000 over high book. On the right day, I'd write a check for $20,000 to get a/c in St Louis. Bought to be driven, I hope. #1351-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE units. Good paint and body fit. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $95,700. Last seen here in '02, where it sold at $124,200 (CM# 26944). As noted before, the serial number suggested this was an early car, but the 396 wasn't available until mid-March. Originally sold by Lyman Slack Chevrolet in Portland, OR. A rare combination that looked better than mid-market money, but the buyers were cautious. #716.1-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S124198. Red/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 700 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Frame-off restoration 700 miles ago of a claimed matching-numbers example. Reproduction knockoffs and sidepipes, teak Typical sloppy sealant, radio antenna surprisingly shiny. Described as a Bloomington Gold Survivor. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $74,800. An irresistible rat in the remains of a great color. Appropriate condition, and the cheerful owner with detailed provenance more than made up for lack of options. This will undoubtedly draw a crowd at Corvette gatherings. Expensive, but worth it for fun factor alone. Best Buy #992-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S118024. Milano Maroon/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 1,482 miles. 396-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Body-off wheel, quartz clock. Gauges restored, nice paint, wavy chrome. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $84,700. A couple of guys must really have wanted this car, which felt like a nice driver with some upgrades and minor details left unattended. All the money and then some. Well sold. #1237-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S116915. Milano Maroon/ tan leather. Odo: 26,278 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. 2007 restoration of a claimed 52 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com side pipes, Goldline tires, and Positraction. Same owner since 1974. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $107,250. A remarkable car that verged on art rather than transportation. This car was in spectacular condition and the proud owner was in attendance throughout the sale. Its over-thetop restoration made over-the-top money, and it can still be considered well bought. #464-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S100168. Nassau Blue/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 64,861 coupe. S/N 194376S114448. Black/black vinyl. Odo: 62,585 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Frame-off restoration of California car completed in October '07. Equipped with M21 4-speed, AM/FM radio, aftermarket knockoffs,

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miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Frameoff restoration of a claimed matching-numbers convertible with the uncommon combination of a/c and two tops. Repop teak wheel, AM/FM radio, power antenna, ps, pb, and pw. Possible one-piece replacement front end, with atypical door gaps, fender ribs lacking, and key dimple in underhood gutter missing. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $86,900. This was a good indication the hobby is getting older, I suppose. This was all the money in the world for a sedate package with some big questions hanging over it. Brilliantly sold. #725.1-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S125616. Silver/silver leather. Odo: 12,852 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Matching numbers, complete restoration 1,000 miles ago. Incorrect '67 bigblock hood, teak wheel, too much metallic in paint. Equipped with a/c, aftermarket knock- #689-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S109595. Milano Maroon/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 97,556 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Body-off restoration of a claimed matching-numbers car. Nice panel fit and paint, glass and trim clean. Equipped with ps, pb, power antenna, and AM/FM radio. Original manual, dealer invoice, and warranty book. Reproduction bumpers, good interior, clean underhood. Original jack and tools still in place. Nevada car. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $66,550. This car had Correct transistor ignition, excellent clearcoat paint and bodywork, teak wheel. Radiator and stripes not typical, power brake cylinder cap looks to be '68 or later. Air cleaner wing nut not typical, missing French locks on exhaust manifold bolts. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $220,000. Magic mid-year combination of colors and options pulls 30% over top book. Well sold. #1047-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE off wheels, side exhaust, Goldline tires, and reproduction bumpers. Crack by driver's door handle. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $88,000. Clearly a lot of effort went into this, but the critical details will not stand informed examination. The '67 big-block hood was a mystery... maybe he had a new one in the attic? Should be a great driver with a/c, and very well sold at 20% over high book. #975.1-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S112950. Nassau Blue/blue vinyl. Odo: 63,693 miles. 427-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Non-matching-numbers engine. New leather, redone brakes and suspension. Fitted with sidepipes, reproduction Goldline tires, and radio delete plate. Evidence of body French locks missing on exhaust bolts, radiator, fan, and hood stripe not typical. Teak wheel was banned after 1966, headlight door fit slightly off. Evidence of rattle can work underneath. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $90,200. Evidently there was a lot of money and effort expended here, but lots of troubling details kept this car at mid-market money. Well sold. repair at right front and side, uneven door fits both sides, atypical headlight gaps. Glass scratched, chassis clean, wavy reproduction bumpers. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $66,000. This car sold 10% under low book, and correctly so. It looked like it had stories to tell, and none of them were the type you'd want to hear late at night. radio, original dealer MSO. Two-time NCRS Top Flight certified. Protect-o-Plate missing. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $198,000. The old hands were all over this. Everyone agreed it was beautiful, and if it was all correct it was going to be very expensive. Either somebody got a screaming deal or there's more to the story. TOP 10 #7 #1267-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S121065. Red & black/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 67,294 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Fresh restoration of documented 435-hp convertible. Sidepipes, headrests, reproduction mag wheels, Redline tires, new wiring harness. www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 53 #1263.1-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S111859. White & both excellent provenance and a sympathetic restoration. The price paid was toward the top end of the market, but in this case it was a bit of a bargain, I'd say. A right car that was clearly well-loved. Well bought. TOP 10 #9 #1327-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S119682. Black & red/black vinyl. Odo: 17,396 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Presented as the only black L89 of the 16 built in '67. Aluminum heads, side pipes, M21 4-speed transmission, Positraction. Excellent paint, very nice door fit, correct striping, AM/FM coupe. S/N 194377S196787. Goodwood Green & white/white & black vinyl. Odo: 79,510 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Recent restoration, fitted with sidepipes, AM/FM radio, rebuilt engine, new clutch, and teak wheel. Presents well but lacks transistor ignition and air cleaner screen. Valve cover bolts from a small-block,

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Market Report Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ blue/white vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 17,500 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Body-off restoration of claimed matching-numbers 435hp car with ps, pb, and side exhaust. Warranty book, Protect-o-Plate. Air cleaner and hood stickers not typical, radiator and cap look newer. Excellent chrome and interior, correct hood stripe. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $159,500. Last seen here in '02, where it sold at $151,200 (CM# 26938). A very attractive and uncommon color combination made the difference here. All the money last time, near top dollar this time, but both the buyer and seller still did well. C3 #1058-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S423530. Black/ black vinyl. Odo: 19 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. A resto-mod that reportedly had $80,000 worth of work completed, including powder coated frame, Budnick wheels, Be original underneath, with cross-ply tires and expected finishes throughout. Driver's seat and pedals seem a bit worn for the mileage indicated, carpet looks newer. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $80,000. This car drew interested buyers like moths to a flame. It was undoubtedly a very low-mileage car, but it's hard to say if the mileage was actually as low as was claimed. Perhaps the driver hopped in and out a lot in the garage and made vroom-vroom noises? Did the speedometer cable break early on? Regardless, this was very well sold. #695.1-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S73557. LeMans Blue/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 79,261 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Matching numbers, body-off restoration of what looks like a decent original car. Bumpers appear to be looks like a new rear spring sits high. New exhaust, reproduction Redline tires. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $75,900. A good driver-quality restoration of an attractive and usable lowmileage car. This was top dollar, but both well bought and sold for the fun factor alone. TOP 10 #4 #1290-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR2 coupe. S/N 194371S112787. War Bonnet Yellow/black vinyl. Odo: Cool aluminum radiator, Wilwood brakes, Steeroid rack and pinion steering, and vintage a/c. Glass replaced, chrome new, giant stereo installed. Headlights apparently not working. Hawaii plates. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $88,000. This project felt like it was rode hard and put away wet, and it was further proof that money and good sense don't necessarily co-exist. If I were the seller, I'd have high-fived my way to the bar and bought a few rounds of mai-tais. Well sold regardless of the restoration cost. #755-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S734788. Silver/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 599 miles. 350-ci 350-hp LT1 V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Rare M22 rock crusher, claimed 600 miles from new. Clearcoat over cracks in original paint, door jambs atypically smooth, top correctly finished. Amazingly replacements, panel gaps good, nice paint over smooth body. Rally wheels, appears new underneath but sits high at rear. Tidy interior. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $49,500. This car had a good color combination as well as the big-block and 4-speed, but it somehow lacked some pizazz. Maybe a/c would have helped. Well sold. #690-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S700172. Dark green/black vinyl. Odo: 56,245 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Equipped with aftermarket sidepipes, American Racing Torq Thrust wheels, ps, and pb. Aftermarket stereo, fair paint and body fit, OK interior. Decent chrome, white 24,149 miles. 454-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. One of twelve ZR2s, and one of eight coupes built with the LS6 454—a one-year only option. Sold by the 20-year second owner. Matching numbers, M22 rock crusher, dual-plate clutch, #1070-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1946679S708790. Daytona Yellow/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 61,739 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Bodyoff restoration of a non numbers-matching car. Equipped with ps, pb, pb, AM/FM radio, and leather seats. New bumpers, wrinkly top. What aluminum radiator. Superb paint, correct throughout with smog pump and painted valve covers. NCRS awards date from 1989, original documentation displayed. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $357,500. This looked like a lovely older restoration and felt like a museum piece. It must have been a nice original that probably wouldn't be restored today, but who knows? Appropriately expensive. letter Goodyear tires. An excellent hot rod driver 'Vette. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $38,500. This looked like a decent driver and was well bought at the bottom of its price range. Likely to be very loud with those pipes, it crossed the block first thing Sunday morning. Ouch! 56 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com #1265.1-1973 CHEVROLET CORVETTE “Mud Bogger” coupe. S/N 1Z3723940799. Blue fade/tan & yellow. 454-ci V8, 4-bbl, auto. Monster Garage “Mud Bogger” project car by Jesse James. Fitted with 12-inch lift, 4WD using chain-driven Toyota 4Runner front axle, nitrous, roll cage, zoomie pipes, Cobra seats, 9-inch Ford rear, and Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires. 6-lug front wheels, 5-lug

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Market Report Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ overall wear. L82 motor, automatic, pw, alarm, T-tops, a/c. An Idaho car with visible scratches. One of 6,502 made, dreadful T-top fit. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $27,500. It looks as though proud original owners saved every one of these, as there were three at B-J alone. This was the most expensive, but it was still just a used car. Maybe they should join the DeLorean guys in the Rodney Dangerfield club? C4 rear. No dash, scruffy paint. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $33,000. What did this poor old car do to deserve this? A classic case of “just because you can doesn't mean you should.” Or as F1 champion James Hunt once said in color commentary at a Madison Square Garden Hot Rod show, “Looks like they all started with the wrong car.” Well sold. #416-1976 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37L6S435795. Yellow/black vinyl. Odo: 168 miles. 350-ci 180-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. An as-new example with 168 miles, original tires, and window sticker with fuel economy ratings. Equipped with a/c, pb, ps, pw, tilt/telescopic column, AM/FM radio. rubber. Magnaflow aftermarket exhaust fitted. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $17,600. The quickie redo of this tidy-but-tired C4 answers the question of why nobody goes further into these modestly-powered electrical Rubik's Cubes. This was all the money. Well sold. Indisputably correct, down to orange peel in paint, wavy nose, and dull tail plastic. From Sunderland Chevrolet in LeMoyne, PA, according to the dealer tag. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $38,500. Perhaps the Corvette's low point. Clearly bound for a museum, as its value will evaporate with the passage of every feeble mile. Somebody must have been filling out a collection. Where are the 100-mile '66s? #51-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition coupe. S/N 1Z87485900315. Black & silver/silver leather. Odo: 9,234 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. An original-mile example showing some Cond: 1. SOLD AT $36,300. ZR-1 owners may be holding out hope after the $1.1m price paid for the first 2009 ZR1 at B-J this year, but for now this is bang on high book for the early '90s super 'Vette—about $20,000 less than they cost new. There are lots of these around, and they conjure up memories of those 1976 Eldorado “last” convertibles. C5 #1275.1-2000 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C1 Replica convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G5Y5129768. 58 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com and front air splitter. Domed carbon fiber hood with window for the supercharger. Described as “the first retailable unit built.” As-new, no warranty. All proceeds to benefit the United Way. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $1,100,000. Rumor has it these will sticker at or above $100k, but you'll likely have to pay double retail to get one from your local dealer... and that's if they have one to sell. While that might sound silly, it's a deal compared to what was paid here. Or is it? When you account for the charitable tax write-off, the buyer might not have done too badly. Well sold, and well bought for a good cause. ■ #398-1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1Y223J8L58008893. Black/black leather. Odo: 5,300 miles. 5.7-liter 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Essentially a new car in climate controlled storage all its life. Factory-new aside from a new battery and new oil filter. Shiny extra wheels included. #345.1-1986 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY9789G5116620. Red/red leather. Odo: 73,752 miles. 350-ci 230-hp fuelinjected V8, auto. Glass-top Pace Car with a/c and Z51 performance package. Orange peel to paint, overspray on taillights, tired window Black & silver/black cloth/black leather. Odo: 70,000 miles. 5.7-liter 350-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Re-creation of '62 C1 on a 2000 C5 chassis with carbon fiber body, a/c, all power and safety equipment, and most options. Reverse-engineered by Boeing “Skunk Works” designers, proportionally incorrect with fourinch wider track and standard C5 windshield, but nicely finished with 45-pound one-piece tilt nose and cold-air induction. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $123,200. The demonstrator for a Lakewood, WA, firm that has sold 54 of these over the past five years for between $135,000 and $150,000 each. This had 70,000 miles on it, so for the price paid you might as well have just bought a new one... and you'll still have to explain what it is every time you drive it. C6 TOP 10 #2 #1316-2009 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR1 coupe. S/N N/A. Blue/black leather. 6.2-liter super- charged V8, 6-sp. Claimed by GM to be the new benchmark in Corvette performance, with over 600 hp providing a top speed of over 200 mph. LS9 V8 fitted with Eaton TVS supercharger and intercooler, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes fitted from the factory. Carbon fiber roof, fenders, rocker extensions,

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Market Report Russo and Steele Scottsdale, AZ Sports and Muscle in Scottsdale It seemed like all of the C2s missing elsewhere ended up here, with C3 consignments close behind Company Russo and Steele Date January 16–20, 2008 Location Scottsdale, Arizona Auctioneers Dennis Wisbey, Rob Row Corvettes sold / offered 27 / 47 Corvette sales rate 57% Corvette sales total $2,303,400 Corvette high sale 1969 L88 coupe, sold at $412,500 1982 Collector Edition sold at $26,400 Report and photos by B. Mitchell Carlson Market opinions in italics S ince fellow CM Auction Analyst Dan Grunwald generally covers the Russo beat, I rarely make it across Scottsdale Road to the company's annual Arizona event. But as I wasn't covering Barrett- Jackson this year, I spent quite a bit of time under Russo and Steele's tent. Generally, I liked what I saw. The layout was quite good and somewhat logical (once you figured out the lot numbering scheme), and every car was parked under a tent and on covered ground. That was no easy task, considering that for 51 weeks out of the year this is bare desert along the 101 Freeway. The flow of cars moving from their parking spaces, through the staging lanes, onto the auction block, and then back to the same parking space moved quite well, even if things did seem a bit cramped coming into the bidders auction arena. The cars tended to be in the same league as those on the grounds at Barrett-Jackson, but slanted more toward more practical cars (not necessarily numbers-matching correct) and European sports cars. Russo and Steele uses both consignment numbers as well as lot numbers to reference their cars, which meant that if you had seen a '69 big-block convertible in the catalog ahead of time and you wanted to check it out, trying to find it meant you had to 60 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com cross-reference it to the run number to find it under the tent. Sales were down overall a touch from last year's $20,157,605 for 294 cars to $19,144,455 for the 298 on offer this year. Looking specifically at Corvettes, 47 crossed the block, with 27 selling for a gross of $2,303,400, at a 57% sell-through rate. While the first five generations were represented, it seemed like all of the C2s missing at the other Scottsdale auctions ended up here, with C3s being close behind in consignor popularity. Most of the trends at the other venues tended to hold true here also. In particular, higher-end C2 big-blocks seemed to be slipping, while late “bubble back” C3s picked up noticeably. Another factor here was that a higher per- Russo and Steele Sales Totals $500k $1m $1.5m $2m $2.5m $3m 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 centage of cars had reserves. That affected the sales rate more than anything else. While two years ago this was a “no reserve” auction, that line of thinking has now swung 180 degrees, as Russo announced that after this sale, all of the cars they offer will have reserves. “Everybody has an idea of what their car is worth, why pretend they don't?” said auction founder Drew Alcazar. What that means to the Corvette market as a whole remains to be seen, but it can only make sellers more comfortable in consigning their cars for auction, and that can't be a bad thing. ■ Buyer's premium 10% (included in sold prices)

