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12 Turn a Classic '58 into a Fuelie? / 135 Car Auction Report Corvette Market $980k Keith Martin's The Insider's Guide to Collecting, Investing, Values, and Trends ZOOT-SUIT STING RAY Harley Earl's Summer 2010 ► Chip Miller's Dream Lives: 1960 Corvette Returns to Le Mans ► Bloomington Gold: www.corvettemarket.com Ten Great Corvettes and Ten Great People ► Three L88s Bring $772k

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Corvette Market Keith Martin's Volume 3 . Issue 12 . Summer 2010 26 Earl's C2 28 C3 L88s 32 A pair of C5 racers Profiles C1 1957 283/250 Fuelie convertible 24 by Thomas Glatch 1963 327/300 “Harley Earl” convertible $980,500 at Mecum Historically speaking, the Harley Earl zoot-suit Sting Ray never accomplished much of anything, and never blazed any highly important concept trails as did Earl's brilliant 1953 Motorama show car or Mitchell's original Mako Shark 26 by John L. Stein 1968 427/430 L88 coupe $159,000 at Mecum 1969 427/430 L88 coupe $365,000 at RM 1969 427/430 coupe $192,500 at RM Hearing a Corvette L88 fire up is guaranteed to move you. That's because, like the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel's “Messiah” on Christmas Day (or maybe the Troggs' “Wild Thing” at a backyard double-kegger) the sound drills deep into your soul 28 by Mark Rudnick On the Cover: 1963 327/300 “Harley Earl” convertible Photo by Sam Murtaugh, courtesy of Mecum Auctions 4 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com 1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Convertible $68,200 at Worldwide The ‘57 Fuelie has that rare recipe of performance and style, with a sprinkling of mystique. But not all fuel-injected ‘57s were created equal $33,000 at RM The setup seemed right for this Twin Turbo to pull significantly more dollars than it did. Blame it on C4 Corvettes in general, as they are still far too “new” to be considered classics 30 by Chip Lamb C5 2003 Pratt & Miller C5-R Le Mans Racers not sold at $775,000 at Mecum Since the C5-Rs were a no-sale at Mecum Indy, perhaps someone else will soon have a chance to enjoy one of the most stirring Corvette drives available to mortal man. With a fresh Pratt & Miller race tune-up on their authentic Katech engines, they are ready to compete not only in current ALMS or FIA events, but also in historical classes as well. 32 by B. Mitchell Carlson Mini Profiles of C6 Coupes A few grand can make all the difference when buying a used car, particularly when you are in high school , and you ride a bicycle to your job at Hot Dog on a Stick 34 by Geoff Archer

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Market Reports 38 Mecum Auctions, St. Charles, IL 137 Corvettes make $4.8m at Bloomington Gold by B. Mitchell Carlson and Dan Grunwald 56 RM Auctions, San Diego, CA Classic Muscle & Modern Performance sees 28 Corvettes bring $2.5m by Carl Bomstead 66 Global Roundup 135 Corvettes from nine auctions total $10m by CM Market Analysts Features 18 Bloomington Gold: The ultimate certification is Benchmark. by CM Staff 20 The Great Hall: Ten great Corvettes and 10 great people welcomed to the Great Hall by CM Staff 22 Le Mans: 1960 Cunningham Corvette's 50th anniversary lap at Le Mans by Lance Miller 18 Bloomington Gold Departments 6 Publisher's Note: Bring your Corvette to Monterey 8 Insider's View: Should you make your ‘58 a Fuelie? 10 Q&A: Putting a Split Window back into a ‘63 12 Courtroom Corvettes: The problems of recovering a stolen car 14 Events: Things to do and places to be with your Corvette 16 Auction Calendar 36 Market Overview: CM reporters cover the globe 78 By The Numbers: Top 85 Corvette sales 80 Price Guide: Current Corvette pricing 84 Trick Stuff: Spray-on car wash, Fuelie pistons and more 86 In Miniature: 1963 Sting Ray Split-Window coupe 86 Speaking Volumes: The Corvette Factories 88 Resource Directory 90 Vette-o-bilia: Trains, cars and giant billboards

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Publisher's Note By Keith Martin The Way to Monterey Corvette Market Keith Martin's Volume 3 . Issue 12 . Summer 2010 Publisher Keith Martin Art Director Kirsten Hegg Managing Editor Chester Allen Technical Editor Jim Pickering Auction Analysts B. Mitchell Carlson Linda Clark Tom Glatch Daniel Grunwald John Clucas Chip Lamb Norm Mort Dale Novak Contributors Carl Bomstead Marshall Buck Colin Comer John Draneas Michael Pierce John L. Stein Operations Manager Mary Artz Senior Web Developer Jerret Kinsman Information Technology/ Internet Bryan Wolfe At Bloomington, from left: Tom Mann, Keith and Wendie Martin, Mary Artz, Cody Wilson, Alex Martin-Banzer and Tyler Standish induction of the first members of the Great Hall (more about that on p. 20) and the Survivor show on Sunday. I'd like to personally thank all the subscribers who came by our booths and introduced T themselves. Your feedback, such as telling us what you most like about CM, and also letting us know what features you would like to see added as we grow, is highly appreciated. For my daughter, Alex, and my wife Wendie's son, Tyler, this was their first show as rep- resentatives of Corvette Market (of course, our 3-year-old, Bradley, is a veteran). As you might expect, Alex and Tyler wanted to buy a Corvette. They had a chance to chat with Dana Mecum, and he explained that getting the Corvette of their dreams was easy at his on-site auction: “Just raise your hand when you see one you like, and keep it in the air until the auctioneer says ‘Sold!'. Don't worry about paying for it, we know where to find your dad.” Auction Week in Monterey Monterey represents something completely different. There will be plenty of collectible Corvettes crossing the block, typified by the 1967 L88 offered by Mecum. But they will be part of a pack that includes Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars, Porsches and Mercedes. CM, along with its sister publication Sports Car Market, will be present at every auction, and we encourage you to say hello. We encourage you to bring your cars to Corvettes at Concorso (www.corvettesatconcorso. com), held in conjunction with Concorso Italiano at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch in Monterey on August 13. SCM contributor and NCRS senior judge Michael Pierce will award trophies in several categories, including “Farthest Driven,” “Most Original” and “Corvette I Most Want in My Garage.” Plus, all participants will get a commemorative T-shirt. CM readers get a discount on admission – go to the website for further details. This is my 12th he Corvette Market gang has barely unpacked its bags from our annual trip to Bloomington Gold, and we're about to repack for Monterey. Each year, Bloomington becomes more important to CM, its subscribers and the world of serious Corvette collectors. CM was involved with the Certification field, the Information Technology Mike Newkirk Production Assistant Jeff Stites Financial Manager Nikki Nalum Print Media Buyer Wendie Martin Director CM Television Roger Williams ADVERTISING SALES Advertising Executives Tom Mann tom.mann@corvettemarket.com 877.219.2605 x 211 Cody Wilson cody.wilson@corvettemarket.com 877.219.2605 x 213 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions Coordinator Moira Blackflower Subscriptions 877.219.2605 x 1 9 am to 5 pm, M–F service@corvettemarket.com 503.253.2234 fax CORRESPONDENCE Phone 503.261.0555 Fax 503.253.2234 General P.O. Box 4797 Portland, Oregon 97208 FedEx/DHL/UPS 401 NE 19th Street, Suite 100 Portland, Oregon 97232 Web www.corvettemarket.com year as emcee of Concorso Italiano, and I look forward to sharing some American thunder with my Italian friends. A Corvette of our own It's time for Corvette Market to once again have a Corvette of its own. A few years back we owned a 1991 C4 that we drove from Portland to Anchorage, using the Al-Can Highway. Most recently, we had a 1963 Split-Window coupe that we still miss. Our budget is $35,000 – we'd like you to tell us what should be our next Corvette. Some of the options in our price range include a 1959 283/220, a 1964 327/300 coupe, a 1995 ZR-1 and a 2003 C5 Z06. We're looking for a good driver, not a show car, in its original colors ( respray is okay) and with its original drivetrain. If you have a recommendation or something you think we'd be interested in buying, contact me at keith.martin@corvettemarket.com. See you in Monterey. ■ 6 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Corvette Market magazine (ISSN# 1939-6481) is published quarterly by Automotive Investor Media Group, 401 NE 19th Street, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Corvette Market, PO Box 4797, Portland, OR 97208. The information in Corvette Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats, and intellectual concepts in this issue © 2010 by Keith Martin's Corvette Market, LLC, Automotive Investor Media Group, and Automotive Investor in this format and any other used by Corvette Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. PRINTED IN USA

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Insider's View The current state of the Corvette market To Inject Or Not To Inject? Whether or not to replace an original-equipment carb with a period-correct Fuelie unit is a matter of personal choice, but everyone has an opinion C M asked our subscribers: “Let's say you own a 1958 Corvette with a matching-number 283-ci / 230-hp engine with its original four-barrel carburetor. One day, you're at a swap meet and, for a ridiculously low price, buy a NOS factory fuel-injection setup for a '58. Inside is a factory fuel-injection that has the correct sequential serial number and part number for your '58. Do you convert your car to a fuelie and gain the extra 60 horsepower, or leave your car alone?” This is what you had to say… Jan Hyde, via email: Your clever question made my day. If pure passion ruled I would go with the Fuelie hands down. If pure economics rule, collectors may pay more for a numbers-matching original ‘58 carb car versus a non-number -matching Fuelie, even though fuel units add some $15 to $20k in value. Car condition and other factors would enter into the calculation. Also, keep in mind these units can be switched out without any permanent damage, so it might be good to keep that fuel unit on the shelf. I grew up with Fuelies when they were the ultimate hot setup, and I never lost my love for them, so I may be a bit biased. Fuelies run cleaner, are better on gas, and are better looking and more distinctive than carb induction. Contrary to myth, Fuelies are not a mystery, parts are available and people in the NCRS, SAAC and some race shops can set them up. There are service manuals and a lot of helpful literature including Ken Kayser's book on Ramjet Fuel Injection. Neil Thomas, via email: I would and keep the original carburetor parts in a safe place so when you wanted to sell the car you can offer both options. Ernie Hoffer, via email: Inject it and save the old parts. Does the car have an automatic? That's okay. It is an easier conversion if it is a radio delete. The original OEM emblems are available on eBay. I see so many fuel-injected performance. Bolt it on! The only caveat is that a large percentage of these Rochester mechanical fuel units have been difficult to get running correctly. For many mechanics and owners, they were difficult to tune 50 years ago when they were current. Today, the number of experts (Bramlett, Hodges, Degregory and Reade, to name a few) is very small. That is one of the major reasons why so many original fuel injector units have been available over the years. Many were bought or sold at swap meets in the early days for a couple of hundred dollars. Current market value (restored) is now twice the original price of the entire Corvette; about $10,000. Chris Schaff, via email: I would not install it if I was going to sell the car. However, if I'm keeping the car, I would install it, especially after owning a fuel-injected car. No comparison to carb if tuned right. What if you could make your engine bay look like this? cars that have been converted to carburetors, and the value is hurt. That's why you should save the parts. G. Mike Goodwin, Canoga Park, CA: Of course fuel it up, more reliable better running. Vaughan Whalen, via email: To find a cool piece like that, give it a shine and put it on the mantel. Or build another motor to maximize the injection. To be logical, you'd need more than the injection unit; isn't there a special distributor? If you want the Corvette to go faster there are other ways like pistons and camshaft and it would stay looking stock to boot. 8 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Michael Pierce, Portland, OR: If you have intentions of having your car judged either by NCRS or Bloomington, the answer is “no.” The encyclopedic—sometimes pedantic— knowledge of these judges in determining whether or not this ‘58 left St Louis with fuel injection makes it virtually impossible to swap out the carburetor without detection. Additionally, you would also have to find the correctly numbered, configured and dated distributor. For everyone else, vintage mechanical fuel-injection pegs the Cool Meter and when properly set up, brings unparalleled E.V. DiMassa, Universal City, CA: If the numbers are correct and the parts match up... I say go for it. I know the car would be considered “not stock” after that, but the argument could be made that the fellow who bought the car way back when could have done it then, so why not do it now? Ron Cooper, via email: No big deal installing injection for your pleasure, but if you're interested in selling, you need to be honest and divulge what was done. Tim Gilmore, Austin, TX: I wouldn't put the fuel unit on the car and disturb a nice, original car. There are fuel-injected cars out there that would need that unit, and I'd be sure it ended up on a car that needed that unit.

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Joe Martinez, via email: I would definitely buy the unit. Once installed, however, I would be sure to keep ALL of the old parts. The VIN would be a giveaway as to what the vehicle originally came with, but having both units would definitely be a plus should one ever decide to part with it. Jack Tockston, Gig Harbor, WA: Whether or not to replace an original-equipment carb with a period-correct Fuelie unit is a matter of personal choice. If the car is totally original with all purchase and delivery documents, it's best to keep it as delivered. The swap doesn't offer a significant bump in performance, but it offers a potential increase in maintenance issues. However, if the swap was performed for esthetic or auditory needs—the owner loves “the look,” or that “hiss!”—and all original removed parts were properly retained and stored, the Corvette could later be returned to its documented “As Delivered” state. Either way, it's best to remember originality is rewarded with maximum appreciation in value. Danny May, Harrison, OH: It de- pends on ownership. Are you a casual Corvette enthusiast who loves to drive your normally aspirated ‘58 Vette on at least a monthly basis—or are you a “for profit” collector? Or are you somewhere in-between? Changing the original 4- barrel to fuel injection will be expensive and require additional tuning and frequent adjustments by a pro to get it to behave correctly for reliable driving. But fuel injection will definitely increase the value and desirability of your Corvette when put on the block for sale. The increase in performance would raise the fun factor too. So, if it was my car and the price was right for the (complete) correct injection system, I would swap it out, and keep the original manifold and carb in a safe place. Jerry James, CA: I would install this gift in a New York minute. I did this exact procedure on a ‘61 2x4 (290 hp, if I remember correctly) many years ago in Colorado. Got the unit used at Bloomington, went to Chevrolet and purchased a rebuild kit, rebuilt it and stuck it on. Made a wonderful difference in performance and I loved the fuel injection whistle. Understand that I had all the rest of the motor to go along with it. If your scenario would involve a lower-horse motor or your ‘58 was absolutely numbers matching and a garage queen, then I don't believe I would. I truly enjoyed the Fuelie and it gave me many years of service until the car was stolen. If I had it to do again, there would be no question about it. The early fuel injection units were really fairly bullet-proof once properly sorted out. Dave Lavine, Minneapolis, MN: The question should be: “Why wouldn't you do it?” Of course, at the same time, you should save all the parts taken off the car in order to install the new parts. Chuck Wegman, via email: No way. I would put the unit away for the next time I need a little cash in retirement. Charles Barnett, via email: Of course you would put it on if it matched. The value would go up $10K plus, and it would be more of a sports car. Bill Millis, via email: Don't do it! I have owned eight fuel-injected Corvettes and own one now. They are wonderful, go like stink, and are at the top of the pecking order of early small blocks. However, you need racing fuel at $8.50 per gallon for them to run properly, hard starts when warm, not everyone can tune them like a Holley, and parts are problematic. Lyle Davidson, Leesburg, VA: If restored and installed correctly, it can be one of those wow moments when started. There are very few ways to tell on the C1s and C2s whether a Corvette was born with an injection, so one could really stretch the truth here. However, honesty is always best, and those who know will pick it apart with correct stampings and castings all over the unit. The VINs on the car actually do make a huge difference as to what unit was used. There were roughly four unit types per year from low to high horsepower. Those units will need to relate to your motor and heads if you're looking for correctness. I have rebuilt units from the earliest 1957 Sebring Cars 7014360 and 7014520 to the 1965 7017380. There are huge differences year-to-year in their engineering. I personally enjoy the low-horse units with the high-horse injectors because of the sleeper effect they evoke. Finally, Fuelies have the rare gear driven distributor, which is the only distributor to make the “Unit” work. I've heard this story more times than I can count about the “Old Finned Thing” in a garage and no distributor to make the “Old Finned Thing” work. Dick Kiehl, via email: Keep it cor- rect and just sell the fuel injector unit. The block will not be correct if it's changed to a Fuelie. Pete Hof, Australia: My thoughts for what they are worth. If you are looking for cash then convert, but if it's your car to keep, and you are honest about it, it needs to stay as it was intended. You are what you are, and even if you did alter the car, you would still know it was not genuine. Better off holding on to the Fuelie unit and looking for another project to bring something back from the dead. Paul Hardiman, via email: I'd leave the car stock and see what Mike Yager at Mid America would swap me for the injector kit. Bill Taylor, Seabrook, TX: Yes, I would install the fuel unit. I did this with a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe when I was in high school in 1964. I would not pass it off as original, and I would keep the original carb. Bob Massie, via email: I had a 1960 Corvette with a 283 and 4-barrel carb, and my buddy had a 1958 283 with fuel injection. It was a numbers-matching car. I always enjoyed listening to Harvey's pea-green 1958, even though mine also sounded very good. I would install the fuel injection in a heartbeat! Performance-wise, it was not all that different, but the sound was really cool at the time, and it was pretty responsive. Curtis Smith, via email: First, I am happy to find the fuel injection unit. Next, I would have it refurbished. Then I would put it on display in my office. I am completely fascinated with all things mechanical, and mechanical fuel injection always interests me. Electronic fuel injection is just not the same when it comes to presentation. Then, after staring at it for a while, I would go out to the garage, fire up the 1958, and go for a ride. After I came back, I would look at the fuel injection unit and dream about one day running it on my car while the carb took its place on the shelf. Always good to have possibilities. Russ Baltzer, via email: Keep it stock! Too many conversions out there hurt us all. Besides, Fuelie maintenance is tougher than the carburetor. I know—I have both. Bob Immler, via email: If the car were only shown, I might add it. But, if the car were driven, I would not add it. I have a 1962 with 340 hp and 4-speed. My dad bought the car new. He chose the 340 over the fuel-injected engine because it had a carburetor. A carb he—and I—could tune. A fuel-injected engine would be more difficult. That's my two cents. ■ www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 9

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Questions &Answers Please send your questions to questions@corvettemarket.com. By Colin Comer Putting the Split Window Back into my '63 The proper way to do it is to go to the factory bonding seams and do it like GM did, including gel coating the new glass when you are done Restoring the lost rear-window split I just got a great deal on a 1963 Corvette coupe that's in pretty good shape overall, but someone installed 1964 rear glass at some point, which meant removing the split. I couldn't say no to the asking price, but I'd really like to have the right 1963 look. How hard is it to reinstall the split? What all will be involved?— B.F., Oklahoma City, OK It depends. For somebody well versed in fiberglass re- pair and bodywork, it is a fairly involved but straightforward job. I certainly wouldn't recommend trying it unless you are 100% confident you can cut a car apart and bond it back together, and make it appear as if it was never cut apart. Paragon Corvette (as well as others) sell a new roof section for Splits, as well as some other support sections you will need. The proper way to do it is to go to the factory bonding seams and do it like GM did, including gel coating the new glass when you are done, so the new paint has some longevity. Plus, you'll obviously need new glass, trim, and interior panels. It isn't a weekend shade tree job, or an inexpensive one if done by a shop. If the rest of the car is indeed in good shape, reinstalling the split windows is a good idea, as that is where the value comes from on these cars—and their iconic status in part revolves around those two rear windows. Get a few estimates from people that know what they are doing, and also carefully evaluate the remainder of the car to make But what if your split is missing? sure it justifies such expenditure. You don't want to over-improve a lump of coal, but if it the car's biggest sin is the missing split, then do it. Let us know how the story ends. Selling a 38-year-old friend I am the original owner. I bought my 1973 Corvette Stingray Coupe on Sept. 30, 1972 from Chris Volz in Milan, Indiana. I have had it for 38 years, and I can't maintain it the way I want to. I would like to sell it. Maybe you could advise me on the best way to go about selling my Corvette—S.F., via email First, are you sure you want to sell it? After 38 years, a car becomes a part of your family. Perhaps there is a competent local shop that could help you maintain it. Just a thought. If you do still wish to sell, I have found eBay to be a powerful, low-cost selling tool. While it may not sell through an eBay auction right away, I find that 10 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com most good cars will sell in the weeks following to somebody that doesn't like online bidding. If you wish to go the live auction route, Mecum Auctions specializes in Corvettes and has many auctions across the country throughout the year, including their All-Corvette auction at Bloomington Gold in June. A live auction, with a car that is well detailed and well represented, can sometimes bring a substantial premium for the seller versus a private sale. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck. Transmission swap can be changed back I bought a 45,000-mile 1986 Corvette coupe about four years ago as a sunny weather driver, and while I love the car, I hate its 4+3 manual transmission. A friend of mine with a C5 suggested I upgrade to a 6-speed manual, but I'm hesitant to do so. Will a transmission swap hurt the value of my car when it comes time to sell?—G.S., Nashville, TN Anybody who has lived with a 4+3 transmission would not see a later model 6 speed as a negative. Plus, if you save all the original parts, it can always be changed back. Go for it! Headers versus factory manifolds I have a 1966 Corvette coupe with a non-original 327 and a 4-speed. My mechanic tells me one of my factory-style exhaust manifolds is cracked, and he suggested I install a set of headers for a bit better performance. Will they really help, or should I just try to find another cast-iron manifold? What should I expect to pay for a proper factory piece?—A.K., Los Angeles, CA Yes, headers will offer a noticeable performance gain over factory manifolds, especially if the engine is tuned to take advantage of the increased breathing and the rest of the exhaust is reasonably free flowing. The downside is non-original appearance, and sometimes headers can have a slightly tinny sound compared to manifolds. You also must be careful with spark plug wire routing so they don't get burned. Because your car has a non- original motor, and you sound more concerned with performance than appearance, I'd give the headers a try. Get ones that are coated rather than painted, as paint won't last a week in the real world, and then you will have rusty headers. If you want to stay stock, without knowing which manifolds you have, I can only guess that $200 to $500 will get you a non-cracked replacement. Hope this helps. ■

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Courtroom Corvettes The legal side of the hobby. By Bruce Shaw, Esq. The Problems of Recovering a Stolen Car You tendered the title and car and watched him drive away—only to find out a week later that his cashier's check was counterfeit I t's Sunday afternoon, and your wife and kids are over at her mother's house. You have a cold beer in one hand and a computer mouse in the other. It's time for your weekly pastime, surfing the Internet for your 1965 Corvette that was stolen in California five years ago. Suddenly, there it is. Someone in Ohio has listed your 1965 Corvette on an online sales website. The Online Seller states in the ad that he's owned the car for three years. The Online Seller says he has invested more than $25K to restore the car. He's asking for $65K. You got $35K from your insurance company five years earlier. You think your 1965 Corvette is finally coming back home. Well, maybe.... Proof of ownership There are a few questions that need to be asked. Do you actually still own the Who really owns this Corvette? Corvette? If you were insured and you were paid off by the insurance company, you almost certainly “subrogated” your ownership rights to the car when you settled. “Subrogated” is a legal term for transferring your ownership rights to the insurance company for the settlement check. Now, the insurance company owns the car – not you. Perhaps you can contact your insurance company and see if you can buy your rights back – or urge them to file a theft report. OK, let's assume you didn't have insurance and you still have your title. Was the Corvette really stolen? Let's assume the deal went down this way. You placed an ad to sell the Corvette in your local newspaper. Bill W., a well-dressed, reputable-looking person, saw the ad, came to look at the Corvette, negotiated a price of $30K and gave you a cashier's check. You tendered the title and car and watched him drive away—only to find out a week later that his cashier's check was counterfeit. You were never able to contact Bill W. again. You immediately called the police and filed a stolen car report. A year went by. Unknown to you, the Online Seller of today purchased the Corvette from Bill W. and took title to the car. This is Bad News, as the Corvette was never legally “stolen.” The Uniform Commercial Code controls the sale of goods in the United States. The Code is federal law and all states have adopted their own version of it. The Code deals with the ownership of the “title” to the property. There is “void title” (no title) and “voidable title” (good transferable title). In this case, because you willingly transferred the title, you conferred to Bill W. a voidable/good title that he can then pass on to the next person. For the Corvette to be actually stolen, the transfer would have had to be done non-voluntarily, and you would not have known or approved of the transfer of title. In this case, the Online Seller is what the law calls a Bonafide Purchaser for Value, 12 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com and he doesn't have to give the car back to you. His new Ohio title is valid. You and your insurance company are cut off from any legal rights against him. Bonafide Purchaser for Value status requires: That the person has no knowledge of any prior wrongdoings surrounding this Corvette. That he pays adequate consideration for the Corvette. The buyer can't pay a small sum that is “too good to be true.” That the person takes reasonable precautions that the deal is on the “up and up.” His reward is that the title that he got from Bill W.—your title—is as good as gold. The rationale behind all this is that the law wants to protect the party who is least able to protect him/herself. In this case, the Online Seller never knew of any wrongdoing or fraud. In contrast, you, as the original seller to Bill W., decided on your own volition to accept his certified check. You could have asked for cash or a wire transfer of funds into your account. Now, let's look at a different set of circumstances. The problem of entrustment Let's say you did not advertise your Corvette for sale. Instead, you took it to Jim's Collector Cars to sell for you on consignment. The law calls this “entrustment.” Basically, you trust a car dealer to sell your car and give you the money. A few weeks pass, and you go by Jim's Collector Cars, but your car is not on the lot. You stop in, and Jim tells you he sold the Corvette—and he will send Lost and Found:

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you the money in a few days. Jim has actually sold the car and delivered your title to the Online Seller. But you never received the money for your car, so you attempt to file a stolen car police report. Once again, you are out of luck. In the eyes of the law, the car was not stolen. What's worse, the law states that if you leave property with a merchant that deals in that type of good, such as Corvette cars, the merchant has been given the power to transfer all of your rights to a buyer in the ordinary course of his business. This is true regardless of what agreement you made with the merchant before you left your car on his lot. Years later, when you see the Corvette online, you call the police and call your lawyer. You want to sue the Online Seller and retrieve your car. Unfortunately, under the Entrustment Laws, you are —once again—stopped from taking any action against the Online Seller for the return of the car. The Online Seller received good title from Jim's Collector Cars—even though you received nothing. An actual theft of a Corvette Finally, a scenario where you win! Well, almost…. You wake up one morning and your beloved Corvette is missing from your drive- way. The car title was in the glovebox. The car was not insured. You report the car was stolen. For years, nothing turns up, until you see that a person in Ohio has listed the car for sale on the Internet. You call the Ohio police, who impound the Corvette. You make plans to go to Ohio and pick up your Corvette. But there is one problem: The Online Seller has a clear Ohio title. He has his original bill of sale from the thief, a copy of your original title (your signature is forged on the back) and a cancelled check that shows he paid $50K for the Corvette. Here is the good part: The thief obtained “void title,” which is legal lingo for no title, as he had stolen the car and did not pay for the Corvette or receive a good title for the Corvette. The law states that a thief can only transfer to another person a quality of title no better than what he received. The thief had, in legal terms, a “void title.” That means your forged original title that was transferred to the Online Seller is legally void. The bad part is that you will probably be required to compensate the Online Seller for any improvements or difference in fair market value that occurred during the time the Online Seller has owned the car. In other words, if it was worth $20,000 when it was stolen, and $50,000 today, you might owe him $30,000. This compensable part of the law varies greatly from state to state. So, what are the lessons to be learned? Always insist on either cash or wired funds as the medium of money transfer. Be extremely careful about “entrusting” your Corvette for sale. And know thy buyer. ■ BRUCE SHAW, ESQ. is an attorney specializing in collector car fraud. He is a former Bloomington Gold instructor, and an NCRS national judge. His comments are general in nature and are not intended to substitute for consultation with an attorney. www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 13

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Insider's View Event Guide Arizona July 26—30; August 20—22; September 22—26, 2010 Bloomington Gold Tours, Flagstaff. The 400-mile Colorado Rocky Mountain Tour departs northern Arizona through Monument Valley, and then travels east into Colorado and the San Juan Parkway towns of Cortez, Durango and Silverton. Any Corvette is eligible, and the tour includes deluxe lodging, fine dining, plenty of group activities, a welcome basket, a commemorative guide, and more. $1,450 per person. Later this summer, the Route 66/Grand Canyon Tour follows a 200-mile route on the famed highway through Hackberry, Seligman and Williams to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Again, any Corvette is eligible. $75 per person, lodging not included. September brings the new Vintage 500 Tour. Participants stay in Flagstaff and hit the roads to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki national monuments and the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. $1,695 for one person, $1,895 for two. www.bloomingtongoldtours.com California July 28—30, 2010 National Corvette Museum High Performance Driving, Willows Don't miss this two-day performance driving program hosted by Hooked on Driving and benefitting the NCM. Beginners are welcome and will receive coaching from trained instructors. Intermediate, advanced and race-prepped cars will run in separate groups. www.corvettemuseum.com The current state of the Corvette market Send your Corvette event listing to cmcalendar@corvettemarket.com. August 13, 2010 Corvettes at Concorso, Seaside Bring your Corvette to Monterey and park it on the lawn at Concorso Italiano as part of Corvettes at Concorso. Corvette Market, along with Barrett-Jackson, will host this second annual event. Corvettes will have their own corral, along with a complimentary hospitality tent and CM awards, presented by CM's Michael Pierce, including “People's Choice,” “Farthest Driven,” and “Most Original.” CM Publisher Martin will serve as emcee for Concorso Italiano itself. All Corvettes at Concorso entrants will receive a commemorative T-shirt. CM will have a booth on site, and we will also be at most events during the weekend. This even is usually $125, but save $25 when you register at www.corvettesatconcorso.com and enter promo code corvette2010. For more information, go to www.concorso.com. Look for the CM crew at The Quail Motorsports Gathering, Automobilia Monterey, Pebble Beach RetroAuto and at the auctions hosted by Bonhams & Butterfields, Russo and Steele, RM, Mecum and Gooding. Colorado July 22—25, 2010 ‘Vettes on the Rockies, Breckenridge The 37th annual event is held in Summit County, with the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge as the host hotel. Highlights include a funkana, autocross, fashion show, pit crew challenge and show-n-shine. Events range from $35 to $295. www.lgcacorvette. com Idaho August 14—15, 2010 Oregon Trail Run, Boise Valley Corvettes puts on this fun cruise to Joseph, Oregon, with a stop in Baker City for lunch at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker and a quick visit to the Oregon Trail Center before heading out to Enterprise, OR. Sunday includes a leisurely break at The Mountain Air. www.valleycorvettes.org. Illinois Corvettes at Concorso 14 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com www.corvettemarket.com September 17—19, 2010 Mid America Corvette Funfest, Effingham

