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14 $21m for Corvettes in Arizona & Florida | 126 Car Auction Report $21m for Corvettes in Arizona & Florida | 126 Car Auction Report Corvette Market KnockoutAirbox Keith Martin's The Insider's Guide to Collecting, Investing, Values, and Trends $374k Rare ‘57 Fuelie ►Spectacular to Silly: Five Corvettes from Arizona ►2003 One-of-None Indy Pace Car Brings $39,750 ►Fantasy Surf ‘N Turf: Z06 + 44' Catamaran = $742k DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE! FEATURING VIDEOS OF SELECT VEHICLES

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Corvette Market Keith Martin's Volume 4 . Issue 14 . Winter 2011 26 1957 Airbox 30 1982 Collector Edition 36 2,400-hp Z06 Tribute Profiles C1 1957 Corvette 283/283 Airbox convertible 26 by Thomas Glatch C2 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible 28 by Dale Novak C3 1982 Corvette Collector Edition 30 by Mark Rudnick 4 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com —$21,450 at Russo and Steele (VIDEO) The market value of these cars over a standard 1982 Corvette varies from $5k to $8k—depending on condition —$165,000 at RM (VIDEO) It doesn't get much better than a Triple Black C2 big-block Corvette with a red stinger hood. Add some wickedsounding sidepipes and you're off to the races—literally —$374,000 at RM (VIDEO) Robson's collection was filled with cars of outstanding quality and pedigree. And each was typically the rarest, highest performance version of a given marque or model—which is the case with this car C4 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe 32 by John L. Stein C5 2003 Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition Coupe with 34 by B. Mitchell Carlson C6 2008 Corvette 427 Limited Edition Z06 coupe and 44-foot Catamaran—$742,500 at Barrett-Jackson (VIDEO) Sanity says that nothing can top this high-horsepower fantasy package of Corvette, boat and trailer. 36 by Geoff Archer On the Cover: 1957 283/283 convertible Photo by Darin Schnabel ©2010 Courtesy of RM Auctions 2002 Indy Pace Car graphics—$39,750 at Mecum (VIDEO) A one of none 2003 Indy Pace car—Corvettes actually didn't pace the 2003 race—that brought all the money —$25,440 at Mecum (VIDEO) This particular Grand Sport is downright affordable—in line with a 3-year-old Chevy pickup—while remaining usable as a daily driver

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Market Reports 40 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ 140 Corvettes cross the block in WestWorld, bringing for $10.9m by Carl Bomstead 46 Mecum Auctions, Kissimmee, FL Mecum returns to Kissimmee with a bang, selling 166 Corvettes for $7.3m by Dale Novak 54 Global Roundup 80 Corvettes from 13 auctions total $5.2m by CM Market Analysts Feature 22 Five From the Desert An NCRS judges top Corvettes from Arizona—with a walk on the wild side by Michael Pierce Departments 8 Publisher's Note 10 Insider's View: Should I pull the valuable parts out of a 1963 327/360 Z06 Tanker replica or just drive it? 12 Q&A: Weeping Holley carbs and Hologramming hokum 14 Courtroom Corvettes: Courtroom Corvettes: The love/hate relationship between restoration shops and customers 16 Events: Things to do and places to be with your Corvette 18 Auction Calendar 20 4th Annual Corvette Market Scottsdale Insider's Seminar: A Lovefest for the 1967 L88 convertible and best buys on Corvettes for $25k, $50k and $100k 38 Market Overview 74 By The Numbers: Top Corvettes sold since September 2010 80 Price Guide: Current Corvette pricing 84 Trick Stuff: Right-angle impact driver, engine stand, LoJack theft recovery for classics 86 In Miniature: Danbury Mint's 1961 Corvette in 1:24 scale 86 Speaking Volumes: Mike Yager's Corvette Bible 88 Resource Directory: Meet your Corvette's needs 90 Vette-o-bilia: 1959 Showroom album, Corvette neon sign Digital Bonus CM 10 Insider's View—Would you part out this replica Fuelie Tanker? Additional Seat Time contributions, videos and images are available on this issue's Digital Edition, included with every print subscription. To sign up for your Digital Issue, go to www.corvettemarket.com/digital or call 503.261.2555 ext. 1 www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 5

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Publisher's Note By Keith Martin The Experts Reveal Their Secrets in Scottsdale Corvette Market Keith Martin's Volume 4 . Issue 14 . Winter 2011 Publisher Keith Martin Operations Manager Ryan Brinkley Executive Editor Chester Allen Art Director Jeff Stites Managing Editor Jim Pickering Auction Editor Tony Piff Data Analyst Chad Tyson Copy Editors Yael Abel Bill Neill Auction Analysts B. Mitchell Carlson Linda Clark Tom Glatch Daniel Grunwald John Clucas Chip Lamb Norm Mort Dale Novak Contributors Carl Bomstead Marshall Buck Colin Comer John Draneas Michael Pierce John L. Stein Seven wise men and one publisher P ut seven of the top Corvette experts in the world onto a panel, pack the room with 300 Corvette enthusiasts, and add the electric atmosphere of the 40th Annual BarrettJackson Scottsdale Auction. The result is a supercharged two-hour blast of insider information, with questions, an- swers and controversial opinions flying around the room like sand in a desert storm (story on p. 20). This was Corvette Market's 4th Annual Insider's Seminar, and it was by far the best at- tended and the most informative. As the moderator, I was in the fortunate position of directing questions to each of the pan- elists: David Burroughs (Bloomington Gold, Normal, IL), Jim Jordan (County Corvette, West Chester, PA), Kevin Mackay (Corvette Repair, Inc., Valley Stream, NY), Terry Michaelis (ProTeam Corvette Sales, Napoleon, OH), Michael Pierce (NCRS Senior Judge, Portland, OR), Roy Sinor (NCRS National Judging Chairman, Tulsa, OK) and Mike Yager (Mid America Motorworks, Effingham, IL). I am always impressed with each expert's knowledge, candor and willingness to share information with each other and the Corvette fanatics in attendance. Jordan is a dealer, and he explained exactly what he would pay for a car, and why there are some models he would simply walk away from. Mackay shared stories about restorations that had gone very well—and some that had gone badly. And he gave tips that the audience could use to get the best possible outcome from a restoration. And Michaelis, who may have bought and sold more top-of-the-line Corvettes than anyone, told the crowd about a couple of cars that Corvette Market reporters had described as being “not very nice,” and why he bought them anyway—and was sure there was money to be made. Concorso and FunFest It's not too early to think about coming to Monterey, CA, this August with your Corvette and joining our 3rd Annual Corvettes at Concorso at Concorso Italiano; show those guys with their puny little 4-cylinder engines what real horsepower is about! Go to www.corvettesatconcorso.com for registration information. Mike Yager has graciously asked me to be the emcee for his 18th Annual Corvette FunFest in Effingham, IL, on September 16-18 of this year. I've been to FunFest before, and in addition to marveling at the more than 15,000 Corvettes being displayed, I especially enjoyed meeting so many Corvette Market subscribers and friends. We'll have a CM Insider's Seminar there as well, so watch these pages for advance notice and a chance to sign up. You'll find a tremendous amount of information in this issue, with the sales from Scottsdale and Mecum Kissimmee highlighted. Hundreds of Corvettes crossed the block, and the prices they made sent the message that the market is coming back. Spring continues to be the absolute best time to buy a Corvette, modern or classic. You are still avoiding the high prices of the summer season, and there are enough good driving days coming up so you can get immediate gratification from your new acquisition. Thanks again for your subscriptions and renewals, and all of us here look forward to seeing you at upcoming shows and auctions. ■ 8 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Information Technology/ Internet Bryan Wolfe Financial Manager Nikki Nalum Print Media Buyer Wendie Martin Director CM Television Roger Williams ADVERTISING SALES Advertising Executives Tom Mann tom.mann@corvettemarket.com 877.219.2605 x 211 Cody Wilson cody.wilson@corvettemarket.com 877.219.2605 x 213 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions Manager Kyle McBride Subscriptions Coordinator Rich Coparanis Subscriptions 877.219.2605 x 1 9 am to 5 pm, M–F service@corvettemarket.com 503.253.2234 fax CORRESPONDENCE Phone 503.261.0555 Fax 503.253.2234 General P.O. Box 4797 Portland, Oregon 97208 FedEx/DHL/UPS 401 NE 19th Street, Suite 100 Portland, Oregon 97232 Web www.corvettemarket.com Corvette Market magazine (ISSN# 1939-6481) is published quarterly by Automotive Investor Media Group, 401 NE 19th Street, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Corvette Market, PO Box 4797, Portland, OR 97208. The information in Corvette Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats, and intellectual concepts in this issue © 2011 by Keith Martin's Corvette Market, LLC, Automotive Investor Media Group, and Automotive Investor in this format and any other used by Corvette Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. PRINTED IN USA