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Market Report C1 #TH297-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom roadster. S/N E54S003591. Sportsman Red/tan cloth/red vinyl. Odo: 52,060 miles. 5.7liter 350-hp fuel-injected LS1 V8, auto. Claimed to be an original Sportsman Red car, but that's a moot point now. Original frame powder coated red and adapted with C4 front and rear suspension. Custom widened steel wheels fabricated to accept stock wheel covers. Highly worked body with original imperfections smoothed out. Better than stock chrome work, highlybuffed stainless trim. Correct for '54 top, stock Russo and Steele Scottsdale, AZ price for the year. However, this type of work can't be done for $115k, even with sweat equity, so the nod goes to the purists. #F476-1958 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J58S103670. Signet Red & white/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 1,353 miles. 283-ci 245-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Recent body-on restoration consisting mostly of fresh paint, some rechroming, and buffed-out stainless trim. New replacement top well-fitted and with minimal wear. Mostly correct engine bay detailing, rusty brake master cylinder. and a $20k budget, I'd have the mechanicals rebuilt and still have enough left over to consider four-wheel discs to go with my only other deviation from stock—a dual master cylinder. Expensive considering the body needs still evident. #TH290-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom convertible. S/N 20867S102538. Teal metallic/tan cloth/tan leather. Odo: 548 miles. 5.7-liter 400-hp fuel-injected LS6 V8, 6-sp. Recent build by Greg Thurman of GTS Customs. Built on a Neuman Car Creations chassis, suspension based around 1996 C4 components. Powertrain is a crate “fuel infected” engine and Tremec T56 “manuel” transmission. 1996 Grand Sport brakes, reproduction upholstery. Modern stereo in dash, billet steering wheel, tilt column. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $82,500. You could do far worse for a Corvette resto-mod. Indeed, in passing, it looked to all the world like a well-finished '54 which sits low. In the never-ending conflict between purists claiming it's ruined versus those who built it to make it enjoyable, we'll call this one a draw, having been sold for what would be in the range of a bone-stock restoration in this condition. Everyone's a winner here—buyer and seller included. #F491-1956 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom convertible. S/N E56S003684. Red/black leather. Odo: 3 miles. 5.7-liter fuelinjected LS1 V8, auto. Complete ground-up custom build using frame rails from the original '56 and custom fabricated tubing to accept a C5 powertrain and suspension. Mirror-like paint finish with limited pinstriped graphics. No exposed chrome, minimal other brightwork nice. Exceptionally clean engine bay, power operated hood and trunk with billet hinges and Undercarriage brush and aerosol painted in gloss black. Reupholstered seats, new carpeting, new dashpad, and new door panels, aftermarket embroidered carpeted floor mats, Hurst shifter, and “Chevy” AM/FM/cassette deck in the stock location. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $64,000. Since this car seemed to run out quite well, it made sense that only the cosmetics were redone. Since trunk-backs seem to be cooling down in price a bit, the final bid here was rightfully all of the money in the world for a pretty driver. #S645-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S103287. Red & white/ red & white leather. Odo: 2,669 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. 1964 Corvette engine fitted with modern GM throttle body fuel injection. Modern power brake booster with dual master cylinder, 4-wheel disc brakes, two-wire alternator conversion. Some front fender bonding strips visible under newer paint, some body cracks, heavier touch-up to rock-chipped nose. Good door fit, gaps aren't great. Faded front emblems, serviceable brightwork. Non-stock Budnik alloy wheels. Stock body contours except for slightly radiused rear wheel openings. Most brightwork retained, custom leather upholstery in non-stock patterns. Fitted with Classic Instruments gauges and modern Sony sound system. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $112,200. Fitted with all this custom stuff—including the frame—yet it still wears a '62 VIN. For a car that cost double this selling price to build, you'd figure that they'd spend the extra minute and run spell check on the auction description. If green resto-mods are your can of Red Bull, then this was the right car at the right price. #F530-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S101057. Honduras Maroon/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 26,492 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Recent repaint already has some light polishing swirls. Some light body ripples visible, especially on front fenders, but no bonding strip broadcasts through body. Excellent headlight bezel to body fit, good older bumper and emblem chrome. Sloppier door weatherstripping glue application with modern black adhesive. Similarly recent engine detailing, with some latches. Custom fabricated interior with dash cluster relocated to the front of the console. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $115,775. This came off as way over the top, which is what the builder wanted in the first place. In our purist vs. modified tally, we could give the nod to the builders, as the best restoration on Zora's personal '56 would be the only way to go beyond this selling 62 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com leather seating has minimal wear. Correct reproduction door panels, dashpad, and carpeting. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $51,700. This was recently owned by actor Hill Harper, who spent $20k to “make it drivable and reliable” as his daily driver while filming in L.A. It likely started out as a wounded warrior without a motor, since if you gave me a '59 with the original powertrain

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Market Report Russo and Steele Scottsdale, AZ oxidation on aluminum valve covers. New top, door panels, carpeting, dashpad, and seat covers. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $80,300. While quite a few solid-axles sold for lower prices than I expected, this one did about what I thought it should. Perhaps '62s are holding on better thanks to the 327s under their hoods? C2 #S672-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 30837S104708. Saddle Tan/tan leather. Odo: 39,540 miles. 327-ci 360-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Fitted with 4.11 open differential and AM/FM radio. Moderate body prep work with some bonding strip broadcasting and original texture on door jambs and door edges. Glossy older repaint, good original chrome with some light frosting in places still buffs out well. Passenger's door fit slightly off, on both sides. Lightly scuffed original chrome, superficial engine clean-up. Newer interior vinyl and carpeting, modern seat belts tucked behind seats. Good older replacement top with some moderate wear from being stowed frequently. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $41,800. Nothing added up on this compilation of parts. The seller claimed that the “350HP” engine was numbers matching, but there wasn't a 350-hp option in '64. The other statement about “will turn heads” was definitely true, as anyone who knows how to read a data plate will turn head—and tail—and run away. Sold very well. #TH275-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S116841. Rally Red/black vinyl. Odo: 44,482 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Factory options include the 365-hp solid-lifter motor, a/c, teak wheel, and AM/FM radio. Reproduction knockoff wheels and Redline radials fitted. Body heavily worked with original rippling, bonding strips and dimples missing. Right side headlight bucket sits low in body. Newer reproduction trim and emblems, average grade replated bumpers, specify a color, both inside and out. This final bid was not entirely out of line, especially since it was $5k more than the $105k it was bid to at Carlisle in August '07 (CM# 46617). The consignor should've considered the money if it truly needed to find a new home. #TH236-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S118798. Black/black leather. Odo: 35,420 miles. 350-ci V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Originally Milano Maroon with standard black vinyl upholstery. Good repaint, serviceable original weather seals. Mostly reproduction trim, older rechromed bumpers, modern reproduction simulated knockoffs. Fitted with a ZZ3 crate engine with Edelbrock intake and Carter AFB-style carburetor. Original-style other panel fit OK. Newer engine bay detailing, replacement seat upholstery and carpet. Original door panels have some light fading and discoloration, especially when compared to the seats. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $107,250. It may not have come off as a show stopper, but this was still a sympathetic restoration of a cared-for car. The price might have been slightly on the high side, but a Split-Window fuelie is about as iconic as you can get in the Corvette world—or even outside of it in a global market. A decent buy that will likely look even better by this time next year. #F449-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S108142. Red/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 45,415 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Originally Saddle Tan with Saddle leather interior, fitted with pw and tinted glass. Pretty repaint on a minimally prepped body. Hood won't latch properly on driver's side, doors require a hefty slam to close door handles heavily scratched and loosely mounted. Older repop seat upholstery has far less wear than original door panels. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $56,100. The seller's description sheets went on ad nauseum about this being exceptionally rare as a solid-lifter car with air, with only 300 made. Probably just as rare is that it was a real deal car, and an original red one to boot. Lackadaisical cosmetics should not make for a good pay day, yet this car did. Sold well despite the claimed rarity. #F524-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S108512. Tuxedo Black/ black vinyl. Odo: 56,710 miles. 427-ci 390hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Factory a/c, California smog equipment. Over-restored body, including mirror-smooth door jambs and superb repaint. Slightly muted body character lines, light waviness to right rear bumper, other chrome near perfect. Fresh engine bay ready for NCRS judging. Freshly restored correct interior shows no wear or use and wears a full complement of repop instruction tags. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $110,000. It doesn't take too much of a rocket scientist to figure out why an all-black big-block would've been ordered with air conditioning in California. All black was the standard color code if the dealer didn't 64 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com replacement a/c compressor, Doug Nash 5speed manual transmission. Reskinned seats in leather with repop door panels and dashpad. Repainted interior, original trim somewhat dull and dinged. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $40,150. If you really wanted to take this car back to stock, it wouldn't be too monumental of a task—but you'll never have a numbers-matching powertrain unless you have a set of stamps in the proper fonts. At this price, I certainly hope it was bought as a runner with all sins well known to the buyer. #F503-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S106515. Laguna Blue/white vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 29,915 miles. 427-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Restored in 1990, shortly after it joined the Otis Chandler collection. Several major national NCRS awards include three Top Flights from 2002 to 2003, a Performance Verification Award, and the Duntov Mark of Excellence in 2002. Shows only light signs of wear and aging on undercarriage and interior. Body fit and finish better than new, recently detailed engine bay. A turn-key concours C2 convertible. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $178,200. Very strong money for a '66 big-block convertible, but Otis couldn't

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Market Report Russo and Steele Scottsdale, AZ have had a bad car if he tried, and the stack of NCRS accolades was proof of that in this case. Pretty much an instant trophy magnet. #TH269-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S100038. Red/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 81,527 miles. 350-ci V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. A very early model year car, and the 43rd convertible body fabricated by A.O. Smith for '66. Originally Milano Maroon. Left rear wheel well lip both shaved and repaired, both front fenders are replacements with no bonding strips underneath. Heavily much, if at all, so it's hard to see why the radials were put on instead of bias plies. I guess if you can drop $128k on a near-new cruiser, this will give you some creature comforts without going the resto-mod route. #S684-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S112420. Silver Pearl & red/black cloth/red vinyl. Odo: 15 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Recently completed frame-off restoration. Equipped with L89 aluminum heads, 3.39 open differential, side pipes, F41 suspension, ps, pb, and AM/FM radio. Over-finished body with muted character lines and highly-finished door jambs. Loose left rocker panel side pipe trim, antenna mast unscrewed from base. Average grade bumper rechromimg, correctly detailed motor. All new interior upholstery, door panels, and limited use. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $79,750. The consignor went into great detail to show that the car was all correct, including breakdowns of stampings, casting numbers, and tag data. This price was more than quite a few of the other big-block C2s here, so it should serve as proof that the presentation of good documentation is what it takes to get a respectable sale on a car that otherwise has a few warts from being used. Bought well with no future stories to rehearse. #F532-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S118754. Goodwood Green/black vinyl hard top, white vinyl soft top/saddle vinyl. Odo: 8,671 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Factory options include a/c, ps, pb, both tops, AM/FM radio, and alloy wheels. Generally original body finish with some light bonding strip broadcasting and ripples apparent. Moderate waves to replated sanded body with GM-spec panel gaps except for sagging doors. Older reused weatherstrips abound, replacement emblems, chrome, and trim fitted. Older top has heavier bow bite on each side. Replacement interior soft trim worn but still presentable. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $40,000. If this was repainted in Milano Maroon and had a generic 327 as a replacement engine, this would be market pricing. However, as it sat, it was basically one owner away from being a daily driver with stories to tell. Plenty was bid here, so it should have sold. #F500-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S108512. Marina Blue & white/white vinyl/white & blue vinyl. Odo: 88,014 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Optioned with a/c, ps, pb, side pipes, AM/FM radio, and alloy wheels. High-quality body prep and paint with no factory imperfections remaining. GM-spec panel fit, all new chrome and professionally buffed stainless trim. Concours-quality engine bay, all new upholstery and carpet in expertly-restored interior. New top only has wear and wrinkling from being stowed. Runs out quite well in a beefy but not obnoxious manner. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $128,700. Excellent workmanship yielded 435-hp money from a 400-hp car. One restored to this level won't likely be driven 66 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com carpeting. Pedal pads and aftermarket floor mats have heavier wear. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $110,000. On its trip to the block, this 'Vette had an upper A-arm bolt back completely out, causing the front driver's wheel to gain about three inches of negative camber. After a heated struggle, the consignor was able to wrestle the front suspension back into place right before this car's time in the spotlight. No one was interested, as this bid was way under the money. The consignor didn't really play up the L89 aspect, or much of anything at all. Best Buy #TH298-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S104781. Sunfire Yellow & black/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 80,940 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Fitted with ps, AM/FM radio, and reproduction alloys with Redline radials. Original Rallies included with car. Older high-gloss repaint, shiny hood drip edge shows cracking and flaking. Body cracks at driver's side headlight and left bottom edge of hood scoop. Doors function OK but sit slightly low at rear. Older replated bumpers and semi-dull stainless trim. Recently fluffed up engine bay, older upholstery and interior trim shows moderate wear from bumpers, other chrome and trim nice. Black vinyl on both hard and soft tops newer and expertly installed. Generally stock engine bay superficially cleaned. Full complement of reproduction interior components, with only light wear to carpet. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $67,500. Competed in the Muscle Car 1,000 last fall, reportedly quite reliably. Since it's starting to show the wear of a driver, that was likely where the potential buyers were looking to go with it. With the condition issues noted, this car really should have sold at this price. C3 #F513-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194678S424867. Corvette Copper/ tobacco leather. Odo: 5,329 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Bloomington Gold certified in 1996, 2005 inductee to the Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame. 1997 NCRS National Top Flight winner. Mileage claimed correct. L89 aluminum heads, M21 close-ratio 4-speed. Good original condition, some moderate older detailing visible. Light ding on left front fender, paint highly buffed but shows light orange peel. Nice door