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Insider's View Event Guide The current state of the Corvette market A Corvette fun run, a lunch with legend Mike Yager, a “Cars and Stars” cocktail party, a Corvette auction, installation of after-market products, an Exhaust Wars Sound-Off and other popular events fill the calendar of this Corvette celebration. Parties fill the night, and there is plenty of room for Corvette clubs. There will be thousands of Corvettes at this popular festival. Tickets start at $25 and run up to $250. There is a T-shirt to show that you've been there—and done it all. www.corvettefunfest.com Kentucky September 2—4, 2010 Corvette Museum, 16th Anniversary, Bowling Green Drive your Corvette on road tours to popular attractions in Kentucky and Tennessee, attend Corvette seminars and ogle the 1960 and 1985 Corvettes in the 25th and 50th Anniversary displays. New members will enter the Corvette Hall of Fame, and there will be Corvette lovers from across the United States. Why not tour the spectacular Corvette Museum? And think of all the cars! www.corvettemuseum.com Michigan August 27—28, 2010 The 21st Annual Corvette Crossroads Auto Show, Mackinaw City Hundreds of Corvettes will cruise local roads and be on display at the Mackinaw Crossings Mall parking lot. The festivities include a parade of Corvettes across the Mackinac Bridge. All Corvettes are welcome. www.mackinawchamber.com Nevada July 30—August 8, 2010 Hot August Nights, Reno More than 800,000 people can't be wrong; the cars are the stars at Hot August Nights. Spend the week at concerts, sock hops and auctions. And there's always the endless stream of Corvettes, hot rods and custom cars cruising the strip. Most events are free, but the glitttering casinos remain pay-toplay. www.hotaugustnights.com New York July 25, 2010 ‘Vettes at the Beach, Sylvan Beach The Syracuse Corvette Club once again hosts this all-Corvette show, where more than 400 Corvettes are expected. Don't miss out on raffles and a 50/50 drawing. All the profits are donated to central New York community groups and charities. Cars will not be judged, but trophies will be awarded. $15. www.syracusecorvetteclub.com 16 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com www.corvettemarket.com Auction Calendar AUGUST 5-8—SILVER Reno, NV 7—KEENAN Cumberland, ME 12-13—BONHAMS Carmel, CA 12-14—RM Monterey, CA 12-14—RUSSO AND STEELE Monterey, CA 13-14—MECUM Monterey, CA 14—COYS Nurburg, DEU 14—VANDERBRINK Britton, SD 14-15—GOODING & CO Pebble Beach, CA 16—SHANNONS Melbourne, AUS 20—BONHAMS Gstaad, CHE 20-21—MOTOEXOTICA Springfield, MO 28-29—ICA Deadwood, SD SEPTEMBER 2-4—WORLDWIDE AUCTIONEERS Auburn, IN 3-5—CLASSICAL EVENT AUCTIONS Waterloo, IN 4-5—SILVER Sun Valley, ID 10-11—BRANSON Branson, MO 10—BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS Tacoma, WA 11—BONHAMS Beaulieu, UK 11—BONHAMS Reims, FRA 11—BUD WARD Fort Worth, TX 11—SPECIALTY AUTO AUCTIONS Sioux Falls, SD 11—VANDERBRINK Portland, IN 12—BONHAMS Westport, CT 16-19—MECUM St. Charles, IL 17—BONHAMS Sussex, UK 17-18—LEAKE Houston, TX 18—CLASSIC MOTORCAR AUCTIONS Canton, OH 18—VANDERBRINK Eden, SD 23-25—BARRETT-JACKSON Las Vegas, NV 24-25—SANTIAGO Tulsa, OK 25—BONHAMS Brookline, MA 25—MIDAMERICA St. Paul, MN 25—SILVER Portland, OR 25—VANDERBRINK Hardwick, MN 25—VICTORY AUCTIONS Perry, GA 30-OCT 1—CARLISLE Carlisle, PA OCTOBER 1—H&H Buxton, UK 2—COYS Ascot, UK 7-8—RM Hershey, PA 8—VICARI Biloxi, MS 11—BONHAMS Dubai, UAE 15-16—BUD WARD Hot Springs, AR 15-16—TOM MACK Charlotte, NC 16—SPECIALTY AUTO AUCTIONS Loveland, CO 22—DAN KRUSE CLASSICS San Marcos, TX 22—H&H Sparkford, UK 22-24—COLLECTOR CAR PRODUCTIONS Toronto, CAN 24—SHANNONS Melbourne, AUS 27—RM London, UK Pennsylvania August 27—29, 2010 Corvettes at Carlisle, Carlisle More than 4,000 Corvettes and many more Corvette lovers will roar into one of the biggest Corvette events in the world. Autocross, dyno testing, burnouts and a parade through Carlisle are popular. A giant swap meet, Installation Alley and a 158-Corvette American flag are part of this year's extravaganza. And there is so much more. Tickets start at $14. www. carlisleevents.com Washington August 13—15, 2010 20th Annual 5-Star Classic, DuPont The Classical Glass Corvette Club of Send your Corvette event listing to cmcalendar@corvettemarket.com. Tacoma hosts this event, which includes Friday night hospitality, a show-n-shine, live music, two judged shows, vendors, an evening gala, morning poker run, autocross and more. Events are priced from $10 to $40. www.classicalglasscorvetteclub.com August 22, 2010 XXX All Corvette Show and Burger Bash, Issaquah This is not a sketchy, adult-only event. This is one of the largest Corvette shows in the Northwest. The show is open to all Corvettes and Corvette clubs. Located at the famous XXX Root Beer Drive-in, this event is a mega cruise-in for Corvette people. www.corvettemarqueclub.com ■

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Bloomington Gold It's All About Condition The ultimate certification is Benchmark by the CM Staff The scrutineers at work A t most car shows, the competition is fierce for the ultimate prize, “Best in Show.” But Bloomington Gold is completely different. According to founder and CEO David Burroughs, “The cars here compete to achieve a standard. And every car that achieves a certain level of typical factory correctness at Bloomington is a winner.” This year had the largest ever entry field for Bloomington Gold cer- tification, with 164 cars registered and an extensive waiting list. Having your car judged is not inexpensive, at $575 for 1953-72, and $450 for 1973-2010. Over 200 components are judged, with approximately 8,500 “cred- 18 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com its” per car as a starting point. Points are deducted for those items that are not “factory typical” or have deteriorated. There are three levels of Certification, Bronze (85-89% of components factory typical), Silver (90 – 94%) and Gold (95% - 100%). In addition, there is Survivor certification, awarded to Corvettes that remain over 50% unrestored. The ultimate certification is Benchmark, which means that a car has been judged to have achieved both Gold (extraordinarily correct) and Survivor (extraordinarily unrestored and original). This year, just 27 cars achieved Benchmark Status. Corvette Market was a sponsor of the Bloomington Gold Certification process, and CM Publisher Keith Martin returned for the third year as emcee. ■

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2010 Certificate Recipients (CMers are in red) Benchmark James Anderson—East Dundee, IL 1970 454/390 Richard Andrews—Shawnee, KS 1978 350/220 Robert J. and Fenwick F. Binder— Gonzales, LA 1990 350/375 Steve Campbell—Salem, OR 1962 327/340 Edward Foss—Roanoke, IN 1975 “12 original miles” 1962 327/360 1967 427/400 Kevin Goodman—Forest Grove, PA 1972 350/255 David & Mary Gulley—Maumelle, AR 1982 350/200 Deanna M Haler—Hastings, MN 1981 350/190 Peter Hendricks—Marietta, GA 1976 350/180 Harry Larson—Nebraska City, NE 1970 454/390 Kevin Lee—Franklin, TN 1988 350/240 Rob Morgan—Dallas, TX 1990 350/375 Frank Pelly—Poland, OH 1973 454/275 Tony Salter—Conway, AR 1980 350/190 George Urban - Port Barrington, IL 1990 350/380 FI David Wiehle—Maple Park, IL 1990 350/245 Jeff Will—Jordan, MN 1981 Dale Winters—Barnhart, MO 1978 350/220 Blake Yager—Effingham, IL 1990 250 Greg Yerke—Janesville, WI 1966 327/350 Dan Young—Hawley, PA 1966 427/390 1966 327/300 Dennis Young—Poplar Bluff, MO 1965 327/350 Mark Davis—Barboursvi, WV 1977 L48 350 Gold Joseph Abruzzese—New York, NY 1963 327/300 Mark Amanti—East Otis, MA 1970 454/390 John Ames—Brooksville, FL 1957 283/283 Dale Anderson— Ham Lake, MN 1960 283/230 John Armour—Park Ridge, IL 1963 327/360 Richard Barzelatto—Mahopac, NY 1967 427/435 Steve Berry—Cincinnati, OH 1954 235/155 John Bierkamp—Macomb Twp., MI 1963 327/340 David Blunt—Foristelle, MO 1965 327/365 David Borro— Dublin, OH 1967 327/300 Kingston Bowen—Palm Coast, FL 1966 327/300 David Brewer—Longwood, FL 1959 283/270 1963 327/360 FI 1965 327/375 FI Keith Busse—Fort Wayne, IN 1969 427/435 1970 350/370 William Carter—Hayti, MO 1985 350/265 Paul & Susan Chemler—Naperville, IL 1967 327/300 Mike Craig—Osage Beach, MO 1955 265/195 Richard & Barbara Crary—Bucyrus, OH 1965 327/350 Eugene Cummings—Lake Forest, IL 1960 283/245 Albert & Kent Curtis—Antioch, IL 1967 427/390 Richard Davis— Belleair Beach, FL 1963 327/360 Scott Davis— Apple Valley, CA 1955 265/195 Lynn Dennis—Mount Ayr, IA 1967 427/390 Richard Foster— New Castle, IN 1995 300 1993 ZR1 More C3s every year Ara Gechijian—Greenacres, FL 1967 427/390 Sam Green—Little Rock, AR 1978 350/220 Roger Gress—Grand Rapids, MI 1972 350/200 David & Jonathan Gulley—Maumelle, AR 1969 427/390 Lynn Haas—Ft. Myers, FL 1967 327/350 1967 327/300 Fred Harle—Springfield, MO 1965 327/375 FI James Herbert —Owings, MD 1962 327/250 Ted Hughes—Seward, NE 1961 283/270 Robert Hurdle—Columbia, MO 1990 350/375 Stanley J. Kaczor—Northbrook, IL 1963 327/340 Joe Kasprzyk —Jacksonville, IL 1954 235/155 2009 638 Alan Kazanjian—Lowell, MA 1958 290 FI Pam Lambert—Gilbert, WV 1993 1995 350/300 1997 1996 1994 1998 Mike Maher—Iowa City, IA 1967 327/350 John Malmquist—Madison, WI 1960 283/270 Ernest Mario—Wilmington, NC 1959 283/270 Terry Mccale— Olathe, KS 1973 350/190 Richard McCann—Wheaton, IL 1986 350/350 Lawrence Merchantz—Evergreen Park, IL 1969 350/350 Bernie Myers—Chatham, 1967 427/435 C.D. Nelsen—Franklin Park, IL 1963 327/360 Bill Pioti—Mansfield, MA 1965 396/425 Gerald Pockrus— Harlingen, TX 1967 427/435 Diane Quackenbush—Lake Villa, IL 2004 405 HP Bob Rankowitz— New London, CT 1967 427/400 Greg Schatz—Suffern, NY 1957 283/270 Edward Schultz, Jr.—Warwick, RI 1956 240 Phil Schwartz— East Hills, NY 1967 427/435 Walter Seeds—Lawrenceburg, IN 1960 283/245 Ward Seifrid —Algonquin, IL 1963 327/340 Larry Serres—Burnsville, MN 1961 283/245 Terry Serres—Hampton, MN 1961 283/245 Greg Simon—Chesterfield, MO 1962 327/340 Sinan Sinanyan— Porter Ranch, CA 1967 400 Tom Skeuse—Stockton, NJ 1967 427/390 Jay Stahl—Roscoe, IL 1965 327/375 FI Norris J. Stoute—LaFayette, LA 1967 427/400 Debbi Strati-Padawer—Purchase, NY 1977 L48/180 Richard Thoma—Whitehall, WI 1967 427/435 Joseph B Youkneveich Jr.—Blackwood, NJ 1968 427/435 Silver Awards Thomas Baker—Grafton, MA 1975 350/165 Peter R. Flemming Sr.— Madison, NJ 1967 Gordon Henry—Troy, MI 1971 350/330 Jeff Miller—Elyria, OH 1967 327/300 Brian Murray—Romeo, MI 1971 454 Bob Piccione—Phillipsburg, NJ 1966 427/425 Marc Wilcox—Tyler, TX 1967 327/350 www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 19

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The Great Hall Bloomington Gold 2010 Ten great Corvettes and 10 great people inducted into The Great Hall by SCM Staff to honor key people who have made the Corvette legend what it is. The Great Hall has as a subtitle: The People. The Cars. The Stories. Each F year for the next five years, 10 cars and 10 people will be inducted into the Hall. In year six, all 50 cars and all 50 people will be brought together. This year, CM Publisher Martin moderated a lively panel discussion be- tween the nine honorees present (inductee George Barlos is deceased), and then he was the emcee for the actual induction ceremonies. William Locke is the director of the Great Hall program. Racing has always been a part of Corvette heritage The 2010 Inductees (Biographical information courtesy of Bill Locke, Bloomington Gold) or 25 years, the Collection has been a trademark of Bloomington Gold. Each year, a different group of important Corvettes was featured. This year, David Burroughs initiated something different. In addition to honoring cars, he is, through a program called The Great Hall, going Noland Adams Authenticity Historian and Author Mr. Adams has authored countless articles, instructional videos, and the two leading books on Corvette restoration. His 40+ years of research has assisted hundreds of Corvette owners. Richard Fortier Paragon of parts for America's finest restorations Paragon Reproductions was the benchmark for quality reproduction parts, many made from the original GM molds. Mr. Fortier's goal was to make his parts more “continuation parts” than new reproductions. He succeeded. Dick Guldstrand Corvette Racer & Technology Entrepreneur First behind the wheel of a Corvette in 1959, he raced an original Grand Sport for Roger Penske, as well as the only 1967 L88 ever to compete at LeMans. A true Corvette racing legend... and a 2010 Inductee in The Great Hall at Bloomington Gold. James E. Krughoff Visionary Corvette Collector Jim's advice to anyone look- ing to buy a Corvette... “Buy the best quality car you can afford.” He did just that in the early 1970s by paying 8 times current market value for a 1,500 mile original 1965 fuel injected convertible. That single purchase changed the Corvette market. George Barlos Restorer's Link to the St. Louis Corvette Assembly Plant Plant manager of the St. Louis Corvette assembly plant from 1957 through 1981 (when the plant closed and production moved to Bowling Green, KY). Mr. Barlos was the perfect link between the restorer's questions and the factory's facts. James Gessner Corvette Racing Historian Falling in love with the Corvette in 1957, this Great Hall Inductee has owned more than 400 cars, including 70+ Corvettes. Mr. Gessner was instrumental in Corvette race car research, and has helped create the Registry of Corvette Race Cars. 20 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Al Knoch Pioneer in Reproduction Interiors Born in Detroit, Al Knoch started in his basement making his early interior patterns, and borrowed $10,000 from his uncle to start his first shop. Now, his quality Corvette interiors are used by Corvette owners and restorers around the world. Bob McDorman National Show Promoter & Collector A 45-year Chevrolet dealer, Bob McDorman has done it all... hosted a popular Corvette show at his Ohio dealership, collected over 500 Corvettes, and sold 50 times that number over the years. He's loyal to the brand, and is full of passion for the Corvette.

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Bill Mock Mister 1967 Fresh out of college, Bill bought his first Corvette in 1967 (a 1966), and met his future wife at a drive-in root beer stand (with her 1965 Corvette). The rest is history! Bill was key in the formation of the Bloomington Gold Certification standards, and is a recognized 1967 expert. 1956 Sebring Racer Putting Corvette on the Map Owners: John & Sally Neas “The Real McCoy” was the Chevrolet advertising slogan. This Corvette was on the team managed by John Fitch, racing at Daytona and Sebring, and was the only 1956 production model. These cars were the beginning of the on-going Corvette racing history. 1963 Gulf 1 Racer Building the Brand of “Fast and Cool” Owner: John Justo Gulf Oil Company under- stood the marketing value of racing. This car is one of 15 special built “factory racers” for independent owners/racers, and one of only two delivered to Don Yenko Chevrolet. “The Flying Dentist,” Dr. Dick Thompson, won the 1963 A-Production Championship with this Corvette. 1966 Penske Racer Zora's Prototype big block engine technology “takes the gloves off” Owner: Kevin Mackay Roger Penske, with Sunoco sponsorship, hired Dick Guldstrand to assemble a team of racers for Daytona and Sebring. They achieved class wins in both races. The secret racing version of the newly introduced 427 cubic inch V8 proved itself in this 1966 prototype coupe. Jim Prather Editor & Publisher, First Monthly Corvette Magazine Vette Vues Magazine, the first monthly Corvette magazine, began life with a 5 page issue in June of 1972, printed on a single sheet mimeograph machine. The magazine was the catalyst of the Corvette hobby for 20+ years; not missing a single month of publication in 38+ years! The Cars 1957 Factory Racer One of the First “Race Ready” Factory Corvettes Owners: Bill Connell & Joel Lauman Driven to the track, raced, driven home, and then to work the next day... that was the history of this fuel injected Corvette. One of only 43 cold air box induction system cars built, this was Job # 1. Raced only one year, the car retains its original pilot-line built engine. 1963 Split Window The Iconic ‘63 Split Window Coupe Owner: Bob Lojewski Only 5,300 original miles, this high performance Z06 optioned fuel injected Corvette is one of only 199 built in 1963, and the only production year for the legendary “split window coupe.” At age 47, this Great Hall Corvette is in factory-delivered original condition. 1967 L88 The Legendary 12-mile L88 Created the Buzz Owner: Roger Judsk This rare, one of 20, 1967 430HP L88 was purchased to become a drag car. The plans changed; the car was warehouse stored until 1975. Showing only 12 miles on the odometer, the Corvette was captured for all and raised the world's awareness of the L88 Corvette. 1953 Corvette EX122 Motorama Showcar The Corvette that inspired Zora Arkus-Duntov Owner: The Kerbeck Collection Built by Chevrolet Engineering in the GM experimental studio, EX122 introduced the world to America's first two-seat sports car. Shown to the public at New York City's Waldorf Astoria Motorama, the new Corvette was a hit. 1957 Corvette SS GM's Styling & Racing Statement Owner: Hall of Fame Museum, Indianapolis IN Harley Earl was the genius who revolutionized automobile styling, and wanted a separate model for racing. The Corvette SS was built to capture wins at Sebring and LeMans in 1957. Under the direction of Zora ArkusDuntov, the SS was born, however only one example was ever built. 1965 Fuel Injected Convertible The First EXPENSIVE Collector Corvette Owner: Ed Foss This is the car that raised the bar for Corvette collecting. Purchased in 1976 for $40,000, nearly 8 times its price when new. Totally original, with just over 1,500 original miles, the car represents a beautifully maintained high performance Corvette. Mako Shark II - Manta Ray Inspiration for the Third-Generation Corvette Owner: General Motors First shown at the New York Auto Show in 1965, the “Mako Shark II was built to gauge public reaction to a dramatic new style for the Corvette body. A total success, the 1968 Corvette was the end result, under the master pen of styling chief Bill Mitchell. ■ www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 21

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Corvette Returns to Le Mans Another Run Down the Mulsanne As we headed under the Dunlop Bridge, I kept thinking—is this real? by Lance Miller Three racers in their natural element Paris, France. And I'm grateful they did, because without them, it never would have happened. “It” refers to the fulfillment of my father's dream. My dad was Chip Miller, co- A founder of Carlisle Events, and creator of the famous Corvettes at Carlisle. To say Dad was a Corvette enthusiast is putting it mildly. I mean, he just loved Corvettes, and he managed to acquire some pretty cool ones, such as the '59 Purple People Eater. But the car he wanted more than any other was the #3 1960 Cunningham Corvette that gave “America's Sports Car” its first-ever victory at Le Mans. Driven by Americans John Fitch and Bob Grossman, #3 came first in GT class and 8th overall. A big moment in Corvette history Dad just couldn't get over the fact that this barely modified, new-to-the-scene American sports car—driven by two Americans—had made such a bold statement in its first visit to Le Mans, the world's most famous endurance race. That made him proud, and he just had to have it. Eventually, he did. In 2000, his good friend Kevin MacKay, owner of Corvette Repair in Valley Stream, NY, tracked the car down. After seven years of negotiation, he bought it on my father's behalf. The restoration took 18 months, but when Kevin and his guys were done, it looked, and ran, just like it did on that day in 1960 when Fitch and Grossman took the checkered flag at Le Mans. 22 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com h, France! Land of Renaults, Peugeots—and big honkin' Corvettes. Seriously. I saw so many Corvettes at Le Mans; I thought I was back in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, my home town. But instead of coming from places like Rome, NY, and Paris, TX, these Corvettes and drivers came from Rome, Italy, and Dreams of a Le Mans Corvette reunion By now, there was no stopping Dad. He was deter- mined to reunite John Fitch with the car at Le Mans on the 50th anniversary of the victory. But then, on March 25, 2004, something did stop Dad. A rare blood plasma disease called amyloidosis. He was just 61. For those of you who knew my father, and I know a lot of you did, because he was so active in the Corvette hobby, I don't have to tell you what a wonderful guy he was. I've often heard people say they felt honored just to be his friend, so you can imagine how lucky I feel to be his son. I can't imagine a better father, teacher or friend. His death was a big blow to us all, but he really believed in that adage he used to say all the time: “Life is good!” And I felt that fulfilling his dream was something good I could do to honor Dad and raise awareness of amyloidosis. So, that brings me back to the European Corvette enthusiasts. Dad had wanted the high point of the reunion to be a parade lap of fifty Corvettes, led by John in #3 with him at John's side. But the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, Richard Prince

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which is the organizing body at Le Mans, gets tons of requests to participate in the pre-race festivities. I knew right away that this wasn't going to be easy. So I got in touch with Gerard Planche, president of the European Corvette Club. Gerard, along with Corvette Racing's Todd Christensen, helped pull the strings to make it all happen. Todd also arranged great hospitality for our group. CM Publisher Keith Martin asked me to capture some of the emotion of the re- union. Maybe the best way is to include the entry I made in my journal on the day of the race. I wanted to have a record of the trip for my daughter. But she's just 15 months old, so she won't read it for a while. I don't think she'll mind my sharing it with you. June 13, 2010 Today I was able to fulfill my Dad's dream: To drive around the Le Mans Circuit with John Fitch at the wheel of the same Corvette race car he drove to victory 50 years ago. At 93, John's truly a legend here, and he enjoys every second of the muchdeserved glory. I have the utmost respect for him, and I've had the rare opportunity of truly getting to know this amazing man. The parade lap was something I was really looking forward to. The sound of the car was so sweet to my ears. The aroma of the exhaust was flowers to my nose, and the thrill of the car's power was out of this world. It was an amazing feeling. Something I could never duplicate. I loved waving to all the screaming and cheering fans. It was such an incredible moment. As we headed under the Dunlop Bridge I kept thinking – is this real? I knew Zora Duntov, Bob Grossman and my father were looking down proud. They could hear the sweet music too. There was a lot of emotion going through my mind. I was so happy—yet sad at the same time. I was thrilled to be involved with all of this, especially since my hard work really did pay off. Things came together so well. John Fitch and the author But it was so sad that it wasn't my father in the pas- senger seat. This was his moment. He would have done anything to be a part of the amazing day, and I really do think his spirit was with us during this incredible journey around the track. You're right, Dad. Life is good! ■ (To learn more about amyloidosis, go to chipmiller.org.) www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 23 Michael Brown

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C1 profile 1957 283/250 Fuelie Convertible Like Chevrolet selling a detuned ZR1 for timid drivers today, this low-output Fuelie was a concept that just didn't add up by Thomas Glatch Chassis number: E57S105735 O nly three years after its introduction, for 1956 Chevrolet introduced a restyled Corvette that was a significant departure from earlier models. Fast, sleek and extremely clean in appearance, the new body style was more than just a work of art – the now-iconic design lent America's sports car a much more sporting iden- tity. As a result, the overall excitement surrounding Corvette soon notched into high gear, and the '56 model outsold previous versions by a margin of nearly three to one. Wisely, GM elected to not deface a figure of beauty for 1957, and the dramatic body styling remained unchanged – although it would mark the last year for the simplistic two-headlight design. Engineering enhancements were another matter entirely. With aggressive competition from Ford's Thunderbird and the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, Chevrolet was serious about putting its adversaries in the Corvette's tire tracks, and the arrival of engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov to the team fortunately meant a sharpened focus on racetrack-quality performance. The Corvette was soon available with an array of high-performance V8s, including a dual four-barrel carburetor setup good for 270 horsepower, and a fuel-injected version with 283 horsepower – a laudable one horsepower per cubic inch. This increase in power necessitated other optional upgrades to round out the sporty two-seater's performance, including heavy-duty racing suspension, front brake air scoops and finned brake drums as found in Regular Production Order (RPO) 684. With an intimidating front-end chrome grill that resembled a shark's mouth, the roadster ate up the competition. In fact, it was promoted as one of the fastest production cars of its time. Published data of the day illustrated a 283/250 fuel-injected 24 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Details Years Produced 1957 Number Produced 182 (250-hp manual transmission) Original List Price $3,875 CM Valuation $60,000–$115,000 Tune-up $500 Distributor Cap $19.99 Chassis # VIN plate on the steering column Engine # Pad on front of block below right cylinder head Club National Corvette Restorers Society 6291 Day Road Cincinnati, OH 45252 More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1957 Ford Thunderbird 1959 Jaguar XK150 CM Investment Grade A Photos: Worldwide Auctioneers