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Insider's View The current state of the Corvette Market Z06 Tanker Replica: Part Out or Leave Alone? A vintage Corvette drives like a vintage Corvette. Parts like the large fuel tank don't make the car drive any better T he CM question: “A 1963 327/360 Z06 Tanker Replica, which is believed to be a factory Fuelie with many authentic Z06 parts, sold for $110,000 at RM Phoenix. What do you do with it now? Leave it as is? Or sell the rare Z06 bits and restore it to stock?” CM readers say... Chris Hewitt, Haverhill, MA: Different owners would do different things. Pragmatic owners who are looking to enjoy it for a few years and then sell would leave it as is, feeling comfortable they could at least recoup their purchase price. Hardcore purists, with money to burn and too much time on their hands, would return it to stock, especially if there is factory paper work with the car that states it wasn't originally a Tanker. I'd say a real Fuelie with paperwork is a $150k proposition in this market. So to me, the paperwork, or lack thereof, would determine what I would do with this car. If it is done like the factory Rick Boyd, via email: I vote to leave this 1963 Z06 replica as is! I think it is credible that the owner represents this car for what it is, a “tribute” ‘63 Z06 coupe. If the unique Z06 parts are removed/sold they potentially could go to another, less-honest restorer who will build another replica Z06 purely for the purpose of passing it off as a real car. Trying to remove the big tank and undo the oversized rear inner fender wells would be a monumental job. Why spend more to make the car worth less? It doesn't make sense. Frank Keel, via email: Drive the phony. I would not buy it. He would have had more bang for his buck in a new ZR1. Thanks for listening! Jim Rosenthal, via email: This is idiotic, frankly. A vintage Corvette drives like a vintage Corvette. Parts like the large fuel tank don't make the car drive any better, and they don't add value to a fakey-doo car, to use Keith's phrase. They DO add value to a genuine big-tank car, because they are supposed to be on it. So they ought to be put back on the real car—or used to restore one which is known to be a genuine, big-tank Fuelie car—and not used to build a car which someone may someday unknowingly purchase not realizing it's a fake. Neil Thomas, Beverly Hills, CA: Sell off the expensive bits and return it to stock—at least when it is stock it will be a no-stories car. But as it stands, 10 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com it's going to upset someone for being a fake, but as a stock car everyone will give it kudos for being the real thing. As a car appraiser by trade, that is how I would advise my client if he were looking to this car as an investment. After all, it's priced as investment money. If investment is no issue, get in it, drive the hell out of it across country—and you won't have to stop for gas as often! Option 2 sounds like more fun! Dwayne Bublitz, Flagstaff, AZ: I would return the car to original as a Fuelie and forget about having a clone. We have real 1963 Z06 Corvettes to drool over, so why bother with a warmed-over carbon copy? would do it, then it would most likely be able to achieve an NCRS Top Flight. I'd tend to leave it as is. Obviously, disclosing the fact that it's a fake Tanker didn't hurt its value, as $110k for a fake Tanker—but real Fuelie— is pretty good. Bob Beck, via email: My reaction is twofold: If the buyer just wants to have a zippy Corvette that can go anywhere in the United States, then it probably is fine the way it is. Leave it and enjoy it. If the buyer wants to be more of a purist/collector, then restoring it to near-original condition would be the thing to do. But before I would invest more in that, I would look around as to what might be available in a cherry stock restoration in the same class. Then work a trade deal or sell the subject Corvette and apply it to the replacement. A reliable estimate of what it will take to return it to “stock” should be obtained. Then weigh Photo: Courtesy of RM Auctions

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that to current price plus restoration—Price A versus market price of a similar, available Corvette (Price B). If the Price A car is significantly above the Price B car, then you can buy what you want without the headaches. Naturally, if the owner's heart is in the current machine, then it all doesn't matter. Do whatever you can afford and enjoy it! Lee Leach, Portland, OR: If you had all the original parts to put it back to a Fuelie, I would say do that. I doubt that is the situation, so I would leave it as is because it got a pretty good value at auction. Sometimes imitation can be worth a lot. Big blocks will always have their draw to the sport. Bill Pankiw, via email: Leave it the way it is—and drive the snot out of it!!! John Pinero, Waipahu, HI: Leave it as is. Replica may not be the real thing, but if it was done right it's a really cool car and not something too many other people have.Dave Lennartz, via email: Do the same thing that should be done with any replica that has rare, original parts on it—remove those parts and make them available for restoring or maintaining an appropriate, original vehicle. Replicate with replica parts rather than using up—or hoarding—rare, original parts. In the specific example CM has offered, it's the owner's choice to restore or modify his Corvette as he wishes. If it's a Fuelie, restoring it with original Fuelie parts is appropriate. If the car's history verifies being modified and operated with Z06 parts, it's the owner's option to restore it to that usage. It's the owner's responsibility—and opportunity as an enthusiast—to further the hobby by using parts and materials that are appropriate to the ownership goals. Bob Brugnoli, via email: Leave it alone. It seems to be a faithful representation of an original. As long as it's identified as a replica, what's the harm? Michael Pierce, Portland, OR: For most people, the greatest value in this car—besides a non-NCRS or Bloomington judging event—might be various car shows and concours. I believe it would show very well. The judges may not have sufficient knowledge to recognize the car's “re-creation” status. The car was absolutely beautiful and appeared correct, as built. However, if you are a certain world-recognized Corvette seller from Napoleon, OH, you might consider buying this car for its extremely rare and valuable parts (36-gallon tank, 1963-64 only dual master cylinder, finned brake drums, HD suspension and the rest of the RPO Z06 associated hardware). That way, if you were to ever find a “real” Z06 that had provenance but needed all the bits you removed from the Tribute car, you would have two excellent, fuel-injected ‘63 SplitWindow coupes to sell! CM learned out that ProTeam Corvette owner Terry Michaelis was the buyer of the Z06 Replica. Here's what he had to say: So far, we can tell for sure that this car has had the 36-gallon tank added. We have an expert coming in to check Z06 stuff and fuel-injection-related items. So far, we believe it is a real fuel car. We ordered the NCRS/GM Shipping Data Report. I have a Silver/Red Fuelie RPO Z06 big tank race car that needs the tank and cover and some of the special Z06 parts. I bought this RM Replica Tanker for the very rare parts that I am missing, as only 199 1963s came with the Z06 option and only 63 came with the 36-gallon gas tank. At the end of the day, we hope to end up with the parts we need—and still have a multiple NCRS Top Flight Fuelie. All it takes is balls, and that I have... big balls! ■ www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 11