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Market Report Russo and Steele Scottsdale, AZ fit, original engine bay with some newer OEM service components. Interior shows only light wear to seats and carpeting. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $192,500. Apart from its appearance at the Bloomington Gold Special Collection in 2005, this car hasn't been out and about much in the last decade, so some light cosmetics wouldn't be out of the question—but keep that spray gun away. Being one of the 1,030 L89 optioned 435s and with mega-low miles added up to almost $200k here, and it was justified. This is also the third Corvette Copper '68 big-block I've seen since Fall Auburn, so things are happening in cycles again. TOP 10 #3 #S714-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE L88 coupe. S/N 194379S727107. LeMans Blue/black vinyl. Odo: 33,085 miles. 427-ci 430-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Original tank sticker confirms L88 with automatic, ordered with power brakes and side exhaust. Body retains original contours, rippling, and bonding strip broadcasting under better quality older repaint. Light fiberglass blistering on hood scoop, newer chrome and trim, fit, equally good repaint, replated bumpers and all new trim. Near concours engine compartment, all interior soft trim has been replaced with high-quality reproduction pieces. Parking brake handle original and soiled. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $53,900. Generally, 435-hp C3s have been slowly creeping up in value lately, while the 1967s have settled down somewhat. All in all, this was not an entirely out-of-line price for a car that is about a week's worth of evenings in the garage from being very competitive in NCRS judging. #S667-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S705127. Riverside Gold/beige vinyl soft top, gold hard top/black vinyl. Odo: 67,689 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Ordered and used by the Buffalo, NY, Chevrolet Sales Zone office as a courtesy car. K66 transistorized ignition, G81 3.70 Positraction, A06 auxiliary hard top, UA6 alarm, PT7 whitewall bias ply tires, PO2 wheel covers, U69 AM/FM radio, and A82 headrests. Light body ripple under repaint, door alignment with minimal war wounds from racing, full race configuration underhood and in cockpit. '79–'82 seats, 5-point harnesses, full roll cage. Comes with optional hard top for endurance racing, memorabilia, and all log books. Offered at no reserve. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $66,000. This was a pretty good deal for a turn-key B/P vintage racer—all you need to add is money, gas, and a trailer to hit the track. It was a life-long race car with a pedigree, so you don't have to take a C3 convertible out to the pool to go racing, either. Why build a replica when you can have the real deal for the same money? #SN870-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S703894. LeMans Blue/black vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 1,281 miles. 350-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Factory options include a/c, ps, pb, pw, and both tops. Soft top not exposed, hard top re-covered in non-authentic vinyl. Recent brake work and clutch job, very recent repaint might give you a headache if you hang around it too long. Good door and semi-rippled replated bumpers. Well sorted engine bay just lightly dusty. Correct assembly markings and hardware installation, light to moderate wear on replacement interior. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $412,500. In addition to being one of the 216 L88s made from '67 through '69, this was one of the 17 from 1969 with the TH400 automatic, making it the ultimate in point and shoot. This was the top selling Corvette out here over the weekend, and apart from its condition, it's not hard to see why. #F473-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S702373. Daytona Yellow/ black vinyl. Odo: 79,338 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Tank sticker documents engine, M21 4-speed, K66 transistorized ignition, G81 3.70 ratio posi, PT6 red stripe bias ply tires, U69 AM/FM radio, A82 headrests, and A01 tinted glass. Frame-up restoration now dating a couple of years. Very good door and panel 68 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com appears factory, driver's door glass scratched. Engine bay and underhood drip rails better than new. Restored interior soft trim dusty and worn, parking brake lever lightly pitted. Tank sticker. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $65,000. Claimed to be the only C3 Zone Courtesy Car, and was used by GM brass and other dignitaries when in the area. It was more likely that this was the only C3 Zone Courtesy Car which has surfaced so far, as these were high-profile cars for high-profile people, and there are not too many higher-profile cars in GM's stable than the Corvette. Final bid was not entirely out of line. SCCA #F508-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE B-Production racer. S/N 194679S702572. Blue metallic & white/black vinyl. 358-ci V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Known history dating to 1972. Competed in B-Production in the Northeast, campaigned by Allan Anderson, won titles in '72 and '75. Restored within the last five years, raced with a small-block instead of the original big-block. Good quality repaint panel gaps, redyed door panels and dashboard. Older replacement seat covers wavy, original carpeting soiled and worn on the driver's side. Several dashboard and seat components rusty, some electrical connectors dangling from under dash. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $22,000. All in all, just a driver that was dolled up enough to make it pretty and saleable. Sold well, but the buyer didn't get a bad deal if he just wants a runner with future restoration potential. #SN873-1974 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67T4S436093. Silver Mist/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 64,147 miles. 350-ci 250-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. California emissions L82, AM/FM radio, ps, pb, and luggage rack. Newer repaint done to an excellent standard, typical C3 fit and finish issues to door gaps and bumpers. Some light crazing to taillights and side markers. Typical rattle-can redo of engine, compartment mostly original yet dingy and corroded. Chassis painted and covered in road grime. Newer interior soft trim, with moderate wear starting on foot well carpet

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Market Report Russo and Steele Scottsdale, AZ #SN860-1992 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J3N5800206. Gray/black leather. Odo: 80,269 miles. 350ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Paint chips and nicks at hood edges and headlight doors, heavy wear on shift knob, driver's seat side bolster worn through. Rusty parking brake and driver's seat. Original seat belts slightly faded. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $24,200. A year or two ago, $20k for this driver would've made bells and whistles go off. Today, it's a market price. Even at that, it was a better deal for the consignor than the new owner. #F545-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition Replica coupe. S/N 1Z8748S428815. Black & silver/black leather. Odo: 52,945 miles. 350-ci 205-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Standard issue model, with optional L82 motor, automatic transmission, a/c, pw, and tilt/telescopic column. Aftermarket one-piece smoked tint Plexiglas roof panel. Mediocre repaint with buffed-out gloss and thick masking Nice original interior, with leather show- ing only moderate wrinkling from light use. Wheels and tires in very good condition with minimal wear. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $26,400. Within the last year or so, the '82 Collector Edition has really taken off in value. This can be attributed to equal amounts of it being the last C3, better build quality with the first full year of production at Bowling Green, and the fact that it is now officially a collector car in the states that have a 25-year requirement. As this example proves, these can give a '78 Pace Car a run for its money, and this one ran for the money until the bidding stopped and the consignor dropped the reserve. C4 #F446-1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE lines. More stone chips on tail than nose. Borderline grungy engine bay with only light superficial clean-up on top. Replacement seat leather, dashpad, and carpeting, semi-worn door panels. Accessory rotary switch mounted below passenger side of dash. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $11,275. Since the Silver Anniversary edition and the Indy Pace Car edition were the only '78s that could be had in two-tone paint, we'll go ahead and call this one a fakey-doo. Why else, apart from a preference for black leather in lieu of silver, would one paint it in the Pace Car combo when there are over 6,000 real ones floating around out there? Sold well, bought poorly. #TH233-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Collector Edition coupe. S/N 1G1AY0788C5115230. Silver Beige/Silver Beige leather. Odo: 19,521 miles. 350-ci 200hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Every option except FE7 Gymkhana suspension and CB radio. Mileage claimed correct. Stripped to bare fiberglass and repainted to better quality than stock. Expert application of NOS fade-out decals, excellent panel and door fit. 1991 Bloomington Gold certification took place before the repaint. 70 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J8L5801459. Bright Red/saddle leather. Odo: 7,104 miles. 350-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Ordered new through the Chevrolet Central Office, with dual-zone climate control and both roof panels as the only options. Kept as an instant collectible, with only maintenance miles covered. Some light swirling scratches in paint, ECU has been replaced with a remanufactured unit, engine bay tidy. Original tires were pulled off handle, console door torn, driver's door glass loose and rattly. Dirty engine with evidence of fluid leaking on underside of hood. Autometer “Quick-Lite” shift light screwed to dashboard. Dirty glass. Indiana State Police support sticker on rear window. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $11,000. Huge miles on an apparently unloved ZR-1. This could have been a good buy, but I suggest patience here, as there are lots of good ones out there, and making this one great will be just as expensive as buying a better one off the bat. C5 #TH242-2004 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 Commemorative Edition coupe. S/N 1G1YY12S845129945. LeMans Blue & silver/black leather. Odo: 14,784 miles. 5.7-liter 405-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. In better condition than low mileage would suggest. Crossdrilled brake rotors and Firestone Firehawk tires fitted. Superb original paint with only a few light stone chips on the snout, like-new wheels, pristine engine bay. The worst of the the rims and stored, both sets come with the car. In as-delivered condition, and includes the entire delivery package and all paperwork since new. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $30,250. Here's another strike against pickling “instant collectibles,” especially when you have to pay additional dealer markup. The final bid was just about what the nicest one on the planet should bring, and with nowhere to go but down, the consignor cut and run. On top of that, there are still cars with under ten miles on the clock out there being held by their original owners—so this wasn't the best, most minty one in the world anyway. interior wear is on the driver's seat bottom, which has a significant amount of wrinkling from use. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $32,000. An extremely pampered car from northern Nevada. It was claimed by the seller to be number 1,607 of the 2,025 Commemorative Z06s, although I've yet to find out how to verify that claim. The bidding stopped just shy of average retail for an above-average example, and the seller held his ground and ended up taking it back home. ■

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL Kissimmee High Performance Auction C3s with better-than-average restorations saw mostly above-market prices, while low-mile C4s also doing well was a surprise Company Mecum Auctions Date January 24–26, 2008 Location Kissimmee, Florida Auctioneers Mike Hagerman, Mark & Bobby Delzell Corvettes sold / offered 100 / 156 Corvette sales rate 64% Corvette sales total $4,507,697 Corvette high sale 1953 Corvette roadster, sold at $249,900 1969 427/435 convertible unsold at $62k Report and photos by Chip Lamb Market opinions in italics O nce tied to the NCRS January Winter Regional meet, Mecum's Kissimmee sale was then a part of the festival of Corvettes in Old Town near Disney World. Since the dissolution of Mecum's marriage with the NCRS in 2006, the size and breadth of offerings at this sale have increased greatly, but the legacy of Corvettes selling at Mecum in January has not dissipated. With an auction running for three days and preview for two days prior, the outdoor area surrounding the Silver Spurs Arena hummed with activity as transport trucks rolled in and out alongside trailers brought by smaller dealers and private consignors. The threat of rain loomed as a large number of consignments rolled through check-in on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Wednesday evening's downpour necessitated the marshalling of pumping trucks to clear up the marshy conditions that confronted many bidders and sellers on Thursday morning. The large number of vehicles combined Mecum Orlando/Kissimmee Corvette Sales Totals with the torrential rains created some initial confusion; many vehicles did not receive lot numbers or car cards until after the sale had begun, nor were they placed on the five-acre grounds in any order relating to their run sequence. In some cases, even some Saturday “Star” cars arrived only minutes before being 72 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com $1m $2m $3m $4m $5m $6m $7m $8m 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 lined up to cross the block. Despite all this, bidding was frenetic, particularly on Saturday, and the high sale ended up being a wellrestored 1953 Corvette, chassis number 112, for a reasonable $249,900. Second among the Corvettes was a silver '67 L71-equipped and Bloomington Gold-certified convertible at $188,000. Possibly the restorer's dream among more affordable lots was a Polo White 1957 with a power top and a matching-numbers dual-quad 283 and 3-speed at $74,450—market and a little more for its condition. The trend most noticed at this sale was the upswing in early C3s—particularly an unexpected surge in small-block cars with better-than-average restorations selling mostly above market. C4s were also up, showing that these cars are starting to find their feet—especially low-mileage, well-preserved examples. This year's sale saw 441 cars selling for a final total of just over $15m, with Corvettes making up $4.5m of that number. Last year saw 453 cars bring over $20m, with 'Vettes then accounting for $5.5m. This is one of Mecum's biggest events of the year, and it dovetails well with the company's Midwest successes at selling rare muscle and high-quality Corvettes. ■ Buyer's premium $300 on the first $5,499, $500 from $5,500 to $9,999, 5% thereafter (included in sold prices)

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C1 TOP 10 #6 Best Buy #S109-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001112. Polo White/black cloth/red vinyl. Odo: 62,754 miles. 235-ci straight 6, 3x1bbl, auto. Nicely executed example of a 1953 Corvette, paint and bodywork to a high standard. Chrome and brightwork older but well-preserved throughout. Beautiful interior with correct seats, carpet and dashboard. Sill plates scuffed from entry wear. Wide whitewall tires yellowing. Incorrect chrome valve cover and slightly brighter shade of blue on engine detracts from overall correctness. Cond: 2. fixing to be great. I'm not sure what the new owner will do with this car, but the price was about right. Fair for all parties. #S185-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 10867S107004. Roman Red & white/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 56,370 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Excellent panel gaps and paintwork, light uniform ripply waviness down both sides. Correct white convertible top nice, interior similarly well-done except paint on dash shows excessive orange peel. Chrome and brightwork immaculate, engine bay done well but for missing go up and down, but that's just the perfectionist in me that also tells me to leave a car like this a lot closer to stock. Well sold. C2 #S124-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S115228. Riverside Red/black vinyl, red hard top/red vinyl. Odo: 48,507 miles. 327-ci 360-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Fresh complete frame-off restoration of low-miles original fuelie shows uniformly, including accessory hard top. Excellent gaps and finish quality evident. Chrome redone, brightwork original with light uniform scratching. Interior redone to a high standard, light wear to center console. Steering wheel redyed in too bright a hue of red. Engine bay very well SOLD AT $249,900. For the second time in three months, a restored 1953 takes high-sale honors at an East Coast auction. With only 300 produced and not that many left, how often will we be able to make that claim? With the #1 car at Worldwide's Hilton Head sale in November '07 another $150,000 away (CM# 47636) and a similar #1 car down the road in Tarpon Springs in December '07 doing still $100,000 better than this one (CM# 47750), I guess that for some light detailing and refreshing work ahead, this was the best deal yet. #S162-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S103241. Polo White & Venetian Red/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 30,974 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 3-sp. Early production 1957 'Vette. Multiple chips and touch-ups, crack in left rear body at exhaust hole. Original power-operated top intact, driver's seat torn across the bottom, original carpet faded. Dash still very good, distributor cover and other small details hurting entire presentation. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $91,875. This car's consignor claimed it received a 96.5 and a 98.7 at two NCRS meets in 2006. Unless the trolls invaded one night and did some sloppy touch-up work, removing some parts in the process, I can't see these high results being immediately repeatable. A nice car, yes. A true Top-Flight car? Not anytime soon. Well sold. #S149-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom convertible. S/N 10867S107270. Tungsten Gray Metallic/black cloth/red leather. Odo: 1,851 miles. 350-ci 330-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Resto-mod with C4 suspension, brakes, and steering. Well-executed apart from oddlooking late model Mustang color. Body gaps factory or better, but not to the same standards as later resto-mod 'Vettes here. Small accessory done while not being over-restored. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $97,650. It's nice to see a uniformly restored car of this kind in a shade of red they used to write songs about (well, perhaps not the Riverside part). It takes a little extra level of determination to take on the restoration of a fuelie and get it to this point. I spoke with the underbidder, who actually had buyer's remorse of the opposite kind, but he was just as happy for the top bidder. Well done for both parties. A nice car at a market-correct price. #S64-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S120393. Ermine White/white vinyl, white hard top/red vinyl. Odo: 66,992 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Claimed to be a matching-numbers example. Chrome and brightwork without major flaws, 1963 spinner caps with correct size white sidewall tires. Older interior redo shows use but no lack of care. Weatherstripping original and beginning to deteriorate in door jambs. Engine bay nicely restored, but not overdone. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $48,500. Last seen at Mecum's door panels not too bad. Right side hood latch sticking. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $74,550. Last seen at Silver's Reno sale in August '07, where it didn't sell at $75,000 (CM# 46889). Dual quads, original numbers-matching powertrain with a 3-speed and a power top made for an appealing car that would not take much careful switches litter driver's door jamb and under dash. Chrome and brightwork all excellent and uniform in finish quality. Black cloth top and red leather attractively done, small TV screens and audio system stuff installed in sun visors and console. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $90,300. I was not too enamored of the sloppy mixed bag of switches that made things turn on and off or www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 73