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example achieving 0-60 mph acceleration in 5.7 seconds and the quarter mile in 14.3 seconds. The 283/250 example offered here was acquired by R.E. Monical about eight years ago. It is an original, correct-numbers fuel-injected car as confirmed by the original engine stamping “F702EM,” wherein “EM” denotes the 250-hp fuel injected engine with manual transmission – a $484 option when new. The Rochester FI unit carries part number 7024520, which was the second version utilized by Chevrolet on the 1957 Corvette. This is not only the correct part number for this car; it is also believed to be the original unit. The optional manual transmission added an additional $188.30 to the price tag. Finished in Venetian Red with beige coves and a red and beige interior, this example is well appointed. It features the desirable Wonderbar radio, plus a clock, emergency brake warning light, spinner wheel covers, and the vastly preferable four-speed transmission (one of 664 installed). Also of note, 931 ‘57 Corvettes were ordered with the RPO 491 auxiliary hardtop in place of the soft top, and this is believed to be one of those examples. In the day, this Corvette's overall cost would have been more than $3,875 compared to $2,611 for a base Bel Air convertible. Recently, the staff at the Monical Collection re- moved the fuel injection unit and had it completely and correctly rebuilt. Today the fuel-injection system functions extremely well, and the engine runs as it should. Although the body-off restoration is now about 17 years old, this Corvette remains in excellent condition with paint and chrome finishes appearing fresh. Only nine miles have turned on the odometer since completion. The engine and its surrounding bay are tidy with very nice details, the underbody is clean, the trunk is neat, and the chrome is very presentable. Additionally, the body fit is quite good for a Corvette of this vintage. CM Analysis This car sold for $68,200 at Worldwide Auctioneers' Houston Classic Auction in Houston, Texas on May 1, 2010. The fuel-injected 1957 Corvette is one of those Holy Grails that is not only on most Corvette collectors' short lists, but also the short lists of “non-Corvette” car lovers as well. That's because the ‘57 Fuelie has that rare recipe of performance and style, with a sprinkling of mystique, which makes it one of the most valuable Corvettes in history. But not all fuel-injected ‘57s were created equal. John Dolza designed the mechanical injection, which was manufactured by GM's Rochester division, with racing in mind. Not only was the system good for roughly 10 horsepower over an identical dual-quad engine, but it cured the flooding or starving that high-speed cornering and braking could induce in carbureted power plants. Yet on the street, Fuelies could be difficult to start when cold (though later versions were improved), and few mechanics could work on the complex system. But 756 ‘57 Corvette buyers lived with those idiosyncrasies to have the fastest car in town. Here the plot thickens, or perhaps dilutes is a better Seat Time David Pollard, via term. For the Monical Collection car, while a genuine 1957 Fuelie, is not one of those storied one-horsepowerper-cubic-inch 283/283 wonders. Instead, it's one of the detuned 250-hp versions introduced the same year. RPO 579A (for manual transmission) and 579C (for automatic) was essentially the cruising 245-hp engine with the addition of fuel injection. That's right Elvira, you could actually team the low-output 250-hp Fuelie engine with the plebian two-speed Powerglide slushbox, which is an arrangement never offered with the potent 283-hp fuel-injected version. What was Chevrolet thinking when it created the 250-hp Fuelie? In all likelihood, email: I was 15 in 1967, and my big brother had two Corvettes. Ken was 9 years older. He owned a lowmileage ‘63 roadster and a ‘57. My father was too busy to teach me how to drive, so Ken volunteered. I was stoked, as he taught me to drive in his ‘57. He didn't trust me in the Sting Ray. I was fine with the '57, as I loved that car. I loved it so much that later in life I acquired a very nice, low-mileage, one-owner ‘56. The ‘56 was not as fast as the ‘57, but it was every bit as nice, and the ladies loved it. this was targeted as a “wife's car” – a civilized Fuelie with the panache of fuel injection and the ease of use of an automatic. Though perhaps a defensible strategy for gaining incremental sales over the likes of Ford's more feminine Thunderbird, in fact the 250-hp model cost as much as the “real” 283-hp cars. Just 182 manual and 102 automatic versions were built for 1957. Even so, Chevrolet continued this largely unloved option through the 1960 model year, when only 100 were ordered. It's like Chevrolet selling a detuned ZR1 for lady drivers today – a concept that just doesn't add up. The Monical Collection ‘57 is nicely restored, but with a large portion of original- ity remaining, including the original fuel-injection unit. That's rare, since back in the day many Fuelie owners replaced the cantankerous systems with tried-and-true carburetors. But at the end of the story, what was unpopular in 1957 is just as unpopular today. Without the pedigree of Bloomington Gold Survivor certification, $68K is about all anyone could realistically expect from this Corvette. Well sold. ■ (Introductory description courtesy of Worldwide Auctioneers) TOM GLATCH has been contributing stories and photographs to automotive magazines, books and calendars since 1983. www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 25

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C2 profile 1963 327/300 4-Speed “Harley Earl” Convertible When someone spends $100m for Warhol's “Eight Elvises” painting, how can you begrudge another for dropping a measly mil on a showboat Corvette? by John L. Stein as his personal car. It features the base Corvette 327 cubic-inch, 300-horsepower carbureted V8 engine, a four-speed manual transmission, and finned aluminum knock-off wheels. Myriad special features that GM created for the car make it truly unique, including A a dramatic stainless steel side-exit exhaust system and 1965-style four-wheel power disc brakes with dual hydraulic circuits. This historic Sting Ray also features metallic blue paint and custom blue leather seats with white trim, stainless-steel door and foot-well inserts, and plush carpeting. Special passenger-side instrumentation includes an altimeter, accelerometer, inside and outside air temperature gauges, and a manifold-vacuum pressure readout, while the main instruments feature the later 196567 Corvette's flat design panel. CM Analysis This car sold for $980,500, including buyer's premium, at Mecum's Original Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 22, 2010. Since former President Bill Clinton challenged the definition of “is” in reference to his Oval Office dalliances, I figure some philosophical bemusement is also fair game in matters of Corvette investment. So here goes: How much is “one of one” worth if there are no others to compare it against? And what defines worth, anyway? 26 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com mainstay of the Bloomington Gold Special Collection, this Harley J. Earl Corvette is a one-of-a-kind factory special with a singularly historic pedigree. General Motors commissioned the custom-built 1963 Sting Ray under Shop Order 10323 as a gift for the legendary GM designer, who subsequently used it Details Years Produced 1963 Number Produced 10,919 (all convertibles) 1 (this car) Original List Price $4,037 CM Valuation $980,500 Tune-up $350 Distributor Cap $19.99 Chassis # Cross brace under glove box Engine # On block in front of right cylinder head Club National Corvette Restorers Society 6291 Day Road Cincinnati, OH 45252 More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1967 Corvette 427/430 L88 1966–68 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 1965–67 Shelby Cobra 427 CM Investment Grade A Photos: Sam Murtaugh Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

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Fortunately, in this case the answer is unimpeach- able. In an actual free-market economy, the worth of anything – singularly or in multiples – is defined by what someone is willing to pay on that day. And in this case, it was just shy of a million clams for Harley J. Earl's one-of-a-kind personal Sting Ray. The buyer stepped up and paid up. That's fair enough for me. Even so, as a lifelong Sting Ray devotee, this particu- lar auction made me sit up and ponder. Why? Because in recent months, some very attractive and credible former C2 race cars have failed to sell at significantly less than what was paid here. The wide monetary divide between race cars that actually made history and a car that was fundamentally a retiree's fashion accessory made me wonder what, exactly, was the draw with Harley Earl. Hatched as a Riverside Red Fuelie Some particulars about the car are useful here. It rolled out of Corvette's St. Louis, Missouri assembly plant as a fuel-injected Riverside Red fleet car—most likely for GM executive use. About that same time, GM Design was working on a concept car for the Chicago Auto Show, utilizing the same styling cues that would later be adopted on SO 10323. Once the Chicago show car was completed, Design staff similarly modified our subject car for Earl. They also replaced the brutish Fuelie motor with the milder 300-horse carbureted version and installed air conditioning to improve the car's usefulness in Earl's south Florida retirement home. Since the car itself is not particularly special—un- less you count an early set of disc brakes, a shoebox full of avionics, side pipes and sparkly paint special—the million-dollar question is, what's the point? Because to me, this is a garden-variety, low-horsepower Sting Ray pimped up for GM's ex-styling boss. It wasn't even his design. It was just a present to him from GM. And he might not have even appreciated it all that much, as he sold it two years later to an Army veteran. From there, it slid off the radar screen until the early 1970s, when a group of racers bought it with intentions of building a dragster. Fortunately, they stopped short of doing so when they realized the car was something special. Eventually they proffered it at Corvettes at Carlisle in 1980, where it became widely known once again. GM Design eventually helped restore the Corvette back into the form that Earl saw when he got the car in 1963. The restoration included a new coat of Medium Blue paint, correct trim and badges. It drew a top bid of $985,000 against a $1.3 million reserve at Mecum's Bloomington Gold Corvette Auction in St. Charles, Illinois on June 27, 2009. The car was then tucked away again before finally selling almost a year later in Indianapolis at nearly the same money, the reserve obviously lowered. When presentation trumps substance I'll admit I've got a problem with poseurs. A mil- lion bucks for a 1967 L88, I can kind of see that – those cars were the best year of the best body design during the best period, they were built to race, and many of them did. But this GM Design gift to the retired Earl is basically a showboat, with its egregious Duesenberg side pipes and Sputnik gauges on the passenger side. Plus, Earl wasn't the kingpin of GM Styling when the Sting Ray came out. The torch had already passed to the equally flamboyant Bill Mitchell, who was credited with leading the Sting Ray design effort. So what we have here is a Mitchell design property modified by staff for the former design chief. Historically speaking, the Harley Earl zoot-suit Sting Ray never accomplished much of anything. The car never blazed any highly important concept trails, such as Earl's brilliant 1953 Motorama show car or Mitchell's original Mako Shark. Although disc brakes and flat-face instruments debuted for 1965, the external header pipes were never integrated into production, nor were the ancillary gauges. So the car was then, and remains today, a curiosity that defined GM staff's interpretation of what their previous commander liked most – flights of fancy. Seat Time Lyle Prior, Kansas City, MO: I bought the Harley Earl car in the late 1980s from Joe Clark for $65,000. As I recall, I paid him $25,000 down. I had a very bad oil investment problem, and I ended up giving the car back to him. I still have an Automobile Quarterly book that Joe gave me when the car was delivered to me. One man's ten-spot is another guy's million When I think about what $980,500 can buy in other Corvettes, I have to stop and suck in a few breaths. A perfect '57 Fuelie, a '63 Z06, a Tri Power '67 L71, a '69 L88, a Corvette Challenge racer and a 1995 ZR-1 added together still don't equal what the buyer spent on the Earl car. But to each his own. And I do concede that the “one of one” factor carries plenty of weight, and that if you had an underground shrine to Earl, the designer of all things lavish at GM in his time, this car would make your bunker complete. Also in defense of the price paid, cars of this rarity and cost are not really cars any longer – they're objets d'art. After all, when someone pays $100 million for Warhol's “Eight Elvises,” how can you begrudge another for dropping a measly $980,500 on a one-of-a-kind Corvette? It wouldn't be my first choice, but then again I'm not a buyer with that kind of coin. Understand that for some guys $1m like $10 for the rest of us. Frankly, I don't think too much about peeling off a 10-spot for a tuna salad sandwich and iced tea when I feel like it. And in the case of Lot S116 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on a cloudy Saturday last May, perhaps the buyer didn't either. All of this leads me to conclude that, although the Harley J. Earl Sting Ray wasn't designed by him, never won a race, and never presaged any critical styling elements for Corvette, the price paid was still exactly right. That's because when there's only one, whatever it sells for is market correct on that day. For this reason, this Sting Ray was simultaneously well bought and sold, and I hope the new owner enjoys the hell out of it. ■ (Introductory copy courtesy of Mecum Auctions.) www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 27

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C3 profile 1,650 Horsepower, L88 Style The L88 engine was the definitive bad boy of GM's Mark IV engine family, and its sole mission was to develop the brute force necessary to kick ass by Mark Rudnick Lot 163, $211,750—RM San Diego (Three L88s crossed the block recently, and we asked CM analyst Mark Rudnick to compare and contrast them. – CM.) CM Analysis If the clanking of solid lifters is music to your ears and the lumpy sound of a long-duration cam makes your heart pound, hearing a Corvette L88 fire up is guaranteed to move you. That's because, like the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel's “Messiah” on Christmas Day (or maybe the Troggs' “Wild Thing” at a backyard double-kegger) the sound drills deep into your soul. Whatever your musical preferences, for those drawn to the altar of fiberglass, the 1967–69 L88s are indisputably the zenith of production Corvettes – and ownership of these highly coveted second- and third-generation cars naturally confers special status within the larger Corvette community. After all, over 1.5 million Corvettes have been built, but there were only 216 St. Louis-built L88s, and they were the most powerful, baddest machines of their day, save perhaps for a few side-oiler 427 snakes. The L88 Corvettes were born in the heyday of America's celebrated muscle-car era, a time when Detroit engineers where burning up their slide rules to put more horsepower under the hood to meet the growing demands of America's horsepowerhungry youth market. Both manufacturers and buyers coveted the bragging rights associated with horsepower ratings and quarter-mile performance. This was a time, wonderfully captured in the George Lucas classic “American Graffiti,” where desolate back roads often served as the arena where social stature was sorted and pecking orders were engrained. When too much was just enough The L88 engine was the definitive bad boy of GM's Mark IV engine family, and its sole mission was to develop the brute force necessary to kick ass on the track. Roughly based on the 427-cid, 435-hp L71 engine, the L88 incorporated a monstrous 850-cfm Holley carburetor perched atop a high-rise cast-aluminum intake manifold. This setup was fed by a cowl induction system delivering high-pressure air under the rear hood edge and then forward through a low-restriction air cleaner. Other L88 features included aluminum heads, an aluminum radiator with no shroud, heavy-duty forged engine components, and a burly 12.5:1 compression ratio. Also included were K66 transistorized ignition, F41 heavy-duty suspension (con- sisting of special front heavy-duty coil springs, a rear heavy-duty seven-leaf rear spring, and front and rear heavy-duty shock absorbers), a J50/J56 heavy-duty power brake combination, and the heavy-duty M22 “rock crusher” close-ratio four-speed 28 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com transmission. Perhaps equally telling of Chevrolet's intent for the L88 was the list of options that were denied when RPO L88 was selected. Corvette L88s could not be ordered with air conditioning, power steering, power windows or a radio – all components which had little or no value on the racetrack and only added to the car's weight. This was not an engine option intended for the Corvette customer looking for a mild-mannered sports Details Years Produced 1967–69 Number Produced 216 (20 in 1967, 80 in 1968, 116 in 1969) Original List Price $5,336.65 (1967), $5,610.90 (1968), $5,813.15 (1969) CM Valuation $1,225,000–$2,050,000 (1967), $200,000–$500,000 (1968–69) Tune-up $150–$200 Distributor Cap $20 Chassis # Cross brace under glove box (1967), driver-side windshield pillar (1968–69) Engine # Engine pad in front of right-side cylinder head Club National Corvette Restorers Society 6291 Day Road Cincinnati, OH 45252 More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1965–67 Shelby Cobra 427 1970–71 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi 1969–70 Ford Mustang 429 CM Investment Grade A Darin Schnabel ©2010 Courtesy of RM Auction

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Lot S174, $159,000—Mecum Indianapolis car to parade down Main Street on Friday night or to take out for a Sunday jaunt. Nor was the L88 Corvette planned for Walter Mitty types, who fantasized about racing without possessing either the skill or experience to safely handle the power delivered by this engine. In reality, the L88 was developed for qualified racing drivers, but to meet the homologation requirements of the SCCA and FIA, the engine had to be factory-built and street-legal. Thus, the L88 option code was listed without fanfare on Corvette order forms from 1967 through 1969. Chevrolet naturally did whatever it could to discourage the option's appeal and availability to the non-racing public, including artificially listing its output as “only” 430 hp compared to 435 hp for the L71. Three L88s Get Sold One 1968 and two 1969 Corvette L88s have traded ownership recently at auction. First up was Lot S174 at Dana Mecum's Original Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 22, 2010. This 1968 four-speed coupe, s/n 194378S419533, was finished in Silverstone Silver with a black interior and sold for $159,000. Though presented without national awards, distinguished race history or an impressive provenance, this nicely restored example was still determined by the cognoscenti in attendance to be a “real deal” L88, and its all-important original tank sticker was displayed in the windshield during the pre-auction inspection period. Unfortunately, the car was not secured, and, at some point during the weekend, the tank sticker went missing. On a 1968 L88 (one of only 80 built) this is a major problem. Strong documentation of authenticity, in which an original tank sticker is a prime element, is generally considered to be at least 25 percent of an investment-grade Corvette's market value. So the sticker's mysterious disappearance had a well-warranted negative impact on the bidding, undoubtedly contributing to the winning bidder's advantage in acquiring this particular car at a very attractive price. Awards and documentation essential The next two L88s offered at auction were Lot 151 and Lot 163 at RM's Classic Muscle & Modern Performance auction in San Diego, California on June 19, 2010. These two Corvettes were part of a larger group of 77 cars offered without reserve by the Glen Konkle collection. Lot 151, a 1969 Monza Red four-speed coupe, s/n 194379S736298, had it all. The car hit the block with Bloomington Gold, NCRS Top Flight, Gold Spinner and Triple Crown awards, just over 2,000 miles on a quality body-off restoration, loads of documentation including the original sales receipts and Protect-O-Plate, and limited and clear ownership history. In a time of ongoing economic uncertainty, it says something about the enduring value of L88s that this car brought in a healthy $401,500. Admittedly this figure is more than 20 percent below the $446,250 that the same car commanded at the Mecum Fall Auction in October Lot 151, $401,500—RM San Diego 2007, but that was before the economic bubble burst and collector-Corvette price escalation skidded to a halt. In any event, the most recent sale proves that there is still serious money waiting to make advantageous buys on investment-grade Corvettes. Lot 163, a Riverside Gold coupe, s/n 194379S710256, is one of only 17 L88s built with an automatic transmission for 1969. Originally drag-raced (hence the automatic) on the East Coast by Bard Chevrolet before receiving a quality restoration by Nabers Brothers in Houston, Texas, at auction the car was presented in excellent condition, showing just 21,121 miles on the odometer. It also came with Bloomington Gold Certification and clear ownership history. The $211,750 winning bid is somewhat below the figure one would expect for a car of this quality and rarity. However, the market spoke and the car was bought well. It's not a stretch to call any L88 a true blue-chip col- lectible Corvette. All of these cars had their virutes, the red/red more than the rest, which was reflected in the price that it bought. L88s continue to bring big dollars from sophisticated buyers who know exactly what they are looking at. ■ Seat Time Brian Bolotin, New York, NY: I am the owner of a 1969 Corvette convertible 427/430 L88 (VIN# 194679S720068) I know you referred to a coupe, but I couldn't resist. This triple black ‘69 L88 is one of the rarest Corvettes known, and it is one of only two L88s to exist in this color combination. This car also has a great history. It was special ordered by Tony DeLorenzo from his racing sponsor, Hanley Dawson Chevrolet in Detroit. Tony actually ordered this as his daily driver! Tony took delivery of #20068 in early 1969 and drove it daily until Curt Wetzel, a good friend of his and a fellow racer, convinced him to race prep it and sell it to him. After Tony agreed, they drove it to the Detroit airport in a raging snow storm and loaded it into the belly of a Pan Am aircraft bound for Frankfurt, Germany. Curt then proceeded to race the car in Germany, beating Porsches and BMWs. The car went through a frame-off restoration in 2004 by Ken and Gary Naber. To date, this car has received numerous awards, including NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold, Bloomington Gold Special Collection, Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame, Chevy Vettefest Gold Spinner and Triple Crown. Larry Hill, Virginia Beach, VA: I own a 1968 L88 coupe. It is a survivor car, having received the Bloomington Gold Survivor award two times and Bloomington Gold award twice. It is streetable, and it feels like a full race car for the street. It really is cool. Seat-of-the-pants feel is strong. Until I bought my ZR-1, most late-model Corvettes a run for the money. I would have said it would give www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 29 John Hollansworth Jr., Courtesy of Mecum Auctions Darin Schnabel ©2010 Courtesy of RM Auction

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C4 profile 1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Convertible Languishing national economy or not, the time seemed right for this Twin Turbo to pull significantly more dollars than it did by Chip Lamb Chassis number: 1G1YY3188K5123674 I ntroduced to the press at Riverside International Raceway in late 1982, the longawaited fourth-generation Corvette was stylish, sophisticated, worldly – and unlike any Corvette ever before. But the excitement didn't last. Though the 1984 model racked up the second high- est build in Corvette history (thanks to a 1.5-year long run), its 51,547 production soon dropped to 39,729 for 1985 and then to 35,109 for 1986. The 350-cubic-inch, tuned-portinjection engines were just not cutting it, and with the four-cam, 32-valve ZR-1 stuck in the developmental pipeline, the Corvette's relatively low sales compared to other GM models made the company hesitant to further invest in improving the breed. Unfortunate as the situation was for Corvette, it played out beautifully for Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, Connecticut, which had already been creating high-performance turbocharger packages for different manufacturers. GM became a believer too, after purchasing one of Callaway's twin-turbo Alfa Romeo GTV6s and discovering that it ran rings around a standard Corvette. A meeting quickly ensued, and just a few months later, Chevrolet announced a new Corvette option for 1987. Regular Production Option (RPO) B2K specified a 350-cubic inch Corvette V8, with breathing enhanced by a pair of small turbochargers. Even more notably though, it marked the first externally supplied Corvette high-performance package available through participating Chevrolet dealers and covered by a full GM warranty. Times were changing in the competitive arena, and fast. The Callaway Twin Turbo's power rating began at 345 hp in 1987 and then grew to 382 horsepower with an astounding 560 lb-ft. of torque for 1989. To handle this massive output, a Callaway-modified GM Turbo 400 automatic replaced the Corvette's standard 700R4 automatic transmission. The carefully engineered swap included the addition of a Laycock de Normanville-type overdrive unit, as well as integration with the Corvette's Delco Powertrain Control Module. Despite this trickery, however, only 10 Callaway Corvettes were equipped with the automatic option in 1989, thanks largely to the new availability of the widely heralded ZF six-speed manual transmission. The finished product was impressive to say the least, with 0–60 times in the mid four-second range, quarter-mile elapsed times in the 12-second range, and top-speed potential approaching 180 mph. Best of all, while these extremely limited-production 30 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Corvettes offered supercar-type performance, they were also surprisingly easy to maintain, with everyday drivability. This particular 1989 Callaway Corvette has accumu- lated only 1,055 miles, and it has been owned by discriminating collectors since new. The Bright Red exterior and matching interior are truly stunning and befitting a car Details Years Produced 1987–91 Number Produced 68 (1989) Original List Price $63,334 CM Valuation $20,000–$35,000 Tune-up $125 Distributor Cap $12 Chassis # Lower-left windshield corner Engine # Lower rear side of crankcase Club Corvette Club of America P.O. Box 9879 Bowling Green, KY 42102 More www.corvetteclubofamerica.com Alternatives 1988–89 Corvette Challenge Racer 1991–96 Greenwood Corvette 1990–95 ZR-1 CM Investment Grade C Photos: Darin Schnabel ©2010 Courtesy of RM Auction

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with its performance capabilities. Exclusivity is guaranteed, with this car being one of only 69 Callaway Corvettes built in 1989, as well as one of the few equipped with the available automatic transmission. It also includes a rare matching hardtop, as well as other desirable Corvette options. In excellent overall condition, this well-preserved Callaway continues to run and drive as new. CM Analysis This car sold for $33,000, including buyer's premium, at RM's Classic Muscle & Modern Performance Auction in San Diego, California on June 19, 2010. As noted in the RM auction catalog, General Motors was in- deed grasping at straws in trying to make its flagship Corvette a modern competitor in the emissions-strangled 1980s. On sale in early 1983, after a full year's hiatus since the last third-generation model left the new Bowling Green, Kentucky production line, the C4 platform heralded sweeping changes in design, engineering, manufacturing and complexity. The first models rode very harshly and, as noted, weren't exactly runaway performance champions right off the train. To GM's credit, the company recognized the car's problems immediately and set about making meaningful changes – ultimately including the Callaway connection. In fact, GM's sampling of Callaway's twin-turbo Alfa was certainly not the first time the company had done this sort of thing. True fact: GM also purchased a Porsche 959 to evaluate its potential competitiveness against the upcoming ZR-1, and that car reportedly still exists within the General Motors Heritage Collection. But while the four-cam ZR-1 was still embryonic, and the prototype mid-engine “Indy Pace Car” or “CERV-III” was barely a fantasy, GM realized it had to fire a salvo of some type to reestablish Corvette's dominance against various European competitors – as well as the powerful domestic sporty cars such as the Mustang GT. On the dealer lots, the C4's improved handling, more-attractive styling and even the reemergence of a convertible variant for 1986 was just not enough of a winning proposition. Callaway/GM relationship historically unique Callaway's C4 was very different than hot-rodded Corvette versions from Greenwood and other performance tuners. Simply put, Callaway enjoyed an exclusive vendor arrangement with GM that others could only dream about, and the issuance of a Regular Production Option code, in this case B2K, was not repeated for any other aftermarket performance company. The cars with this code on their build stickers left Bowling Green with standard powerplants, then landed at the Callaway workshops in Old Lyme for conversion. Here the base-specification L98 was modified for over 10 pounds of boost with twin turbo- Seat Time Chuck Kyle, Lewisville, TX: I owned a 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Aerobody convert- ible for 13 years. I just sold it last November, and I still miss it. The Callaway Twin Turbo is an amazing car that still remains ahead of its time. It offers a driving experience like no other; the smoothness, quietness, and torque have to be felt to be believed. My car was #005 and it had 76,000 miles on it when I sold it. I never had any major problems with it, just factors associated with age and mileage. The car really ran like a bear and was always a thrill to drive. I never grew tired of it. It drove like a stock L98 until the turbos kicked in at about 2000 rpm, and then you had just better hang on, it was a rocket ship ride from there on out. On the highway it delivered 28 mpg and never missed a beat. I now own a ”warmed over” C6 with about 544 HP and I love it, but it can't com- pare to the Callaway. I'll always love the Callaway. John Kyle, Miami, FL: I have owned 5 Callaway twin turbos, and they are monster cars with bullet-proof motors. A Callaway will pin you to your seat when the turbos kick in, and the monster torque is unleashed. It is a unique thrill. These cars lifted the Corvette into comparable—or even better—performance than most Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the late 1980s/early19 90s. I have found them to be low-maintenance, fun to drive and with great support from the Callaway factory in Old Lyme. They are “supercars” that I can service at my Chevy dealer! chargers, making a whopping 382 horsepower at just 4,250 revs per minute. This hefty output required either a manual gearbox or, in the case of our auction car, the unusual automatic transmission. While the entire run of Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes numbered only 448 (coincidentally the same number as each of the final three ZR-1 production years), its considerable press coverage at least kept Corvette in the footlights of consideration for enthusiasts until the ZR-1 finally arrived. And to its credit, General Motors at least offered a supercar that had Ferraris and Lamborghinis struggling to keep up. Automatic transmission a serious resale flaw As with most of the cars offered by RM during the weekend, this particular Callaway has negligible miles from new, and maintains most, if not all, of its original features inside and out. It also benefited from retaining most of its stock Corvette aesthetics, rather than being outfitted with the $6,500-plus Callaway Aerobody kit. It is also fortunate that the car came with an origi- nal auxiliary removable hardtop and most of the other Corvette options available at the time. Still, two important factors held it back from bringing more money. Most important was that the automatic transmission, fancy Laycock overdrive or not, would never be the first choice of most performance drivers. Second, Callaway also did little, if anything, to retune suspensions on the B2K option to match the engine output. Of late, Corvette enthusiasts have rightfully shown particular interest in highly original cars, especially when one is offered in a true no-reserve auction such as RM San Diego. Price guides tend to be forgotten when bidders realize it may be a very long time before they will have another chance at a car such as this original Callaway. Languishing national economy or not, the setup seemed right for this Twin Turbo to pull significantly more dollars than it did. Blame this on the plight of the C4 Corvettes in general, because even at 25 years old, they are still far too “new” to be considered classics. But time has a way of taking care of that perception, and as the years roll on the price paid here will very likely ultimately be seen as a bargain. ■ (Introductory description courtesy of RM.) www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 31

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C5 profile 2003 Pratt & Miller C5-R Le Mans Racers GM considered both cars “physical assets,” and assigned them asset ID numbers not unlike machine tooling or assembly plant machinery by B. Mitchell Carlson Chassis numbers: C5R-008, C5R-009 A fter decades of arm's-length involvement in Corvette racing, in 1998 the Chevrolet Motor Division finally created its own team to showcase the new fifth-generation Corvette platform. Built by Pratt & Miller Engineering in Michigan, the C5-R was from the start a purpose-built racecar utilizing the most advanced technologies and materials available. Its mission: Beat Ferrari, Viper, Saleen and Porsche in the world's toughest endurance race, the 24 Heures du Mans. Pratt & Miller eventually built 11 C5-R Corvettes from 1998 to 2004 – 10 for GM's factory Corvette Racing team and one for a privateer team. Two of them are presented here. Chassis number C5R-008 was driven by Oliver Gavin, Kelly Collins and Andy Pilgrim at Le Mans in 2003 where, wearing No. 50, it finished second in GTS and 11th overall. It shared the podium with the No. 53 sister car, chassis number C5R-009, driven by Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell and Franck Freon, which is also offered here. At the conclusion of their racing careers, both Corvette C5-R s/n 008 and s/n 009 were completely restored by Pratt & Miller to original specifications, including the distinctive blue 50th Anniversary livery they wore at Le Mans. With less than 25 miles since restoration, they are in brand-new condition throughout. They are also fully race-prepared, including new Katech-built 427 engines rated at 600 horsepower, and the original jacking and fire systems. This incomparable pair of racecars represents a historically significant chapter in Corvette's glorious racing history. CM Analysis These cars failed to sell – either individually at $350,000 apiece, or as a pair for $775,000 – during Dana Mecum's Original Spring Classic auction in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 21, 2010. Considering the millions that Chevrolet invested in developing the C5-R, the idea that the cars that finished second and third in class at the Circuit de la Sarthe during Corvette's 50th Anniversary year would, only seven years later, end up at an Indiana auction seems nothing short of preposterous. So is the notion that the cars would escape GM's control in the first place. But to paraphrase the late Jerry Garcia, what a long strange trip it's been for GM. Since a good measure of comfort can be found in truth, here is how it happened: 32 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com After grinding through a troublesome Le Mans and losing to Ferrari in the GTS class, the twins made a handful of appearances before segueing to other duties. Serial number C5R-008, the second-place No. 50 GTS at Le Mans, became a pit-crew trainer for Pratt & Miller. C5R-009, the No. 53 car, was repainted in Corvette Details Years Produced 1998–2004 Number Produced 11 Original List Price NA CM Valuation $500,000–$750,000 Tune-up Don't ask Distributor Cap $80 Chassis # Tag riveted to the roll cage near the left side of the instrument panel Club Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association P.O. Box 68003 Grand Rapids, MI 49516-8003 More www.corvetteracing.com www.palmeter.com/C5RInfoIndex.htm Alternatives 2005 and later Corvette C6.R 2004–05 Maserati MC-12 1990–98 Ferrari 348 Challenge 1998 McLaren F1 CM Investment Grade B Photos: Richard Prince/rprincephoto.com