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Questions &Answers Why are my Holley carbs crying? I have several Tri-Power 427 Corvettes from 1967- 1969, and when they sit for any amount of time, the carbs seem to leak from every possible place. Most of the float bowl screws are impossible to get at. I also have a heck of a time snugging up the base plate screws and hard fuel lines that always seem to loosen up. Are there any specialized tools available to help with any of this?—T.G., Davenport, IA Ah yes, the joys of Holley carb fuel leaks complicated by the “town house” installation arrangement of Chevrolet's 3x2 induction system. Unfortunately, there are no special tools to help with this. That's the bad news. The good news is that if properly sorted, you shouldn't need to touch the carbs for a long time. Holleys are precision devices, but decades of hamfisted mechanics messing with them are usually the root of most issues. Over-tightening base plates, fuel lines, float bowls, and metering blocks will warp parts and strip threads to where they will either leak like a sieve or not work properly—and sometimes both. Many Holley specialists can properly restore your carbs (note I did not say “rebuild”) by milling surfaces flat and true once again, replacing damaged parts and fixing fuel inlets and the like. This, combined with better gasket technology available today and proper assembly torques, will have your Holleys fuel-tight and metering right. When installing them, make sure to follow factory specs for tightening them onto the intake and the fuel inlet fittings and lines. Then adjust the linkage correctly using the service manual, and verify proper float levels, idle mixture trim, and both cold and hot idle speed settings. Float levels that are too high will cause leaks, flooding when stopping or turning, and a whole host of issues. It is also a good idea to make sure your fuel pump is delivering the proper pressure, as too little can make the car run lean and too much can overpower the needle assemblies and cause flooding, rich running—and a fire hazard. I think you'll find once you get all your “trips” dialed in you can keep the tool box shut for quite some time. Hologramming Hokum I have a black 1954 Corvette that is my pride and joy. A reputable shop restored it about five years ago. The paint has always been stunning, but a few months ago I decided to treat the car to a professional detailing—including a good buff and wax. When I picked the car up it looked great in the shade, but once in natural light my stomach dropped. It looked like the car had millions of fine spider webs all over it, and if you moved your eyes across the paint it would almost change colors. As you can imagine, I im- mediately asked the detailer about this. The detail shop owner called it “hologramming” and said it was a result of the painter using clear over a base cost that wasn't compatible. He said the clear coat was so perfect I could see the flaws in the underlying base coat. I called my car buddies that know about paint and they all said that is BS. The detail shop showed me some fancy polisher with a foam pad and explained 12 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Please send your questions to questions@corvettemarket.com. By Colin Comer Leaky Carbs and Hologramming Hokum Softer clear-coats can easily be scratched or made hazy by the wrong types of polishes, towels or buffing pads Tri-Power that there was no way this special pad could ruin paint. All I know is it didn't look like this before. What can I do?—C.L., San Diego, CA Hologramming? I've been painting cars for 25 years, and I have never heard that one. Your car was restored recently, which means the clear coat used is one of the newer “soft” ones, especially if it was not cured in a baking booth. This isn't a bad thing, it is just the simple fact that modern paints are very forgiving—but also have certain qualities that require special care. On a perfectly wet-sanded and buffed finish, these softer clears can easily be scratched or made hazy by the wrong polishes, towels, or buffing pads. And black paint will show any defect much better than a lighter color—as you know. My guess is that your detailer used one of those random orbital polishers with a foam pad that was either too aggressive or with the wrong polish. The jitterbug action of these polishers can quickly turn a great finish into a disaster in the wrong hands. Detailers aren't painters, and most avoid using an old-fashioned, high-speed rotary buffer for fear of burning through or damaging paint. In their defense, some paint jobs are very thin and easy to damage, but a skilled polisher will not have a problem. I'd bet anything that a good paint shop could return your Corvette to its former glory. If the scratches are deep, a light wet sanding with 2000 grit paper might help, followed by a rotary buffing with a multi-step process that starts with a wool pad and works up through a succession of various foam pads and polishes from aggressive to very mild. If the scratches are more superficial, a high-speed compounding with something like 3M's Perfect-It compound and a white foam pad, followed by 3M Perfect-It polish for dark cars with a black foam polishing pad—and then finished off with a good hand wax should do the trick. Hope this helps!

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Bias ply pull and shimmy I just replaced the old mag wheels and radial tires on my '70 LT1 with OE wheels and a set of reproduction bias ply tires. I knew it wouldn't drive as well as it did on the radials, but this thing is nuts. I can hardly keep it out of the grooves on the road, it has a horrible shimmy above 50 mph, and when I accelerate, it feels like I broke an axle in the back, as it pulls so hard to the left. Is this how it should be?—T.K., Billings, MT It is true that bias ply tires won't drive as well as radi- als, but it sounds like something is up with your car. You don't say what type of reproduction tires you have bought, but in our shop we had a similar situation on a '65 Corvette on reproduction Firestones. It had a strong pull under acceleration, as well as lifting out of the throttle, which we traced to a defective sidewall in one of the brand-new bias ply tires. We've also seen others fail with tread separation, sidewall bulging, and chunks of tread flying out. It seems as though they are made to look correct but they lack in modern techniques in the actual carcass and construction. Don't get me wrong—many people have no issues at all, but we have seen enough bad ones to suggest to you that you should have a knowledgeable tire specialist carefully inspect all four tires for you. Have them change their position on the car and see if that eliminates the pull—or moves it. If the tires check out, a good tire shop with a Hunter Road Force balancer can measure the runout and road force of the tires, and use the machine to index the high spot of the tire to the low spot of the wheel to minimize total runout, which is the major cause of shimmies and shakes. Carefully buffed—no hokum After all of that is done, have the car aligned by somebody fluent in Corvette four-wheel alignments to factory specs for your exact car. And make sure the tire pressures are set to the original specs for the OE bias ply tires. Your C3 will never drive as well on bias ply tires as it did on radials, but if properly set up with known good tires, it should be quite enjoyable nonetheless. Let me know how it turns out! ■ www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 13