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL St. Charles sale in June '07, where it didn't sell at $49,000 (CM# 45432). Matching numbers or no, this was a deal compared to some other drop-top 327/340s here, not to mention the high prices paid for dubious coupes. I guess I'm OK with some cars in white, and this was one of them. Well bought under the radar, but let's hope there's nothing lurking underneath. #F118-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S105662. Riverside Red/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 42,259 miles. 327-ci 250-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Hood finish features excessive orange peel, sags, dirt, and waviness not found to this degree in the remainder of the finish. Panel fit excellent, original bumpers refinished. Brightwork older, chromed bits pitted. Interior redone with incorrect pattern and material on seats, wood steering it looked black under the shadowy tent, so I had to look for this car a few times before I ran across it. The gap issues were hopefully marginal ones, and they seemed to have very little effect on the sale price, which almost touched that of similar convertibles at recent sales. Slightly well sold, and the green interior must have appealed to someone besides me. #S221-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S123600. Marina Blue/black vinyl/blue leather. Odo: 84,533 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Claimed body-on restoration shows a few blisters, swirl marks, and polish scratches. Factory or slightlybetter gaps, chrome slightly wavy as original on bumpers, brightwork lightly overbuffed. Newer black convertible top fits well. Blue leather seats exquisite originals or NOS, rest of AT $108,150. Whether the black hard top was original to this car or not, the overall presentation was stunning—sidepipes, knockoffs on Goldlines, telescoping teak steering wheel, and luscious black leather rounding out the interior. The new owner certainly thought this as well, since he bid it squarely into six digits, no doubt pleasing the dealer consignor who brought it. Well sold, but not badly bought for an unusual piece. #S156-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S102684. Marina Blue & black/blue vinyl. Odo: 43,410 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Recent body-off restoration shows spotting and prep issues in right rear and along roof. Bumpers excellent, brightwork likely original with minor scratching and installation damage. Interior near pristine with mild abrasions to console. Teak steering wheel very nice. Engine bay near pristine, California emissions look odd wheel shows light wear. Engine bay detailed with freshly-painted small-block showing light rust on exhaust manifolds. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $37,275. The low-horsepower Corvette for 1964 reflects what many consider to be the low point for the C2 body, and all this needed to be bargain basement was a fixed roof. Not a bad car, but obviously not restored to concours standards. At least it hadn't been made into a thumping big-block car. A fair deal for both buyer and seller. #S105-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S109705. Glen Green/ green vinyl. Odo: 11,255 miles. 327-ci 350hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Above-average paint and body restoration still has issues. Driver's door gap wide at A-pillar, small blisters under paint visible in the same spot. Passenger door and remaining gaps to factory specs. Cowl vents slightly askew. Bumpers well-chromed, other brightwork original. High-quality interior restoration, engine bay well turned out with only slight detailing issues. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $61,950. Glen Green is almost black, and interior very presentable overall, down to correct wood steering wheel for 1966. Nicely restored engine compartment, incorrect battery. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $80,000. Since the C2's battery is hidden down under the fender, some folks think nobody sees it. A few points go to those who use AC/Delco modern batteries, but this one was a bit of an eyesore. Overall this car presented well and sold a little below the current market for a high-output 4-barrel big-block car—especially one with matching numbers. #S134-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S114040. Tuxedo Black/black vinyl & hard tops/black leather. Odo: 30,013 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Even and deep black respray shows evidence of old gouges in small areas. Chrome and brightwork excellent, aside from scuffed trim on accessory hard top. Paint quality on the hard top also not uniform to the body, leading one to suspect it has not been with this claimed low-miles car the entire time. Interior near perfect throughout, new leather just a little too smooth. Engine bay correctly restored with little to fault. Factory a/c. Cond: 2+. SOLD on freshly-rebuilt L71. Bloomington Gold certified, NCRS Top Flight winner. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $136,500. Last seen at Mecum's St. Charles sale in June '07, where it didn't sell at $115,000 (CM# 45586). Despite having a brand-new L71, F41 suspension, and some recent NCRS history, the paint flaws should have kept this car's price down quite a bit. It did look good going across the block with the auction employees milling around the car, so with any luck, the high bidder knew about the glaring finish issues and didn't get a surprise a few minutes later. #S211-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S108603. Rally Red & white/white vinyl/red leather. Odo: 35,789 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Fresh restoration shows numerous small flaws, including hood gap width issues left to right, edge flaws in paintwork, and sloppy door jambs with lessthan-perfect touch-ups. Chrome and brightwork above average and in line with restoration. Nice reproduction convertible top shows well, red leather a bit wrinkled on the seats. Teak wheel, dash and console well-presented. Engine bay restoration appears older, with older hoses and some light plating issues from use evident. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $135,450. An above-average restoration on a mid-year car, most of which when restored wear incredibly overdone paint and bodywork. A rare car given the leather and L71 engine, but it was also one of the nicest driver examples in a hot color at a relatively 74 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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The MOTOR INNTM is the only fully-sealed, environmentally controlled, transparent showcase offering the utmost in protection, patent pending. It is engineered and manufactured from industrial grade materials and is designed to excluded dust, dehumidify, cool, heat and prevent accidental damage. Turn Your Garage Into A Showroom See, Protect, & Preserve Your Treasure Preferred Products Design, Inc. 105 Research Drive, Milford, CT 06460 203-877-4399 • www.themotorinn.com

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL affordable price. I like that kind of combination, and apparently both the buyer and seller could agree on a price that got this one sold in a sea of 'Vettes. Well done. TOP 10 #10 #S135-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S116355. Silver Pearl & black/ white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 48,615 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Two NCRS Top Flight awards, Bloomington Gold recipient. Incredibly high-quality body and paint, windshield rubber siliconed too much with excess not trimmed. Rechromed original bumpers slightly wavier than new. Brightwork around windshield detailed to local car show standards, chrome dress-up items underhood a bit much. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $54,600. This appeared to be a mostly original car with one repaint. I know a guy who did a '69 427/435 in the same colors some years ago, and he can attest to how big a project it is when done right. I have a soft spot for preserved cars, but the price realized here seemed to have gone a bit beyond someone else's soft spot. Well sold. lightly dinged and shows minor installation damage. Hole in fender from antenna mount. Interior well-restored, white top appears older. Engine bay very correctly done without being overdone, transistorized ignition present. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $197,400. First seen at Mecum's St. Charles sale in June '07, where it didn't sell at $180,000 (CM# 45595). Seen again at Mecum St. Charles in October '07, where it didn't sell at $170,000 (CM# 47057). While it appeared to have been done well at one time, the price this car commanded was for a fresh restoration—something this car was absolutely not. Well sold. C3 #S180-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S412550. British Green/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 39,764 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Older repaint done to a high standard, except thick jamb masking lines poorly hidden from view. Gaps factory or better, with mild cracking at corners under paint. Excellent original interior shows light entry wear, console flaws similar. Chrome and brightwork likewise original and above average, front emblem appears to have had some paint buffed off. Engine bay 76 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com #S34-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S712410. Can Am White/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 69,746 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Heavyish white repaint looks to have been done with body on. Less-than-perfect masking lines in jambs, overspray on fasteners, non-uniform orange peel gives a wavy look on flat surfaces. Luggage rack on rear deck looks incorrect or at least a bit much. Top well done, brightwork original except for chrome bumpers. Interior pristine apart from wear to redyed console and aftermarket radio. Engine bay tidy, but an overabundance of chrome dress-up items seems excessive. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $39,375. An amateurish restoration here. Although many catalog parts were used in this effort, the bodywork anywhere. Brightwork and chrome pitted, interior in very good shape though seat edges wavy. Engine bay appears to have been underwater, undercarriage similar. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $72,450. Enormous cubic dollars for barn-find condition cars usually requires that the barn have a few more boards intact than the one this jalopy got dragged out of. While it was an LT-1 and was all there, the full restoration this is going to need is not going to improve its value over what was paid here, so the new owner could already be said to be underwater—just like the engine could well have been. Well sold. #S68-1970 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194370S403916. Red/red leather. Odo: 42,877 miles. 454-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Claimed original body completely restored within the last year, gap issues between doors and front clip, wiper cover off-kilter. Paint very good aside from edge and jamb prep work. Original and restored brightwork present. Red leather kit nice, console slightly worn and paint and bodywork brought this car down to driver and local cruise-in night quality. Money spent does not always correlate to the quality of the work performed, and this car was the poster child for calling a professional in on a car you intend to sell after the restoration is completed. #S114-1970 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194670S405774. Laguna Gray/black vinyl/black vinyl & cloth. Odo: 9,179 miles. 350-ci 370-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Claimed all original except for front brake calipers, this LT-1's original paint appears heavily checked, pitted, mottled, and chipped throughout. Finish on passenger door flaking off in small bits. No evidence of retouching or cracked. Steel rims, cheap Kelly whitewalls, P02 deluxe wheel covers. Clean engine compartment brought down by chrome alternator and non-original valve covers. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $32,550. Despite factory a/c and some nice leather, there wasn't enough going for this car to command the price realized. There are some body adjustments and paint corrections to be made before the new owner is back in the black, and even then it might take a while. #S32-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194671S106530. Sunflower Yellow/white vinyl & yellow hard top/tan vinyl. Odo: 37,994 miles. 350-ci 330-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older yellow repaint to less than a sympathetic preservation standard. Possible collision repair evident, body gaps only marginal. Troubling white overspray behind windshield on A-pillar trim. Original chrome and

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brightwork present but wavy in places. Interior appears all original and dry. LT-1 engine bay clean but to driver standards only. Claimed matching numbers and actual miles. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $47,513. Another look at a lowmiles, mostly original LT-1 with a late 1970s used-car treatment. Looking at a low-miles car such as this one in a condition such as this, it's hard not to wonder why it was taken off the road and stored, since it was far from well-preserved and did not display damage from poor storage. Well sold. #S27-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194671S116284. War Bonnet Yellow/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 86,875 miles. 454-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Complete recent restoration to an unusual color car. Paint and bodywork done to a high standard, front door jambs near to factory original finish. Weatherstripping mostly original and dry. Chrome redone, brightwork original and worn. Engine bay sports clean “CE” warranty block from early-on replacement. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $23,625. First seen at Mecum's St. Charles sale in October '07, where it didn't sell at $21,000 (CM# 47102). Later seen again at Mecum's Kansas City sale in December '07, where it didn't sell at $24,000 (CM# 47867). The story went that the original owner's child took this out and blew up the original LT-1, requiring a warranty replacement from GM. The price paid was a reflection of the fact that this was once an attractive LT-1 convertible and might be again. Well sold. #F52-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194671S106121. War Bonnet Yellow/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 66,900 miles. 350-ci 270-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Older respray shows lack of prep work, orange peel most noticeable in rear deck. Door jambs have peeling paint. Chrome redone, brightwork well-preserved original. Newer black vinyl top fits well if a little tight at header bow. Leather interior new and perfect, console OK, door panels show an orange tinge as though from Corvette-sourced 454 big-block engine detailed well, but a puddle of fuel on the intake beneath the carburetor inlet is large and scary. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $25,988. Even though there were over 700 cars on the entire field this weekend, I did not see a fire truck anywhere, merely a host of A-B-C fire extinguishers scattered around. While I'm sure that's what insurance dictated, it would have been easy for this guy to tighten up the big inlet filter nut on his Quadrajet or figure out where else all that fuel was coming from. I guess the fireball was averted, and apart from this, it appeared to be a nice driver plastic-bumper 'Vette—but it was subjective in terms of taste. #F193-1973 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37T3S412431. Blue-Green Metallic/tan vinyl. Odo: 4,867 miles. 350-ci 250-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Light overspray on window sweep trim and T-top latch. Sags and scratches appear under paint, most notably on tops. Chrome bumpers and brightwork appear original. Interior well-preserved, console shows some wear around climate controls. Engine lightly scuffed from polishing. Nice replacement black convertible top fits well. Leather seats well-preserved, console shows light wear. Well-detailed engine bay, factory a/c compressor replaced with modern unit. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $45,150. With factory a/c, ps, tilt/telescopic column, black leather, Posi rear, and an unusual original period color, this car's overall uniformity and preservation appealed to me. It broke the bank a little bit for its condition, but it appeared to have been prepared all at once and not in short jolts. Well bought and sold. #F212-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194671S115378. LeMans Blue/white vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 74,013 miles. 350-ci 330-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older paint to reasonable quality with some bubbling and surface contamination. Body gaps acceptable, wiper cover stuck up. Chrome and brightwork older, bumpers original. Interior older, piping on seats wavy. Door panel and A-pillar trim cracked in numerous places, console lightly another car. Engine bay clean, with chrome dress-up items to match chrome rims, but distributor cover is conspicuously absent. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $27,825. This looked like someone's credit card project that just never got done the way he wanted due to lack of funds at the end of each stage. The aftermarket mags did not help this car's looks, but a return to stock is usually a return on your investment, so for the money spent there's some upside here if the numbers are found to be matching. #S31-1973 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37T3S408748. Sunset Orange Metallic/black vinyl. Odo: 46,729 miles. 454ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Paint and bodywork completed to a high standard, panel gaps factory or better. Chrome nice, brightwork uniform. Driver's seat very wrinkled, interior appears all original and well-preserved. 1970 bay clean but not detailed near to show-quality condition. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $18,900. A fair price for a better-than-average condition driver. Power was not the prevailing consideration here, and for under $20k, this has some upside if the overspray and preparation blemishes are dealt with while enjoying. A more-than-fair price, but nobody got hurt here. Silver #F40.1-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Anniversary coupe. S/N 1Z87L8S408202. Silver & gray/white leather. Odo: 59,036 miles. 350-ci 185-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Front clip areas resprayed, apparently some original paint survives. Front clip to door gaps wide, other gaps OK. Original leather shows light wear, white carpet ratty, discolored, and separating from console. Engine detailed in used car lot fashion, accessories look original and show their age. Cond: 2-. www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 77