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Racing's trademark Millennium Yellow and black, and returned to active duty as the No. 8 car for Boris Said and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. during the 2004 ALMS season. It then became even more famous – though not admirably so. Dale Jr. had just come out of the pits at Infineon Raceway when he spun in a corner and crashed. Freshly refueled, the car still had some race gas in its filler neck, which splashed out and ignited the bodywork. Junior insists to this day that his late father – only three years gone at that point – carried him out of the car. After the shunt, s/n 009 was relegated to a corner of Pratt & Miller's shop. The big wheels turn slowly at GM Initially, our Mecum consignor wanted only C5R-009 (or what was left of it), and sent a formal offer to GM. But he soon heard that s/n 008 might also be available. After all, GM had already sold other C5-Rs to American and European teams by this time. And with the launch of the C6 platform imminent, the company was actually looking for a short list of collectors who would be worthy owners for some of the remaining C5-Rs. As something of a self-admitted “groupie” of Corvette Racing – among his involvement in other aspects of the Corvette community – our consigner made the list. GM considered both cars “physical assets,” and assigned them asset ID numbers 261098 and 219909 – not unlike machine tooling or assembly plant machinery – with GM's Global Asset Recovery Program set to handle their liquidation. Once our consignor became registered as part of the bidding process (mostly by signing a plethora of GM's “as is, where is” contracts), he then waited for the cars to be put through one of the closed online auctions. Amazingly, these irreplaceable icons were listed together as one lot of used race car parts. Days of waiting turned into weeks and months, but the good news with the bu- reaucratic delay was that Pratt & Miller was busy restoring the cars in the meantime, getting them fully assembled with bodywork in primer by the auction. The time span ultimately stretched from September 2004 until May 9, 2005, when the consignor was informed he was the winning bidder. Two period-correct and track-ready cars Surprisingly, the sales agreement from GM was barely over a page long – less than most of the cars GM sold through several recent Barrett-Jackson auctions. Predictably, the sales agreement allowed on-track use but prohibited operation on public roads. Upon buying the cars, our consignor had them painted and detailed to match their Le Mans appearance, right down to the decals, European-spec taillights, and unique drivers' seats. Since then, he has shown them as static exhibits at a handful of events. Seat Time If love is a drug, the Corvette C5-R is blood-boiling, psychedelic, adrenaline- pumping, heart-fibrillating speedball, and I am locked forever to its enrapturing power. Ten laps around Indiana's Putnam Park at the helm of the C5-R in 1999 forever altered my view of performance cars and performance driving. For it provided a literally cathartic experience – a mind-bending few minutes that changed my view of the world now and forever. Piloting the C5-R is like the classic dream of flying. You're omnipotent; just press the go pedal and the 600-hp Katech engine blasts you down the track with almost unspeakable ferocity. Tug back lightly on the Hewland shift lever and the next close-ratio gear comes up. The car goes through gears as quickly as a superbike on the quarter mile. Stand on the pedal and the big brakes haul this 2500-lb. missile down like someone threw out the Queen Mary's anchor. And now turn the wheel (it's amazingly light feeling with Corvette production power steering) and the car follows, instantly, precisely, confidently. The car moves me quickly beyond the range of my experience – despite years of lapping sessions and racing in cars, bikes and karts. Two corners show 1.5 g's or higher, and every corner shows over 1 g, and I know the C5-R's not even sliding, not even a little. It will take a lot more than 10 laps for this zero to get to hero.—John L. Stein They have only been on a public track once – during the Brian Redman International Challenge at Road America in 2007. The reasoning behind consigning them at Mecum Indy was that the seller had accomplished what he wanted, which was to get them away from GM, restore them to their former glory, and exhibit them as such. With that done, he's now focusing on fine-tuning his collection. He's keeping “Cars I love to look at” – ranging from 1953 Corvette number 103 through a 1969 L88 – and “Cars I love to drive,” meaning one of each Corvette model from a 2001 C5 convertible to a 2009 ZR1. The window may still be open Since the C5-Rs were a no-sale at Mecum Indy, per- haps someone else will soon have a chance to enjoy one of the most stirring Corvette drives available to mortal man. With a fresh Pratt & Miller race tune-up on their authentic Katech engines, they are ready to compete not only in current ALMS or FIA events, but also in historical classes as well. But while they would be competitive anywhere – and the occasional track exhibition would at least keep them limber – it would be a shame to put them back into combat. Instead, these two cars should have spaces reserved for them at the National Corvette Museum. They served their tour of duty with honor and made America proud at Le Mans, and even NASCAR types have an attraction to C5R-009 with the short-lived (although admittedly fiery) Dale Jr. affiliation. But cars cost money, and these days that's in short supply for donation-supported museums. Which leaves continued private ownership as the next logical step for this pair. So if you're a serious Corvette collector who wants to preserve the history of America's most beloved sports car, it's time to step up. We're all counting on you. As the cosignor's purchase price from GM is con- fidential, we can only speculate on the his break-even point. In my opinion, the asking price of $750,000 for the pair may reflect more what the seller has invested than what the market will pay. At this point, he's determined to wait out the market, but I wouldn't be surprised if something else comes along that catches his eye, and the C5Rs get turned into a somewhat smaller pile of money so he can move on. ■ www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 33

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C6 by Geoff Archer 2005 Corvette coupe #280521852913. S/N 1G1YY24U655114902. Silver/gray leather. Odo: 44,447 miles. 36 Photos. Sacramento, CA. “44k miles. This coupe is fully loaded with options such as: power windows, power locks, power seats, leather, cd player, premium sound, ABS, alloy wheels, automatic, and much more. Few months ago this Corvette was involved in a minor rear end collision. This Chevy runs, drives and looks like a dream. This Vette is sold on a California Salvage Certificate and is sold AS-IS. It is currently not registered. The buyer will have to register it in his state of residence.” 1 Buy-It-Now bid, sf 890, bf private. Cond: 3. CM Analysis SOLD AT $21,000. A few grand can make all the difference when buying a used car... particularly when you are in high school, and you ride a bicycle to your job at Hot Dog on a Stick. Seriously, although this highly-rated eBay seller gets top marks for such an honest presentation, it is still hard to watch this e-commerce calamity: for a few grand more you could have bought a c6 with no stories, and that would have preserved the ability to re-sell in the future. Fair price for the condition, but you should have passed. 2006 Corvette Z06 coupe #130401204917. S/N 1G1YY26E865116531. Yellow/black leather. Odo: 40,300 miles. 24 Photos. Greer, SC. “This particular Z06 is extremely clean. The paint is in great condition. As far as the interior goes, it also looks like a 10k mile car. The car does have some performance modifications that were all professionally done by Ryan's Peformance Machines (R.P.M.) in Garner, NC. The mods were performed around 34k miles. Keep in mind the car does drive like 100% stock, and can be driven anywhere without ANY problems. The car did make 540 rwhp and 496 rwtq on the dyno.” 18 bids, sf 901, bf private. Cond: 2. CM Analysis SOLD AT $39,000. The seller's tweaks do look like the sorts of things most people in the market for a yellow Z06 would dig. Although on eBay at the same time. So I say it was both well bought (free upgrades are good) and well sold (best you can hope for is price parity with a stock example). 2008 Corvette Z06 coupe #200432024903- S/N 1G1YY26E885118640. Black/black leather. Odo: 4,887 miles. 23 Photos. Los Angeles, CA. “This Z06 was used in the movie Transformers. This information was provided to me by the manager at the Carmax in Irvine CA. This car was given to the production company for use in the movie. Because this car was given for movie use, the warranty was voided by Chevrolet. I verified this information with GM of North America. They faxed me the build sheet as well. This car runs absolutely perfect, very fun to drive, the tires are practically new, and the clutch feels strong.” 36 bids, sf 345, bf private. Cond: 2. was purchased, there could have been up to a year of remaining coverage that was voided by the movie role. The in-service date is not provided. Having that info would certainly help characterize this transaction, because without it, this sales figure looks to be at the lower end of average for an '08 Z06 in this condition. 2009 Corvette ZR1 coupe #230485442397. S/N 1G1YR26R595800330. Atomic Orange/linen leather. Odo: 44 miles. 24 Photos. Apollo Beach, FL. “COMING FROM ONE OF FLORIDA'S MOST PRESTIGIUOS PRIVATE CAR COLLECTIONS. TOP OF THE LINE CORVETTE IN BRAND HISTORY. BALANCE OF THE CHEVROLET FACTORY WARRANTY STILL IN EFFECT. ONE OF 35 ATOMIC ORANGE (no longer available) ZR1'S AND THE ONLY ONE WITH THE LINEN OPTION INTERIOR BEFORE IT WAS DISCONTINUED FOR THE 2009 MODEL YEAR. THIS IS A ONE OF ONE ZR1 THAT IS A TRUE COLLECTOR CAR. 100% FACTORY ORIGINAL. NO NEED TO GO INTO LONG DETAIL BECAUSE OF THE EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY OF THIS CAR.” 9 bids, sf 759 bf private. Cond: 1. CM Analysis SOLD AT $105,100. The MSRP of this specific vehicle was not provided, but it is reasonable to assume it was within a few hundred purchase a one-of-one car in a a nearly new state. Fair deal all around. ■ 34 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com bucks of this transactional price. So nobody made money on this deal, but somebody was able to get the proverbial ‘mulligan' and CM Analysis SOLD AT $46,500. The factory warranty is 3 years, so depending on when this car messing with anything factory usually hurts resale, here the seller matched the price of a stock yellow Z06 w/48k miles that was also A Selection of C6s that sold recently on eBay mini profiles Condition inferred from seller's descriptions; cars were not physically examined by the author. All quoted material taken from the eBay listings. sf=seller's feedback; bf=buyer's feedback A few grand can make all the difference when buying a used car... particularly when you are in high school, and you ride a bicycle to your fast-food job

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Market Report Overview Summer Corvette Sales Total $10m The market again showed itself to be solid throughout late spring and early summer, with high-end Corvettes continuing to bring good prices by Jim Pickering T he start of the summer auction season again reflected strong results for Corvettes at auction at locations around the U.S, following the same basic growth trend we've seen since the start of 2010: for the most part, good cars continued to bring good money, and excellent well-documented original examples again commanded top dollar. However, collector confidence was still an issue in some locations, with both a lack of top-tier examples and a good grouping of no-sales contributing to lower final totals than this time in 2009. RM Auctions hosted its all-no-reserve “Classic Muscle & Modern Performance” auction in mid-June, and of the 102 lots on offer, 28 were Corvettes, selling for a combined $2.5m. Senior Auction Analyst Carl Bomstead found a number of both excellent deals and very high prices across the auction block, including the high sale of the event, a 1969 L88 coupe finished in a oneof-one combination of Monza Red and Saddle leather. With excellent documentation and low miles, it brought $401,500. Another L88, known as “Automatically Yours,” was also offered, and was one of 18 produced with a TH400 automatic. While a bit below the Monza Red high seller in terms of condition, equipment, and history, it was in very good overall condition, and it sold at $211,750 (Both cars are profiled on page 28). On the other hand, Bomstead found several decent restorations which failed to achieve prices close to their pre-sale estimates, including a 1965 327/375 fuelie which made $58,300 against an estimate of $90,000—further evidence that although the money is there, the cars on offer need to be exceptional in order to raise it. Mecum's CM 1–6 Scale Condition Rating: 1: National concours standard/perfect 2: Very good, club concours, some small flaws 3: Average daily driver in decent condition 4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems 6: Good only for parts annual all-Corvette auction at Bloomington Gold took place in St. Charles in late June, with 137 of 303 Corvettes selling for a final total of $4.8m. It's the largest all-Corvette auction in the world, and CM Auction Analysts B. Mitchell Carlson and Dan Grunwald were on site to cover the cars as they crossed the block. This year's sales were off just a bit from last year, where $5.9m was made from 117 of 274 cars. Although Mecum's television coverage did not return this year, and some overnight rain likely dampened spirits a bit, Carlson noted the main reason for the drop in totals to be due to fewer headline cars, with more driver-level run-of-the-mill examples populating the list of consignments. The high sale of the weekend was a 1956 265/240 convertible which made $159,000, followed by a 1960 283/290 convertible that brought $124,020. Bloomington's typical show-stopping big-block C2s were not as numerous this year, and a good portion of those available failed to sell—and only one brought a sale price over $100k. But, there were good prices achieved as well, including a 1957 283/245 convertible that made $85,330, a 1956 265/240 convertible that brought $100,700, and a 1981 coupe that made $40,280. Although the market may still be in the midst of recovery, decent cars are continu- ing to bring current market-correct prices based on their conditions, and buyers are still willing to pay up for the best, most original, and rarest cars available. ■ Top Ten Sales This Issue 1. 1963 Corvette Harley Earl Custom convertible, $980,500—Lot S116, p. 68 2. 1969 Corvette L88 coupe, $401,500—Lot 151, p. 62 3. 1969 Corvette 427/435 convertible, $231,000—Lot 119, p. 62 4. 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible, $214,500—Lot 126, p. 60 5. 1969 Corvette L88 coupe, $211,750—Lot 163, p. 64 6. 1956 Corvette 265/240 convertible, $159,000—Lot S80, p. 40 7. 1967 Corvette 427/400 convertible, $137,800—Lot S104, p. 69 8. 1965 Corvette 396/425 convertible, $129,250—Lot 174, p. 58 9. 1960 Corvette 283/290 convertible, $124,020—Lot S128, p. 42 10. 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible, $123,750—Lot 169, p. 62 Best Buys 1. 1967 Corvette 427/425 convertible, $123,750—Lot 169, p. 62 2. 1970 Corvette LT1 convertible, $39,000—Lot 192, p. 64 3. 1961 Corvette 283/270 convertible, $72,600—Lot 374, p. 68 4. 1966 Corvette 427/390 convertible, $66,250—Lot F72, p. 44 5. 1990 Corvette ZR-1 coupe, $18,550—Lot F80, p. 52 36 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL Bloomington Gold Corvette Auction C3s were the Corvette du Jour for this sale, with 105 crossing the block Company Mecum Auctions Date June 25-26, 2010 Location St. Charles, IL Auctioneers Mark Delzell, Mike Hagerman, Jim Landis, Bobby McLaughlin, & Matt Morauec Corvettes sold/offered 137/303 (45%) Corvette sales total $4,812,507 Corvette high sale 1956 Chevrolet Corvette 265/240, sold at $159,000 105 C3s crossed the block Intro by B. Mitchell Carlson, report and photos by B. Mitchell Carlson and Dan Grunwald Market opinions in italics M ecum Auctions retained their title of having the largest all-Corvette auction in the world during this year's Bloomington Gold event. However, this year it seemed to be off a beat as far as sales were concerned. While they had 29 more consignments, with 20 more sales, the actual money brought in was about a million dollars less than last year. Some could argue that it was because of no TV coverage this year, but one can't use the argument that it was the weather, as it was hot and humid like it seems to be almost every year here on the two sale days—although there was heavy rain overnight between the two sessions. It all boils down to a year of lesser cars. Simply, there were no big headline cars this year. No Harley Earl-owned cars, no factory race cars. Nope, for the most part, it was an offering of nice but run-of-the-mill regular-issue Corvettes. To underscore this, the top sale of the Mecum Sales Total weekend was a 1956, pulling down $159,000. C1s have generally been soft over the last two years, and with the exception of this lone example, that was the case this weekend. While top-shelf C1s garnered seven of the top ten sales—the top four all selling for six figures—nice 1959 through 1962 drivers with lower-end horsepower motors could be had all weekend for under $50k. As far as C2s were concerned, the big dogs were generally not here. 435 hp cars were scarce, as were mid-year big-blocks in general. The few that were here got the highest bids, but they all failed to sell. In fact, only 38 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com $12m $10m $8m $6m $4m $2m 0 one C2 was hammered sold for over $100k. I got the feeling that those owners were sitting on their hands, and their cars, waiting to see for certain that the market is stabilizing before putting them back into the market. C3s were the Corvette du Jour for this sale, with 105 crossing the block. This year, later special edition models—such as 1978 Pace Cars—brought less money. That trend generally continued into the C4s, but with a few exceptions. C5s and C6s were few and far between, although the ones consigned were generally good lowmile cars. The cheapest car was a gold 1984 coupe that brought $2,900, and apart from cosmetics, it wasn't too bad of a car. Although it seems like Mecum may have stumbled in comparison to their other sales this year, the GoldAuction traditionally has been hard pressed to go over a 50% sales rate. The company's Back To The '50s auction the weekend before was only marginally better, but also with that same track record. The fact of the matter is, auctions that are part of a greater event just don't set the world on fire, while stand-alone sales like Indy or Kansas City do well because of the singular reason for being there is to buy or sell cars. So don't think that the upswing in the market has petered out—just remember that it's taken the weekend off to go to a car show that happened to have an auction attached. ■ Buyer's premium Prices reported include graduated buyer's fee $300 on the first $5,499, $500 from $5,500 to $9,999, 6% thereafter. 2010 2006 2007 2008 2009 2005 2004 2003 2002

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL C1 #S119-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S003946. Pennant Blue/ beige vinyl. Odo: 1,106 miles. 235-ci 150-hp straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Pin holes, bubbles and old repairs visible in paint. Chrome a bit weak, with both side spears showing repairs moisture and long term storage. Interior looks mostly original with alligator cracking on dash paint. Holes drilled at left base of windshield surround. Tape holds tail light lens on. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $34,715. There was a lot of originality here, but the car didn't want to run, and the storage issues will need to be sorted. The selling price allows for those expenses, but only if nothing major appears. #S149-1956 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E56500402E. Blue/parchment vinyl. Odo: 38,269 miles. 265-ci 240-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 3-sp. All fresh top to bottom, with a factory-new look. Taillight chrome a bit weak near the lens. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $100,700. and waves. New interior and top. Driver's door doesn't shut tight, passenger's door fit off more than factory. Clean engine compartment with claimed recent tune-up. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $68,900. A new paint job and a few details will do wonders here, and as the car has already been restored, doing so won't damage any of its originality. Fairly bought and sold. #S42-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S004599. White/beige cloth/red vinyl. Odo: 53,834 miles. 235-ci 150hp straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Older mid-level repaint now showing chips, cracks, and prep flaws. Extra wide gaps on both doors. Cracks This car was cataloged as having a 283-ci engine that was date-code correct, but according to my sources, in 1956, it should have been a 265. Still, six figures speaks for the level of this restoration on this '56, and it was one of the top ten sales of the event. TOP 10 #6 #S80-1956 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E56S003843. Cascade Green & white/white canvas/parchment vinyl. Odo: 20 miles. 265-ci 240-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 3-sp. Flawless restoration with no issues anywhere. NCRS Top Flight award winner the first time and bubbles on dash paint, seam splitting on driver's seat. Most chrome looks aged but is dent free. New weatherstrips fitted to doors. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $46,000. This C1 roadster was a bit tired, but it had possibilities for someone looking to get a light project. Having said that, the $46,000 bid seemed fair. #S164-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N BER545003357. Polo White/ beige canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 58,556 miles. 235-ci 150-hp straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Lots of age cracking and in what appears to be original paint. Chrome shows some pitting and surface rust, wheels all show rust areas on bottom from out in 2010, with 98.6%. Said to be one of 111 fitted with the 240-hp engine. Correct date-coded windshield and side glass. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $159,000. The best no-questions restorations still bring top dollar, and they usually bring decent prices here. This was the top sale of the event, and rightfully so, as there was nothing to fault anywhere. #S92-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S100401. Venetian Red/ red vinyl. Odo: 76,301 miles. 283-ci 283-hp fuel-injected V8, 3-sp. Left front fender shows several large flaws in paint, and overall has more orange peel than factory. New interior chrome and top, fitted with power windows and power top. Gobby trim fix on bottom 40 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com throughout. 2009 NCRS National 98.1 score, Bloomington Gold certified in 2010. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $116,600. No stories, no excuses. This car actually went to Pebble and then had to be “dumbed down” a bit to follow factory finish levels for the NCRS and Bloomington Gold. A proper price for a top-money car that needed nothing. gauges. Engine compartment clean and looking proper, with all expected components in place. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $85,330. NCRS Top Flight award in 2010, and came with a 30-day drivetrain guarantee. Cascade Green is a great period color, and this car in this condition will turn heads anywhere it is driven. Well bought. #S83-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S108492. Red & white/ white canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 27,241 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Flawless paint, chrome, and interior. Excellent panel gaps, smooth and straight body. Engine compartment as clean as the exterior. Superb right of windshield. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $82,500. Last seen at Mecum's St. Charles sale in October '04, when failed to sell at $47,000 in Cascade Green with a tan top (CM# 35246). Minor issues held this car down a bit, but I think it should be worth more to the right buyer. #F101-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S101276. Cascade Green & white/parchment vinyl. Odo: 71,700 miles. 283-ci 245-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, auto. Great paint and chrome with no issues aside from one small dent in gas door. Interior like new, including

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL #F94-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S108368. Crown Sapphire/blue vinyl. Odo: 97,767 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Decent paint, some chrome starting to show age. Right taillight lens cracked. Extremely shiny (almost slimy) have been factory original. Not over restored, but done just right. The bid seemed light here, perhaps partly due to the great company this car was in. TOP 10 #9 blackwall tires. Hard top only. Interior chrome shows pitting, driver's door lock knob missing. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $62,000. A pretty driver in a great color. The price bid was on the light side, but it had to be close. In today's market, the details are more important than ever, I suspect small fit and finish items were what it came down to here. #F90-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S104025. Red & white/ black cloth/black vinyl. Odo: 55,110 miles. 283-ci 230-hp V8, 4-bbl, 3-sp. Couple of large blisters in front end paint above grille. Most chrome shows some age. Cracked tail light lenses, worn out window fuzzies, heavily scratched right side window. Dull and dirty #S128-1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 00867SD109498. Red/black/red vinyl. Odo: 52,258 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Great paint, chrome, and interior. vinyl. Odo: 41,076 miles. 327-ci 360-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Numerous front edge chips and some light cracks, chips, and visible panel lines. Clean engine shows light wear but no rust. Engine and trans said to be numbers matching. Certified as a Survivor and Bloomington Gold Benchmark. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $145,000. Fuel Injection, Survivor, and Benchmark pretty well describes this one. Although conventional wisdom might suggest that a convertible is worth more than a coupe, with 1963s, the Split-Window coupe is still top dog. It's hard to peg prices on Survivor-grade cars like this, but I'd call this bid all the money. Spotless throughout, with great attention to detail. Bloomington Gold certified in 2009. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $124,020. If this car had a flaw, it was that it looked better than new—and to the preservation crowd, that can mean quite a bit when it comes to valuing a car. Well sold at the price paid. #S135-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 10867S107863. Silver & white/black canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 94,406 miles. 283-ci 315-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Completely restored inside and out, with highlevel attention to details. Superb paint and chrome, consistent panel gaps, clean interior. interior chrome and no chrome left on shifter arm. New paint on engine. Paint should be Roman Red, but looks more coral in tone. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $48,495. Last seen at Mecum's Indianapolis sale in May '10, where it was listed as sold at $48,760 (CM# 163326). Details, details, details. The price paid here reflected the small stuff yet needed, and with just that in mind, it was about on-the-money. But with the slightly off-color paint, I'd call it well sold. #S77-1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 00867S103339. Black/black canvas/black vinyl. Odo: 174 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Complete body off restoration in 2007 with all numbers claimed to match. Radio and heater delete, heavy-duty brakes, 5-leaf springs. Dash pad pulling loose on right side, wrinkles in grab bar fabric. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $87,000. This car had a few visible flaws in the paint, but none of it was worse than what would 42 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com #S75-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S112973. Navy blue/ white vinyl/navy vinyl. Odo: 80,318 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Paint prep flaws in body by both headlight buckets. Wiper scratch on windshield. Dull gauge faces, seat padding flat, new carpet fitted. Some non-stock engine parts installed in otherwise original- looking compartment. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $39,750. Sting Ray coupes always cost more originally, but generally, that's not the case today. When it comes to mid-years, the only exception to the rule is the '63, as the coupes are still usually more expensive due to the oneyear-only Split-Window design. With the 340hp engine and decent driver condition, this first-year Sting Ray drop top can be considered well bought. #S165-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Fitted with desirable power windows. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $65,000. Factory-new showroom condition. 1961 was the last year of the two-tone cove color option. There were nine '61s to choose from at this auction, and although this was fitted with the desirable 315hp fuelie motor, the overall number of cars available may have had something to do with the light bid here. C2 #F108-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S112749. Red/black coupe. S/N 30837S111219. White/tan vinyl. Odo: 16,640 miles. 327-ci 250-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Lots of paint scratches and chips. Missing antenna, rusty and corroded seat belt buckles. Engine shows lots of rust and peeling paint.

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL Missing ignition cover parts. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $34,185. This seemed to start and run well, but it looked like an older restoration that was just coming out of damp storage. It clearly needs someone to love it again, and hopefully the love will last throughout the rebuild. #F64-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S114247. Tuxedo Black/white vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 24,257 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Rough paint clearly done years ago, peeling and pitting chrome. Torn soft top, peeling and rusty chrome in interior. Seats worn, console plate colors, an easy-to-maintain 390-hp big-block, a 4-speed, and a top that goes down. At $66k, it was well bought at the low end of market pricing for its condition. #F57-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S1076094. Mosport Green/ green vinyl. Odo: 57,176 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Several large scratches on right front, some nicks and chips to doors, color mismatch between passenger's door and tires and power windows. Some paint chipped and original wear evident under the hood. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $125,000. A Survivor documented with its original bill of sale, title, and state registrations. NCRS Top Flight, Rerformance Verification and Duntov Awards (98%). What price is originality in a first-year big-block coupe? Today it was more than $125k, and I think the seller was right in hanging on. #F107-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE missing. Engine looks to be as filthy as the rest of the car. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $28,090. Needs absolutely everything, but it wouldn't be overly hard to restore if time, love, and money are available. I don't see an upside here, as even at this price, when the restoration is complete, the new owner will be far enough underwater to need scuba gear. #F144-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S102832. Silver & black/black vinyl/black & white leather. Odo: 61,864 miles. 427-ci 450-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. 1964 title with '67 front fender vents, '67 hood and new 427-ci engine. Aftermarket power brakes, power steering, aluminum radiator, and custom seats. One headlight corner paint crack. Weak chrome on rear bumpers, no windshield coupe. S/N 194376S122931. Nassau Blue/blue vinyl. Odo: 79,224 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Good paint, center windshield trim misfit. Scratches on both side and rear glass, which are both very dirty inside. Good chrome quarter panel. Wiper scratches on windshield, chrome shows scratches and waviness. Very clean engine. Base engine and slush box won't win races, but it should prove to be a sweet solid driver. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $41,075. A good driver-level mid-year Corvette at the right price for its condition and options. Both parties should be pleased. #F95-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S109045. Blue/blue vinyl. Odo: 56,215 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Some chrome dull and pitted in places, paint shows a few cracks and edge chips. Some cracks in original door panels. Modern a/c installed. No mention of matching numbers on engine, but said to have the “correct” intake, and interior, a/c said to blow cold. Non-typical wiper arms installed. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $51,940. Nassau Blue was my favorite color back in 1966, and it still gets me today. Valued correctly for its condition and the combination of an auto with a/c, so both parties should be pleased. washers, misfit windshield trim. Fitted with side exhaust. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $39,220. The owner of this car found a title and a shell and built the car as he liked it. Not bad looking and probably a good, quick driver, but it'll always have a story to tell. The new owner didn't have to pay any premium for the mods, but in terms of an investment, this won't beat an all-original small-block '64. #S93-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S116796. Glen Green/ saddle vinyl. Odo: 15,263 miles. 396-ci 425hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Said to be all original and unrestored. Microcracking and panel bonding lines visible in original paint. Excellent original chrome and trim, fitted with original 44 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Best Buy #F72-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S116900. Blue/white canvas/blue vinyl. Odo: 1,780 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Numerous chips and nicks in front, paint touch-ups behind right door. Left vent pane chrome shows pitting, both rear bumpers have weak plating. Wiper scratches on windshield. New top and interior with telescopic wheel. Detailed engine. Original Protect-O-Plate. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $66,250. This one had nice carburetor, and alternator. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $40,280. I had this car marked as unsold, but the deal must have been made after it left the block at the same money that was offered. A good buy at the price paid, and a good job from Mecum in making the deal work for everyone involved. #S74-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S126578. Black/red vinyl. Odo: 46,719 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Original paint shows usual age cracking