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Courtroom Corvettes The legal side of the hobby. By Bruce Shaw, Esq. Keeping Lawyers Out of Your Car Restoration Customers often claim that restorers take too long, do a poor job, pad hours, lose parts and don't stick to cost estimates or time frames What we all wish for—a happy ending advantage of the other. The restorer will do a professional job on the Corvette, and the customer will promptly pay for services rendered without nitpicking at the restorer's bill. All parties will work together for a positive end result. In the beginning of the relationship, it generally appears that everyone is on the T same page regarding the project—both customer and restorer have a clear idea as to what is expected. Often, this same-page status teeters into a serious dispute over various aspects of the repairs, and both parties feel that they are not even in the same stratosphere. That is when litigation commences. One significant recurring problem is the cost factor. It is almost impossible to es- timate the cost of restoring a Corvette, as each project takes on a life of its own. In the initial phase of the contract—prior to the actual restoration work starting—most restorers quote a time and material cost. Unfortunately, as the work proceeds, the customer and the restorer often develop different ideas of the project's costs. These disputes often surface after a customer receives his monthly bill for services rendered. The common complaint is that the restorer has taken advantage of the time and material estimate and is padding the bill. The customer feels cheated. The customer then consults with at least three of his closest Corvette buddies over the bill—and then plans an attack against the restoration shop, saying that his friends paid less for their Corvette restorations. Already this year, I have rejected potential cases from of three complainants—one in New York, one in Texas, and one in Pennsylvania—who all claim to be victims of restoration shops. 14 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com here is nothing in the world that ruins the pleasure of owning a Corvette like a dispute between you and your restoration shop. In all business dealings there is the Standard of Good Faith and Fair Dealing— which means that the restorer and customer are not intentionally going to take The pattern for future trouble I have known all three of the shops for years, and they turn out consistent, quality work. I also know that good shops charge a premium for their services. After reviewing the facts with the customers, I discovered a pattern of problems that often appear commonly in car restoration cases across the U.S.: • The Corvette was left at the shop for a significant amount of time without customer inspection. • The estimate for repairs was higher than the original quote. • Parts were missing or lost. • Repairs appeared to be unfinished or unsatisfactory. • The Corvette fell in value because the market changed and the project took much longer to accomplish than planned. In a nutshell, both restoration shops and customers must take equal blame for: • Misunderstanding the work to be performed. • Misunderstanding the time needed to complete the work. • Misunderstanding the cost of services relative to the quality of workmanship.

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Common complaints Customers often claim that restorers take too long, do a poor job, pad hours, lose parts and just don't stick to cost estimates or time frames. Restorers often claim that customers don't under- stand time frames, make changes, don't inspect the car during the project, don't pay bills and just underestimate the value of time and labor. When these cases wind up in court, only the lawyers are going to come out ahead. The perfect plan So, you've done your homework and gotten good reports on the shop. Here's what to do next: • The client—and the shop—should obtain as clear an understanding as possible—in writing—of the services to be performed, the estimated costs of the services and the timeframe to complete them • Both parties should inspect and list any loose or uninstalled parts that are left with the Corvette. • The restoration shop should send a monthly statement at the same date each month. • Both parties should set up dates for monthly progress inspections, with both parties present about a week or so after the statement is received. • At each inspection, the restorer should have progress photos of the work for which he has billed. • At each inspection, the customer should take photos of the completed work. • At each inspection, both parties should review the progress repairs and the statement—and immediately discuss any discrepancies. Now, in the real world… In reality, especially in long-distance restorations, it is not feasible to take every precaution—but “best practices” should be followed when possible. From the outset of the relationship, the perception of the customer and the percep- tion of the restorer should always be in harmony. Both parties need to be on the same page for a successful relationship. To be on the same page, both parties need to take important initial steps as they enter into contract with each other and then practice follow up steps—so they both can expect the same outcome. Think of it this way: If you were having your vacation home restored, chances are that you would go over the bills regularly and make planned trips to see how the work was going. You would also expect the contractor to let you know when unexpected or unusual problems cropped up. Why wouldn't you follow the same process with your Corvette? Chances are you started out this process having positive feelings about your resto- ration shop (if you hated them from the start, you have a different problem). You can't control how the restoration shop treats you. But you can manage your relationship with them in a professional manner, spot little problems before they become big ones, and mutually move together towards a satisfactory end. You get a restored car to the standard you expected, and they get paid an amount that they believe is fair. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of litigation.... ■ BRUCE SHAW, ESQ. is an attorney specializing in collector car fraud. He is a former Bloomington Gold instructor, and an NCRS national judge. His comments are general in nature and are not intended to substitute for consultation with an attorney. www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 15

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Insider's View Event Guide Alabama May 19-21, 2011 31st Corvette Beach Caravan and Car Show, Dothan This annual Circle City Corvettes event features more than 150 Corvettes driving in procession from Dothan to Panama City Beach, FL. This eye—and ear—candy has become quite an event, with seminars, cruises, an auction to benefit the National Corvette Museum and a car show. $130. www.circlecitycorvettes.com Arizona March 12, 2011 NCRS Arizona Chapter Spring Flight Judging, Surprise NCRS members can enter their Corvettes for Flight Judging—or just show up to kick tires, eat lunch and talk cars with friends. $25 to register; $50 fee for Flight Judging. www. arizonancrs.com Arkansas April 14-16, 2011 13th Annual Hot Springs Corvette Weekend, Hot Springs More than 300 Corvettes—and a bunch of Corvette fans—will travel to Hot Springs National Park for a party, car show, guided tours, Cannonball Run, poker runs and Wheels, Pipes and Smoke contest. The Central Arkansas Corvette Club puts on this fun event every year, and all the proceeds go to Arkansas charities. Hotel rooms are $99 a night, and event registration is $75. www. centralarkcc.com California March 25-27, 2011 Legends of Riverside Racing Film Festival and Legends Gala, Riverside Parnelli Jones is the honoree of the 3rd Annual festival, which will also highlight gearhead-happy films, such as “Legendary Jim Clark,” “ 1987 IMSA Race at RIR,” and “Haybales and Asphalt.” The festival also plans to mark 100 years of the Indy 500 with films and panel discussions. Films about racing Corvettes and a forum are also planned, along with lunches and dinners. There are only 150 tickets available, and each one costs $199. www.legendsofriverside.com Florida March 13, 2011 Silver Anniversary Annual Spring Meet Corvette Show, Miami 16 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Waiting to be judged at Bloomington Gold The Sunshine Corvette Club celebrates its 25th Annual Spring Meet with a judged show for 16 classes of original and modified Corvettes. Each class is judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. Raffles, door prizes and live music are always a part of this popular event. $35 at the door. www. sunshinecorvetteclub.com March 13-19, 2011 59th Annual Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring, Sebring The American Le Mans Series makes its 12th visit to one of America's most famous endurance races. Watch Corvette race cars duel into the night against Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin and more. Tickets state at $70. www.americanlemans.com April 22-23, 2011 Corvette Beach Odyssey, Panama City Beach This all-Corvette car show benefits the Taunton Children's Home. The Emerald Coast Corvette Club hosts the event, which includes a barbecue banquet, music, a silent auction and plaques to all registrants. $40 before April 9; $45 afterwards. www.emeraldcoastcorvetteclub.com Georgia May 7, 2011 Corvettes in the Mall, Houston County Galleria Mall, Centerville Corvettes Limited of Central Georgia hosts this annual indoor all-Corvette show. Awards The current state of the Corvette market Send your Corvette event listing to cmcalendar@corvettemarket.com.