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL SOLD AT $11,288. Likely a low-miles original car with light paint touch-ups and an interior that wouldn't take much to spruce back up, this early Friday lot was a nice buy at this price. #T182-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition coupe. S/N 1Z8748S903826. Silver & black/mirror glass/ silver leather & cloth. Odo: 9,999 miles. 350ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Original pace car replica with decals applied. Possibly spot-repainted, with finish wavy in places and showing non-uniform orange peel. Original interior nearly pristine, with minor dryness to leather with little effort. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $17,588. I liked this creamy off-white Vette. Despite its abysmal power output, it exuded presence beyond that of many far pricier examples at this sale. The only question was why a car with such a perfect interior had had a repaint carried out. Aside from terrible original GM finish quality, it showed no signs of accident repairs. Nicely bought and definitely ripe for appreciation in the future if preserved. #F30.1-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY878XC5118208. Tuxedo Black/mirror glass/tan leather. Odo: 7,105 miles. 350-ci 200-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Older black paint possibly largely original, with multiple touch-ups evident. Front clip shows evidence of damage to left front with average quality repairs. Excellent gaps, doors shut well. Interior above average, seats intact than a used car at the beginning of Saturday's run list. The front bumper issues were obvious from any distance, and the other cosmetic flaws led me to believe that this was a snowbird's car driven a few winters in some salt paradise like Ohio or Michigan before making its way to Florida. If the cosmetics were a priority, there was almost no upside here. Well sold. #S164-1995 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY32P2S5101305. Dark Purple Metallic/black cloth, purple hard top/light gray leather. Odo: 1,728 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Absolutely asnew condition inside and out, aside from light polishing marks and lightly-wrinkled driver's seat. Matching purple hard top elegant and a and slight entry wear. Original AM/FM/CB radio a nice touch. Engine compartment clean but undetailed, apart from being intact. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $21,000. Two of these showed up at this sale, this car and another with around 3,700 miles and an automatic transmission (lot F163, sold at $30,450). This car had a little more wear, but with the rarer 4-speed manual transmission, this was hands-down the one to own. Not a bad price, but a little detailing would make it collection-ready. #F186-1981 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY8761BS416046. Frost Beige/mirror glass/dark red leather. Odo: 26,372 miles. 350-ci V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older repaint in original color evident in very light overspray and masking lines. Factory gaps. Original leather interior in unbelievably as-new condition throughout. Engine compartment original down to wax crayon numbers on innerside of the hood. Factory anodized mag rims still shine but dry, front carpet replaced, rear compartment covering faded. Engine bay clean and appears well-maintained. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $9,500. The factory alarm key cover on the left front had a small tag that read “Bloomington Corvette Corral 1983.” I thought that said more about this car's history than anything else. Assuming it was put there then, it attests to its enthusiast ownership. Cheap fun, well bought. C4 #S9-1991 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY2383M5104184. Bright Red/tan leather. Odo: 55,738 miles. 350-ci 250-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Original paint mostly decent, front bumper and air dam have lost most of their clearcoat. Black trim shows abrasions around front of removable targa top, anodizing on alloys beginning to crust. Original interior shows light entry wear but is generally well-preserved. Engine bay completely undetailed. EFI ECU shows AC/Delco tag and appears to have been replaced recently. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $10,000. Nothing more nice touch on the car during the preview. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $29,925. I thought this was a pretty good value for an as-new demonstration-miles 1995 C4 in an unusual color. I'm not amazed that it was cut loose at this price, but I was a little surprised that someone who lost out on some far more expensive older 'Vettes didn't give this car a few more bids. Well bought, as they're only new once. #S140-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Grand Sport convertible. S/N 1G1YY3257T5600696. Admiral Blue & white/white vinyl/black leather. Odo: 629 miles. 350-ci 330-hp fuel-injected LT4 V8, 6sp. An as-new original car. GM-typical orange peel in the finish atrocious for new production, especially on this supercar. Top slightly dry and wrinkled, leather shows slight entry wear from display. Engine compartment appears as-new with no pitting or damage. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $63,000. Both this car and another with ten times the mileage and a red interior brought bids of $60,000, but only this one was cut loose. Surely that was enough for the other one, too. For nearly the price of a new C6 that will have plenty more power and far fewer gremlins from storage, here's your “new” C4, sir. Best of luck. Slightly well sold. ■ 78 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes at other auctions 32 Corvettes From Around the World, $1.2m in Sales Reports and photos by B. Mitchell Carlson, Chip Lamb, Dave Kinney, Donald Osborne, and Phil Skinner Market opinions in italics T he first months of 2008 saw Corvette Market's analysts in the field as usual, watching Corvettes cross the block from Hawaii to Paris, including a healthy group at the annual Arizona auctions. C1s again held their own in the market, as evidenced by the $264,000 sale of a slightly worn but still well restored 1953 roadster at RM's Phoenix auction in January. Down the road at Gooding & Company's first-ever Scottsdale sale, a 1954 roadster in red sold at $99,000. Location was an important factor in C2 sales, and as expected, prices were much more reasonable in places where more cars were available. At Rétromobile in Paris, Bonhams sold a 1965 327/350 convertible in #4+ condition for an amazing and unrepeatable $70,035, while a 1967 with the same horsepower engine and a complete restoration brought $72,360 at Auctions America's Raleigh Classic in North Carolina. Small-block chrome-bumper C3s in driver condition brought reasonable money, in- cluding a 1972 350/200 convertible at Silver's Fountain Hills sale at $23,220 and a 1969 350/350 custom convertible at $19,163. A 1969 427/390 coupe in better overall condition did $27,560 at ICA's Gilbert sale, while Silver sold a 1968 327/300 convertible in #1- condition at $62,100—very strong money for a base-model car. Some slight increases were evident in later C3s, including a '75 350/165 convertible in driver condition that sold at $20,213 at Mecum's Kansas City sale in December. Low miles and rare options helped significantly here, while used cars with visible wear still hovered around the $10k mark almost everywhere. C4s saw the same trend, with a 1985 bringing $10,044 and a 1988 35th Anniversary coupe selling for $11,880 at Silver's Fountain Hills sale. These numbers show the Corvette market still to be strong on a worldwide level, with respectable numbers being attained before nearly every drop of the hammer on America's favorite sports car. C1 TOP 10 #5 #182-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001268. Polo White/red vinyl. Odo: 45,764 miles. 235-ci straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Panel fit and gaps far better than when new. Very good paint shows some light scars next to top latches. Nice interior fit, excellent stitching, great fit to the seats. Very clean underhood and not overdone. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $264,000. Not a bargain, but certainly not overpriced in today's market. Let's just settle on well bought and sold. It situation reminded me of those who want a Model A Ford but have never tried to drive one. I tell them to go sit behind the wheel, but most don't even get to that point, since the gearshift hits them in the knee and the steering wheel gets them in the gut and/or legs. While Ford made most Model As that way, Chevy did not go that far with the 'Vette, but there were evidently no short bidders willing to pay overthe-top money for this worked-over example. Auctions America, Raleigh, NC, 12/07. seems as if nobody still living remembers how bad the quality was on these first year 'Vettes, as just about every single one I've seen has been “fixed” to better than new. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/08. Best Buy #37-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S002292. Red/beige canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 7,546 miles. 235-ci 150-hp straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Panel fit as good as or better than factory. Very good paint shows light polish marks throughout, excellent chrome and interior fittings. Engine compartment detailed #75-1958 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J58S101611. Red & white/ black vinyl. Odo: 96,591 miles. 350-ci V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Non-original engine claimed to pump out 465 unsubstantiated horses, non-1958 hood with no simulated louvers, incorrect paint but still slightly dirty. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $99,000. A very well-done second-year 'Vette with lots of eye appeal. Since no one actually buys these to drive, it should stay in this condition for quite a while. Well bought at a below-market price. Gooding & Company, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/08. #382-1956 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E56S001931. Light blue & gray/white vinyl/white vinyl. Odo: 267 miles. 265-ci 225-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 3-sp. Tenfooter restoration throughout. Beautiful paint with numerous gap, fit, and latch issues. Seat mountings moved severely forward, with neither seat fitting correctly within the rear body. Overly wavy bumpers detract but other brightwork seems to have been well executed. Interior otherwise appears OK aside from dirty seats. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $92,500. This pattern in coves, atypical shade of red. Decent repaint on wavy body with some bonding strip broadcasting. Good door and panel fit, scuffed Plexiglas on hard top. Replated bumpers and rear trim, most other trim reproduction replacement. Aluminum cylinder heads, aftermarket 80 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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dual quad induction. Older Al Knoch interior starting to show some wear. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $43,200. The consignor claimed that this was “frame-up restored” within the last eight years, but it looked like they only restored what was on top of the frame. This was about a cheap as running solid-axles get—as long as you don't mind driving a 20-footer. It had no problem going past the $38k reserve, so it was a good enough deal for both parties, but not by much. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #539-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S108062. Roman Red & white/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 49,554 miles. 283-ci 230-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Heavily reworked body with most factory waves and bonding strips filled in. Sanded-out door jambs and door sides, good hood and trunk gaps, door gaps OK with slightly wide fit. All newer weatherstripping applied after repaint. Replated bumpers, new emblems, buffed stainless trim. Replacement top with moderate wrinkling. No wiper arms attached, mounting studs fitted with chrome covers. New brake hoses and sway bar hardware fitted to clean chassis. Older repop interior bland from wear. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $65,880. I'd say this was the best condition solid-axle 'Vette out here this weekend, but not by much. It also brought the biggest money for a Corvette, and although a couple of C3s were just behind it in price, this one out-paced the other C1s. A market price, if just a little bit below the other venues—and you could certainly do worse for this kind of money. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #99-1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 00867S100295. Roman Red & white/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 78,589 miles. 283-ci 230-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Original texture to door jambs, door edges, wheelwells, and hood well. Better quality repaint thickly done on underside of hood. Decent door and panel gaps, VIN tag reattached to body after repaint with consumer-grade pop rivets. Some reproduction trim, older replated bumpers have light scuffing. Engine compartment redone in Sports Car Market Keith Martin's The Insider's Guide to Collecting, Investing, Values, and Trends “Sports Car Market magazine is the Cigar Aficionado for collectible cars.” — Robert Lutz, President of GM North America, SCM subscriber since 1995 gloss black and orange. Rear axle strap broken and dangling from its mount, rest of chassis looks crusty. Inside door panels don't fit squarely. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $42,660. When the bidding hit $39k, things nearly came to a halt, then the consignor cut the reserve loose, and it brought one more bid to sell. “Cosmetic restoration” here meant the mechanical stuff that matters wasn't touched. Still, this did seem to run out pretty well, so I'll say it was well bought for a driver that can be easily improved. This was also part of a trend of solid axles that sold for less than expected, so either the lesser grade C1s are dropping back down, or the trunk-backs in general are getting soft. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #275-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S104971. Roman Red/ white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 38,488 miles. 327-ci 250-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Older repaint Special Introductory Offer One year of Sports Car Market plus our 130-page Collector Car Price Guide, just $58. www.sportscarmarket.com www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 81

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes at other auctions over a somewhat worked-out body with almost no body weave and faint signs of bonding strip burn-through. Older replacement emblems and bumper replating, lightly polished trim, newer replacement soft top with almost no scratches in back light. Older engine cosmetics, undercarriage mostly original and quite corroded. Older replacement seat vinyl and original door panels presentable, carpeting somewhat faded atop transmission tunnel. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $62,100. Since '62s are generally quite coveted, as both the last year of the solid axle and the first year of the 327 motor, even a minimally-equipped Powerslide variant like this will typically do well across the block. While it had lots of eyeball from even the front row of the bidders' seats, it was still a driver-quality example. The reserve was lifted at $55k, and it didn't have much of a problem getting to this final bid. In the realm of being market priced. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #104-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S105338. Red/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 73,197 km. 327-ci 360-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Decent panel fit as per factory. Good paint is a bit dull and shows a few touched-in chips and polish swirl marks. Good chrome and trim. Clean interior has a somewhat strange faded yellow carpet and pitting on steering wheel boss. Cond: 3+. 4-sp. Non-authentic two-tone paint colors, some of the original chrome and trim was heavily buffed before replating. Panel alignment shows issues and has undergone some amateur repairs. Interior shows minor pitting to chrome, seat materials done on a budget. Original ps and pb, upgraded cooling system and radio. Listed as a 350-hp car. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $42,660. Straight-axle Corvettes continue to be one of the hottest segments, and in many cases prices are right up there with mid-years of the same condition. While purists may cringe at a car like this, it had a certain amount of eye appeal and would look great traveling up to the North Shore on H2. Well bought and sold. Kruse International, Honolulu, HI, 2/08. C2 #S18-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Grand Sport Replica coupe. S/N 40837S115751. Dark blue metallic & white/ black vinyl. Odo: 54,435 miles. 350-ci V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Missouri DMV-assigned VIN matches original, factory tag removed. Good quality candy-type metallic repaint with rally stripe and red hash stripes over left front wheel. Some masking issues evident, especially around dried vent window rubber. Older rechromed bumpers, some original trim, modern leather. Odo: 40,576 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. The 172nd coupe made for '64. Older repaint with custom pinstripes. Slight crack starting at rear inboard corner of driver's side headlight opening. Rechromed bumpers, replaced easily removable trim and emblems. Blah, dirty, and greasy undercarriage with older stock-style exhaust system. Heavier rippling of original seat leather, original carpeting fits poorly along console sides, heavily worn center console pad. Hurst shifter, factory AM/FM radio, modern CD player under glovebox door. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $36,720. There wasn't a stock maroon in 1964, so buffing out someone else's interpretation of body enhancement won't get you a stock car. Despite that, this was still a pretty good driver, and if someone really doesn't like the paint, it can be redone without getting too far into the car. Bought well as a driver. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08.#157-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S112397. Nassau Blue/ black canvas/black vinyl. Odo: 9,123 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Variable panel fit past factory tolerances. Shiny paint shows prep issues and a few small chips. Fenders flared to clear big tires. Sidepipes, good chrome. Interior SOLD AT $91,713. Ex-Rosso Bianco collection. The most potent spec '62 'Vette with mechanical fuel injection. A typical museum car: good looking from a distance, tired and soft around the edges up close. Even if it can be mechanically recommissioned easily, this was still a pretty rich price considering the light cosmetic work needed. Bonhams, Paris, FRA, 2/08. #719-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S103249. Teal w/white coves/White canvas/white w/teal piping vinyl. Odo: 10,815 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 82 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com made-up Grand Sport emblems. Billet valve covers, aluminum intake with Holley carb, billet oval air cleaner, aftermarket ignition system and fan. Interior has general patina from use. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $29,138. It's hard to get excited about this rolling example of how not to buy a C2. Granted, someone now has an ersatz track play toy, and others would say that it's just a '64. However, if you can't come up with more than a dozen reasons not to turn tail and run, you need the lifetime subscription to CM... or you're a masochist with deep pockets and a need to lose money. Well sold. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07 Best Buy #536-1964 CHEVRO LET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 40837S100544. Maroon/black has wavy trim on seat tops and wear on center console. Hard top included. Fitted with 235 series tires to front, 255s at rear. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $70,035. Replacement engine, “custom” sidepipes, big tires, and flared fenders made this a sort of Euro wet dream Corvette. A bit scary, actually, and the price paid was quite generous. Unrepeatable in the U.S. Bonhams, Paris, FRA, 2/08. #380-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S119745. Rally Red/black leather. Odo: 70,333 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. 15-year old restoration holding

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Why Not Buy Smart? In the past few years, Corvettes have gone from being everyday drivers to highly collectible American classics. But with the huge number built, and the variety of options with which they were available, knowing what to buy and how much to pay is critically important. Keith Martin has augmented his topflight SCM staff with a well-known group of Corvette experts to bring you over 100 information-packed pages in every issue of Corvette Market. The incisive, takeno-prisoners approach to auction reports you expect from SCM continues in Corvette Market, with more than 100 Corvettes examined first-hand in each issue. Exclusive to Corvette Market is an industry roundtable, where top dealers, collectors, and auction company principals give their opinions and advice on what is really going on in the market. You'll find out if C1s have finished their run, or if they are still gathering strength. What is the real price differential for factory fuelies? How much more should you pay for a car with documentation, and more... “The must-read magazine for Corvette collectors” Subscribe Today! One Year Corvette Market (4 issues), plus monthly Corvette Insider's email newsletter, $29.95. Subscribe online at www.vettemarket.com or call 1.800.810.7457