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL in most places. Said to be original interior shows quite well with no cracking or fading. Engine cleaned, painted, and detailed. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $47,000. NCRS Top Flight Regional in 2010. A very original car in most areas and very well preserved throughout. Another original that just didn't bring the expected dollars today. #S108-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S111501. Mossport Green/ green vinyl. Odo: 67,438 miles. 427-ci 390hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. New paint looks a bit too metallic. Teak wheel and power windows in restored interior. Also fitted with knockoff Cond: 2. SOLD AT $63,600. Newly restored with many new parts, but with the needs noted, it was pretty clear it had been built to be sold rather than held. Sold at a fair price to both parties. #S81-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S121526. Goodwood Green & white/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 19,074 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Said to be all original, including the mileage. Overall minimal checking and cracking to original paint, good chrome and trim. Fitted with visible on left fender. Scratches on driver's vent pane glass. Driver's door panel shows armrest repair. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $125,000. NCRS Regional Top Flight 2010. The owner still likes this car a lot, and although this bid was reasonable based on the car's condition, he was looking for more. wheels, factory a/c, and tinted glass. Wiper arms not typical, with no screw adjustment. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $77,910. Last seen at RM's Novi sale in April '10, where it failed to sell at $75,000 (CM# 162163). Fresh frame-off restoration to a high standard, with photos to document the process. Fairly bought and sold. #S138.1-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S124819. Red/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 39,396 miles. 327-ci side exhaust and vinyl-covered hard top. Some wear, age, and surface rust on original engine finishes. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $210,000. Top Flight, Performance Verification, Duntov, 4-star Bowtie, Gold Spinner, and Triple Crown Awards. Bloomington Gold, Benchmark, and Survivor. It's hard to put a value on a car like this, but the seller didn't think $210,000 was enough. #F63-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. New bright red paint and bumper chrome. Windshield surround trim looks a bit dull and scratched, with overspray on left side. Wiper scratches on windshield, pitting to both vent trims. Nice interior. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $45,580. Last seen at Mecum's Indianapolis sale in May '10, where it was listed as sold at $43,460 (CM# 163346). New leather seats and side pipes were a nice touch to this very red Corvette. Fairly bought and sold. #S72-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S106260. Yellow & black/ black vinyl. Odo: 46,748 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Fresh restoration with new interior and detailed engine. Variable door gaps. Slightly thick paint with visible body work on driver's side A-pillar and masked off windshield trim. Pop riveted right side vent window hinge. New interior with misfit door panels. 46 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com misfit in both front and back. Modern a/c compressor fitted. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $53,530. This car had been treated to a body-off restoration in 2006, and it had aged pretty gracefully since that time. Considering the needs noted, this price was a bit on the high side, but not by much. coupe. S/N 194377S106335. Silver/black vinyl. Odo: 27,418 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Decent silver paint cracked at hood corner and at headlight corner, right headlight bucket needs adjustment. Some window trim #S117-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S109554. Black & red/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 146 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. New paint, interior, and top. Factory-typical details done to engine. Non-DOT black walls on factory bolt-on alloys. Original #S116-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S119103. Goodwood Green & white/white vinyl/tan vinyl. Odo: 64,472 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Small paint chips on front of hood stinger and at headlight door edge, some prep scratches interior, engine compartment, and drivetrain. Claimed to be one of less than 20 built with this engine in this color combination. ProtectO-Plate and owner's history. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $205,000. NCRS National Top Flight 2008, scoring 99%. Correct finishes and details everywhere. Only 815 of the almost 123,000 Corvettes built in 1967 were Tuxedo Black, and while that does make this relatively more rare, I don't see where this car will bring more money in the near future. #S38-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S109198. Elkhart Blue & blue/blue vinyl. Odo: 52,722 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Paint chips and color mismatch in many places, one long crack on right front fender at wheel well. Cracks at top

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL of left A-pillar, some dents in windshield trim. Rust on intake manifold, super thick and shiny paint on valve covers, pitting on chrome air cleaner. Hurst shifter installed. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $45,580. The 390-hp 4-bbl hydraulic-lifter 427 was the most trouble-free big-block of its era, and it still makes a great driver today. Triple carbs as found on the 400-hp and 435hp cars look impressive, but it does take more maintenance to keep them running right. Sure, there were some needs here, but its hard to call this anything other than well bought at the price paid. C3 #S141-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194378S411049. Rally Red/ Tobacco vinyl. Odo: 27,117 miles. 427-ci 435hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Aluminum head L89 motor, M21 4-speed, 4.11 Posi, F41 suspension, power windows, and AM/FM radio. Used sparingly since frame-off restoration a few years ago. Better than stock body prep and repaint, light turn-to-turn clearance cuts in front wheel well lips, some light body cracking at OK at first glance, but needs to be detailed. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $14,310. Consigned by the same person who had lot F123, which leads me to think this was the put together with the leftover parts. Those fakey-doo side pipes are not fooling anyone, and almost come off as a spoof. Sold well. #S131-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194371S103703. Mille Miglia Red/ black vinyl. Odo: 60,324 miles. 454-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Original window sticker and Protect-O-Plate confirm LS5 big block, TH400 transmission, power brakes, power steering, tilt/telescopic column, and wheel covers. All four tires are NOS—not repop—and the spare is the original. Mileage claimed correct. Most paint is circa 1971, but with some touch-ups and thin areas. Light paint cracking around shows minimal wear and soiling. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $24,910. Bryar Blue was only offered in 1972, and 1,617 cars left the factory finished in it. Interestingly, black was the only suggested interior color in factory literature. No sale bid to $23,500 on Friday as lot F99, yet on Saturday it was reran at no reserve, getting hammered sold for the exact same bid. #F78-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194671S112783. Steel Cities Gray/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 81,997 miles. 350-ci 330-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Options include LT1 motor, power steering, power brakes, deluxe interior, and AM/FM radio. Good older repaint over decent body with some visible waviness. Header strip from older replacement top coming apart at ends. Better left forward hood corner. Nearly all brightwork reproduction or replated. Expertly assembled motor is completely stock and includes all smog equipment. Fully restored interior with repop soft trim. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $75,260. This car's 15-minutes of fame were used up with it appearing in Car & Driver last year as part of a modern versus vintage comparison of Corvette versus Shelby. I doubt that affected the value, nor even the love-it or leave-it Tobacco brown interior (another case of rarely installed when new for a reason?). Nope, it was all about the aluminum heads, and with that in mind, it was bought well. #F127-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S715735. Red/black vinyl. Odo: 20,425 miles. 350-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Body tag missing. Optional tilt/telescopic column, power steering, full tinted glass, and headrests. Fiberglass copies of 1969-style side pipe exhaust, repop AM/FM radio. Average quality repaint, hood rubs against body at driver's side pivot point and has worn paint down to primer. Mix of original and repop brightwork. New seats, older repop door panels and carpeting, original dash. Aftermarket steering wheel and console T-pad. Motor looks 48 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com headlight doors. Mostly original interior, with heaviest wear being on edges of center console. Basically original engine compartment. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $30,000. Claimed by the owner to have attained NCRS Top Flight and 4-Star Bowtie awards, but he didn't mention when or where. A big-block, good colors, originality, and modest miles mean that the seller can't be blamed for holding out for a bit more across the block. #S112-1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37K2S508744. Bryar Blue & white/saddle leather. Odo: 17,891 miles. 350ci 200-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Factory options include power brakes, power steering, a/c, power windows, deluxe interior, and AM/FM radio. Comes with window sticker and Protect-OPlate. Recently purchased from original owner. Claimed to be original paint—at least the blue parts—although there's light overspray on spare tire cover. Excellent door and panel fit, good original chrome with front bumper mounted slightly off center. Original interior than stock door fit, but windshield wiper “flipper” and front bumper fit off. Mostly correct motor with a few replacement parts. Newer reproduction seats with minimal wear, door panels original and show cracks on armrests and on edges. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $40,000. Steel Cities Gray is basically a gunmetal gray rather than silver, and was only used in 1971 and '72. This bid was well over the top for this car, and I doubt the seller will see anything close to it again anytime soon. #S94-1975 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67J5S435199. Polo White/white vinyl/Dark Red leather. Odo: 2,694 miles. 350-ci 165-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Extensively documented as the last 1975 Corvette convertible built. Ordered new with all options, and displayed at the original selling dealership for years afterwards. Retains all documentation including a copy of the MSO, as it was titled for the first time ever this year. Preserved as original as possible, with good damage-free paint. Door handle flappers staring to show some light pitting. Recent engine

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL cosmetics, light wrinkling on seat bottom leather. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $85,000. Displayed at the National Corvette Museum and here in the Special Collection in 2003. It was also named in a lawsuit against GM in 1987, after the C4 convertible went into production in 1986, as they had declared this car in 1975 as being the last Corvette convertible to ever be built. As a singular piece of Corvette history, the value will always be based on what someone is willing to pay for it. Today, the perceived value is somewhere between this bid and the $115k reserve. #F150-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition coupe. S/N 1Z8748S901579. Black & silver/tinted panels/silver leather. Odo: 35,151 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Has most paperwork since new. Ordered new with L82 motor and cruise control. First sold to a retail customer in Mesa, AZ in November 1980 with 812 miles on the clock. Looks to have been rarely parked inside, with heavy fading on nose and fender components, including spare tire and oil filter (yikes!). Original spark plugs recently changed with modern AC Delcos, but originals are included with the car. Interior still has a hint of new car smell. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $25,000. Might even still have the original oil in the crankcase. The repaint was actually authentic for the period, as it either had paint damage in transport to the dealer or it just plain had crappy paint when it rolled off the truck and the dealer had it reshot—this happened a more frequently than most enthusiasts care to admit. Rolled off the block with the declaration that it was going to take more than $30k to buy this Wayback Machine. #F31-1979 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z8789S443472. Corvette Light Blue/dark blue cloth. Odo: 41,899 miles. 350ci 195-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Illinois Assigned VIN tag riveted to driver's door pillar matches original GM VIN. Power windows, a/c, and rear window defroster. Mostly original paint with some panel respray. Body seams staring to separate, general blistering and chipping on most panels. Someone stared to media blast Mileage claimed actual. Last year it was certified at Bloomington Gold, Survivor, and Benchmark levels. In addition, it was awarded a regional NCRS Top Flight. Well preserved in like-new condition. Light seat wrinkling, light plastic bumper wrinkling. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $40,280. A former owner, dating to when it was sold here in 2007 for $26,500 (CM# 117061), wanted this car back and did whatever she could to get the upper hand in bidding. When it got past $30k, it was down to her and a dealer in the front row, and she went up and sat on the auction podium directly in front of him and bid against him eye to eye. When the smoke cleared, she got her car back. The selling price here is meaningless, so don't think ugly brown two-tone '81s are spiking in value—and never argue with a determined woman. C4 #S174-1984 CHEVROLET CORVETTE peaks and flaking hood stripes. Claimed to have all-original interior, although seats are in better condition than moderately faded carpet. Original AM/FM/8-track radio sitting loose on passenger's floorboard, modern unit fitted. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $10,500. The evil opposite of lot S60. Yes, some people bought these “instant collectibles” and actually used them daily. It'll likely take more than paint to fix this one's nasty sunburn, and whoever ends up with it shouldn't feel bad about desecrating an original, as it was flat out worn and damaged. All the money considering the work still needed. #S60-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Silver Anniversary Edition coupe. S/N 1Z87L8S438302. Silver & charcoal/black cloth. Odo: 77 miles. 350-ci 185-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Optional a/c, tilt/telescopic column, power windows, cruise control, and AM/FM/ cassette stereo. Most paint resprayed, including hood, with heavy masking lines around accent stripes. Light paint cracking on plastic nose due to light impact. Otherwise has all original 50 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com coupe. S/N 1G1AY0786E5123202. Gold metallic/saddle leather. Odo: 104,168 miles. 350-ci 205-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Original window sticker documents optional leather power driver's seat, power door locks, cruise control, rear defroster, and Delco/Bose cassette stereo. Claimed to have been garaged most its life, but top surfaces show baked off paint and window seals are dry-rotted. Tires need replacement. Rear compartment carpeting faded, nose and front clip, which may be why the headlights won't retract. Rear emblems missing. Seats heavily torn, radio missing, dashboard hardware rusty, console loose. Cond: 4-. NOT SOLD AT $3,750. While not the scariest show at the auction, this was certainly R-rated—if not NC-17. This is where cheap does not equate a good value. In fact, the closest someone will get to getting ahead on this one will be to do all of the work himself. The consignor will likely regret not cutting it loose when he had the chance. #S146-1981 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY8762B5100072. Beige & Dark Bronze/Camel leather. Odo: 3,022 miles. 350-ci 190-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. The 72nd car built at Bowling Green, per the VIN. Optional cruise control, power windows, power driver's seat, twin sport mirrors, rear window defroster, aluminum wheels, and AM/FM/cassette. driver's seat stiff and tearing. Dashboard and steering wheel better than one would expect. Runs out well. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $2,900. This was the lowest selling car of the auction, and one can almost make an argument that it was one of the better buys—but not the best buy. However, that's only if you wanted a driver and had your own HVLP paint gun. While it sold near the end of the auction, there were still dealers in the tent. The buyer was actually one of the drivers for the auction, after having started the bidding at a grand. #F121 -1986 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car convertible. S/N

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL 1G1YY6780G5901434. White/white vinyl/red leather. Odo: 68,174 miles. 350-ci 230-hp fuelinjected V8, 4+3 manual. Optional non-power sport seats, cruise control, and Delco/Bose AM/FM/CD sound system. Recently repainted to an average standard, with IPC graphics added. Good original top, but showing some heavier soiling and piecemeal weatherseal replacement. Well kept interior with light general wear, although driver's side exterior seat bolsters are wrinkled from use. Topical engine compartment clean-up, with typical valve cover discoloration. Newer non-stock exhaust system. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $8,500. Not a bad car overall as a driver, and once the owner got religion on early C4 values, he cut it loose at this final bid to get it sold to an eager buyer. Lesson: generally stock cars sell easily at market price. #F118-1986 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom racer. S/N 1G1YY0783G5118248. Torch Red/blue cloth. Odo: 44,781 miles. 383ci fuel-injected V8, 4+3 manual. Set up as a track rat, with Sparco racing seat, 6-point harness, Autopower roll bar with AFSB support bar where the roof panel used to be, C5 Z06 brakes, and 1996 Grand Sport wheels shod with track tires. Repowered by a built-up 383 small-block, bolted to the stock 4+3 manual transmission. Inspected and certified for SCCA hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Equipped with dual power leather sport seats, electronic climate control, power door locks, tinted roof panel, and Delco/Bose AM/FM/cassette stereo. Buffed out original paint. Tires most likely original and are near the end of their tread life. All original interior with minimal seat wear, light fading starting on rear compartment carpeting, and heavier than expected steering wheel rim wear. Topical clean up of engine compartment. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $21,000. The 171st of 184 units made in this first year of the B2K package. While it was the big dog in 1987, it certainly didn't fare well on the block here, as from the time they shut the motor off to when they fired it back up, I doubt the turbos quit spinning. Bid was close to the current market based on condition, but the seller may be able to find a bit more money. Best Buy #F80-1990 CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. CHEVROLET S/N 1G1YZ23J4L5801586. Dark Red Metallic/ tinted panel/black leather. Odo: 35,504 miles. 350-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Original window sticker shows only options are blue tinted roof panel and electronic climate control. Aftermarket tinted hatch glass and replacement tires. Heavily buffed out original paint with nary a nick or scratch. Cleanly Equipped with optional removable hard top, preferred equipment group, selective ride control, and luggage rack. Has only accrued 156 miles since new. As such, the paint has been well maintained and shows no wear or nicks. Tires still show inspection stamps. Cleanly detailed engine bay, although seals between the wheel wells and hood still have mold release on them. Carpeting on door sills shows some age, rest of upholstery like new. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $30,000. I overhead a few regular bidders talk about this car having been offered here before. With an undisclosed but vaguely high reserve, I have a feeling that we will be here again—with 157 miles on it. #S163-1993 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 40th Anniversary coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J9P5800097. Ruby Red/Ruby Red leather. Odo: 409 miles. 350-ci 375-hp fuelinjected V8, 6-sp. Equipped with both painted and tinted roof panels. Mileage claimed actual since new, and is in new condition overall. Only perceivable wear is on door sill and driver's footwell carpeting. Even undercarriage is clean and like new. Only non-original components are oil filter and battery, both of which Solo 2, NASA HPDE class, and NCCC high and low speed autocross. Minimal sponsor decals, headlights removed and the flip-up panels bolted shut. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $10,000. In theory, one could put this back on the street, but it's certified in three major amateur racing bodies, so why bother? At this price, you couldn't build it, let along get it sorted out. Then again, dedicated track cars are generally the best and cheapest way to go, in lieu of trying to teeter on the street vs. track balance. The reserve was lifted at $9k, so maybe the sorting out phase isn't quite over yet. Still, bought well for use as a specialty tool. #S142-1987 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Callaway Twin Turbo coupe. S/N 1G1YY218XH5126045. Red/tinted panel/ black leather. Odo: 23,045 miles. 350-ci 345- 52 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com detailed engine bay has been maintained with economy-grade service parts. Seats, carpeted floor mats, and steering wheel show expected wear. Includes custom car show display and several local trophies. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $18,550. For me at least, a 1990 seems a bit new to be a show car, but if that's how you get your kicks, whatever. Still, if you are going to do the show car thing on a lower-mile original, then it seems odd to be to go cheap on replacement parts. Regardless of the show thing, as a 35k-mile babied C4 ZR-1, this was well bought. #F88-1993 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 40th Anniversary convertible. S/N 1G1YY33P9P5108533. Ruby Red/Ruby Red cloth & hard top/Ruby Red leather. Odo: 156 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. are AC Delco OEM replacements. Awarded Bloomington Gold certification in 2008, per the consignor. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $55,120. One of 245 ZR-1s with the 40th anniversary package, which was the only limited-edition package that was ever available on the C4 ZR-1s. Combined with the minimal miles, one can argue that this was the ultimate ZR-1. On the block, the bidding ended at $51k, but there were four bidders chasing it to the end, so I assume one of them got the deal put together post sale. Pretty steep for a ZR-1 in 2010, but within ten grand of its original MSRP—and the new owner can rightfully sing “she's real fine my 409” (miles, that is). #S14-1994 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Brickyard 400 convertible. S/N 1G1YY32P0R5121448. Torch Red & white/ black cloth/red leather. Odo: 299 miles. 350

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Market Report Mecum St. Charles, IL C6 #F58-2008 CHEVROLET ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. One of 25 C4 convertibles used for the festival at the inaugural Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at Indy, assigned for use by Danny Sullivan and Todd Bodine. Like-new overall, with no discernible wear or use. Optional selective handling, TPS, dual power seats, Delco/Bose cassette and CD sound system, and Preferred Equipment Package #1. Has all documentation since new, to include a copy of the Indianapolis Star with coverage of the race in it. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $34,450. Just when you thought you've seen every flavor of pace car, commemorative, edition, or special edition, one more pops up. While the actual pace car for the race (and prerequisite copies) were Camaros, 12 black & 13 Torch Red Corvette convertibles were used in the pre-race festivities. This saw significant bidder interest, easily surpassing the $30k reserve. C5 #F92-1998 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G9W5118737. Purple Pearl Metallic & yellow/black cloth/yellow & black leather. Odo: 21,171 miles. 5.7-L 345-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Mileage claimed actual from new. Well kept original paint, with heavier wax residue on edges of graphics. No curb rash on alloy wheel rim edges, newer Nitto tires. Minimal 1953 Commemorative Edition and adding a wagon-style hatch and modified rear fascia to resemble the 1954 Nomad Motorama show car. Utilizes all stock hatch and rear compartment mountings, seals, and interior fittings. Repaint with no chipping or cracking. Aftermarket fuel rail covers that simulate C1/C2 era cast aluminum valve covers. Reupholstered and redyed interior in all red. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $54,950. Although I'm both a station wagon fan and an advocate of C5 coupes for their functionality, this variation didn't do much for me. It looked like someone put a pickup topper on a C5, since the rest of the stock curvature of the roof and B-pillar were retained. When the bidding ended, the consignor, who used the car occasionally for road trips, dropped the reserve. Pricing wise, this seems to line up with similar 1953 style conversions, so not a bad buy. #S120.1-2003 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 50th Anniversary convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G235127517. Anniversary Red/ Shale cloth/Shale leather. Odo: 4,605 miles. 5.7-L 350-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Equipped with 3.15 performance rear axle and body side moldings, in addition to the 1SC 50th Anniversary package. For all intents and purposes a seven-year-old new car. The only discernible signs of wear are on the driver's side floor mat, the start of wrinkling on driver's seat CORVETTE ZHZ Hertz coupe. S/N 1G1YY26W385135080. Yellow/black leather. Odo: 31,281 miles. 6.2-L 436-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. ZHZ package. Also equipped with dual mode exhaust and magnetic selective ride control. Repainted hood, several paint chips over front wheel wells and rear valance. Original Goodyear F1 tires are a brisk country drive away from being down to the wear bars, and cross-drilled brake rotors show significant wear. Heavier driver's seat and steering wheel rim wear. The floor mats are missing, so the carpet looks pretty good. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $31,800. Last seen at Mecum's Indianapolis sale in May '10, where it failed to sell at $31,500 (CM# 163454). This was one of the 500 Hertz Fun Club premium rental cars—so that explains the tires, paint chips, and overall heavier wear. It also had the black hood stripe removed to make it less obvious that it was a ZHZ. If this was a regular issue '08 C6, this would've been bought well. But as a rental return, enough was paid. #S17 -2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 coupe. S/N 1G1YY26E585111922. Jetstream Blue/black leather. Odo: 18,740 miles. 7.0-L 505-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Factory options include 2LZ equipment package, navigation, mud guards, and polished alloy wheels shod with replacement tires. Aftermarket Corsa cat-back exhaust system. weathering on original top. Cleanly detailed underhood, with economy replacement battery. Light soiling on seat bottoms and light wear on steering wheel rim and floor mats. Trophies from local shows piled up behind the car. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $23,850. Here we go with showing a late-model used car again—and from the same consignor as lot F80. At least he wasn't that emotionally attached to this car, as he cut it loose for market pricing. #S50-2001 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1954 Nomad Custom coupe. S/N 1G1YY22G515133013. White/red leather. Odo: 22,818 miles. 5.7-L 350-hp fuelinjected V8, auto. Modified by Advanced Automotive Technologies, doing both the 54 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com bottom and bolster, the upper console surround starting to come loose, and light soiling of the undercarriage. Also has a replacement battery. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $31,270. Like most of the special edition packages offered on C3s on through today, there were actually very few options that weren't already part of the package. The two that were on this car were pretty much about half of the available options for the convertible flavor of a 50th Anniversary. As it's not the hardest thing to find a mega-lowmile one of these, as there were 7,545 of the convertibles alone. This brought very strong money considering the rather depressed C5 market as a whole. Like new paint, but front spoiler leading edge has a fair amount of curb rash. Minimal dust in engine bay, light interior wear commensurate to indicated miles. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $50,880. Last seen a month ago at Indy, then a no-sale at $49k, and nothing was different, apart from it now having 45 more miles on it (CM# 162636). It was also flogged on Friday as lot F68, then a no-go at $47k. The market was pretty clear on this one. A decent deal for both parties. ■

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Market Report RM Auctions San Diego, CA Classic Muscle & Modern Performance An outstanding array of rare and well-restored Corvettes were available at no reserve, with many bringing very high prices Company RM Auctions Date June 19, 2010 Location San Diego, CA Auctioneer Brent Earlywine Overall cars sold/offered 102/102 (100%) Sales total $6,980,400 Corvettes sold/offered 28/28 Corvette sales total $2,510,750 Corvette high sale 1969 Corvette L88 coupe, sold at $401,500 The only ‘68 Monza Red/Saddle L88 brought $401k Report and photos by Carl Bomstead Market opinions in italics 10,000 of those horses were under the hoods of the 28 Corvettes that crossed the block. A large percentage of the cars were from the collection of Glen Konkle, who over the past 25 years had assembled the “best of the best” of American muscle with a strong preference to the GM label. Corvette Mike, a well-known dealer in Corvette circles, offered about a dozen of the cars sold, with a very original '60 283/290 fuelie garnering a great deal of attention and selling for $89,100. Among the headliners here was “Automatically R Yours,” a 1969 L88 ex-drag car which was one of 18 produced with an automatic transmission. Eleven years ago, at Mecum's Elkhart Lake auction, it sold for $60,375. This time around, it sold for a respectable $211,750—more than tripling in value. Another '69, this M promoted its Classic Muscle and Performance Auction, held in the Town and Country Convention Center in San Diego, CA on June 19, as an offering of 35,000 horsepower at no reserve. Well, close to one a 427/435 with 6,200 documented miles, blew past the high estimate and realized $231,000. This is not what we think of when discussing a soft market. On the other hand, a couple of '65s featuring older restorations failed to bring prices close to their pre-sale estimates. One, a 327/365 with a limited list of options, sold at $44,000—well below the high estimate of $80,000. The other, a 327/375 fuelie, realized $58,300 against a high estimate of $90,000. Both were just further evidence that in this market the car needs to be standing tall to create the right amount of buying interest. The star of the entire auction was a 1969 L88 coupe that rang the bell at $401,500. It featured documented low miles, the ground-pounding L88 engine, and was the only Monza Red/Saddle leather example built. It had previously sold at Mecum's 2007 St. Charles sale for $466,000, and a good case can be made that at that price it was a bit aggressive. But regardless, it was well bought both times, as it'll be hard to find a better example. There has been a general sentiment that the Corvette market has been a bit soft of late and off its high of a few years back. If you wish to test that premise, just offer a couple dozen quality examples in the open market and let the fur fly. RM did just that in San Diego, and from the results achieved, it's obvious that strong well-presented Corvettes are continuing to bring strong money. ■ Buyer's premium 10%, included in sold prices 56 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com

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Market Report RM Auctions San Diego, CA C1 #179-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S002738. Sportsman Red/ beige canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 884 miles. 235ci 155-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. One of about 100 Sportsman Red examples produced, but there's no way of documenting the factory color. Complete restoration in 1990s and still very presentable, NCRS Top Flight award in 2003. Engine clean, trim fit to factory specs—which means off a bit. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $77,000. Prices for most all 'Vettes are off a bit from their high of a few years back. These '54s were pushing six figures before the financial crisis, but in the new readjusted order of things, the price paid here was spot on. #190-1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 00867S104180. Roman Red/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 87,758 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. A very original matching-numbers '60 fuelie—one of 759 290-hp examples produced. Paint mostly original and cracking in several areas, dash badly damaged by sun. Unique RPO 276 wide wheels, which included small hubcaps, vinyl interior upgraded to leather. Minor blemish on driver's seat. Attractive paint with no real issues, engine bay not detailed. Teak steering wheel, AM/FM radio, original hard top. A very presentable driver that will be well received at the local cruise-in. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $55,000. 1964s are thought of as the least collectible of the mid-year Corvettes, as they have no split window and still feature drum brakes. But so what? The price paid was about right, and I'm willing to bet the new owner will be able to use this for several years while still being ahead of the game when it's time to move on. A solid transaction. #120-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S101910. Milano Maroon/ white leather. Odo: 50 miles. 327-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Quality restoration by Scott Tiemann. New leather interior upgraded from vinyl. Fitted with teak steering wheel, AM/FM radio, Goldline tires, power windows, and side exhaust. L84 fuel-injection was a $538 option, and 1965 was the last year it was offered. Excellent paint and panel fit, even in the current softer Corvette market. This example was a little light on options, which most likely accounted for a price well below the $60k low estimate. Well bought. TOP 10 #8 #174-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S119169. Rally Red/white vinyl/white vinyl. Odo: 11,756 miles. 396-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. A Bloomington Gold certified big-block. Older restoration with confirmed numbersmatching engine. Side pipes and power brakes documented, factory tag on seat belts. Engine clean but decals peeling. One of 2,157 L78s produced. A strong presentation. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $129,250. Add the value of the goodies into this, and while expensive, it was well worth the price paid. The original knockoffs alone can be worth $10k. This car had been documented by an expert prior to sale, and the Bloomington Gold certification made it a bullet-proof investment. As with any big-block Corvette, it'll be hard to resist the urge to jump on it at least once. ordered on only 246 '60 Corvettes. Holes for wind wings. Documented in a Noland Adams book. Top Flight awards in 1979, unmolested since. A rare no-questions Corvette. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $89,100. The new black vinyl top looked a bit out of place on this Corvette, but otherwise, I'd say it would be a good candidate for a Bloomington Survivor award. I thought this would sell in the low six figures, so on that basis, I'll call it well bought. I just hope the new owner leaves it as is. C2 #136-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S110414. Silver Blue/ blue leather. Odo: 3,369 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older restoration with original 58 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com engine spotless. Little to fault, and impressive throughout. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $82,500. Sold under the $90k low estimate, and based on the exceptional quality of the restoration, another $10k would not have been out of line. Originality is still king when it comes to Corvettes, and although this one's interior upgrade likely didn't help its value, it was still a wise purchase at the price paid. #112-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S104311. Rally Red/black leather. Odo: 10,327 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. A numbers-matching 365-hp car restored some years back. Respray with a few polishing swirls, panel fit to factory spec. Rear bumper scratched, lower right trim dented, new leather seats fitted. Aftermarket knockoffs with blackwall tires. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $44,000. This was #3 money for a #2 Corvette. Another $10k would not have been a problem #108-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S116529. Rally Red/white leather. Odo: 37,899 miles. 327-ci 375-hp fuelinjected V8, 4-sp. One of 771 examples fitted with L84 fuel injection in 1965. White leather interior stated to be brand new but showing signs of use. Fitted with teak wheel, 4:11 Posi, F40 suspension, knockoffs, and side exhaust. Older restoration is still very presentable. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $58,300. These can easily

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Market Report RM Auctions San Diego, CA push six figures, so finding one in this condition with these options for the price paid is unusual. Very well bought indeed. #128-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S120149. Rally Red/white vinyl. Odo: 36,638 miles. 396-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older restoration has been well maintained. Engine bay highly detailed with all the proper markings. NCRS Performance Verification Award in 1993. Cast aluminum knockoffs. Paint very presentable with far- from-perfect factory-spec body fit. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $82,500. About 10% of '65 'Vettes were equipped with the 396-ci big-block, which was a new addition that year. This was an attractive coupe presented with the right Rally Red livery, and all things considered, the price paid was about right for today's market. A few years back this could have realized another $20k, but that was then, this is now. A fair deal for both parties. #110-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S101736. Glen Green/white vinyl/white leather. Odo: 96,911 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older restoration now showing signs of age and use. Paint spidering on cowl and shows a few other minor blemishes. Comes complete with both tops, and shows marks on rear deck lid from hard top. Teak steering wheel and full wheel covers fitted. Engine clean with no leaks or streaks to cause concern. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $48,400. Price paid was about right for a rather basic 327/300 convertible that's past its prime. A fair deal all around for a good driver that should be enjoyed without concern for financial loss in the coming years. #113-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S111881. Nassau Blue/ white vinyl. Odo: 1,693 miles. 427-cc 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Originally bought as a spoiled kid's 16th birthday present. Drag raced for a few years, so low miles were added a quarter 60 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com panel fit with uniform gaps, factory-typical overspray on engine. Noted expert verified numbers and that it was ordered with side pipes. A stunning example. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $96,250. No longer a big league show car, but that shouldn't be that big of a deal, as it has been to all the dances and won all the hardware. Will still turn heads at any local event. This was the right Corvette at a favorable price, and the new owner should be all grins. #122-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S101079. Rally Red/ white vinyl/white vinyl. Odo: 64,395 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older restoration shows use, but not abuse. Paint presentable but with a few touch-ups and swirls noted. New vinyl seats properly installed, driver's kick panel loose. Aside from teak wheel and AM/FM radio, it's a little light in the options department. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $57,200. An attractive Corvette at an attractive price. Even in today's market, this could have sold for another $5k-$10k without much concern. It won't mile at a time. All the goodies include 3.55:1 Posi, AM/FM radio, power windows, and power brakes. Restoration completed some years back. Carpets worn, driver's door fit a bit high, paint shows a few minor imperfections. Original invoice and window sticker. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $79,750. This sold a bit on the low side, but then again, what you do with it? The uniqueness is in the original and documented 1,693 miles, so driving it does not really make financial sense. I'd have a hard time resisting at least a couple trips around the block to see what it can do. #171-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S18195. Nassau Blue/white vinyl/navy blue vinyl. Odo: 43,691 miles. 427-ci 425-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older restoration done to award-winning standard. NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold, Gold Spinner, and Triple Crown in 1995 and 1996. Maintained to a high standard since. Good win any major awards, but it'll make a great usable driver for the new owner. #157-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S110264. Rally Red/black vinyl. Odo: 64,437 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Complete with Protect-O-Plate, window sticker, and factory sales order. Loaded with options including a/c and power brakes. Rash on nose, touch-up on roof, thin chrome to rear bumpers. Jambs not done during respray, old window rubbers with sealer added. Engine clean but lacks factory-style overspray. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $74,800. Original documentation and a/c was a big plus here, but this was a #3 Corvette that sold for close to #1 money—and it cost $17k more than lot 122, a '67 327/350 convertible that was in better overall condition. This was a mid-estimate price, but I'd still call it well sold. TOP 10 #4 #126-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S106632. Marina Blue & white/white vinyl/white vinyl. Odo: 38,511 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Won its class at Meadow Brook in 2003. Earlier Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flight. Maintained in show-ready condition, although white vinyl seats are a bit dingy. Original knockoffs a big plus. Reproduction interior properly installed. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $214,500. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny, as this was the right color, had the right documentation, and was fitted with the right engine. A superb example, and a rock solid Corvette investment.