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Insider's View Event Guide Illinois June 23-26, 2011 Bloomington Gold, St. Charles Bloomington Gold Corvettes USA is the longest-running national Corvette show and it set the standards for all Corvette shows. The 2011 event marks the 39th anniversary, and the highlight is always the judging for Gold, Survivor and Benchmark cars. Gold is awarded to cars that are found to be 95% of factory original condition, Survivor is awarded to original Corvettes, and Benchmark is awarded to cars that have won Gold and Survivor status. Other attractions of this massive Corvette Fest include a swapmeet, hundreds of Corvettes on display and Corvettes for sale. CM Publisher Keith Martin will emcee the Bloomington Gold award ceremony and the Great Hall induction ceremony. Registration fees vary by event. www.bloomingtongold.com June 18-24, 2011 NCCC National Convention, Tinley Park This huge event takes a full week to move through a schedule crammed with parties, drag racing, autocross, driving tours, car shows, a concours, rallies and on and on and on. This event is within easy driving distance of Bloomington Gold, so it will be a Corvette-happy nine days in Chicagoland. Registration fees vary. www.corvettesnccc. org North Carolina May 28-29, 2011 7th Annual ‘Vettes in the Valley, Maggie Valley This show now brings more than 300 Corvettes to the Smoky Mountains, and the all-Corvette venue includes judged, people's choice and participants' choice trophies and awards. Plenty of vendors set up shop, and a road rally, live entertainment, silent auctions and fun with great people and great cars make for a great time. $45. www. smokyevents.com South Carolina April 16, 2011 ‘Vettes Doin' Charleston, North Charleston The Coastal Carolina Corvette Club's 4th Annual Show at Tanger Outlet Center will feature nine classes of peoples' choice judging and six classes of scored judging. $25. www.4cccc.org 18 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com 26—SPECIALTY AUTO AUCTIONS Loveland, CO 26—SILVER Portland, OR 26—CLASSIC MOTORCAR AUCTIONS Akron, OH The current state of the Corvette market include best of show and other trophies for stock and modified Corvettes. $25. www. corvetteclubcentralga.org Tennessee March 25-26, 2011 34th Annual Corvette Expo, Sevierville This very popular event features a swapmeet, a judged competition and a Thompson Carr Collector Car Auction. A Corvette cruise, sales corral and horsepower events are also planned. Registration fees vary, but general admission is $10. www.corvetteexpo.com Texas May 20-22, 2011 22nd Annual Lone Star Corvette Classic, Fort Worth This three-day event at the Texas Motor Speedway offers a chance to run your Corvette against the clock in the Autocross— and a shot at a few laps on the NASCAR track and the infield road course. If that isn't enough to rev you up, there will be car sale corrals, a show and shine, judged car shows, sponsor and vendor displays, a treasure run, food galore—and more than 600 Corvettes on hand. Proceeds benefit the Speedway Children's Charities and the National Corvette Museum. Registration varies by event. www.lonestarcorvetteclub.com Send your Corvette event listing to cmcalendar@corvettemarket.com. Virginia April 30, 2011 ‘Vettes at the Track, Virginia Beach The Beachcombers Corvette Club and the ‘Vette Barn are masterminding a day on the karts at American Indoor Karting. The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life will get all of the proceeds, but the drivers get all the fun. This is a great event for Corvette owners to gather, swap tales and drive tiny cars indoors. $25. A cook-out is planned for the following day, May 1, 2011. www.beachcomberscorvetteclub.com May 7, 2011 2011 Matt Miller Memorial Corvette Car Show, Winchester The Shenandoah Valley Corvette Club's annual show brings hundreds of Corvettes to a show that benefits the Blue Ridge Hospice. The first 60 Corvettes checked in will be displayed on the walking mall. Preregistration is $15; $20 at the door. www. svcorvetteclub.org ■ MARCH Auction Calendar APRIL 4-6—RM Fort Lauderdale, FL 5—SPECIALTY AUTO AUCTIONS Loveland, CO 11—GOODING & CO Amelia Island, FL 11-12—MECUM Kansas City, MO 12—RM Amelia Island, FL 18-20—HOLLYWOOD WHEELS West Palm Beach, FL 19-20—D. E. FOELLER Palmetto, FL 7-8—TOM MACK Charlotte, NC 7-9—BARRETT-JACKSON West Palm Beach, FL 8-9—BRANSON Branson, MO 8-9—LEAKE/DAN KRUSE CLASSICS San Antonio, TX 8-10—COLLECTOR CAR PRODUCTIONS Ontario, CAN 23—SPECIALTY AUTO AUCTIONS Brighton, CO 28-29—CARLISLE Carlisle, PA 30—WORLDWIDE AUCTIONEERS Seabrook, TX MAY 11—SILVER Spokane, WA JUNE 5—BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS Greenwich, CT 10-12—LEAKE Tulsa, OK 17-18—MECUM St. Paul, MN 18—SILVER Coeur d'Alene, ID 24-25—MECUM St. Charles, IN 24-25—RALEIGH CLASSIC Raleigh, NC 24-26—BARRETT-JACKSON Orange County, CA 25—SPECIALTY AUTO AUCTION Sioux Falls, SD 14—MIDAMERICA St Paul, MN 17-22—MECUM Indianapolis, IN