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes at other auctions car. The only fault here was that the typical '68 first-year issues had been fixed and glossed over. It had a few bids that went past its $55k reserve, with a strong following of bidders up to that point. Not cheap, but bought well. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. up better than most. Panel gaps not overdone, but still factory or better with very slight misalignments. A few small blisters evident underneath paint. Wood steering wheel and faultless leather seats likely appear as when car was restored. Engine bay requires minor detail work before hitting the the show circuit. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $72,360. The attentive seller brought chairs, trophies, and info sheets as if he were going to a regional car show, not an auction. His enthusiasm was infectious, and for a small-block '67 Vette coupe with a non-original motor, this was an outstanding price due in part to his dedication in helping the car get sold. Well done for him, yet still not too terrible for the buyer. Auctions America, Raleigh, NC, 12/07. C3 #129-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S413320. International Blue/white vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 58,292 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Entry level 327, a/c, ps, pb, pw, AM/FM radio. Mileage claimed correct, over $100k spent on full restoration. On display at the AACA Museum in Hershey since the restoration was completed. Better-than-stock body and paint, fresh, slightly rippled bumper chrome. Lower edge of windshield starting to delaminate. Fresh and clean underhood. All new interior #S183-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S737593. Red/black vinyl/tan vinyl. Odo: 19,150 miles. 350-ci 350hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Big-block-style hood, Cragar S/S mags. Fresh repaint done to an acceptable standard but hardly to show specs. Serviceable original chrome, older engine clean-up now obscured by coolant leak dripping on fan. Good older top with limited wear. Aftermarket items fitted inside the car include Hurst shifter and '70s vintage AM/FM/8-track in-dash stereo. involve some work and materials. The reserve was dropped when the bidding stopped, and the car found a new owner at a decent price. ICA, Gilbert, AZ, 1/08. #362-1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67K2S525336. Yellow/ black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 42,872 miles. 350-ci 200-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. 2006 Washington State rebuilt/salvage inspection approval sticker under driver's side door latch. Arizona title, mileage claimed correct. Better-than-stock body prep and paint, most rubber replaced, door seals at inner rear edge missing. Replated bumpers, mostly replaced trim. Clean engine compartment and motor, Flowmaster exhaust. The rest of the interior is original and shows 38 years of moderate use. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $19,163. Even with the coolant leaking issue, this had no problems exceeding the consigning dealer's $17,500 reserve. Without any drivability issues, this bid would've been about right, so I hope that either the buyer knows Corvettes and knows what he's getting into, or someone may be in for a bit of a surprise. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07 #66-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S724466. Cortez Silver/ black vinyl. Odo: 63,996 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Mortal remains of tank sticker displayed in a plastic slip. Heavier body prep before high-quality repaint. Rechromed bumpers and replacement emblems, typical C3 door gaps wider at top than bottom on both sides. All new weatherstrips except for original windshield seal. Engine shows older Replacement door panels don't sit far enough forward. Reproduction seat coverings, dashpad, and carpet acceptably installed. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $23,220. Washington is one of those states that doesn't care much for cars that have been restored, as they generally have to be bonded and inspected if the VIN tag has been lifted. That was the case here, but it didn't faze the Arizona DOT. Neither did it faze the bidders, who not only got it past the $18k reserve, but were joined by two more bidders once that number was passed. A decent price for a driver-quality chrome-bumper drop-top C3. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #850-1974 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67J4S428398. Brown/tan leather. Odo: 66,456 miles. 350-ci 195-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. No issues with paint, one unusual tear in the hood, good brightwork for what little of it is present. Interior might just be all original, with lots of even wear noted. Aftermarket fuel filler lid, wheels, and steering wheel. Clean underhood, with lots of aftermarket parts added. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $17,280. Last seen at eBay/Kruse's Sunrise, FL, sale in March '02, where it didn't sell at $10,000 (CM# 26623). This car brought more money than I expected, as it didn't have a whole lot to upholstery, door panels, and carpet. A-pillar has some overspray from when the pillar trim was redyed, discernible only when viewing the VIN tag. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $62,100. Last seen at Carlisle's Corvette auction in August '07, where it didn't sell at $55,000 (CM# 46607). For a base level convertible, even in this condition, this was very strong money indeed. Then again, this was a no-excuses 84 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com restoration, mostly matte black undercarriage. Well-restored interior with replacement seat upholstery, carpets, and dashpad. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $27,560. While this car presented well and was restored to a high level, it had since been used a bit and was starting to lose some of its sparkle. It wouldn't take much to get it back to show condition, but that would still

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visually recommend it. While some of the more expensive Corvettes have trended downward in value of late, it seems that some of the lowerpriced cars have drifted upwards. Interesting dichotomy, eh? Kruse International, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1/08. #S127-1975 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67J5S408424. Bright green metallic/black vinyl/black deluxe leather. Odo: 746 miles. 350-ci 165-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. C60 a/c, A50 rear window defogger, A31 power windows, U58 AM/FM radio, N37 tilt/telescopic column, and V05 dual horns. Average quality older repaint. Driver's door sits slightly low, somewhat recent engine repaint and cosmetic detailing under the hood. Well-preserved original interior, although the In the current market, this seems to be a poster child for a typical 1977. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07 #S117-1977 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z23L7S446751. Light blue metallic/gray leather. Odo: 75,709 miles. 350-ci 180-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Fitted with ps, pb, leather seats, and AM/FM stereo. Factory alloys with fresh radials, original California blue license plate with current tags. Good repaint with faint masking lines, recently paint-detailed motor with some clean-up visible. Dash top speaker covers cracked along the punched-out seats may have been redone a few years back since they seem to have slightly less overall wear. Cheap exhaust unevenly done. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $20,213. Went past the reserve at the $19k mark, getting one more bid to send it to a new owner. While the '75 convertibles here were not too great, I'd probably give the nod to this one, if for no other reason than the Kermit green paint being different from the me-too red of the other one. A realistic selling price. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07. #F60-1977 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37X7S407625. Red/white vinyl. Odo: 44,004 miles. 350-ci 210-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Factory L82 with a/c. Good quality repaint, lackluster generally original engine bay. Dingy rattle-can-applied undercoating. '80s vintage AM/FM/cassette deck displaces original unit, speakers installed in kick panels. Leather-wrapped steering wheel with pre-recall holes, some uneven contours to dashpad from UV exposure. Original interior has little wear, but is somewhat dingy. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $12,600. The consignor dropped the reserve at $11,500, and bidding went two bids past that. The car was hyped up by the seller as being “West Coast clean.” Let's see, that's the land of mudslides, wildfires, and interior-baking sun, so that statement made no points with me. Very few were painted in this light blue metallic, but how many folks want a light blue Corvette? Anyone? Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07 #1121-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition coupe. S/N 128748S901094. Black & silver/silver leather. Odo: 34,313 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Very good paint appears original, fresh Eagle GT Goodyears on spotless rims. Clean underhood, the interior is as good as expected with this many miles. Light wear to the driver's seat and steering wheel, excellent dash and carpets. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $23,220. Also ran as lot #432, a no-sale at $22,000. Well bought, possibly even a very good buy if the mechanics turn out to be as good as the cosmetics. For those of us who have seen the entire production of these parade across auction blocks in the past 30 years, it's time for us to adjust our thinking. All of them have found permanent non-investor homes, as enthusiasts are the purchasers now. Kruse International, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1/08. #F127-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY8781C15118808. Dark Butterscotch Metallic/glass panels/tan leather. Odo: 96,226 miles. 350-ci 200-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Aftermarket exhaust tips, window tint film, and tri-bar wheel center spinners. Recent repaint to a good standard, with overspray and masking hard to detect. Theft recovery ID number etched into glass. Dusty original engine compartment, recently refinished interior with new carpeting and hides on seats brushed stainless horn button showing quite a bit of wear. Carpet heavily discolored, new replacement white seat upholstery has no wear or discoloring whatsoever. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $10,200. Further proof that the mid-vintage C3s are continuing to pick up in interest. This was a highly incongruent driver that a couple of years ago would've been $7k on a good day. www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 85

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes at other auctions and steering wheel. Ill-fitting wood appliqué covers gauge panels and upper console. The factory sound system replaced by a cheapie '80s vintage cassette unit. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $10,000. While this was a rarely seen color on an '82, the unprofessional restoration didn't do a whole lot to help the car. All the money in the world for one of the least popular years. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07. #321-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY8780C5122784. Two-tone blue metallic/smoked glass/blue leather. Odo: 39,971 miles. 350-ci 200-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Claimed original mileage and paint. Full aftermarket ground effects body kit and rear wing spoiler. Lower front air dam has curb damage and moderate splintering. Upper and lower body paint masking line visible, with absorbers on all four corners. The seat and console wear commensurate with almost 100k miles. Driver's side sill molding extremely scuffed and chewed up from use. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $10,044. The beat-up sill panels were another reminder of what must have been GM's biggest bone-head C4 mistake—locating the hand brake on the door sill. While novel initially, this is a pain in the butt (literally) when you have to live with the car—especially if you use it as a daily driver. The bidding still had some steam in it when the reserve was passed at $8,800, so the “looks good from the bidders' seats” factor was high. Bought for all the money in the world. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #347-1987 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Callaway Twin Turbo coupe. S/N 1G1YY2181H5107979. Maroon metallic/gray leather. Odo: 71,541 miles. 350-ci 345-hp twinturbocharged fuel-injected V8, 4+3 manual. Buffed-out older repaint, with lots of scratches at driver's door. Exterior emblems rough, cloudy, and faded, right side Callaway emblem headrests. Lightly cleaned engine bay, new long block installed within the last year. Freshly recharged a/c. Average used-car undercarriage with newer KYB shock absorbers. Title delay. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $11,880. Last seen on the weekend before at the ICA auction as lot 343. Out there it was a no-sale at $11,400, but this weekend the seller would have taken $10,500, so the downward depreciation slide just kept working and building up speed. It also didn't help that the casino giveaway car for the weekend was a better 35th Anniversary Edition coupe with the correct white wheels and leather interior. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #126-1995 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY22P4S5108184. Dark green metallic/tan leather. Odo: 101,550 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Originally painted Bright Aqua Metallic, with lousy dust-filled repaint peeling off front license plate cover and roof panel edge masking lines. Faded emblems, OK panel fit, door and glass seals stiff and cracked from UV exposure. runs, fisheyes, orange peel, and light traces of dust in lower paint. Engine and undercarriage dingy. Satellite radio antenna mounted on cross-bar, aftermarket full glass tinting. New seat upholstery, carpet, and center console Tpad. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $12,296. How was this supposed to have original paint while it also had additional body panels painted in the stock colors? What about that restored interior? Nothing seemed to add up with this car, including the selling price. The consignor must be one happy camper. ICA, Gilbert, AZ, 1/08. C4 #566-1985 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY0780F5127455. Bright Red/dark gray leather. Odo: 93,932 miles. 350-ci 230-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Average repaint shows deep masking lines in roof moldings, driver's side headlight parks low when off. Door and window seals breaking down from UV exposure. Recently cleaned-up engine compartment looks to have been done superficially. Newer a/c hoses, new KYB shock 86 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com missing. Engine bay generally dingy and with dings in aftercoolers. Claimed to have recently rebuilt turbos. Aftermarket dash and steering wheel rim covers soiled. Heavily worn leather to seats on both sides. Uneven idle, offered at no reserve. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $5,724. I had a hard time repressing the desire to crawl under my chair and plug my ears while this was on the block, as it had the look of a ticking time bomb. Sold cheap for scores of reasons, and none of them good. Be afraid, be very afraid. ICA, Gilbert, AZ, 1/08. 35th #576-1988 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Anniversary Edition coupe. S/N 1G1YY2184J5116813. Polo White/white vinyl. Odo: 75,928 miles. 350-ci 245-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Recent lower body repaint with some slight overspray. Chewed-up door and window seals, some chipped cloisonné to emblems. Regular-issue alloy wheels replace exclusive all-white originals, plain white vinyl replaces leather with original emblem embroidery on Dusty engine, non-stock exhaust system and outlets. Seat leather rather loose and heavily worn. Lower budget carpeted door sills don't want to lay flat. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $7,526. This C4 must have set the record for minimum time on the block at this venue at under a minute. It was getting late in the evening, it had lots of needs, and there was no reserve. It got what it deserved. ICA, Gilbert, AZ, 1/08. C5 #S114-1998 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy 500 Pace Car convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G4W5117365. Purple metallic/black cloth/black & yellow leather. Odo: 51,104 miles. 5.7-liter fuel-injected LS1 345-hp V8, auto. Scuffed, polish-scratched paint on most surfaces, several cracks on both front and rear fascias from light collisions. Door glass doesn't seal well and contacts top fabric in places, tire

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C6—As found on eBay Motors Condition inferred from seller's descriptions; cars were not physically examined by the author. All quoted material taken from the eBay listings. sf=seller's feedback; bf=buyer's feedback pressure monitor alarms on all four corners don't want to clear. Moderately cleaned up engine bay, untouched undercarriage. Dealerapplied plastic carpet protectors can't cover the fact that the interior has more than its share of wear. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $22,838. The 1998 Pace Car has to be the most garish Corvette ever, especially with those hideous yellow alloys. This was also something of a local Fright Pig, having turned up at several other local auctions in the past. Bought by an out-of-town dealer who snapped up a couple of the newer Corvettes that were sold this weekend. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/07. #392-2002 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Lingenfelter C5-R coupe. S/N 1G1YY22G425108590. Electron Blue/black leather. Odo: 68,515 miles. 7.0-liter 650-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Lingenfelter C5-R conversion. Upgraded radiator, K&N intake, headers, Billy Boat exhaust, 300-mph speedometer with blue lighting, and chrome Z06 wheels on Nitto drag tires. Modifications still covered under warranty for one more month. Excellent BRAKE CALIPERS WITH CROSS DRILLED ROTORS, SIDE LIGHTING KIT, CARBON FIBER REAR WING AND DIFFUSER, BILLET ALUMINUM ACCENTS, NICELY DONE LAMBORGHINI STYLE DOORS WHICH ALSO WERE PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED AND BOLTED ON ONLY FOR EASY CHANGE INSTALLED AND WERE BOLT ON ONLY” 15 bids, sf 42, bf 0. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $35,999. Wow... A little sweat and some tools would have paid... hmm... about five grand. Bolt-on Lambo doors don't seem to add value to 'Vettes. CORVETTE paint with only a few light chips on repainted nose and headlight doors. Engine compartment and undercarriage with light dusting and wear from use. Interior wear commensurate with mileage, floor mats and console lid heavily worn. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $30,000. Blue interior lights? That would get annoying fast. The older you get, the more you appreciate regular lighting, and the closer it is to regular white light, the better. After it was run to $30k on the block on Sunday, it was back on deck for Monday, also getting bid to $30k, but now with a $35k reserve on it. While the car seemed sorted out, the modifications didn't help much here. A lot of folks wanted to see what it did on the block, but none of those people seemed to want to bid on it. Silver Auctions, Fountain Hills, AZ, 1/08. #170189130518-2005 CHEVROLET convertible. S/N 1G1YY34U455114516. Yellow/black cloth/ black leather. Odo: 26,846 miles. 30 Photos. Marietta, GA. Automated dealership ad copy includes bland assertions like “There are no known defects - past or present on this vehicle. This vehicle is clean and has been well kept.” #270204673415-2005 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY24U655101695. Black/black leather. Odo: 495 miles. 23 Photos. Columbus, NJ. “ONLY 495 CARFAX CERTIFIED 1 OWNER MILES SINCE NEW AND LOADED WITH SHOW WINNING OPTIONS, ...ALMOST $30,000.00 IN ADDITIONAL EXTRAS...$$$$$ HRE CHROMED SPORT WHEELS AND TIRES, LARGE RACING RED comfortable buying cars from dealers. The buyer here had every reason to feel good from the get-go, as he just saved about $3,000. CORVETTE #180209185805-2005 CHEVROLET coupe. S/N 1G1YY24U155111597. Millennium Yellow/ black leather. Odo: 29,500 miles. 23 Photos. East Bernstadt, KY. “...**TOTAL PRICE NEW WAS***$54,830.00...WE BOUGHT THIS CORVETTE FROM AN INSURANCE COMPANY WITH DAMAGE, AND IT HAS BEEN PROFESSIONALLY REPAIRED. REPLACED THE FRONT BUMPER COVER. RIGHT HEADLIGHT AND RIGHT FRONT FENDER.THESE 3-REPLACEMENT PARTS WERE NEW GM TAKE OFF PARTS IN THE SAME COLOR.WE HAVE PUT OVER 10,000 MILES ON THE CAR SINCE,WITH NO PROBLEMS...FOR THE DAMAGE LISTED ABOVE THIS VETTE IS SELLING WITH A GOOD TITLE BRANDED REBUILT.” 2 bids, sf 254, bf private. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $29,000. There are usually about a half dozen C6 'Vettes on Autotrader with clear titles for less than $30k. That pricepoint is really tempting, and an incredible value, but a branded car will always be that... and this one should have been a pass at this price. Well sold. CORVETTE #200165126619-2006 CHEVROLET Z06 coupe. S/N 1G1YY26EX65113162. Black/black leather. Odo: 2,476 miles. 54 Photos. Noblesville, IN. “This Z06 was traded in on a brand new one!” Navigation, 2LZ package, polished wheels, built-in K40 radar front and rear. “Over a $3K add for it to be done right!...And the DEFUSER Navigation, Bose stereo, heated seats, polished wheels, and head-up display are apparent. 4 bids, 1 Buy-It-Now winner, sf 418, bf 15. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $37,888. While their writing might not induce rapture, a lot of people feel more basically BLOCKS any laser radar the locals will carry!” Tint very “DARTH VADER.” 1 bid, sf 82, bf 34. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $59,500. Whoever traded this in had it all wrong... this is exactly how you save about $10k off the price of a new one. Too bad there aren't any slightly used Death Stars out there. ■ www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 87