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Market Report RM Auctions San Diego, CA TOP 10 #10 Best Buy #169-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S708449. Elkhart Blue & blue/black vinyl/teal blue. Odo: 23,510 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Restored to high standard with numbers-matching L71 engine. Documented low miles. Excellent panel fit with uniform seams, engine spotless, tank sticker. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $26,400. A most reasonable price for an attractive, noquestions L79 Corvette. It could have gone for another $7,500 without raising a question, so the new owner should be pleased. TOP 10 #2 minor issues with rear bumper fit. Interior as new. Striking presentation in appealing livery. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $123,750. This was a well-documented, numbers-matching 435-hp big-block Corvette with its original trim tag. Add to that the fact that it had less than 25,000 miles, and it becomes really hard to call this anything but well bought. The new owner should be standing tall. #181-1967 CHEVRROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S106573. Ermine White/ white vinyl. Odo: 15,041 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. A very original example with a respray and new vinyl seats. Paint acceptable, panel gaps varied as expected. Original side panels and seats a bit grubby, rear glass and #151-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE L88 coupe. S/N 194379S736298. Monza Red/tan leather. Odo: 2,252 miles. 427-ci 430-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. One of 116 produced, and the only one in Monza Red with tan leather interior. Compete with documentation and Protect-OPlate. Bloomington Gold, NCRS Top Flight acceptable condition, with paint showing a few typical minor issues. An attractive Tri-Power car with tank sticker. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $49,500. This car featured none of the desirable options such as a/c, power windows, or power steering, but even so, the price paid was most reasonable for a period-correct example. Well bought. and Gold Spinner Triple Crown. Restored to perfection after a drag race career. The ultimate showroom-sold performance Corvette. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $401,500. Last seen at Mecum's St Charles sale in October '07, where it realized $466,250 (CM# 47020) Three years and 5 miles later, there's a loss of $65k, which is a reflection of the state of the current market. Well bought both then and now if you want the ultimate in your collection. TOP 10 #3 lower stainless trim scratched. Engine clean with nothing amiss. Nothing special, but a very nice example. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $50,600. A fair price for a fairly average L79 coupe with no special options. The seats needed some attention, and that should be the first order of business. A great driver and a good deal for both parties. C3 #194-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S405508. International Blue/black vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 4,829 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Documented numbers-matching car with power brakes, power steering, and vinyl-covered hard top. New side panels and seat covers. Engine clean. Unusual and attractive paint with a few minor blemishes. Complete with 62 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com miles documented from new. Slight blemish on rear bumper, door handle slightly pitted. An amazing original example in exceptional condition. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $231,000. This was easily one of the best untouched, low-mileage big-block '69 Corvettes out there, so how much is too much to have it in your garage? #119-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S708449. Cortez Silver/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 6,163 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Complete documentation includes shipping and sales invoices and Protect-O-Plate. Bloomington Gold Survivor, Respray looks OK, interior and engine compartment both factory fresh. Driver's bolster worn. Lots of goodies, including removable hard top and power windows. Side pipes added. Documented low miles. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $64,900. A striking well-documented example that sold for a fair price considering its low miles. Just too bad it did not have a/c and a 4-speed manual. #164-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S728385. LeMans Blue/ blue leather. Odo: 20,897 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Attractive LeMans Blue with bright blue leather interior. The smallest of the four 427s offered in 1969. Fitted with power steering and brakes, lacking a/c and power windows. Minor paint nicks and swirls, excellent panel fit. Stated to be numbers matching. #166-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S721573. Monza Red/saddle leather. Odo: 23,059 miles. 427ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Thought to have been ordered by GM executive who changed his mind regarding color when the car was in production. Yenko badge and tank sticker. Expensive, yes, but as CM reporters are prone to say, go find another just like it for less. Well bought at a fair price. #193-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S706482. Cortez Silver/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 47,003 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. An original L68 Corvette with a factory replacement block. Paint and interior original and in

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Market Report RM Auctions San Diego, CA A striking presentation. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $34,100. A strong driver-quality big-block coupe that will turn heads due to its unusual livery and interior. Price paid was spot-on, so the new owner should have no worries. TOP 10 #5 #163-1969 CORVETTE “Automatically Yours” L88 coupe. 194379S710256. Riverside Gold/black vinyl. Odo: 21,127 miles. 427-ci 430-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. One of only 116 L88s produced for 1969, and of those, one of 17 with the M40 TH400 automatic transmission. Drag raced when new. CHEVROLET S/N Quality restoration with excellent paint but uneven door fit. Bloomington Gold certified. Interior shows little wear, engine bay spotless. A unique and striking L88 with known history from new. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $211,750. Last seen at Mecum's Elkhart Lake auction in June 1999, where it realized $60,375 (CM# 20987). Driven 106 miles since. (See C3 Profile on p. 28)It was stated to have been well bought at that time, and boy was that right. In today's market, it was again well bought, as another $50k would not have been a problem. Best Buy #192-1970 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194670S401889. Marlboro Maroon/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 26,030 miles. 350-ci 370-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. A mostly original LT1 convertible with matching numbers. Bits of resprayed paint not done to the highest standard. Black vinyl hard top and optional PO2 the money by almost ten grand. This is money in the bank, as these are becoming more collectible. Well bought at well under the $60k-$80k estimate range. #165-1975 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67J5S414656. Mille Miglia Red/white vinyl/dark red vinyl. Odo: 75,600 miles. 350-ci 165-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Final year for the convertible until it was reintroduced in 1986. Base level offering with standard L48 engine. Power windows, steering, and brakes. Fitted with trunk rack, AM/ wheel covers, engine dingy. Documentation includes tank sticker and Protect-O-Plate. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $39,050. Price paid for this welldocumented, low-mileage example was under FM radio, and a/c. Attractive respray to a decent standard. Replacement carpets, side panels, and passenger bucket seat. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $23,100. An attractive C3 convertible that sold for a song. Yeah, it had the smallest engine offered and an automatic transmission, but it was still a top-down Corvette in decent condition for under $25k. The new owner should still be grinning. C4 #182-1989 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Callaway convertible. S/N 1G1YY3188K5123674. Bright Red/red leather. Odo: 1,058 miles. 350-ci 382-hp turbocharged V8, auto. One of just 69 examples produced with B2K twin turbochargers installed by Callaway and covered by GM warranty. Option cost $25,695 when new. One of only ten with the TH400 automatic. Matching hard top. A documented, low-mileage example that has been well maintained. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $33,000. This was a $60k plus Corvette when it left the dealer's showroom. Half price today and in asnew condition. (See C4 Profile on p.30)The presale estimates of $50k-$70k were a bit strong, but this could have sold for another $10k and been in the ballpark. It's still just a used performance car, but I think there's some appreciation in its future—especially if the mileage is kept low. ■ 64 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com

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Market Report N C1 #114-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001062. Polo White/black fabric/red vinyl. Odo: 56,645 miles. 235-ci 150-hp straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. One of 300 first-year Corvettes. 1,000 miles since refurbishment. NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence Award, Top Flight and Bloomington Gold certified. Paint cracking, 1953 Pennsylvania registration sticker on window. Cond: 3. chrome with tarnished and scratched rear bumper, glass scratched. New interior is well fitted, removable hard top a plus. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $77,000. A period aftermarket hard top can add about $4,000 to the bottom line, depending on condition. These are off their high of a few years back, so all things considered, this was about the right money for a '54 in this condition. Worldwide Auctioneers, Seabrook, TX, 5/10. NOT SOLD AT $230,000. Worldwide sold a '53 for $440,000 at their Hilton Head sale in November '07 (SCM# 47636), but values have been heading down ever since. The most recent public sale was for $198,000 at RM's Amelia event in March '09 (SCM# 119920). Price bid here should have bought the car, as I doubt early Corvettes will ever see the heady days of 2007 again. Worldwide Auctioneers, Seabrook, TX, 5/10. #201-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S003639. Polo White/red vinyl. Odo: 642 miles. 235-ci 155-hp straight 6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Older cosmetic restoration shows signs of age. Hood fit off a bit, original 66 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com #33-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S105735. Eng. # F702EM. Venetian Red & beige/red hard top/ red vinyl. Odo: 9 miles. 283-ci 270-hp fuel- Global Roundup Corvettes across the block 55 Corvettes Total $2.8m o other Corvette magazine sends its auction reporters around the world like CM does – all to keep you informed about what is really going on in the market. Early summer auctions again reflected a relatively stable market for Corvettes at auction, with decent prices achieved at a number of locations throughout the U.S. and abroad. CM's Auction Analysts were on site in locations spanning from Texas to Monte Carlo as Corvettes crossed the block, and their in-depth condition reports on the cars, which make up the bulk of the following pages, should help give you a good understanding of the current market. Auctions Covered This Issue: Leake, San Antonio, TX, 4/9/2010—Phil Skinner Carlisle Auctions, Carlisle, PA, 4/22/2010—Chip Lamb Bonhams, Monte Carlo, MCO, 4/30/2010—Jérôme Hardy Worldwide Auctioneers, Seabrook, TX, 5/1/2010—Carl Bomstead Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/19/2010—B. Mitchell Carlson RM Auctions, Cresson, TX, 6/5/2010—B. Mitchell Carlson Specialty Auto Auctions, Sioux Falls, SD, 6/12/2010—B. Mitchell Carlson Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, 6/18/2010—B. Mitchell Carlson Barrett-Jackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/26/2010—Carl Bomstead Market opinions in italics injected V8, 4-sp. Engine stamping confirms correct 250-hp fuelie engine with manual transmission. Correct FI part number thought to be original to car. Ordered with RPO 491 hard top. Older restoration with paint now a bit edgy. Normal Corvette gap and alignment issues. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $68,200. Middle of the road price for a middle of the road '57 fuelie that was restored a couple of decades back. The FI unit was claimed to be recently rebuilt, which was a plus. A little fit and finish work will go a long way here, and there's plenty of upside in doing the work. Worldwide Auctioneers, Seabrook, TX, 5/10. #S109-1958 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J58S106456. Silver Blue & white/blue canvas/blue vinyl. Odo: 45,104 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Factory optional power windows and power top. Retrofitted with modern front disc brakes and a/c. Consignor claims car has about 90% of its original paint. Show quality chrome and trim, soft top lightly wrinkled and soiled, engine bay and chassis clean. Expertly installed reproduction interior soft trim. Door pulls starting to yellow slightly, gauge faces scratched. Offered at no reserve. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $95,400. Last seen at the first Worldwide auction in Auburn in August '08, then selling for $121,000 (CM# 117652). Before that, seen at the Spring Branson auction in April '07, where it made $102,502 (CM# 44984). At Auburn, it was listed as a fresh restoration, but here it was called a well-preserved original. Being a no-reserve car, the market bit down on it hard at about 20% in two years, and that pretty much sums up 1958 to 1960 pricing in this time frame. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #40-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S106645. Eng. # F518CQ. Roman Red & Snowcrest White /red vinyl. Odo: 26,259 miles. 283-ci 230-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. A base model with optional 4-speed manual transmission and optional hard top. Top bows present but no fabric. Miles thought to be original. Uneven door gaps, headlight trim fit uneven, carpets faded. Attractive Roman Red with Snowcrest White coves. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $53,900. Mid-level money for a mid-level Corvette. I doubt if there is much upside here, but this was an attractive ride that will bring lots of smiles for both the new owner and

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block Corvette that was a touch better than that. A strong presentation of a sought-after fuelie that was bought for a under the money. Well done. Barrett-Jackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. his guest. A fair deal all around. Worldwide Auctioneers, Seabrook, TX, 5/10. Best Buy #374-1961 CORVETTE convertible. CHEVROLET S/N 10867S105290. Ermine White & silver/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 4,526 miles. 283-ci 270hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Recent restoration to high standard, with less than 5,000 miles since completed. Optional Posi rear end. Attractive radio. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $49,500. Straightaxle models are still popular, and when a simple upgrade in the engine bay is done, they become so much more drivable. This one's price fell right in the market range for an example in good condition, so it wasn't a bad buy at the price paid. Kruse/Leake, San Antonio, TX, 4/10. respray with panel fit that exceeds factory specs. Interior well fitted, minor issues with brightwork. A striking Corvette with desirable running gear. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $72,600. Two years ago this would have been a screaming deal, but today it was just well bought. With the sun and stars in alignment, six figures are possible for a “perfect” example, but this was #2 money for a Corvette that was in close to #1 condition. Barrett-Jackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. #361-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 10867S104907. Roman Red/white canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 10 miles. 283-ci 315-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Recent restoration to a high standard with limited use since. Matching numbers, one of 1,462 #F193-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 30837S107960. Saddle Tan/tan leather. Odo: 37,611 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. High quality restoration in modern paint without visible defects. Chrome and brightwork overdone and showing minor surface imperfections. Interior similar to exterior finish with virtually flawless leather, carpet, dash, and instruments. Early knockoff alloy wheels with bias-ply whitewall tires have power windows. Presentable paintwork and chrome to include recently serviced custom side pipe exhaust system. Custom instrumentation includes altimeter, relocated clock, and accelerometer. Older engine bay detailing. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $980,500. Last seen at auction at Barrett-Jackson in Arizona in January '99, then selling for $152,250 (CM# 12779). Looking at the near barren landscape of modern automotive design today (yes, that includes all the lack-of-a-better-idea Retromobiles), we can even deeper appreciate the indelible mark that Harley Earl left on the world of global automotive design. The top sale here, and justifiably sold at a heartbeat shy of a million bucks. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #136-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S101354. Silver/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 45,180 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Equipped with two tops and AM/FM radio. NCOA sticker on the driver's vent window, 1995 Texas registration sticker in windshield. Older repaint pretty good for a driver. Rear wheel wells shaved about a quarter of an inch, fronts heavily reinforced at top of arch. Older repop interior soft trim #449-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S111769. Ermine White/white canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 868 miles. 350-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Later model engine fitted. Restored cosmetically but not to perfection, with fresh seats looking slightly baggy and engine compartment spray-painted black. Manual brakes and steering, factory TOP 10 #1 #S116-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Harley J Earl Custom convertible. S/N 30867S114012. Medium blue metallic & white/blue & white leather. Odo: 16,000 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Originally Riverside Red with red vinyl interior. Shipped to GM Styling and modified for the personal use of Harley Earl. Pre-production 1964 and later components include 4-wheel disc brakes with dual master cylinder and wood rimmed steering wheel. Regular production options include a/c and produced. Optioned with 4:11 rear end and power windows. Headlight trim fit off a bit, minor buffer swirls in paint, engine clean with correct hoses. An attractive and desirable car in the right color combination. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $83,600. Again, this was #2 money for a 68 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com the right stance. Engine compartment restored with very nice presentation aside from a modern battery. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $75,260. Seen here twice before: Once in October '07, where it was bid to $87,500 (SCM# 47130) and again at Corvettes at Carlisle in August '08, where it failed to find a home at $75,000 (SCM# 117998). This car was memorable for its quality, and I was really rather surprised to see it find a new home at a price the seller could have easily embraced before. In today's world however, it's just well bought and sold alike. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. slightly baggy in seat bottoms. Aftermarket induction, no remaining ignition shielding under the hood. Aluminum parts heavily corroded, bare steel rusty. No mechanical status report given. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $35,750. A driver

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grade car when added to the Pate Collection approximately 15 years ago, this is most likely going to need more than a fluff and buff to get back on the road. At this price, that had best be the goal, as a restoration would be upside down the minute it gets loaded on the transport truck. This was all the money in the world. RM Auctions, Cresson, TX, 6/10. #T89-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 40837S109171. Ermine White/ black vinyl. Odo: 55,505 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older driver-quality renovation exhibits many older touch-ups since the respray was applied. Bumpers show light rust and are polished through in spots—could be original chrome. Interior similarly original and collector Corvettes. This wasn't a stellar price, but there were obvious changes from stock, and one can only imagine what was under the fresh white paint—those cracks may have been around before the latest application. But, for the money spent, a few dollars could be invested into bringing it up a level. A decent deal for both parties. Kruse/Leake, San Antonio, TX, 4/10. #T126-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194375S104490. Silver Pearl/ silver vinyl. Odo: 34,918 miles. 327-ci 350hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Optional a/c, telescopic column, and knockoffs. Originally owned by Horace A. Hayes, Major General, U.S. Air Force; who was vice commander of Air Defense Command at Ent AFB, Colorado. COPO number 379, due to delivery at St. Louis Assembly by a VIP. High quality restoration dates to the 1980s and still presents SOLD AT $47,300. Last seen at Worldwide's Hilton Head sale in November '07, where it sold for $55,500 (SCM# 47629). Driven only 2 miles since. Seen before at Kruse's Detroit sale in April '93, where it didn't sell at $24,750 (SCM# 1532). The Powerglide is a turn-off for most and typically has an adverse effect on value. As such, the price paid was marketcorrect for a nice weekend driver. Worldwide Auctioneers, Seabrook, TX, 5/10. #366-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom coupe. S/N 194976S123528. Black & charcoal/gray leather. 7.0-L 505-hp fuelinjected V8, auto. Equipped with 2006 LS7 engine and 4L65E automatic transmission. Custom interior with huge sound system. Subtle graphics in charcoal on black body. 1967 Corvette stinger hood, Automation gauges, Vintage Air, Budnik steering wheel nicely worn. Add-on Vintage Air a/c helpful but not period-correct. Engine bay barely to driver quality. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $36,570. Last seen at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale sale in January '98, where it failed to sell for $18,000 (SCM# 17315). Reported at that time to have a replacement block and a mileage reading of 55k. At this price, I'd consider it well sold for a non-numbers matching, least-desirable-year coupe in strictly driver condition. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #2484-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S100468. Ermine White & black/white vinyl/black leather. Odo: 36,897 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Seller claims new top, carpet, mats, pipes, tires, and wheels. Original radiator, water reservoir, and alternator. Some cracks in recent repaint. Numbers not claimed to match, engine claimed to be fitted with a Duntov 30-30 cam. well. Slightly muted body contours, but has no appreciable waviness. Light aging of older reproduction interior, with heavy yellowing of floor mats. Recent engine bay fluff-up. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $81,620. After General Hayes bought the car, he was reassigned to SHAPE (then in Paris), and shipped the car to Europe as his POV. He owned the car until the 1980s, after which it was restored. It exceeded the $67k reserve in very robust bidding. A somewhat surprising result for an old restoration of a small-block coupe, but it's a bit hard to argue with the provenance from day one. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. coupe. S/N 194376S107933. Eng. # F1123HD6107933. #48-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Nassau Blue/black leather. Odo: 86,372 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Base-level engine with optional Powerglide 2-speed automatic. Equipped with factory a/c and leather seats. Window seal filled with silicone, trim around window bent and scratched, leather interior appears to be original with a nice patina. Paint acceptable with minor issues. A good driver. Cond: 2-. Workmanship throughout decent, interior lacking in high detail but does have factory AM/ FM radio and gauges. Interior done in leather rather than factory vinyl. Stinger-style hood also an obvious addition. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $41,800. At nearly every auction I attend, midyears are still some of the most sought-after www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 69 and wheels, power steering, power windows, and power brakes. Numerous Super Chevy, Goodguys and Grand National awards. Titled the “Coupester”. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $94,600. This car's modifications were done to a high standard and most likely exceeded the price realized here. A very subtle resto-mod that will blow the doors off most everything else on the line. Well bought if this is your thing. BarrettJackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. #S104-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE COPO convertible. S/N 194677S108744. Sunfire Yellow & black/white vinyl/tan leather. Odo: 31,206 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, auto. COPO order number FS2738, due to non-stock color versus trim. Options include Transistorized ignition, Powerglide, 3.36 Posi, side pipes, headrests, two tops, telescopic column, AM/FM radio, and alloy wheels. Freshly restored with good quality repaint, most brightwork redone but still has mildly pitted vent window frames. Nice door fit and panel gaps. Original gas tank removed and sitting inside car, with original tank sticker

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block covered in plastic. Expertly redone interior, with all newer soft trim. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $137,800. Last seen at Bloomington Gold in 2007, then a no-sale at $140k (CM# 45465). The market is a little different nearly three years later, although the car hasn't changed an iota. As this was a no-reserve car, I have to call the price market-correct. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #367-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S113836. Goodwood Green & white/green vinyl. Odo: 35,696 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Restored in 1987 and in storage since 1990. Paint showing signs of age with lack of luster and some visible cracks. Stinger paint application not typical of factory production, brightwork just OK. No glaring issues with interior. A quality respray would do wonders here. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $68,200. Average money for an average big block '67 Corvette coupe. Lots of upside here, as the aging paint is an issue that can be easily corrected. Barrett-Jackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. #369-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S122738. Marina Blue & black/black vinyl. Odo: 37,562 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Original paint showing signs of age and use. Black stinger continues over hard top and down rear, and it appears to be the same age as the car, so was 47,463 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Amazingly well preserved, completely original specimen, with many small and understandable flaws to lacquer finish. Original chrome and stainless very presentable. Only light wear to original interior that sports its factory-fitted walnut steering wheel. Very original engine compartment down to hose clamps, smog equipment, and other small details. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $47,500. A Bloomington Gold certified, Benchmark certified, and Duntov Award winner, this very serious contender was tatty in a lovely way and just begging to be used (if carefully), but the consignor wasn't going to take the high bid despite it being a near record amount for any 1968 427/390 car. Close, but no cigar. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #T118-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194378S415078. Sunrise Yellow/ black vinyl. Odo: 43,572 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older light restoration to a driver level, with light overspray on some trim. Chrome and brightwork a mix of replacement and restored original parts, some showing top and interior. Correct stamped wheels and engine block, numbers claimed to be matching. Presented with original invoice. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $70,400. Not that long ago, a L89 in this condition would bring six figures. The market has changed, but this was still well bought considering its documentation. The color change might be a problem in some circles, I'd still call it a good deal for the new owner. BarrettJackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. #T60-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S721844. LeMans Blue Metallic/tan vinyl. Odo: 26,223 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older comprehensive restoration, resprayed later with visible door jamb tape marks. Heavier paint in jambs not well prepared or finished. Chrome and brightwork restored, but overbuffed in places and exhibits light pitting to rear bumper. Older interior renovation perhaps dealer applied. Stated to be numbers matching. Engine balanced and blueprinted, glass shows minor chips. Documented with tank sticker. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $67,100. Price paid was a bit light considering the no questions documentation. The older paint and odd black stripe may have been the problem, but that's easily corrected. A quality respray will be a wise investment here. BarrettJackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. C3 #F235-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S408134. Corvette Bronze/black vinyl/brown vinyl. Odo: 70 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com heavy buffing marks. Interior tidy with nonheadrest buckets. Engine bay considerably unwound, and absence of power brakes and power steering is surprising. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $27,250. Considering the needs here, I would have thought the seller would have been happy at this number, but he was still looking for more. A fair bid. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #368.1-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S404548. Eng. # 3916321. Rally Red/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 91,641 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Recent quality respray to Rally Red from original British Green. Rare L89 aluminum heads—only ordered on 624 '68 Corvettes. Brightwork with noticeable scratches. New leaves much to be desired as well, with wear to driver's door panel and steering wheel. Engine bay driver quality but missing the proper triplecarb induction. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $30,210. Described as being a numbers-matching 435-hp car wearing an incorrect 4-bbl manifold and carburetor. These cars just aren't as coveted as their C2 siblings, and with the needs noted, I'd say this one was very well sold. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #2474-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194671S107588. Black & red/ red vinyl. Odo: 78,343 miles. 454-ci 500-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Started life in War Bonnet Yellow, restored to replicate a Baldwin Motion car. Fresh paint, body shows no major issues aside from '73 side vents and large wheel flares. Hooker headers and sidepipes, Demon carb, Edelbrock heads, and MSD ignition top the list of mechanical upgrades. Retains factory a/c, radio, and gauges. New interior and weatherstripping, plastic over new carpet, gauge faces and a/c vents clean and fresh. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $26,000. The bid

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block big-block convertible with hard top, tinted glass, power windows and a/c. Restored in the U.K. some time ago, and still showing very well inside and out. Engine bay detailed. The cruiser to have for the Cannes Festival. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $59,561. Expensive for a similar car in the U.S, but it'll cost more to find another example in this condition and ship it to Europe. A fair deal. Bonhams, Monte Carlo, MCO, 4/10. probably didn't cover the restoration work. While the car card said it was fresh, the car did look to have a patina, so that freshness was questionable—and that may have kept a few bidders from stepping up to the plate. Clean for a driver but far from a show car, it did roar to life on the block, and it probably could have gone to new home for another $4k-$5k. Kruse/ Leake, San Antonio, TX, 4/10. #451-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194371S107376. Mulsanne Blue/ black vinyl. Odo: 37,257 miles. 350-ci 270-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Recent cosmetic redo with dimples on front fascia and bubbles in several areas. Original a/c, AM/FM, and gauges. Factory Rally wheels, BF Goodrich Radial T/ As. Under hood looks bone-stock, but needs #63-1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37W2S516450. Mille Miglia Red/black leather. Odo: 43,302 miles. 454-ci 270-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Optional tilt/telescopic steering column and a/c—although compressor pulley is rusted solid. Engine bay is crude, lewd, and generally disgusting. Barely sputtered across the block. Older repaint with little regard to masking, light pitting on most brightwork. Heavier wrinkling and wear to seats, but not worn through yet. Newer aftermarket rubber floor mats keep carpet looking presentable. Modern AM/FM/cassette “Corvette” stereo added into dash. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $19,000. This one was a was bid here. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but you rarely get your money back on customs like this when it's time to move down the line. On the other hand, this is the way to buy a modified Corvette. BarrettJackson, Costa Mesa, CA, 6/10. #F207-1973 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom coupe. S/N 1Z37J3S405347. Silver & gray/black leather. Odo: 192 miles. 5.7-L 485-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Very high quality resto-mod exhibits near flawless paint and much custom bodywork that incorporates ZL1 flares and other details. Custom interior, dashboard and console reworked by hand. Immaculate chrome and trim inside and out. LS1 lightly detailed under hood and accented some detailing. Clean all around with proper patina and pedal wear to go with age and miles. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $29,150. The consignor took a chance in offering this car at no reserve, but it paid off, as he was more than pleased with the top-market outcome. Solid, real-deal early chrome-bumper C3s are still quite affordable, and while this wasn't a big-block car, it showed that interest in this era is gaining momentum. Kruse/Leake, San Antonio, TX, 4/10. #123-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194671S101411. Blue/ white vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 28,116 km. 454ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Matching numbers late arrival, as it was cataloged online before the auction, yet showed up roughly halfway through the event. Considering how it ran, I'm surprised it made it at all. The final bid was nearly double what it's worth—even parted out. Specialty Auto Auctions, Sioux Falls, SD, 6/10. #395-1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom convertible. S/N 1Z67K2S517035. Steel Cities Gray/black vinyl/black leather. 5.7-L 340-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Upgraded with aluminum LS1 engine and T56 6-speed transmission. C5 cold air induction with dual K&N filters. C5 steering wheel and seats. Modern gauges and Boyd Coddington wheels. Attractive paint has a number of issues, trim shows minor scratches. Must be a hoot to drive. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $27,500. I'm willing to bet the receipts on this “upgraded” '72 Corvette added up to a whole lot more than with chrome a/c pump, power brake booster, and master cylinder. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $64,660. I originally thought this was merely one man's dream, but while I was doing a careful inspection, people came up to me and really had more than just a passing fancy for it. So there was more than one other fellow apart from the seller who just had to have this. A nice result that can't possibly recoup the original investment, but it cost considerably more than I would have predicted. Well bought and sold. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #T91-1973 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37J3S431197. Yellow/black vinyl. Odo: 65,822 miles. 350-ci 190-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Factory optional a/c and AM/FM radio. Heavily prepped bodywork is smoother than original and has no waviness. Good door fit and panel gaps, although door to body contours are slightly uneven in places. Excellent trim-off repaint, buffed out trim. Most of the edges of the windshield show heavier delamination. Good fit of the replacement driver's seat vinyl, original passenger's seat noticeably baggy. Light to moderate wear on the older replacement carpeting. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $23,850. This looked pretty, even from the VIP 72 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com