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Corvette Market Insider's Seminar Scottsdale, AZ 4th Annual CM Scottsdale Insider's Seminar Smart buyers find Corvettes they love—and buy the best car that they can afford by Chester Allen “The sale created shock waves, and some thought it was crazy money,” Michaelis told the standing-room-only crowd of more than 300 Corvette collectors. “But the next 5, 7, 10 years will prove that it is one of the best Corvette buys of the last decade—and I was willing to pay more.” Bloomington Gold CEO David Burroughs, County Corvette owner Jim Jordan, Corvette Repair owner Kevin Mackay and NCRS National Judging Chairman Roy Sinor also said the L88 was the most significant sale of 2010. Mike Yager, CEO of Mid America Motorworks, was the only panelist to choose a different car. Yager picked the 1964 “Bill Mitchell” Styling coupe that sold for $176,000 at Mecum's McDorman Collection sale. Why? “In today's economy, there are a A packed house at this year's CM Seminar for $1.3m at Mecum's Monterey auction was the most significant Corvette sale of 2010. “Even if you have the money to get one, it's very difficult to find one,” said pan- T elist Michael Pierce, an NCRS judge and CM writer from Portland, OR. “The real statement was that it was bought by someone in the Corvette business—and the sale showed real confidence in the market.” Another panelist, Terry Michaelis, owner of ProTeam Corvette, soon confessed that he had bought the car. Expert Picks $25k David Burroughs Kevin Mackay Roy Sinor Jim Jordan Terry Michaelis Michael Pierce Mike Yager Any 75% unrestored, road-tested, and in good condition 1968-69 350-horsepower clean driver 2004 Corvette Z06 $50k 1978 Indy Pace Car L82, 4-speed in 95% original condition 1968-69 435-horsepower clean driver 1969 Corvette 350 1968-72 small-block convertible 1965-66 327 convertible 2001-03 Z06 with less than 40k miles 1995 Corvette ZR-1 C4 ZR-1 20 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com 1958-62 Corvettes in good driver condition A 1967 Corvette 435 that needs work 1988-89 Corvette Challenge Race Car $100k 1970 LT-1 convertible in distinctive colors and 75% unrestored 1965-67 425-horsepower or 435horsepower 1965 Corvette Fuelie 1967 427/390 convertible The Sky's the Limit 1967 Corvette 350 coupe 1963 Mystery Motor Corvette 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition 1962 Corvette owned by Barry Goldwater 1963 Fuelie Split-Window coupe 1967 L88 convertible 2009 Corvette ZR1 Current model ZR1 1963 Corvette Grand Sport 1958 Corvette his year's Corvette Market's Scottsdale Insider's Seminar could have been called “Lovefest for the L88.” Six of the seven expert panelists who gathered at the enormous Barrett-Jackson auction complex on January 20 said the 1967 L88 convertible that rumbled away lot of bargains at auction—if you are prepared,” Yager said. “A lot of key Corvettes out there can be bought at very, very reasonable prices.” Best Corvette buys CM Publisher Keith Martin, who moderated the panel, soon steered the conversation toward the best Corvette buys for $25k, $50k and $100k. Jordan said his favorite $25k Corvettes are 1968-72 small-block convertibles. “They are cars that you can buy right now and do very well with in five years,” Jordan said. Mackay chose clean, driver-quality 1968-69 cars with 350 horsepower engines. Photos: Tony Piff

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In the world of $50k Corvettes, Burroughs picked a 1978 Pace Car L82, with 4-speed transmission and in nearly new cosmetic condition. Jordan said 1965-66 327 convertibles are the best buy in the $50k range, while Mackay said 1968-69 435-horsepower cars are his pick. “This is a great car that I know I can't lose on,” Mackay said. Sinor picked a 1969 Corvette with a 350-horsepower engine. $100k Corvettes Plan Ahead: January 22, 2012 Where: Barrett-Jackson auction, Scottsdale, AZ Michaelis' $100k ride is a 1963 Split-Window coupe in good colors and in good condition—or a 1965-67 big-block car in #2 condition. Pierce said he would Details Cost: Admission is free for CM and SCM subscribers, registered Barrett-Jackson bidders and consignors, owners of Bloomington Gold-certified Corvettes and NCRS members. $10 for all others 2011 Sponsors: Barrett-Jackson Endorsed Collector Car Insurance, Reliable Carriers, Meguiar's, County Corvette, Bloomington Gold, NCRS More: www.corvettemarket.com pay $100k for the right 2009 ZR1. Words of wisdom This year's CM pan- elists live and breathe Corvettes, and they have invested decades in the hobby. So, it wasn't surprising to see audience members taking notes when the seminar concluded with some final thoughts from each expert. Most of the experts said to find expert help before plunging into buying classic Corvettes. CM's Tom Mann and Wendie Martin welcome participants “Pay for information,” Burroughs said. “We think nothing of paying $5 for a hamburger, so spend some money and get someone who can help you.” Pierce said to steer away from project cars and long restorations. “Buy something that is ready to drive,” Pierce said. And, from the man who walks his talk: “Buy the best car you can afford,” Michaelis said. ■

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2011 Arizona Auctions Five Corvettes from the Desert From a sublime 427/400 to a ridiculous, blown-out hot rod, these cars hooked one set of experienced eyes by Michael Pierce W e asked CM contributing writer Michael Pierce to jet down to Arizona with us this January and pick five hot Corvettes. It took Pierce about two seconds to agree to the challenge, and here's what caught his eye: 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible VIN: 194677S118154 Born on: May 10, 1967 Lot 46, Gooding & Company's Scottsdale auction and sold for $83,600. David Gooding generally has only a few Corvettes at each of his auctions. This one caught my eye for several reasons: the combination of the Nassau Blue exterior/white interior, original sidepipes, 4-speed, shoulder harnesses, and legitimate, period-replacement CE block 435 horsepower motor. Add in the seemingly original VIN and trim tags, plus the tank sheet and POP. Besides that, it somehow felt like an honest car. It appears that the original 4-bolt main 3904351 block was replaced 1967 Corvette 427/400 convertible VIN: 194677S103489 Born on: November 10, 1966 Lot 1267.1 at Barrett Jackson's Scottsdale auction and sold for $79,200. For me, this was the Corvette deal of the week; I should have bought it. This silver/black, no-tunes, two-top, 400 Tri-Power, smog-equipped roadster is all original (yes, truly original), un-restored and has earned the NCRS Duntov Award, along with multiple NCRS Chapter, Regional and National Top Flight and PV certificates. In fact, it has less than 49,000 original miles and is in excellent condition throughout. The original tank sticker, POP, warranty book and Bill of Sale from Gateway Chevrolet are the documents of provenance. I have known about, judged and driven this '67 over the past 25 years and helped sell it to a prior owner from Arizona—for $40,000. It drives very strong, does not overheat and has worked as intended for almost 45 years. The original smog pump, diverter valves, mixture control valve, valve covers, air cleaner base, bracket, dated/part-numbered hoses/clamps and forks are worth $7.5k to $10k alone. The hydraulic lifter, Tri-Power 427 runs quietly and efficiently, does not overheat and provides both economy and performance with the 3:36 gears. 1967 Big Block, Tri-Power, original, unrestored, two tops, NCRS Duntov, excellent interior, exterior, silverblack, 4-speed…what more can you expect for under $80k? under warranty from GM in July 1968 with a CE block. The block now in the car, with the casting number of 3916321, was used sparingly during the last few months of production in 1967 and through 1968. The CE refers to “counter exchange” and a stamped sequential number was pounded into the pad surface to keep track of its exchange [and subsequent warranty issues]. The VIN number of the car was not added to the engine pad. The interior has been replaced with new rugs, seat covers and door panels. The car had repaired front end damage; the body work is OK— except for where the grille attaches to the lower valance. The paint blending is good but noticeable. I understand the former owner put somewhere close to $150,000 in this car since purchasing it two years ago. Looks like a bad case of musical chairs. Even with the non-DOT spare, original jack/wrench, and documents, the Gooding auction price paid this time was also generous, but I like the car. The net amount to the seller is probably more indicative of its current value. 22 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com