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Vette-o-bilia Online trash and trinkets—some valuable, some not. By Carl Bomstead Something to Hang Where You Do If you can't find dealer posters, then T-shirts, toys, signs, and games can make conversation among your garage “helpers” F inding “garage art” that will enhance your Corvette collection is a real chore. The signs that show up from time to time are reproductions and mostly marginal quality at best. “Corvette Parking Only” signs are available priced by the pound, and inexpensive, rather tacky Corvette neon clocks are in abundance. For $100 or so you can find a cheap-looking neon Corvette bar sign. For my money, I think some cool and relatively inexpensive Corvette posters would give a much better look. A 1964 dealer showroom poster was recently offered but, after 21 bids, it did not sell at $360. It would have been a good buy at anything under $500. Here are a few other interesting pieces we found; they won't generate much conversation on the walls of your Corvette garage, but will look good sitting on a shelf. EBAY #300192525448— 1954 TOPPS “WORLD ON WHEELS” CORVETTE TRADING CARD. Number of Bids: 12. SOLD AT: $95. Date Sold 1/27/2008. These sets were produced between 1953 and 1955 and included unique and popular cars of the day. This card was a high number—161—and was in excellent condition, with no creases and crisp edges. Price was in line with other cards in the series, so if you are into this type of collectible, there was no harm done here. automotive press at the North American International Auto Show in January of this year. Hard-working scribes stood in line in order to obtain multiple copies of the 70-page press kit and then augmented their miserable stipend by spending the evening listing them on eBay. Of the dozen or so offered, this one went for the highest price, while others went for about half what was spent here. I'd say the buyer got a little carried away here. one, due to its size, sold for about what it cost when first issued in the early part of this decade. EBAY #330207566338— EBAY #220194289284— ROUTE 66 BOARD GAME WITH 1962 CORVETTE. Number of Bids: 12. SOLD AT: $127.50. Date Sold: 1/27/2008. This game was made by Transogram and dated to 1962. The graphics on the box, which featured Buzz and Tod in their '62 Corvette, were bold and colorful. The box was in excellent condition and all the pieces, including four plastic Corvettes, were included. It's a cool game to use or display with your Corvette stuff. SINCLAIR GASOLINE PORCELAIN SIGN WITH DINO IN CORVETTE. Number of Bids: 19. SOLD AT: $191.48. Date Sold: 2/02/2008. This is a fantasy sign that was made in limited numbers, although the exact production was not stated. Reproduction or fantasy signs such as this usually sell for about $25, but this one had a lot of interest. It's cute but a lot of money for a sign that was made last month. EBAY #170189266915— EBAY #280196195449— EBAY# #230216489667— 2009 ZR1 CORVETTE PRESS KIT. Number of Bids: 10. SOLD AT: $101.40. Date Sold: 1/27/2008. The supercharged, 602-hp 2009 Corvette ZR1 was introduced to the CORVETTE RACING TEAM SHIRT FROM 2002 LE MANS. Number of Bids: 8. SOLD AT: $102.50. Date Sold: 3/03/2008. Worn by a team member during the 2002 Le Mans week. It was a cool shirt with lots of patches and embroidering, but I hope the buyer has a vivid imagination, as he will have to come up with a plausible story on how he obtained the shirt. It'd be a real let-down to tell your Corvette buddies you just snagged it on eBay. EBAY #160203308984— SNAP-ON 1:8-SCALE 1953 CORVETTE. Number of Bids: 19. SOLD AT: $142.50. Date Sold: 2/03/2008. This is a huge die-cast model; most are 1:24- or 1:18-scale. Finished in white with red interior, it included the packaging, which was stated to be in mint condition. Also included were a number of extra pieces, such as spare shifter and mirrors. Most die-cast models do not hold their value, but this 88 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com 1989 CERAMIC CORVETTE WITH SNOOPY. Number of Bids: 24. SOLD AT: $260. Date Sold: 2/02/2008. This ceramic late-'50s Corvette was made in 1989 by Willitts and was also a music box that played “Puppy Love” when wound up. Snoopy was driving with his scarf flowing behind him and Woodstock was sitting on the hood. It was stated to be in excellent condition. The Corvette guys had to chase the Peanuts collectors on this one, but the final price did not seem all that bad considering how interesting the piece appeared. ■

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THOMAS C. SUNDAY, Inc AUTOMOBILE TRANSPORTATION • Weekly coast-to-coast service, including the Pacific Northwest • Competitive rates • Fully enclosed trailers • Liftgate loading • Door-t0-door service • Courteous, personalized service • Fully insured & bonded (ICCMC 184043) • Special needs welcomed 800-541-6601 www.thomascsundayinc.com P.O. Box 217, New Kingstown, PA 17072 (717) 697-0939 Fax: (717) 697-0727 Vintage Advertising Prints 13" x 19"; Just $15.95, including shipping Available online at www.sportscarmarket.com

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rick Stuff What you need for your Corvette and where to get it. By John Gunnell Be Cool at Your School… Reunion Chill out at the cookout, cabinets with class, how to be shifty, big cubes, and let's hear it for clean air Speed Costs Money, But You Know That If you're going to upgrade your Corvette, you might as well do it right. How about a crate motor—a 427-ci LS7 with 505 hp and 470 ft-lb of torque? This mill powers the current Z06 to 198 mph, runs the quarter mile in 11.5 seconds at 127 mph, and hits 60 mph in a jaw-dropping 3.5 seconds (in first gear). Thank GM for what they call the most technologically advanced small-block ever built. A natural continuation of the LS family, the LS7 uses a 7-liter aluminum dry-sump block, CNCported cylinder heads, and titanium rods and valves to make the Z06 get over 28 mpg while still being the fastest Corvette ever produced. Here's what you get: intake manifold with injectors, fuel rails, throttle body, dry-sump oil pan, exhaust manifolds, flywheel and clutch, harmonic dampener, water pump and pulley, coil packs, spark plugs and wires, and engine sensors. All for $15,999 from Mid America Motorworks at www.mamotorworks.com. Cool Cooler Add a really cool touch to your next Corvette cookout with American Retro's Corvette Classic Picnic Cooler. This portable “ice box” looks just like the one we used to take to the beach when “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” was on the Top 10. Made of scratch- and rust-resistant steel and aluminum, it comes in colors that resemble Signet Red and Harvest Gold, with the Corvette logo on the front and a built-in bottle opener on the side. For details, visit www.toysandgamesonline.com and enter “Corvette Cooler” in the search box. From $139. Pointing the Way If you're tired of getting lost in your C1, plug one of these in. Panasonic's first portable navigation device, the Strada CN-GP50U, has a sleek, slim design with a five-inch touch panel display and vivid graphics. Strada combines one of the widest screens on the market with an SD Memory Card port for swift downloading and a friendly user interface. Other benefits include Bluetooth digital networking, voice command, and GPS Assist—an electronic compass to compensate when GPS reception is interrupted, like in a tunnel. You get easy access to maps and 1.8 million searchable points of interest in 51 categories, including gas stations, airports, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, ATMs, and historic landmarks. Retail price is $499.95. For more information, visit www.panasonic.com. 90 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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Short Shift Thanks to Fidanza's Project C6, the Ohio company now has shortthrow shifters for your 1997–2004 Corvette. The 800-hp Project C6 was built by Full Throttle Kustomz, of Bedford, Ohio, and features a twin-turbo system, Fidan short-throw sh aluminum and h allowing faste company claim ing brands,” wh dealer in your are Art Deco Decorations If you're a Corvette owner into decorating y collector car garage, the new Classic Collec of cabinets from Pit Pal Products is a collect dream. The cabinets are the coolest way to showcase your Corvette collectibles, from m cars to oil cans. They look like the furniture u in new-car dealerships in the 1940s and earl 1950s—powder coated and with large-radiu with chrome accents, to give the appearance o old, porcelain-finished trimmed metal. “We U Genuine Chevrolet Parts” is just one of the r flange signs available. Visit www.pitpal.com f more. From $199. Clean Air Act Your 'Vette's engine is one big air pump. The cleaner the air, the longer the engine lasts and the better it works. AMSOIL's racing air filters utilize nanotechnology to get the job done. The nanofibers have sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces to capture more dirt. Custom air cleaner assemblies vary in size from two to six inches high, and are for use with carbureted engines that use a 14-inch round element air cleaner housing. The units are designed to replace stock cellulose, oil-wetted gauze or foam filters. Visit www.amsoil .com to learn more. From $50. www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 91

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By the Numbers Top Corvette Sales of the Winter January and February proved to be busy months for America's sports car, as nearly 350 sold at auctions around the world 1969 427/430 L88 Coupe brought $412k at Russo and Steele Rank Model 1 1963 Corvette “Rondine” Concept Car 2 2009 Corvette ZR1 Coupe 3 1969 Corvette 427/430 L88 Coupe 4 1971 Corvette ZR2 Coupe 5 1955 Corvette Bubbletop Roadster 6 1953 Corvette Roadster 7 1953 Corvette Roadster 8 1958 Corvette 283/240 Convertible 9 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 10 1957 Corvette LS7 Custom Convertible 11 1958 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 12 1967 Corvette 427/435 Coupe 13 1954 Corvette Roadster 14 1960 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 15 1968 Corvette 427/435 L89 Coupe 16 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 17 1958 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 18 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 92 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Sold Price* Location $1,760,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $1,100,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $412,500 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $357,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $270,000 Kruse—Phoenix, AZ $264,000 RM—Phoenix, AZ $249,900 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $242,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $220,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $214,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $198,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $198,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $192,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $192,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $192,500 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $188,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $181,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $178,750 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL Date 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/27/08 1/18/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 Lot # 1304 1316 S714 1290 753 182 S109 990.1 1267 1276 1272 1327 1259 1045 F513 S135 1231.1 SP91 *Sold prices include buyer's premium

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Rank Model 19 1966 Corvette 427/425 Convertible 20 1959 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 21 1957 Corvette 427/510 Custom Convertible 22 1967 Corvette 23 1954 Corvette Roadster 24 1957 Corvette 283/283 FI Convertible 25 1959 Corvette LS2 Custom Widebody Convertible 26 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 27 1967 Corvette 427/400 Convertible 28 1957 Corvette 427/554 Custom Convertible 29 1966 Corvette 555/850 Custom Coupe 30 1957 Corvette FI Convertible 31 1968 Corvette 427/435 L89 Convertible 32 1960 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 33 1962 Corvette Convertible 34 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 35 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 36 1958 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 37 2008 Corvette Z06 Coupe 38 1956 Corvette 265/225 Convertible 39 1967 Corvette 427/435 Coupe 40 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 41 1959 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 42 1967 Corvette 427/400 Convertible 43 2000 Corvette Custom 1962 Convertible Recreation 44 1960 Corvette 383 Custom Convertible 45 1965 Corvette LS2 Custom Convertible 46 1966 Corvette 427/390 Coupe 47 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 48 1956 Corvette Custom Convertible 49 1962 Corvette LS6 Custom Convertible 50 1962 Corvette 327/340 Convertible 51 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 52 2002 Corvette Custom Convertible 53 1966 Corvette 327/350 Convertible 54 1958 Corvette 283/290 FI Convertible 55 1966 Corvette 427/390 Coupe 56 1963 Corvette 327/360 FI Coupe 57 1967 Corvette Convertible 58 1966 Corvette 427/390 Coupe 59 1965 Corvette 396/425 Convertible 60 1954 Corvette Roadster 61 1966 Corvette 427/425 Convertible 62 1958 Corvette 283/230 Convertible 63 1962 Corvette Convertible 64 1954 Corvette Roadster 65 1963 Corvette 327/360 Convertible 66 1954 Corvette Roadster 67 1965 Corvette 396/425 Coupe Sold Price Location $178,200 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $176,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $170,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $167,500 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $165,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $165,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $165,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $159,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $155,100 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $154,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $154,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $154,000 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $151,250 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $148,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $148,500 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $148,500 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $145,200 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $143,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $143,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $137,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $136,500 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $135,450 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $132,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $128,700 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $123,200 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $121,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $121,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $121,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $121,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $115,775 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $112,200 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $110,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $110,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $110,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $108,150 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $107,800 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $107,250 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $107,250 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $105,000 McCormick—Palm Springs, CA $104,500 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $101,750 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $100,100 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $99,750 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $99,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $99,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $99,000 Gooding, Scottsdale, AZ $97,650 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $95,700 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $95,700 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ Date 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 2/24/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/19/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 Lot # F503 1238 1327.1 603 980.1 1266 1009 1263.1 SP48 1317 1338.1 SP56 1273 1244.1 444 SP85 1339 1258 1258.1 960.1 S156 S211 991 F500 1275.1 1335 1277 1237 1034 F491 TH290 1023 1016.1 1232.1 S134 1013 1351 S672 204 SP106 992 1242 S139 1538 1284 37 S124 1004.1 1346 www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 93