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seats, but it takes more than good prep and pretty paint to make a good C3—especially a rubber nose '73 with a small-block and an automatic. Sold well. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #18-1974 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1Z67J4S424063. White/ white vinyl/saddle vinyl. Odo: 82,625 miles. 350-ci 195-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Equipped with power steering, power brakes, tilt/telescopic steering column, a/c, AM/FM stereo, luggage rack, and both tops. Includes most paperwork since new. Good body prep and repaint, stock door and panel gaps. Slightly but noticeably soiled original top, reproduction seats and door panels don't match rest of interior. Cleanly detailed engine bay, but not quite to show standards. R134a-charged a/c with appropriate fittings. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $21,000. The reserve was an unrealistic $25k. This was the first year of plastic bumpers on both ends, so there was no reason to bid it to chrome bumper pricing. Should have sold. Specialty Auto Auctions, Sioux Falls, SD, 6/10. #82-1977 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37L7S400267. Light blue metallic/white leather. Odo: 73,718 miles. 350-ci 185-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Optioned with a/c, power brakes, and tilt/telescopic wheel. Good older repaint with lesser quality masking on seals and door jambs. New nose has a good sized chunk of paint chipped off directly above license plate recess, with lesser chipping on the rest of the beak. Said to have had the motor rebuilt approximately 5k miles ago, but not much of the original mill is left. Seats and door panels original but worn. Leather steering wheel rim and dash redyed bright electric blue. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $8,295. This interior alone could be a good deterrent against drunk driving. With all those globs of glowing blue, you'd be puking before you even had a chance to put the key in the ignition—and that's stone cold sober. A Joe Six-Pack car at a microbrew price, this was just plain skunky, so the seller should be utterly pleased. Specialty Auto Auctions, Sioux Falls, SD, 6/10. #T100-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition coupe. S/N 1Z8748S905644. Black & silver/tinted panels/ silver leather. Odo: 86,051 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. L82 with optional rear window defroster and tinted roof panels. Aftermarket window tint film and dual exhaust tips. Decent older repaint and graphics installation. Older www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 73

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block redye job on seats and some interior components, loose fitting seat backs. Topically clean and generally stock engine compartment at first glance, apart from red rubber heater hoses. Rusty undercarriage consistent with all-season usage. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $15,370. Tags on the windshield indicate that it last crossed the auction block at RM's Novi auction in 2003. Great—a Rust Belt C3. The big warning: the windshield description card said nothing, aside from year/make/model/lot number/VIN. Is that a variation on “if you can't say anything nice, don't write anything at all?” The better bet would have been to pay a couple of grand more for one of the dozens of well-kept lowmile examples on the market. Very well sold. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #T121-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Edition coupe. S/N 1Z87L8S905206. Black & silver/tinted panels/ silver leather. Odo: 16,660 miles. 350-ci 185hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Seller claims mileage correct. Excellent quality older repaint and decal installation, minimal body wave. Topical engine bay cleanup of stock motor. Aftermarket center console T-pad. Good original seat the package, this is the first that I'd seen in a while. However, the big draw here (one could argue the only draw) was the L82/4-speed combo. Market priced for its condition, if not a touch cheap. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #T244-1980 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z876AS433166. Red/tinted panels/red leather. Odo: 4 miles. 350-ci 230-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Full boat of factory options includes outside T-top carrier. The consignor speciallyordered the car new, and attests that the four miles on the odometer are actual. The only things changed since 1980 are fluids. Otherwise maintained as delivered to the dealer, to include window sticker and EPA labels still attached to passenger's door glass. Light surface rust on changing. While '81 was the last year for a carburetor on a Corvette, they have generally been stable in price, but this car, even factoring the low miles, did skew that idea. We'll have to see if this was just a blip on the radar or a harbinger of things to come. Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, 6/10. #T77-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY872C5100043. Silver & burgundy metallic/glass T-tops/red vinyl & leather. Odo: 35,322 miles. 350-ci 200-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Unusual and rare original color scheme shows well. Good trim, unmarked alloy rims and all details more or less intact. Interior tidy but with slightly dry leather throughout. Cold a/c, everything seems to work. Very tidy engine bay with signs of recent and regular maintenance. Cond: 2. NOT leather and door panels, with typical yellowing from age on center console and seat back plastic. Light wear on carpet and steering wheel rim commensurate to indicated miles. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $18,550. The guy who bought lot T100 must have been head-butting himself after seeing this one sell twenty-one cars later. If not, he should have been. Granted, this was not a minty virgin, but at least it hadn't been messed with and wasn't self-disassembling. A fair deal for both parties. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #T178-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Silver Anniversary Edition coupe. S/N 1Z8748S413312. Charcoal & silver/black cloth. Odo: 11,769 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Options include L82 motor with 4-speed & a/c. Generally decent repaint is not as great in door jambs. Acceptable door gaps and panel fit, lousy fit of L82 emblems on hood. Good original interior, with light to moderate wear. Heavy wear on driver's door panel. Underhood shows some deviations from stock. Original-style exhaust, with heavier surface rust—like most of the undercarriage. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $10,250. Most of the 25th anniversary cars I run into have a lighter color interior, with most turning up in Oyster leather. While black cloth was an acceptable option for 74 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com exhaust pipes. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $44,520. It seems odd, but 1980 was the lightest Corvette of the C3 era, making an L82 in this year rather sprightly. Look it up and do the math. I figured through the usual axiom of factoring that a car with almost no miles on it should bring the same as a new 2010 equivalent. Along those lines, I was expecting $48k, but you got fewer perks in 1980 than now, so we'll call this lower market pricing. Especially since it was purchased by a high-profile dealer—he knows an instant Bloomington Gold Benchmark car when he sees one. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #F68-1981 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY8764B5100901. Autumn Red & Dark Claret/tinted panels/dark red cloth. Odo: 20,730 miles. 350-ci 190-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Factory options include tinted roof panels, rear window defroster, a/c, and AM/ FM/8-track stereo. Seller claims actual miles. Well cared for original paint, several polishing scratches in clear coat. Recently cleaned-up under the hood, making it look like the day it was delivered new. Minimal interior wear, mostly light seat bottom and floor mat wear and soiling. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $20,140. While we haven't seen that much of an uptick on 1981s lately—unlike 1982s—that may be SOLD AT $12,500. I ran into the seller of this car, who explained that he previously sold it less than a decade ago—when it had just over 2,000 miles on it—to someone who just wanted to drive and enjoy the car. All records from new and the last decade were present, and the car, unlike many late C3s, was actually a jump in and drive proposition. Unfortunately, the mileage may have held it back some, and the high bid ought to have been reasonably close to getting it done. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. C4 #16-1985 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY0784G5106478. Red/ tinted panel/Charcoal leather. Odo: 63,170 miles. 350-ci 230-hp fuel-injected V8, 4+3 manual. On an SD damage disclosure title, due only to replacing the rear hatch glass in 1994 from a shattering baseball. Dual power leather sport seats. Mostly original paint has been well cared for, although there is some panel

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swirl marks and light scratches throughout. Ducktail style rear spoiler quite ugly. Decent replacement black top, interior severely sunburned—driver's seat looks like it caught on fire. Undetailed engine bay quite grimy. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $5,300. There was little value in this as a whole car unless you had all the bits that it needed, particularly inside. Fairly priced for what is was, I suppose. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. touch-up. Older replacement tires are at the end of their life for tread wear and age. Used car engine bay topically cleaned off recently. Heavier wrinkling on the driver's seat bottom. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $8,100. Not quite investor grade, but still better than what you would give your son as a graduation present. Unless he was on the national honor roll that earned him a scholarship. But then you could actually afford to buy him a late-model car. Not a bargain and not a steal on a C4 that is generally good to slide into—provided you don't balk at the gearbox. Specialty Auto Auctions, Sioux Falls, SD, 6/10. #S153-1985 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY078XF5127852. Red/ tinted panel/saddle leather. Odo: 51,741 miles. 350-ci 230-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Factory optional tinted roof panel and electronic AM/ FM/cassette Delco/Bose stereo. Aftermarket wheel center 3-bar spinners, mud guards, smoked plastic door sill protectors, and goldtone “Built Especially For” plaque on passenger's side dash. Original paint looks good bay tidy, not detailed, and very honest. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $16,430. Last seen here in the fall of 2008, where it failed to sell at $15,000 (SCM# 118077), this Pace Car did find a new home this time around. The mileage hadn't gone up appreciably, but I'm still not sure what one does with this (or any fully-marked Pace Car) unless you have an Indianapolis business or concession such marketing helps you with. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #T3-1988 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY3180J5104972. Red/black cloth/red leather. Odo: 101,550 miles. 350-ci 240-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Red respray over an original red car exhibits Minimal top weathering, generally tidy engine compartment. Light but congruent seat, carpeting, and steering wheel rim wear for a car of this mileage. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $10,000. The consignor was very proud of this, but although it was not a bad C4 and probably a nice driver, it was hardly the C4 to end all C4s. #S147-1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY3389L5116344. Polo White/black cloth/red leather. Odo: 66,226 miles. 350-ci 245-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Factory optional dual power leather sport seats, electronic climate control, and Delco/Bose CD and cassette stereo. Tuneable mufflers, HyperTech ECM tuner, clean plastic door sill guards, and mud flaps fitted. Excellent original paint has been well cared for on a regular basis. but is slightly faded and dull. Well cared for original interior, although seats seem to be a shade darker than rest of upholstery. Good engine bay clean up, but hardly show ready. Recently replaced Interstate battery. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $7,500. Some of the tacked-on parts were, ahem, tacky, but there was nothing that couldn't be immediately popped off and tossed out. Not a bargain and not a steal on a C4 that's a safe bet to buy as a driver. Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, 6/10. #F155-1986 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car convertible. S/N 1G1YY6780G5904382. Yellow/black cloth/ black leather. Odo: 26,078 miles. 350-ci 220hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Original car with plenty of indications of use throughout. Yellow paint exhibits numerous touched-up chips, weatherstripping more than a bit ratty. Black cloth top likely original, matching black leather seat lightly marked on driver's seat. Engine www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 75

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block It took awhile to get the car cut loose at this final bid, but I'd call the price market correct. Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, 6/10. #T107-1991 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J3M5801743. Torch Red/red leather. Odo: 14,198 miles. 350ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Original paint still glossy throughout, although minor defects exist. Window tint and garish BBS-style mag wheels fitted. Interior still crisp with only very minor driver's seat entry wear evident. Both solid and blue plexi top present. Engine bay tidy, but plenum and cam covers are no longer glossy. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $24,380. All the money and more, despite the low mileage. Some damage had been done under the hood that would be very expensive to correct properly. Price was on the money for the earlier, higher-production 375-hp LT5 in the most common red-on-red color combination. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #120-1994 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY22P1R5105369. Torch Red/black vinyl. Odo: 135,240 miles. 5.7-L 245-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Clean title, original five-spoke factory wheels and AM/ FM radio. High quality respray in the original color, quickie detailing to engine compartment and exposed suspension parts. Interior fresh Fitted with standard but dual power leather seats, electronic climate control, cargo compartment shade, and Delco/Bose cassette stereo. Excellent original paint without usual light orange peel. Well-detailed engine compartment—cleaned up and not clear coated. Seats show heavier wear than expected, as even the carpet has only minimal wear. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $10,800. This was listed by the local Subaru dealer on their website at $13,988, but since they dropped their reserve at the last bid, they had to have done alright on it at this price. The buyer did OK on it also, but only if it's intended as a nice driver rather than an investment. Specialty Auto Auctions, Sioux Falls, SD, 6/10. C5 #T209-2001 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom 1953 Replica coupe. S/N 1G1YY12S815113353. Red/black leather. Odo: 5,653 miles. 5.7-L 405-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Dual-zone climate control. Excellent build quality, with no structural deviations from the basic C5 superstructure. Backup lights inside replica exhaust outlets, while aftermarket cat-back system is in the usual place for a C5. Apart from aftermarket induction, generally stock and clean under the hood. Millennium Yellow/tinted panel/black leather. Odo: 104,811 miles. 5.7-L 350-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Factory options include tinted top, polished alloys, Preferred Equipment Group 1, and Memory Package. Aftermarket window tint and rear valance chrome lettering. Freshly installed Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires on all four corners. Good original paint, apart from nose respray. Recently cleaned engine compartment looking better than 104k miles would lead one to believe. Seats show some moderate wear and wrinkling, but are still quite serviceable. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $14,840. While starting to get up there a bit in miles, this C5 still offered a lot for what it brought across the block. Further proof that they are still used cars and that the market is still rather saturated at this point. Still, if I had to choose between this car and another C5 offered as lot S11.1 to use as a daily driver, I'd pick this one. Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, 6/10. #S11.1 -2002 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Custom convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G225119562. Millennium Yellow/ black cloth/black leather. Odo: 28,779 miles. 5.7-L 600-hp supercharged V8, 6-sp. Stock options include Memory Package, Millennium Yellow paint, and 1SC Preferred Equipment Group. Modified with aftermarket high-rise hood, Z06 mesh grilles, Z06-style wheels, cross-drilled brake rotors with Z06-style calipers, and Magna supercharger. Non-OEM rear but shows signs of use, with seats displaying wear commensurate with mileage. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $7,700. For a good driver, this was a safe bet, but it was a 16-year-old car, and this about the time that nickel-and-dime repairs start to pop up. So while the price paid may have seemed like a bargain, there may be more spending in store for the new owner. As long as that was understood, this was a good buy. Kruse/Leake, San Antonio, TX, 4/10. #2-1994 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY22P2R5111868. Red metallic/tinted panel/black leather. Odo: 65,664 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. 76 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Also generally stock interior, although driver's seat shows more wear and wrinkling than one would expect. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $53,000. One of seven C5 Z06s modified by Advanced Automotive Technologies, with styling cues from the original 1953 Corvette. Like everything, the effect is based on one's point of view, and because of that, I'd class it more as a styling exercise than a modern replica. Semantics aside, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay, so it was market priced here. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. coupe. #F57-2001 CHEVROLET CORVETTE S/N 1G1YY22G615124773. tires well past the wear bars. Good original paint, light overall interior wear, moderate wrinkling of driver's seat bottom. Minimal weathering of original cloth top and weatherseals. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $28,090. You can't expect to throw $20k worth of mods into a C5 and expect to get that back when you sell. Actually, this one did pretty well, considering that mods occasionally make an otherwise stock car bring less money. The consignor hemmed and hawed on cutting it loose, but I

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think this was good money. Sold well, but not a bad buy either. Mecum Auctions, St. Paul, MN, 6/10. #F231-2003 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY22G635113209. Yellow/ black cloth & tan leather seats. Odo: 40,557 miles. 5.7-ci 350-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Ex-Bondurant race car more recently used for Carlisle's racing events and promotions. let alone the two most successful Corvettes to date in the global racing community. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #F227-2003 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C5-R coupe. S/N C5R009. LeMans Blue, white, & red/black vinyl. 427-ci 600-hp fuelinjected V8, 6-sp. Campaigned as the #53 car (signifying 1953 – the first year for Corvette) at Le Mans in 2003, achieving third place overall. Retired by GM after it burned in an accident when driven by Dale Earnhart Jr. at Infineon Raceway in 2004. Repaired and restored to the exact livery and configuration of when it ran of Fellows' ALMS/Rolex 24 hour wins, but it's really just a specially-badged three-year-old Z06. High bid was a bit light, so the seller was right in waiting for another day. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #T61-2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car Special Edition convertible. S/N 1G1YY36U375140492. Atomic Orange/ black cloth/black leather. Odo: 1,610 miles. 6.0-L 400-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Factory optional equipment is part of the Indy Pace Car package, so there are no extra cost options. No perceivable wear or soiling on paint, wheels, Bondurant outlines still slightly visible beneath current Carlisle decal package. Heavy use evident. Wheels dirty and marked, Eagle F1 rubber on A-mold style wheels still have plenty of tread but rims are on the rougher side. Black cloth driver's seat, tan leather unit remains on passenger's side. Engine bay evidences recent maintenance. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $16,430. A standard 2003 LS1-powered Corvette with 40,000 very hard miles in school bus yellow. Well sold. Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, 4/10. #F226-2003 CHEVROLET CORVETTE C5-R coupe. S/N C5R008. LeMans Blue, white, & red/black vinyl. 427-ci 600-hp fuelinjected V8, 6-sp. Campaigned as the #50 car (for the 50th anniversary of Corvette) at Le Mans in 2003, achieving second place overall. Fully restored by Pratt & Miller after it was retired, and purchased from GM by the consignor. Returned to the exact livery and configuration of when it ran Le Mans. Turnkey ready for racing, with no restrictions by GM to do so. Displays no discernible wear, soiling, or use. Initially offered as a matching pair with Le Mans by Pratt & Miller. Turnkey ready for racing, with no restrictions by GM to do so. No discernible wear, soiling, or use. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $375,000. Offering these individually seemed to me like a trip to nowhere, as the pair really belong together (unless there's a very rich #8 fan out there, but this car had the wrong number on the door). Most folks here in Indy 500 land—even Corvette owners—really didn't grasp how significant of an impact this pair of cars had in the international racing community. As such, these will likely remain in this collection for a while longer. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. C6 #F171-2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 Ron Fellows Edition coupe. S/N 1G1YY26E675124287. Arctic White/black & maroon leather. Odo: 122 miles. 7.0-L 505hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. As new throughout with the addition of special ‘Ron Fellows' Grand Sport slashes above front wheel arches. Attractive red and black leather, along with glass, engine compartment, or interior. Original tires still have inspection stamps on sidewalls. Only the undercarriage shows any appreciable dusting from limited use. Displayed with laminated window sticker and build sheet from the National Corvette Museum. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $44,520. A good buy, as this was retail pricing for a car with average miles. Sure, this was an easy $20k hit on the original MSRP, but unfortunately, that sort of thing happens all the time with “instant collectibles.” Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. #T62-2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 coupe. S/N 1G1YY26E585111922. Jetstream Blue/Ebony vinyl. Odo: 18,650 miles. 7.0-L 505-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Factory options include 2LZ equipment package, navigation, mud guards, and polished alloy wheels. Aftermarket Corsa cat-back exhaust system. Like-new paint, but front spoiler lot F227. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $375,000. As a pair, they were bid to $775k, but did not meet the reserve. Then they were offered individually, this one being bid to $375k. To give an idea of how successful and competitive the C5-R is, about half of the eleven that were built are still competing in Europe in the Prototype/ Le Mans series, even six years after the last car was built. Not a cheap endeavor, but try to get a pair or world-class Le Mans cars cheaper— carbon fiber dash and console, make up the LT4 option package. Engine bay and undercarriage absolutely as-new. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $61,500. This was the first of the 399 Ron Fellows Z06s to be delivered to a public buyer at Bowling Green in commemoration leading edge shows a fair amount of curb rash. Minimal dust in engine bay. Light interior wear is commensurate to indicated miles. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $49,000. Basically a fresh used car with no mention of warranty anywhere. Bid to wholesale pricing, and one can't expect a whole lot more in a room full of car dealers. Mecum Auctions, Indianapolis, IN, 5/10. ■ www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 77

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By the Numbers Top 85 Corvette Sales at Auction April 2010 through June 2010* 1963 Corvette 327/300 Convertible Harley J Earl car—$980,500 at Mecum Indianapolis Rank Model 1 1963 Corvette 327/300 Convertible Harley J Earl car 2 1969 Corvette L88 Coupe 3 1966 Corvette 427/425 Coupe Bergen & Johnson A/P race car 4 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 5 1969 Corvette 427/435 Convertible 6 1967 Corvette 427/435 Roadster 7 1969 Corvette L88 Coupe “Automatically Yours” 8 1967 Corvette Convertible 9 1967 Corvette 427/400 Convertible 10 1968 Corvette L88 427/430 Coupe 11 1956 Corvette 265/240 Convertible 12 1967 Corvette 427/400 COPO Convertible 13 1965 Corvette 396/425 Roadster 14 1960 Corvette 283/290 Convertible 15 1967 Corvette L71 427/435 Roadster 16 1966 Corvette 427/425 Convertible 17 2004 Corvette 346/350 CRC Conversion 18 1959 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 19 1963 Corvette 327/360 Coupe 20 1972 Corvette LT1 350/255 Convertible, A/C 21 1958 Corvette 283/250 Convertible 22 1967 Corvette Coupe 23 2001 Corvette Commemorative Edition 24 1958 Corvette 350/400 Convertible Resto Mod 25 1966 Corvette 427/425 Convertible 78 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Sold Price Location $980,500 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $401,500 RM, San Diego, CA $323,300 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $238,500 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $231,000 RM, San Diego, CA $214,500 RM, San Diego, CA $211,750 RM, San Diego, CA Lot # S116 151 S140 F214 119 126 163 $181,500 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA 375.1 $164,300 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $159,000 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $159,000 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $137,800 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $129,250 RM, San Diego, CA $124,020 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $123,750 RM, San Diego, CA $116,600 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $116,600 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $116,600 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $112,360 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $112,360 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $112,360 Mecum, St. Charles, IL S135 S174 S80 S104 174 S128 169 U104 S94.1 S83 S66 $110,000 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA $110,000 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA $106,000 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $103,880 Mecum, St. Charles, IL S163 S91 357 373 S70 S66 Date 5/19/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/19/2010 6/19/2010 6/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 6/19/2010 6/25/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 *Auction sales as recorded from April 25 through June 27 in the Corvette Market Digital Plus database (www.corvettemarket.com).

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Rank Model 26 1956 Corvette 283 27 1962 Corvette Convertible Resto-Mod 28 1957 Corvette 270 29 1967 Corvette 427/400 Coupe 30 1964 Corvette LS2 405 Resto Mod 31 1966 Corvette L72 427/425 Roadster 32 1958 Corvette 283/290 Convertible 33 1958 Corvette 283/290 Convertible “Fuelie” 34 1963 Corvette 327/340 Coupe 35 1958 Corvette 283 Convertible “Fuelie” 36 1966 Corvette Custom Coupe 37 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 38 1967 Corvette 427/500 Roadster 39 1959 Corvette 283/290 Convertible 40 1960 Corvette 283/230 Convertible 41 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 42 1969 Corvette 427/400 Convertible 43 1960 Corvette 283/290 Roadster “Fuelie” 44 1959 Corvette 415 Resto Mod 45 1961 Corvette 283/270 46 1958 Corvette 283 Convertible 47 1967 Corvette Convertible 48 1957 Corvette 283/245 49 1961 Corvette Convertible 50 1965 Corvette 327/375 “Fuelie” Coupe 51 1965 Corvette 396/425 Coupe 52 1966 Corvette Convertible 53 1965 Corvette 327/350 Coupe 54 1958 Corvette 283/290 Convertible 55 1958 Corvette 283 Convertible 56 1967 Corvette Convertible, Factory Air, Bloomington Gold 57 1966 Corvette 427/425 Coupe 58 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 59 1965 Corvette 327/375 Coupe 60 1966 Corvette 427/390 Coupe 61 1969 Corvette 427/400 Convertible 62 1954 Corvette Roadster 63 1954 Corvette Roadster 64 1972 Corvette LT1 Convertible, Rare Factory A/C 65 1967 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 66 1968 Corvette L89 427/435 Coupe 67 1967 Corvette 327/350 Coupe 68 1966 Corvette 350 Convertible 69 1967 Corvette 427/435 Coupe 70 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 71 1961 Corvette Convertible 72 1966 Corvette Custom Coupe 73 1954 Corvette 235/150 Roadster 74 1957 Corvette 283/270 FI Convertible 75 1967 Corvette 427/390 Coupe 76 1966 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 77 1954 Corvette 235/150 Roadster 78 1969 Corvette 427/390 Convertible 79 1963 Corvette 327/360 Coupe “Fuelie” 80 1959 Corvette 283/230 Convertible 81 1967 Corvette 327/350 Convertible 82 1967 Corvette 427/390 Coupe 83 1960 Corvette 283/270 Convertible 84 1965 Corvette 327/375 Convertible 85 1963 Corvette 327/340 Coupe Sold Price Location $100,700 Mecum, St. Charles, IL Lot # S149 $99,000 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA 367.2 $98,050 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $98,050 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $96,460 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $96,250 RM, San Diego, CA S57 S100 S73 171 $95,400 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $95,400 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $95,400 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $94,870 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $94,600 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA $93,280 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $92,750 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $91,690 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $91,190 RM, Monte Carlo, MCO $90,100 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $90,100 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $89,100 RM, San Diego, CA $89,040 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $87,450 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $85,860 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $83,600 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA $82,500 RM, San Diego, CA $82,500 RM, San Diego, CA S288 S109 F280 S181 366 S46 W300 S159 287 S190 F209 190 F253 S53 $85,800 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA 358.1 $85,330 Mecum, St. Charles, IL F101 361 120 128 Date 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/1/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 $82,500 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA 389.1 $81,620 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $81,090 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $80,560 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $80,030 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $79,750 RM, San Diego, CA T126 S205 $78,440 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $77,910 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $77,910 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $77,380 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $77,000 Worldwide, Seabrook, TX $77,000 RM, San Diego, CA $76,850 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $76,320 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $75,260 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $74,800 RM, San Diego, CA $74,200 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $74,200 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $73,700 Worldwide, Seabrook, TX $72,600 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA $71,500 Barrett-Jackson, Orange County, CA $68,900 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $68,200 Worldwide, Seabrook, TX $66,780 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $66,250 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $65,720 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $64,900 RM, San Diego, CA $64,660 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $63,600 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $63,600 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN $63,600 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $62,540 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $62,540 Mecum, St. Charles, IL $62,010 Mecum, Indianapolis, IN F179 S108 S42 201 179 S88 U69 W298.1 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/19/2010 6/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 5/1/2010 6/19/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/1/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 5/1/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 6/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 5/19/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 6/25/2010 5/19/2010 S170.1 S102 113 S50 S141 157 T78 S157 183 374 385 S119 33 S13 F72 S44.1 166 T27 W173 T181 S72 S175 S31 T185 www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 79