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1965 Corvette 327/365 convertible VIN: 194675S111520 Born on: March 5, 1965 This car crossed the block at Russo and Steele's Scottsdale auction and was bid to mid-$50k range, but it did not sell. I used to own this car. I bought it in Portland about eight years ago from the brother of a deceased university professor. It had less than 50,000 miles, excellent yellow paint, two tops, teak wheel and the original black leather interior. I sold it to a neighbor, who was mostly a Ford Guy, and this car converted him into a mid-years guy. Extensive mechanical and interior restoration work was completed with over $22,000 in receipts. The car runs strong, is very straight and is well-optioned. Perhaps the most interesting part of this car is the engine pad surface and what you will not find. Commendably, the owner chose not to stamp the VIN number and engine assembly code after rebuilding the block, even though the car originally came with a 365. This sets a standard of ethics to potential buyers that we rarely see in the marketplace. I know that the casting number and date of the block are correct, as are the other components under the hood. The difference is that once blocks are decked and re-machined, it is virtually impossible to prove their “originality.” This is a great example of a “matching numbers” car that does not pretend or hint that the block is original to the car. Having judged Corvettes for 30 years for NCRS, I can readily say that a significant percentage of them do not have their original blocks, but every one that I have seen has had numbers pounded into the block. Right or wrong, sold or not sold, here's an honest example of a great, high-performance restored driver. Subscribe Today! “The best Corvette magazine out there!” —Terry Michaelis, President, Pro Team Corvette Subscribe online at www.corvettemarket.com/special Call 877.219.2605 ext. 1

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1968 427/435 convertible [no longer] VIN: 194678S404302 Born on: November 11, 1968 Reborn: 1970/71 Lot TH355, Russo and Steele's Scottsdale auction, sold for $17,050. Where do I begin? This one stopped me in my tracks. It is the exact antithesis of what I look for in older Corvettes: No original paint, interior, motor or even chassis. Instead, it presents as a 1971 International Show Car Association participant in all its former glory. This Corvette may have started life as a 1968 435 roadster; maybe not. The car was locked so I could not check the trim tag to determine its original color and interior fabric or what options may or may not have come on the car. More important is what is NOW on the car: One-piece, tilt-up hood, tilt-up top, multi-colored, striped metal-flake paint, red-and-black diamond tuck and roll upholstery, Cragar supercharged, ZL-1 cammed, Chevrolet 427 with 3:36 posi, M20 wide-ratio transmission and original 1969 chrome valve covers. Oh, yes, the original Hilborn Fuel injection comes with the car, too—it is now set up for street use with a Holley 850 double pumper. This Corvette would make a startling addition to any car collection. 1962 Corvette 327/360 VIN: 20867S110884 Born on: May 8, 1962 Lot 1276, Barrett Jackson's Scottsdale auction, sold for $176,000. I would like to hear from anyone who owns a better 1962 Fuelie. One could readily argue that with a big tank (65 made) or Heavy Duty brakes and steering (233 made) this car would have been more valuable. But number 884 was not born with those options, and where have you seen a better example of a like-equipped '62? This black exterior, fawn beige interior, Rochester fuel-injected car has been judged many times by NCRS, and it was ultimately awarded Chapter/Regional and National Top Flight Awards. The car also won the difficult-to-obtain NCRS Performance Verification Award, and has been Bloomington Gold certified. The car never scored less than 97.8 points out of 100—and been as high as 98.3. The deductions were mostly for “over-restoration,” not because there was anything untypical of factory production or simply incorrect. The paint is extraordinary on a no-hit body, and the margins on the doors, hood and truck are all sized with a micrometer to match each other. The seller had owned this car for 35 years after purchasing it at Gateway Chevrolet in Lake Oswego, OR. Almost as amazing as the high price paid for this '62 is the fact that the two bidders at the end were both dealers. They would have had to pay transportation—and possibly sales tax—on top of the hammer price and commission (the price stated above). Their job is to buy and sell driver- and investment-quality cars, so even at this price they both thought there was money left on the table. ■ www.corvettemarket.com

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C1 profile 1957 Corvette 283/283 Airbox Convertible The importance of the Airbox cars can't be overstated. Remember, at this time the Corvette was very close to becoming Chevy's two-seat Edsel by Thomas Glatch Chassis number: E57S104957 up the Corvette on the racetrack. Milton Robson's '57 convertible is one of a mere 43 Airbox Corvettes built in 1957. Specifically, engine option code 579E was the very pricey $726.30 racers had to I spend if they wanted to compete on the track. Just 43 buyers anted up the big bucks to turn their 1957 Corvettes into potential world-beaters. Corvette's 1957 engine lineup provides the necessary perspective to appreciate the storied Airbox. The base, no-extra-cost 283 was the 220-horsepower, 4-barrel engine. Chevrolet offered a pair of very hot—but traditional—dual 4-barrel 283s with 245 and 270 horsepower, respectively. The really big deal for 1957 was the arrival of Ram Jet fuel injection. Chevrolet offered four choices. Both option codes 579A and 579C rated 250 horsepower. Both 579B and 579E rated 283 horsepower. The 283-horsepower 283 is the fabled one-horsepower-per-cubic-inch V8, a milestone in a passenger car engine that Chevrolet highly publicized. Of the two option codes with 283 horsepower, 579E has tremendous bragging rights over 579B. With 579E, Chevrolet mounted an 8,000-rpm tachometer on the steering column. This tachometer looks very much like a hot rodder's mount. However, the white gauge is 100% factory original and so rare that only the privileged have seen one. Its location was more driver-friendly than the factory pod in the center of the dash. With 579E, Chevrolet pulled the factory tachometer and placed a Corvette medallion, as seen on the rear deck lid, in the vacated opening. There's considerably more to Robson's Airbox Fuelie than the specially tuned Ram Air 283. Option code 684, called the “Heavy Duty Racing Suspension,” was a necessity for track action. Milton's fully restored, Venetian Red convertible is one of 51 Corvettes so equipped in 1957. Chevrolet engineers, including Zora Arkus-Duntov, 26 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com n the world of 1957 Corvettes, there are Fuelies and then there are Airboxes. Fuelie, of course, is collector-speak for fuel injection, which was a brand-new and milestone status for 1957 Corvettes. The collector's term “Airbox” refers to fuel injection plus factory Ram Air, which was a brand-new feature that was meant to pump tuned the Corvette for the track with heavier-duty springs and shocks, front and rear. They upped the size of the front stabilizer bar. Nothing less than Positraction Details Years Produced 1957 Number Produced 43 RPO 579E (6,339 1957 Corvettes total) Original List Price $4,919.47 CM Valuation $70,000-$126,000 (Fuel-injected) Tune-up $150 Distributor Cap $19.99 Chassis # VIN plate on the steering column Engine # Pad on front of block below right cylinder head Club National Corvette Restorers Society More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1959-61 Jaguar XK 150 3.4 Roadster, 1954-57 Mercedes-Benz 300SL CM Investment Grade A Photos: Aaron Summerfield ©2010 Courtesy of RM Auctions