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By the Numbers Rank Model 68 1954 Corvette Roadster 69 1963 Corvette 327/360 FI Convertible 70 1963 Corvette FI Coupe 71 1967 Corvette Convertible 72 1961 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 73 1961 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 74 1962 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 75 1961 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 76 1954 Corvette Roadster 77 1962 Corvette 327/360 FI Convertible 78 1965 Corvette 327/365 Convertible 79 1963 Corvette 357/365 Convertible 80 1961 Corvette 350/330 Custom Convertible 81 1967 Corvette 427/400 Coupe 82 1956 Corvette Convertible 83 1966 Corvette 427/450 Convertible 84 1966 Corvette 327/350 Coupe 85 1968 Corvette 427/435 Custom Convertible 86 1969 Corvette 350/350 Convertible 87 1961 Corvette Convertible 88 1966 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 89 1963 Corvette 327/340 Convertible 90 1966 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 91 1963 Corvette 92 1958 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 93 1954 Corvette Roadster 94 1967 Corvette 427/435 Coupe 95 1962 Corvette 327/340 Convertible 96 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 97 1967 Corvette 427/400 Convertible 98 1963 Corvette 327/340 Coupe 99 2007 Corvette Z06 Daytona 500 Pace Car Replica 100 1969 Corvette 427/400 Coupe 101 1962 Corvette 327/360 FI Convertible 102 1963 Corvette 327/250 Coupe 103 1969 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 104 1963 Corvette 327/250 Coupe 105 1957 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 106 1966 Corvette 107 1962 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 108 1965 Corvette 327/365 Coupe 109 1955 Corvette 350/330 Custom Convertible 110 1957 Corvette 111 1970 Corvette 350/370 Convertible 112 2003 Corvette Avelate Fifty Three Convertible 113 1963 Corvette FI Convertible 114 1961 Corvette Convertible 115 1965 Corvette 327 Convertible 116 1966 Corvette 427/425 Convertible 94 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com Sold Price Location $95,700 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $95,700 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $94,600 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $94,600 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $93,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $91,875 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $91,800 Kruse—Phoenix, AZ $91,713 Bonhams—Paris, FRA $91,350 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $90,675 Shannons—Sydney, AUS $90,300 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $90,200 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $90,038 McCormick—Palm Springs, CA $89,100 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $88,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $88,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $88,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $88,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $86,900 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $85,250 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $84,700 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $83,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $82,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $82,500 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $80,300 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $80,300 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $80,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $79,750 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $79,275 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $79,200 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $78,750 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $77,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $76,450 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $75,900 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $74,800 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $74,550 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $74,550 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $74,250 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $73,700 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $72,600 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $72,450 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $72,450 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $71,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $71,500 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $70,950 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $70,035 Bonhams—Paris, FRA $69,825 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL Date 2/17/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/27/08 2/9/08 1/26/08 2/18/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 2/24/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 2/17/08 2/9/08 1/26/08 Lot # SP89 F497 SP60 SP163 971 992.1 1228 S185 2732.1 104 S117 20 S149 1047 171 S657 725.1 1058 755 S60.1 464 709 716.1 S85.1 728 TH297 NR11 F530 S221 TH298 S136 1571 S189 1048 S732 1070 1037 S162 S45.1 956 1056 988.1 F1 S114 1573 SP86 SP93 157 S46

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Rank Model 117 1958 Corvette Convertible 118 1967 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 119 1962 Corvette Convertible 120 1966 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 121 1966 Corvette 427/425 Coupe 122 1969 Corvette Racer 123 1959 Corvette 283 Convertible 124 1966 Corvette 327/350 Convertible 125 1966 Corvette 126 1963 Corvette 327/250 Coupe 127 1967 Corvette 327/350 Convertible 128 1967 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 129 1962 Corvette 327 Convertible 130 1968 Corvette Convertible International 131 1965 Corvette 132 1965 Corvette 327/350 Coupe 133 1966 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 134 1954 Corvette Roadster 135 1961 Corvette Convertible 136 1966 Corvette 327/350 Convertible 137 1962 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 138 1958 Corvette Convertible 139 1961 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 140 1961 Corvette Convertible 141 1960 Corvette Convertible 142 1990 Corvette Marlboro/Penske RM1 Coupe 143 1965 Corvette 327/300 Coupe 144 1964 Corvette 327/250 Coupe 145 1965 Corvette 327/365 Coupe 146 1961 Corvette Convertible 147 1998 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car Convertible 148 1968 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 149 1958 Corvette Convertible 150 1969 Corvette 427/435 Coupe 151 1967 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 152 1962 Corvette Convertible 153 1966 Corvette 154 1962 Corvette Convertible 155 1959 Corvette Custom Convertible 156 1963 Corvette 327/300 Coupe 157 1963 Corvette Convertible 158 1969 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 159 1963 Corvette 327/340 Convertible 160 1967 Corvette Grand Sport Replica 161 1966 Corvette 327/300 Convertible 162 1965 Corvette 327/365 Coupe 163 1971 Corvette 350/330 Convertible 164 1966 Corvette 327 Convertible 165 1966 Corvette Sold Price Location $69,300 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $67,100 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $66,960 Kruse—Phoenix, AZ $66,550 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $66,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $66,000 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $65,880 Silver—Ft. McDowell, AZ $65,625 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $65,100 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $63,800 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $63,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $63,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $62,100 Silver—Ft. McDowell, AZ $62,100 Silver—Ft. McDowell, AZ $61,950 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $61,950 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $61,950 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $61,600 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $60,750 Silver—Ft. McDowell, AZ $60,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $60,500 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $60,480 Kruse—Phoenix, AZ $59,850 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $59,850 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $59,325 McCormick—Palm Springs, CA $58,300 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $58,275 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $56,100 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $56,100 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $55,650 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $55,000 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $54,600 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $54,540 Kruse—Phoenix, AZ $53,900 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $52,500 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $52,500 McCormick—Palm Springs, CA $52,000 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $51,700 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $51,700 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $51,300 Silver—Ft. McDowell, AZ $49,875 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $49,500 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $48,500 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $48,400 Barrett-Jackson—Scottsdale, AZ $48,400 RM—Ft. Lauderdale, FL $48,300 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $47,513 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL $47,300 Russo and Steele—Scottsdale, AZ $47,250 Mecum—Kissimmee, FL Date 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/27/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/21/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/21/08 1/21/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 2/17/08 1/21/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 1/27/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 2/24/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/27/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 2/24/08 1/26/08 2/17/08 1/20/08 1/21/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 2/17/08 1/26/08 1/26/08 1/20/08 1/26/08 Lot # SP116 TH285 2747 689 975.1 F508 539 F142 T140 743 S78 S43 275 129 F99 S105 F174 NR33 727 417 SP153 457 S216 F130.1 36 961.1 F177 932 TH275 F287 1567 S180 1061 F473 F170 362 S187.1 SP128 S645 130 F269.1 695.1 S64 716 NR27 F212.1 S32 S622 S42 www.vettemarket.com SPRING 2008 Corvette Market 95

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Resource Directory Auction Companies GoFastAuction.com Go- FastAuction is an Internet oasis for classic, vintage and antique car aficionados from around the world. Our auto auction and classified listings are the definitive source for locating classic cars and related parts or accessories. www.gofastauction.com Kruse International. 800.968.4444, 5540 CR llA Auburn, IN 46706. Largest Collector Car Auction Company, holding over 35 auctions per year. Home of the 480-acre Auction Park in Auburn, IN, where the 37th Annual Labor Day Auction will be held with over 5,000 cars and 150,000 people. www.kruse.com. (IN) Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers. 815.568.8888, 815.568.6615. 950 Greenlee St., Marengo, IL 60015. Auctions: Orlando, Kansas City, Rockford, Bloomington Gold, St. Paul, Des Moines, Carlisle, and Chicago. Nobody Sells More Muscle Than Mecum. Nobody. www .mecumauction.com. (IL) Palm Springs Auctions Inc. Keith McCormick. 760.320.3290, 760.323.7031. 244 N. Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262 www.classic-carauction.com. (CA) Russo and Steele Collector Automobiles. 602.252.2697, 602.252.6260. 5230 South 39th Street, Phoenix AZ 85040. info@russoandsteele.com; www .russoandsteele.com. (AZ) Silver Auctions. 800.255.4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@silverauctions.com. www.silverauctions.com. (WA) The Worldwide Group. 866.273.6394, Established by Put your company in the CM R M Resource Directory. Call 877.219.2605 x211, or email advert@vettemarket.com John Kruse and Rod C. Egan, The Worldwide Group— Auctioneers, Appraisers and Brokers —is one of the world's premier auction houses, specializing in the procurement and sale of the world's finest automobiles and vintage watercraft. www.wwgauctions.com. (TX) Automobilia Custom Diecast Inc Ever thought about having your car in diecast ? Have you tried to find a diecast version of your car at shows and hobby shops ? The #1 home for custom diecast replicas. www.customdiecastreplicas.com Vette Collectibles Licensed Corvette diecast, apparel and novelties. We are a one-stop shop for collectors and Corvette enthusiasts alike. www.vettecollectibles.com Corvette Parts & Restoration Corvette Repair, Inc. 516.568.1959, The most recognized Corvette restoration shop in America. The leader in NCRS, Triple Crown and Bloomington Gold Achievements. www .corvetterepair.com Corvette Central 800.345.4122, Parts and accessories for everything from the Blue Flame Six to the new C6. www.corvettecentral.com County Corvette 610.696.7888, Sales, service, parts and restoration. When it must be right. www.countycorvette.com Mid America Motorworks 800.500.1500, America's leader in 1953-2008 Corvette parts and accessories. Request a free catalog at www.mamotorworks.com Classic Car Transport Intercity Lines, Inc.. 800.221.3936, 413.436.9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast-to-coast service. Insured enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocations. www.intercitylines .com. (MA) Motor Auto Express, Inc.. 360.661.1734, Enclosed Transport. MAX cares for what you care for. We offer Personal, Private, Professional services with liftgate loading for your vehicles. Please contact Randy McKinley, Owner. maxiet@gmail.com. (WA) Exotic Car Transport. 800.766.8797. 20 years serving manufacturers, dealers, collectors, and owners of fine automobiles. www.exoticcartransport.com. (FL) FedEx Custom Critical Passport Auto Transport. 800.325.4267, fax 314.878.7295. Fully enclosed transport from the industry originator. Specializing in events, including Pebble Beach, the Colorado Grand, and BarrettJackson. Liftgates for safe loading and winches for inoperable vehicles. Inquire about ultra-expedited, three-day, coast-to-coast service. www.passporttransport.com. (MO) Insurance Hagerty Collector Car Insur- ance. 800.922.4050. Collector cars aren't like their late-model counterparts. These classics actually appreciate in value so standard market policies that cost significantly more won't do the job. We'll agree on a fair value and cover you for the full amount. No prorated claims, no hassles, no games. www.hagerty.com. (MI) Motor Sport Personal Acci- dent Coverage. 441.297.9439. Email,mcooke@evolution.bm. Limits up to $1,000,000 including accident medicaland helicopter evacuation. Comp Capital Ltd. can obtain coverage atcompetive rates including drivers over the age of 65. Either 12 monthpolicy covering a whole season and or for specific events. Pleasecontact Mark Cooke and or Kevin Way. Corvettes for Sale Cardiff Classics 760.632.5555, Located on Pacific Coast Highway 101 in beautiful Encinitas. www .cardiff-classics.com Cn' V Corvettes 1-800-875- 8390,We mechanically service and recondition our Corvettes like no other Corvette dealer does. From underside to the top we go to extremes to make you proud of the Corvette you purchase from Cn'V. www.cnv-corvettes.com Corvette Central Parts and Accessories for all corvettes. Corvette Central has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of Corvette parts and accessories since 1975. We offer the most comprehensive and detailed parts catalogs on the market today and produce a different catalog for each Corvette generation. All catalogs are also online with full search and order features. From Blue Flame 6 to the new C6, only Corvette Central has it all. www.corvettecentral.com Corvette Mike. 800.327.VETT, Whether you are looking for a vintage 1953 Corvette—or the latest 96 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com

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In Miniature How details make models into masterpieces. By Marshall Buck Wingate's '67 is Something Special There's a wealth of detail and working features, with stickers, emblems, and badges replicated—and also legible by Marshall Buck 1967 Corvette Coupe This is not just another GoodRatings ( Quality: Authenticity: Overall Value: ½ wood Green 427 coupe with a white Stinger Stripe. It's a 1:24-scale model of a 1967 FSO (Factory Shop Order) coupe that was built for salesman Bob Wingate, who for a number of years consistently sold more Corvettes than any other individual. There is no other Corvette like it. This little gem is produced by the Danbury Mint. Unlimited as it is, is best) you will want one. The very fine metallic paint finish is flawless. Engine detail is spot-on and extensive. You'll be torn between displaying it with the hood open or closed. This model is made from revised older tooling so you will have to put up with the old dog-leg type of door hinges, but that's about it. The carpeted interior is complete, including a simulated wood Nardi steering wheel. Look up to the ceiling and you'll notice an interior light over the seats and sun visors, too. The door jambs even have simulated latch mechanisms and sill plates. External details delight, like six round taillights unique to this car and the perfectly replicated license plate. Along the side are gorgeous Torq Thrust wheels, and if you look closely, you'll see the white calipers with simulated hand-painted text on them. In addition to the usual working features, there are the flip-up headlights, open- ing gas cap door, tilting seat backs, and opening spare tire compartment. Having looked over many photos of the original, everything is there, with the one exception being the lack of Goodyear lettering on the Blue Streak tires, which are also a bit too narrow.Must have been a licensing issue. Only $120. Available from the Danbury Mint, 800.243.4664; www.danburymint.com. 2006 Corvette C6R Both these cars—#63 and #64—raced at Le Mans in 2006. Number 64 came in 4th overall and 1st in the GT1 class. These little beauties are made by Spark Models and, like so much else these days, are produced in China. These resin models are somewhat limited, so don't procrastinate. The overall detail, fit, and finish are superb. They rival any static 1:43-scale hand-built. The bodies are captured perfectly with crisp, prop- 1958 Corvette Fuelie The restyled 1958 Cor- Ratings ( vette, with its V8 engine and new quad headlight arrangement, offered great performance and enough chrome to rival Cadillac. It also produced profits at last. This terrific 1:24-scale model from the Danbury Mint is billed as a “Special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition” and is available until December 31, 2008. After that, no more will be produced... at least not in this color scheme. I can't say how many are being made; my sample is number 2287. Even though the edition is rather large, I'm sure Quality: Authenticity: Overall Value: Ratings ( Quality: Authenticity: Overall Value: is best) erly scaled panel lines and an excellent paint finish. It even appears as though they have lightly inked in the panel lines for proper definition, which you only see on custom-builts by professional builders at much higher prices. Detail is great, from delicate antennas on the roof to a fully detailed interior with belts, fire bottle, full roll cage, and more, though unfortunately it's all black. Nonetheless, at just $50, I am pleasantly surprised. These are really terrific little models. Available from Motorsports Miniatures, 516.794.2831; www.motorsports- miniatures.com. 98 Corvette Market SPRING 2008 www.vettemarket.com it will sell out just as previous ones have. This '58 is stunning in its Panama Yellow with white coves and black interior. DM goes to great lengths to get all the details and colors exactly correct. In order to do that, they work closely with the NCRS, as well as some of the top restorers and noted experts in the field. As expected from DM these days, there is a wealth of detail, and working features include a hinged gas cap door and removable hard top. Small items like all of the stickers, emblems, and badges are replicated throughout and some, like the dash gauges, shift pattern, and entire warning label on the underside of the trunk lid, are legible! Everything in the interior is there, and the same can be said for the trunk, with its removable rubber floor mat, wheel cover, and tire with jack. Delicate emblems are perfectly applied to the body and even the screw heads on the taillight lenses have been replicated. Detailing of the fuel-injected V8 is practically faultless.What's not to like, you ask? Only the overly heavy working antenna (leave it down) and the year on the license plates. It is well priced at $140, so order one and don't play with the radio. Available from the Danbury Mint, 800.243.4664; www.danburymint.com. ■ is best)