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Price Guide Buy-Sell Price Range Low High C1 (1953–62) 235/150 Roadster 235/150 Roadster 235/155 Roadster 265/195 265/210 Convertible 265/225 283/220 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/283 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/290 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/290 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/290 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/270 283/275 FI 283/315 FI 327/250 Convertible 327/300 327/340 327/360 FI 327/250 Split-Window Coupe 327/300 L75 327/340 L76 327/360 FI L84 327/360 Z06 327/250 Convertible 327/300 L75 327/340 L76 327/360 FI L84 Grand Sport 327/250 Coupe 327/300 L75 327/365 L76 327/375 FI L84 327/250 Convertible 327/300 L75 327/365 L76 327/375 FI L84 327/250 Coupe 327/300 L75 327/350 L79 327/365 L76 53 54 55 55 56 56 57 57 57 57 57 58 58 58 58 58 59 59 59 59 59 60 60 60 60 60 61 61 61 61 61 62 62 62 62 (1956–62, add $2k–$4k for auxiliary hard top.) C2 (1963–67) 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 64 65 65 65 10,594 10,919 $40,000 $43,000 $52,000 $74,000 $128,000 $35,000 $36,000 $39,000 $65,500 5 8,304 13,925 8,186 $6,000,000 $33,000 $33,000 $37,000 $56,000 $35,000 $37,000 $39,000 $57,000 $38,000 $38,000 $41,000 80 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com $69,300 $84,000 $83,000 $142,000 $194,000 $63,000 $66,000 $72,000 $144,000 $10,000,000 $52,000 $57,000 $59,000 $97,000 $57,000 $62,000 $60,000 $99,000 $69,000 $60,000 $75,000 A A A A A B B B A A B B B A B B B A B B B HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH 300 3,640 7 693 387 3,080 1,633 2,045 284 1,621 756 4,243 2,436 504 978 1,007 5,487 1,417 175 1,846 745 5,827 1,211 100 2,364 759 5,357 1,175 2,827 118 1,462 4,907 3,294 4,412 1,918 $150,000 $60,000 $75,000 $65,000 $45,000 $50,000 $45,000 $50,000 $60,000 $50,000 $72,000 $40,000 $45,000 $54,000 $49,000 $70,000 $40,000 $44,000 $55,000 $48,000 $68,500 $40,000 $50,000 $54,000 $49,000 $69,500 $41,000 $46,000 $50,000 $57,000 $68,500 $45,000 $50,000 $52,000 $77,000 $250,000 $108,000 $15,000 $122,000 $85,000 $85,000 $90,000 $95,000 $115,000 $93,000 $120,000 $78,000 $108,000 $108,000 $87,000 $128,000 $75,000 $83,000 $103,000 $102,000 $127,000 $87,000 $86,000 $102,500 $95,000 $128,000 $65,000 $88,000 $88,000 $103,000 $139,000 $80,000 $88,000 $93,000 $147,000 A B B A B B B B A B A B B A B A B B A B A B B A B A B B B A A B B B A HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH 327/375 FI L84 396/425 L78 327/250 Convertible 327/300 L75 327/350 L79 327/365 L76 327/375 FI L84 396/425 L78 327/300 Coupe 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/425 L72 327/300 Convertible 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/425 L72 327/300 Coupe 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 327/300 Convertible 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 C3 (1968–82) 327/300 Coupe 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 327/300 Convertible 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 350/300 Coupe 350/350 L46 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 427/430 ZL1 350/300 Convertible 350/350 L46 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 Buy-Sell Price Range Low High 15,378 9,958 17,762 8,504 $43,000 $64,000 $66,000 $39,000 $39,000 $42,000 $43,000 $65,000 $72,000 $38,000 $43,000 $56,000 $69,000 $40,000 $45,000 $58,000 $70,000 $45,000 $48,000 $62,000 $72,000 14,436 $1,200,000 $97,000 $46,000 $50,000 $65,000 $75,000 $1,225,000 $93,000 $78,000 $116,000 $128,000 $68,000 $75,000 $80,000 $85,000 $124,000 $128,000 $71,000 $76,000 $91,000 $128,000 $80,000 $83,000 $119,000 $127,000 $79,000 $85,000 $109,000 $130,000 $2,000,000 $179,000 $92,000 $100,000 $136,000 $144,000 $2,050,000 $186,000 B A A A B B B A B B B B B A B B A B B B B A A B B B A A A HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH (For 1963–67, add $2k–$3k for side exhaust; $2k–$4k for auxiliary hard top; $4k–$6k for a/c; $5k–$8k for knockoff wheels; $6k–$10k for aluminum wheels.) 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 9,936 18,630 22,129 $17,000 $20,000 $25,000 $28,000 $300,000 $40,000 $54,000 $24,000 $26,000 $36,000 $35,000 $350,000 $47,150 $60,000 $18,000 $21,000 $25,000 $29,000 $350,000 $45,000 $50,000 16,633 $2,000,000 $22,000 $24,000 $30,000 $34,000 $300,000 $35,000 $41,000 $50,000 $58,000 $400,000 $72,000 $95,000 $46,000 $52,000 $61,000 $69,000 $500,000 $85,000 $113,000 $38,000 $43,000 $52,000 $67,000 $500,000 $100,000 $93,000 $3,000,000 $47,000 $55,000 $63,000 $70,000 $400,000 C C C C A B B C C C C A B B C C C C A B B A C C C C A HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Buy-Sell Price Range Low High 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 350/300 Coupe 350/350 L46 350/370 LT1 454/390 LS5 350/300 Convertible 350/350 L46 350/370 LT1 454/390 LS5 350/270 Coupe 350/330 LT1 454/365 LS5 454/425 LS6 350/270 Convertible 350/330 LT1 454/365 LS5 454/425 LS6 350/200 Coupe 350/255 LT1 454/270 LS5 300/250 Convertible 350/255 LT1 454/270 LS5 69 69 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 72 72 72 72 72 72 10,668 6,648 14,680 7,121 20,496 6,508 $55,000 $75,000 $18,500 $22,000 $28,000 $27,000 $24,000 $25,000 $33,000 $33,000 $18,000 $25,000 $25,000 $85,000 $25,000 $31,000 $33,000 $100,000 $18,500 $26,500 $27,500 $25,000 $35,000 $33,000 (1968–72, add $1k–$2k for auxiliary hard top; $2k–$3k for a/c.) $125,000 $125,000 $39,000 $40,000 $56,000 $58,000 $50,000 $55,000 $68,000 $70,000 $37,000 $53,000 $55,000 $175,000 $48,000 $65,000 $67,000 $225,000 $40,000 $55,000 $56,000 $51,000 $66,000 $67,000 B B C C C B C C C B C C B A C C B A C C C C C C HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH 350/190 Coupe 350/250 L82 454/275 LS4 350/190 Convertible 350/250 L82 454/275 LS4 350/195 Coupe 350/250 L82 454/270 LS4 350/195 Convertible 350/250 L82 454/270 LS4 350/165 Coupe 350/205 L82 350/165 Convertible 350/205 L82 350/180 Coupe 350/210 L82 350/180 Coupe 350/210 L82 350/185 Coupe 350/220 L82 350/185 Silver Anniversary 350 /220 L82 350/185 Pace Car 73 73 73 73 73 73 74 74 74 74 74 74 75 75 75 75 76 76 77 77 78 78 78 78 78 25,521 4,943 32,028 5,474 33,836 4,629 46,558 49,213 24,991 15,283 6,502 Buy-Sell Price Range Low High $13,000 $15,000 $17,000 $20,000 $22,000 $24,000 $11,000 $14,000 $15,000 $19,000 $21,000 $22,000 $10,000 $12,500 $18,000 $20,000 $9,000 $11,000 $9,500 $12,000 $10,000 $13,000 $13,000 $16,000 $18,000 $24,000 $28,000 $33,000 $33,000 $40,000 $42,000 $23,000 $28,000 $30,000 $32,000 $36,000 $40,000 $19,000 $23,000 $33,000 $37,000 $16,000 $20,000 $18,000 $22,000 $18,000 $23,000 $25,000 $30,000 $32,500 C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating www.corvettemarket.com SUMMER 2010 Corvette Market 81 Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Price Guide Buy-Sell Price Range Low High 350/220 L82 350/195 Coupe 350/225 L82 350/190 Coupe 350/230 L82 305/180 (California only) 350/190 Coupe 350/200 Coupe 350/200 Collector Edition 78 79 79 80 80 80 81 82 82 Convertible Malcolm Konner Comm. Coupe Coupe Convertible Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe Convertible 35th Anniversary coupe Challenge Racer Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe Convertible Challenge Racer Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Callaway Cpe/Cvt World Challenge Racer Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible 40th Anniversary coupe 40th Anniversary convertible 40th Anniversary ZR-1 coupe Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Coupe ZR-1 coupe 84 85 86 86 86 87 87 53,807 40,614 40,606 18,648 6,759 51,547 39,729 27,794 7,315 50 87 88 88 88 88 88 89 89 89 89 90 90 90 90 90 91 91 91 91 92 92 92 93 93 93 93 93 93 94 94 94 95 95 188 inc. 15,382 7,407 2,050 inc. 56 inc. 125 inc. 16,663 9,749 60 inc. 67 inc. 12,967 3,049 7,630 58 inc. 23 inc. 12,923 2,044 5,672 71 inc. 14,102 502 5,875 15,396 448 5,692 6,749 inc. inc. 17,536 448 5,346 15,323 448 $20,000 $10,500 $13,500 $12,000 $14,000 $9,000 $12,000 $12,000 $17,000 $5,500 $6,000 $6,500 $9,500 $40,000 $19,000 $24,000 $20,000 $24,000 $16,000 $21,000 $22,000 $30,000 $8,500 $9,000 C C C C C D C C C 20,007 10,625 $10,000 $7,500 $10,000 $20,000 $7,500 $10,000 $13,000 $26,500 $20,000 $7,500 $11,000 $26,000 $21,000 $8,000 $22,000 $10,000 $21,000 $24,000 $9,500 $20,000 $12,000 $21,500 $10,000 $21,000 $12,000 $10,000 $22,000 $13,000 $13,500 $18,500 $34,000 $11,000 $32,000 $15,000 $12,000 $32,375 $10,500 $16,000 $20,000 $11,500 $16,000 D D D D D D D HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH (1973–82, add $750 for aluminum wheels, $1,250 for auiliary hard top. 1978–82, add $650 for glass top.) C4 (1984–96) Coupe Coupe Coupe HH HH HH HH HH HH HH $32,000 $11,000 $16,000 $22,000 $40,000 $31,000 $12,000 $17,000 $40,000 $32,000 $13,000 $30,000 $18,000 $32,000 $36,000 $13,000 $30,000 $18,500 $32,000 $14,000 $33,000 $18,500 $14,000 $35,000 $19,000 $22,000 $27,000 $42,000 $16,000 $44,000 $20,000 $16,250 $45,500 D D D D D D D D D D D C D D D D C D D D C D D C D D C C D C D D C HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH Convertible Pace Car convertible Coupe Convertible Collector Edition coupe Collector Edition convertible Grand Sport coupe Grand Sport convertible 95 95 96 96 96 96 96 96 Convertible Pace Car convertible Coupe Convertible Hard top Coupe Convertible Hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top 50th Anniversary coupe 50th Anniversary convertible Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Commemorative coupe Commemorative convertible Z06 Commemorative hard top C6 (2005–present) Coupe Convertible Coupe Convertible Z06 coupe Coupe Convertible Pace Car convertible Z06 coupe Ron Fellows Z06 coupe Coupe Convertible Z06 coupe ZR1 coupe 97 98 98 98 99 99 99 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 4,444 527 12,326 2,798 4,031 1,381 810 190 9,752 Buy-Sell Price Range Low High $15,000 $20,000 $13,500 $16,000 $17,000 $19,000 $26,000 $30,500 19,235 10,686 1,163 18,078 11,161 4,031 18,113 13,479 2,090 15,681 14,173 5,773 14,760 12,710 8,297 8,727 6,475 8,635 4,085 7,547 13,950 9,557 3,658 2,215 2,659 2,025 26,278 10,644 16,598 11,151 6,272 21,484 10,918 500 8,159 399 n/a n/a n/a n/a $13,000 $14,000 $18,000 $24,000 $16,000 $19,000 $16,250 $18,500 $22,000 $17,000 $21,500 $23,750 $23,750 $22,750 $26,250 $25,000 $24,500 $29,500 $26,500 $26,500 $29,000 $25,500 $30,500 $30,500 $26,500 $29,000 $29,500 $19,000 $32,000 $18,000 $21,500 $26,250 $30,000 $41,000 $56,000 (1984–96, add $1,300 for auxiliary hard top, $600 for 6-sp, $3,000 for LT4 in 1996.) C5 (1997–2004) Coupe Coupe $20,000 $21,000 $25,000 $31,000 $22,750 $25,000 $20,750 $23,750 $26,500 $22,000 $25,500 $29,750 $30,000 $29,000 $33,250 $34,000 $30,250 $35,000 $34,000 $34,000 $36,000 $32,000 $37,000 $35,500 $34,000 $36,000 $36,500 $29,750 $36,000 $33,500 $38,750 $48,500 $34,000 $52,000 $52,000 $52,000 $61,000 $35,000 $42,500 $58,500 est. MSRP $37,750 $41,000 $38,750 $44,000 $54,000 $40,000 $58,000 $58,000 $56,000 $65,000 $40,500 $47,500 $61,000 $120,000 D D D D D D C C D D D D D D D D D D D D C D D C D D C D D D D C D D C D D D D C D D D C C D D C B HH HH HH HH HH HH HHH HHH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H (Note: Bloomington Gold, NCRS certification, or racing history can add significantly to the value of a Corvette.) *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating 82 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Trick Stuff What you need for your Corvette and where to get it. By John Gunnell Cool Stuff For Hot Weather Keeping your coolant cool, charging up, and finding Fuelie pistons Low-cost charger with high-cost features Stanley Tool's 6-8 AMP automatic battery charger features a quick start timer and 3-stage charging. This affordable charger automatically switches from fast charge to top-off to maintenance charge. It has an easy-to-read LCD screen to indicate: 1) normal charge rate; 2) maintenance charge or 3) Quick Start Timer engine start countdown. It provides two simple, easy ways to charge — by connecting to a DC outlet or directly to a vehicle's battery. The BC6809 can give a 15-minute quick charge or a full charge in five hours. Battery clips and a DC plug are included. Spark- resistant reverse hook-up protection and a reverse polarity indicator are provided. This $31 tool has generated some great feedback on the Web. Check www.stanleytools.com or call 800.262.2161. “Fuelie” pistons From Egge ed pistons, you need pistons. When you need pistons for a vintage ‘Vette fuel-injected high-performance V-8, you need Egge Machine Company. a-based parts supplier offers Part No. CV283M57FIHP for the 1957 fuele and Part No. CV283M58-66FIHP for 1956-1966 fuel-injected models. iced at $297.50 each. Contact Egge Machine Company at 800.866.3443 or w.egge.com. Have a cool summer Corvettes are the ultimate summer cars, but Waterless wash saves time, money and… water While at Bloomington Gold this year, we watched a demonstration of Cousin Joe's Ultra Speedwash on a black 2006 Corvette that had been sitting in the sun all afternoon. The solution was misted onto the hot, dusty car, and then wiped off. We were impressed with how clean the car looked—without any water use. “You only need 2 to 3 ounces of this solution to clean a mid-size car”, said Joe Martorelli, co-owner of Cousin Joe's. A 32 oz bottle is $25. For more information visit www.cousinjoeswash.com hot weather takes its toll. Maintaining your cooling system will keep your car cool and protect it. Justice Brothers markets cooling additives through professional car care centers. Cooling System Protector™ & Water Pump Lubricant helps prevent electrolysis and overheating. AC-CLEAN™ removes foul odors from winter storage. It kills bacteria, mold or fungus in the system. Super Radiator Cooler™ raises the boiling point of the coolant, even on the hottest days. FRIDG-e LUBE™ lubricates your air conditioning compressor. For Justice Brothers car care products info call 626.359.9174 or visit www.justicebrothers.com. 84 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com

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In Miniature car enthusiast which Corvettes are on their short list of “Got to have one day,” and inevitably, a 1963 Sting Ray Split-Window coupe will be there. There's one on my personal list as well. Sales figures for 1963 showed that the Split Window was on a lot of got-to-have lists that year. This Corvette was an iconic design mated with enough performance and technology to back up striking looks. Not new to 1:18 scale, but brand-spanking new from AutoArt, is their long awaited, die cast model of the Split-Window coupe as a stablemate to their previous '63 convertible, which I reviewed in CM #11. (p. 86). Your only other choice in this scale would be one of Ertl's out-of-production pieces. These models were produced in numerous colors, but they were closer to toys than to good models. So, if you want a decent 1:18 scale model of the 1963 Corvette coupe, buy the AutoArt piece. The model is stunning in Daytona Blue with red interior combination. The metallic element in the paint is very fine, so it looks correct to scale, regardless of whether or not it truly is. She rides on the same whitewall tires and plated wheels as does the convertible, which certainly won't be to everyone's liking, but it does make for an attractive display piece. This coupe is produced as a “limited edition” of, gee whiz, only 6,000 num- bered pieces. Good grief! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Anything over 500 is really not a limited edition. You can also count on another color variant released after the Daytona Blue cars are completed. That said, don't let the volume of production detour you from owning one of these. It's one very fine-looking model. Is it perfect? No, definitely not, but it's still a worthy addition to most collections. Each “limited” piece is supplied with an individually stamped and numbered certificate that matches a small plaque bearing the same, handwritten serial number. The plaque is attached to the underside of the model. Please do note that all of my previous remarks and criticisms in my CM 11 review of Auto Art's convertible also apply here to the coupe. The model is very good, but like Marlon Brando in “On the Waterfront,” it could've been a contender with a little more attention to detail and accuracy. The overall look pulls together very well, but once Corvette aficionados get past that, the mistakes show themselves. This model does have AutoArt's usual high level of fit and finish, along with some delicate detail features. Among the nicer details are the beautifully made emblems adorning the front, rear and sides of the car. Unfortunately, the placement of only one out of four is correct. The good one is on the front. The side-mounted emblems are too far forward, and the rear emblem is too far to the right—and applied at a careless angle. The high-gloss paint finish has a surprising amount of orange peel in it, more so than I would have expected. The paint also had film and fingerprints that required a good deal of cleaning and polishing. No extra charge for that! The list of working features is good. The model '63 Coupe Details Production Dates: 2010 - Quantity: Numbered, limited edition of 6,000 CM Five-Star Rating: Overall Quality: Authenticity: Overall Value: Web: www.autoartmodels.com has opening doors and hood, which also has a folding hinged support rod. Hideaway headlights pivot, and the front wheels turn. It is a good model that, just like its sibling, looks best when displayed with all the panels closed. Priced at $114.95. Available from AutoArt, Gateway Global, Inc., 562.623.0210. 86 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com By Marshall Buck 1963 Sting Ray Split-Window coupe Ask any devout Speaking Volumes By Mark Wigginton The Corvette Factories By Mike Mueller, Motorbooks, 192 pages, $26.40, Amazon.com From the first cars coming off a makeshift production line at the rate of one—and then three—cars a day, the Corvette was an American legend in the making. And from the early, crude experiments with new materials, to the world-class sports cars designed and built with state-of-the-art production processes today, fans of the Corvette have been as fascinated with the building process as with the driving experience. Veteran auto writer Mike Mueller gives readers a guided tour of that process: from the earliest, simple box frame— from the pen of R&D chief Maurice Olley—to a step-by-step explanation of how one of today's C6 cars comes together in the Bowling Green, KY, factory. The early production details and photos are fascinating. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic was just coming into regular use when the 1953 Corvette came into being. Solving the production issues led to unanticipated delays in getting the first cars to market. Developing new processes and skills also took time. But the challenges were finally solved in an unused part of the Chevrolet plant in Flint, MI. The single assembly line started with three cars a day, but the executive suites had contingency plans for a steel-bodied car. But the fiberglass body was, finally, a success. Success led to success, and, starting with the 1954 model, Corvette production moved to a purpose-built factory in St. Louis, MO. Production stayed in St. Louis, through booms and busts for the Corvette line, until 1981. Starting in 1981, Bowling Green became the new birth- place of the Corvette, with a focus from Chevrolet on replacing St. Louis quantity with more owner-pleasing Bowling Green quality. Mueller ties together the factory stories with a detailed history of the many aspects of Corvette history in “The Corvette Factories.” The result is a good how-to book that takes an unusual look back at more than 50 years of “America's Sports Car.” Provenance: Mueller has written a deep catalog of automotive books, with detailed looks at much of America's favorite iron, from the Corvette to the Mustang and from hot rods to trucks. Mueller brings the dedication of a researcher and the straightforward tone of a journalist to each book. Fit and Finish: This is a nicely done book. It starts with a bold black cover that highlights a simple black-and-white photo and accents it with a touch of red. The rest of the book follows with lovely, rich photo and illustration reproduction, a pleasing design and smart photo cutlines. Well done throughout. Drivability: Mueller is a well-traveled journeyman, and while the topic of Corvette factories seems narrow, the book itself is much broader. It's a smart read that will delight new fans with the sweep of Corvette history, while more knowledgeable readers will find undiscovered bits of lore.

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Resource Directory Auction Companies Auctions America by RM. 877.906.2437, 5540 CR llA Auburn, IN 46706. Home of the 480-acre Auction Park in Auburn, IN, where the annual Labor Day Auction is held in conjunction with the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Festival. www.auctionsamerica. com. (IN) Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers. 815.568.8888, 815.568.6615. 950 Greenlee St., Marengo, IL 60015. Auctions: Orlando, Kansas City, Rockford, Bloomington Gold, St. Paul, Des Moines, Carlisle, and Chicago. Nobody Sells More Muscle Than Mecum. Nobody. www .mecumauction.com. (IL) Russo and Steele Collector Automobiles. 602.252.2697, 602.252.6260. 5230 South 39th Street, Phoenix AZ 85040. info@russoandsteele.com; www .russoandsteele.com. (AZ) Silver Auctions. 800.255.4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@silverauctions.com. www.silverauctions.com. (WA) The Worldwide Group. 866.273.6394, Established by John Kruse and Rod C. Egan, The Worldwide Group—Auctioneers, Appraisers and Brokers—is one of the world's premier auction houses, specializing in the procurement and sale of the world's finest automobiles and vintage watercraft. www.wwgauctions.com. (TX) Corvette Parts & Restoration County Corvette 610.696.7888, Sales, service, parts and restoration. When it must be right. www.countycorvette.com. (PA) Mid America Motorworks 800.500.1500, America's leader in 1953-2008 Corvette parts and accessories. Request a free catalog at www.mamotorworks.com. (IL) Classic Car Transport Intercity Lines, Inc.. 800.221.3936, 413.436.9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast-to-coast service. Insured enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete Put your company in the CM Resource Directory. Call 877.219.2605 x211, or email advert@corvettemarket.com service for vintage races, auctions, relocations. www.intercitylines .com. (MA) Insurance Hagerty Collector Car Insur- ance. 800.922.4050. Collector cars aren't like their late-model counterparts. These classics actually appreciate in value so standard market policies that cost significantly more won't do the job. We'll agree on a fair value and cover you for the full amount. No prorated claims, no hassles, no games. www.hagerty.com. (MI) Corvettes for Sale Corvette Central Parts and accessories for all corvettes. Corvette Central has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of Corvette parts and accessories since 1975. We offer the most comprehensive and detailed parts catalogs on the market today and produce a different catalog for each Corvette generation. All catalogs are also online with full search and order features. From Blue Flame 6 to the new C6, only Corvette Central has it all. www.corvettecentral.com. (MI) County Corvette. 610.696.7888, The most modern and best equipped Corvette-only facility in the nation. www.countycorvette.com. (PA) The Chevy Store At The Chevy Store, you will find only the highest grade, investment quality Corvette and specialty Chevrolet automobiles. We take pride in providing our clients with the finest selection anywhere. Offering investment quality corvettes and Chevrolets for over 30 years! 503.256.5384 (p) 503.256.4767(f) www.thechevystore.com. (OR) Museums National Corvette Museum 800-53-VETTE, The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY was established as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation with a mission of celebrating the invention of the Corvette and preserving its past, present and future. www.corvettemuseum.com. (KY) ■ Ad Index Al Knoch Interiors ............................59 Baymont Inn & Suites .......................87 Bowling Green Convention & Visitors Bur. ......................................92 Bradford Exchange, Ltd. ...................11 Branson Collector Car Auction .........55 Bruce Shaw .......................................81 Chubb ..................................................7 Classic Restoration ............................91 Continental Western Group ...............57 Corvette America ..............................71 Corvette Correction ...........................83 Corvette Expo Inc .............................53 Corvette Mike ...................................47 Corvette Repair Inc. ..........................51 Corvette Specialties ..........................83 County Corvette ..................................2 Equipe Watches .................................45 Grundy Worldwide ............................49 Heacock Classic ...............................39 Jim Meyer Racing Products Inc. .......83 Long Island Corvette Supply Inc ......83 Mecum Auction ...................................3 Mickey's Car Barn ............................71 Mid America Motorworks ...........15, 35 Midwest Corvettes & Classics, LLC ...................................75 National Corvette Museum ...............81 National Corvette Restorers Society ...............................................23 Nickey Chicago ...........................17, 67 Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions ....61 Pro-Team Corvette Sales, Inc............41 Reliable Carriers ...............................37 Route 427 ..........................................63 Silver Collector Car Auctions ...........43 Speed Lingerie ..................................88 Superior Chevrolet ............................65 The Chev Connection .......................85 The Chevy Store ...............................73 Thomas C Sunday Inc .......................83 Van Steel ...........................................64 Zip Products ......................................13 88 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com

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Corvette Market Keith Martin's Present the Celebrate America's sports car as a part of Concorso Italiano during the Monterey Historic Weekend. One day only, Friday, August 13, 2010, Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, Monterey, CA The only Corvette-only corral of the entire weekend. Fantastic setting. Great people. Amazing cars. Enter your car into the Corvette-only corral, with a Corvette-only hospitality tent. Space available for local and national clubs to display their materials. “People's Choice,” “Farthest Driven,” and “Most Original” Awards. Special commemorative t-shirt to all entrants. Enjoy all the activities at Concorso Italiano, including an F40 reunion, vendor booths, great food, and more. Regularly $125, save $25 when you register though Corvette Market. Go to www.corvettesatconcorso.com, click on “Register Here,” and enter promo code: corvette2010. For more information about Concorso Italiano, go to www.concorso.com.

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Vette-o-bilia Online trash and trinkets—some valuable, some not. By Carl Bomstead Trains, Cars and Giant Billboards A Lionel “American Legend” Corvette train set rolls up eBay bids, but what can you do with an unrolled 19-foot-wide billboard? Buy it, of course success. Well, it was a mixed bag. Of the 100 most expensive cars offered last month, a grand total of two changed hands. They were both almost-new 2009 ZR1s and each realized $105,000. The others ranged from a 1969 with a 565 twin turbo for a Buy-It-Now price of $295,000, to a 1953 at $250,000, and finally, a 1967 L79 with a recent Bloomington Gold at $95,000. We think we'll stick with our pocket-change trinkets and trash, so here are a few items that have caught our eyes during the past few months: E EBAY #180514798115— LIONEL “AMERICAN LEGEND” CORVETTE TRAIN SET. Number of Bids: 23. SOLD AT: $375. Date Sold: 6/10/2010. This Lionel train set was complete with the original packaging, which had fabulous graphics. The set was 33 inches in length and included the train engine with the Corvette logo, two flatbeds and the caboose. The four die-cast Corvettes were from 1953, 1955, 1997 and 1999. A wonderful display piece that will be perfect on the shelf with all your other Corvette stuff. POSTER. Number of Bids: 8. SOLD AT: $153.50. Date Sold: 6/15/2010. This poster was signed by Arkus-Duntov and artist Ferreyra-Basso. It measured 24 x 36 and was number 88 of 250. This rare poster with ArkusDuntov's image also depicted a 1977 Corvette and a mid-engine concept. An excellent buy that was cheap at twice the price. BILLBOARD. Number of Bids: Buy-It-Now. SOLD AT: $249.99. Date Sold: 5/26/2010. This huge 19 x 9 foot billboard was unused and in nine sheets. It featured a 1979 Corvette with the slogan: “See What's New Today in a Chevrolet.” You would need a big building to display it, but Barrett-Jackson's automobilia auctions manage to sell automotive-related billboards for several thousands of dollars, so this seemed like a relative bargain. If this was a bit much, a Corvette magazine ad featuring the billboard was offered for only $9.99 but it didn't attract any takers. EBAY #300433506805— 1957-1958 CORVETTE NEWS OWNERS MAGAZINES VOL-1, NUMBERS 1-4. Number of Bids: 18. SOLD AT: $517. Date Sold: 6/8/2010. These were the first four Corvette News Owners magazines published, and they were in decent condition. They were full of all sorts of good Corvette information and generated all kinds of interest prior to selling for over $100 apiece. Perhaps a bit pricey, but they were the first… EBAY #230485454869— ZORA ARKUS-DUNTOV SIGNED AND NUMBERED EBAY #370147900391— 1978 CORVETTE OUTDOOR 90 Corvette Market SUMMER 2010 www.corvettemarket.com ach issue, we feature trinkets and trash relating to Corvettes that sell for a few dollars, or serious adult money—and almost everywhere in between. With that in mind, eBay is an amazing and unique marketplace—especially if you covet anything with the Corvette logo. Just for kicks, we thought we would check and see whether the actual Corvettes have the same condition, was a decent buy. Any imperfection, such as a minor chip, will reduce the value by at least half, so be careful when you are buying. EBAY #300427084282— 1973 CORVETTE YELLOW DEALER PROMO. Number of Bids: 10. SOLD AT: $125.50. Date Sold: 5/19/2010. This yellow plastic dealer promo did not have the packaging, but it was in unused condition. Collectors go nuts acquiring these little cars, and the rare and unusual will often go for silly money. Yellow is a fairly common color. Odd shades will often raise the ante considerably. EBAY #220607991948— APPLEMAN BLACK 1959 CORVETTE COOKIE JAR. Number of Bids: 7. SOLD AT: $1,750. Date Sold: 5/25/2010. Glen Appleman first started making his large and unique cookie jars in 1970, and his company closed in 1987. In 1983 the cookie jar cars cost all of $75, but times change. A white Corvette with red buckets sold on eBay for $2,225 a few years ago. Based on that, this one, which was stated to be in perfect EBAY # 200472287039— 1989 ZR-1 CORVETTE BOXED PRESS KIT. Number of Bids: 12. SOLD AT: $159.05. Date Sold: 5/20/2010. This boxed press kit was bound with a red ribbon with a Corvette medallion. It included an 8 x 10 hardbound book with 50 pages of information and facts on the ZR-1, along with eight black-andwhite photographs. If you had an 89 ZR-1 in your garage, how much is too much to own this? Seems like a bargain. ■