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Digital Bonus CM would do for the rear differential. A quick-steering adapter reduced turns lock-to-lock from 3.5 to 2.9. And last but not least, Chevrolet fitted each wheel with ceramic metallic brake linings with ventilated finned drums. Extra stopping power is extremely important on the track, even if racers did have to heat up the brakes for them to work best. The Airbox Fuelie was capable of 0-60 mph times in the “fives.” Quarter-mile speeds eclipsed the magic 100 mph mark with elapsed times in the low 14-second range. These figures are stunning considering the bias ply tires of the 1950s—and the fact that Chevrolet wasn't building a muscle car for the dragstrip. To date, Corvette authorities have located 29 Airbox Corvettes, making this particular example very rare indeed. CM Analysis This car, Lot 213, sold for $374,000, including buyer's premium, at the RM Auction at The Milton Robson Estate in Gainesville, GA on Saturday, November 13, 2010. News that Milt Robson was auctioning most of his collection sent shock waves through the automotive community. Housed in a 26,000-square-foot former horse barn equipped with a working saloon, a vintage barbershop, a diner, and a reproduction Mobil Gas station, Robson's collection was filled with a variety of cars that were of outstanding quality and pedigree. And each was typically the rarest, highest performance version of a given marque or model. This 1957 Airbox Corvette is exactly that. The importance of the Airbox cars can't be overstated. Remember, the Corvette was very close to being Chevy's two-seat Edsel. Sales were dismal until the revamped 1956 model, and even then, the Corvette was still on the corporate bubble. The ‘57 Corvette added stunning performance and the mystique of one-horsepower-per-cubic-inch, but it wasn't until March 1957 that the tide truly turned. A pair of Airbox cars were entered in the 12 Hours of Sebring, ostensibly by Dick Doane Enterprises of Dundee, IL. But, make no mistake, this was a truly a factory Chevrolet effort. After two years of development by Zora Arkus-Duntov's engineers, the Corvette finally arrived. One of the team drivers, Swiss émigré Gaston Andrey, told me in a 1990 interview, “It was handling as well as a Ferrari and a Maserati at that time. Perfect balance, and they set it up perfectly. We had excellent competition in the Mercedes 300SL, and we surprised them and we surprised ourselves.” Winning on battered brakes Sebring is brutal on brakes, and since they were en- tered in the GT class, the Corvettes had to use factory components. Even with the optional Cerametallic heavyduty brake option, the cars had trouble. Andrey's teammate, Dr. Dick Thompson, told me, “We had our usual brake problems. The only thing that would have solved the problem would have been disc brakes. The brakes would only last about a half hour.” GM even tried equipping the cars with a crude form of anti-lock braking to improve their performance. Still, both cars performed beautifully despite this issue, and finished 1st and 2nd in class, 22 laps in front of their nearest competitor, a Mercedes 190SL. Other Airbox Corvettes dominated SCCA B-Production racing that year, with Dr. Dick Thompson earning the National Champion title in that class. Competition proved the ‘57 Corvette, and sales were almost double the 1956 model. GM enforced a corporate ban on auto racing in 1957. Perhaps that is why Chevrolet did not offer a competition model again until the 1963 Z06, making the Airbox cars unique in C1 lore. But the fuel-injected engines and competition brake and suspension options continued to be offered, and Corvettes dominated racing through the rest of the C1 era. It's no coincidence that Corvette sales increased for years to come. Highest auction Airbox price Milt Robson's reputation might have been enough to drive the bidding to the estimated $250k-$350k. An array of Bloomington Gold and Top Flight awards, extensive documentation, features in enthusiast magazines, and even 1950s-era photographs of a former owner only reinforced the buzz on this car. The result? The car sold for $374,000—the highest Airbox auction sale ever (the next highest Airbox was sold in 2006 for $237,600). Considering the rarity of an Airbox auction—and the potential appreciation of these special Corvettes—I'd say both seller and buyer made an outstanding deal. ■ (Introductory description courtesy of RM Auctions.) www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 27

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C2 profile 1967 Corvette 427/435 Convertible This car has the original drivetrain, which is rare, as many big blocks lost their internal organs between two green lights by Dale Novak Chassis number: 194677S105851 there was the thundering 427-ci V8 in several levels of tune. In his book Corvettes, 1953 to 1988, Richard Langworth wrote, “The 1967 Stingray I is arguably one of the best Corvettes ever built. All the styling clichés had been eliminated…four-wheel disc brakes allowed it to stop as well as go.” Randy Leffingwell also wrote in his book, Corvette: America's Sports Car, that in 1967, the Corvette “was the best Stingray yet…and all the appearance bells and whistles, trim and shimmer was removed from the car, making it the purest form that the Stingray body ever achieved. Coupled with the possibility of astounding performance from a $437.10 optional 435-horsepower engine, with standard four-wheel disc brakes and new, wider six-inch wheels, it was the best of the best.” A total of 22,940 Corvettes were produced in 1967, of which 14,436 were convert- ibles. Of those, 3,754 were equipped with the top RPO L71 Tri-Power V8 engine with three Holley two-barrel carburetors. In 1967, Hot Rod magazine's Eric Dahlquist put an L71-powered Corvette through its paces for his in-depth road test, entitled “Hottest 'Vette Yet.” At the dragstrip, Dahlquist managed a 13.80-second quarter-mile times, with a 108-mph trap speed. This blistering straight-line performance was achieved with a set of narrow 7.75-inch bias-ply tires, which erupted into clouds of billowing smoke whenever the clutch was dropped with anything but a closed throttle. Dahlquist also found that the Corvette handled very well, particularly at sustained high speeds, with the considerable mass of the iron block-and-head 427 V8 offset by a set of carefully tuned, higher-rate front springs. In addition, weight distribution was surprisingly balanced, thanks to the setback engine placement within the Corvette's relatively short 98-inch wheelbase. One of only 815 Tuxedo Black 1967 Corvettes built, this matching-numbers, fully 28 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com n 1967, the big-block Corvette was king of the road. Brutally fast, with nimble handling and stopping power to match with four-wheel disc brakes, Corvette truly earned the title “America's Sports Car.” Yes, it was expensive, but the Corvette was the car for buyers who wanted speed, and for the all-out performance addict, documented L71 427/435 Corvette is equipped with a matching black interior and a Muncie 4-speed manual transmission. A former NCRS Top Flight Award winner, the Corvette is offered from the noted private automobile collection of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Details Years Produced 1967 Number Produced 3,754 with L71 Original List Price $4,809.50 (as equipped) CM Valuation $97,000–$189,400 (as equipped) Tune-up $400-$500 (3x2 induction tuning) Distributor Cap $25 Chassis # Passenger side dash under glove box on structural support Engine # Pad on passenger side of engine forward of cylinder head Club National Corvette Restorers Society More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1965-67 Shelby Cobra 427, 1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro, 1964-67 Jaguar XKE 4.2 CM Investment Grade A Photos: Darin Schnabel ©2010 Courtesy of RM Auctions

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Digital Bonus CM Reggie Jackson. Terry Michaelis and Jim Mangione of Pro Team Corvettes previously owned it, and noted Corvette experts have recently confirmed this Corvette's authenticity and correctness. Offered complete with its Protect-OPlate and ownership history, this highly documented, award-winning Corvette is a superb example offered from a highly respected collection. CM Analysis This car, Lot 267, sold for $165,000, including buyer's premium, The Big Kahuna of the Corvette world is widely known, so there is surely at the RM auction in Phoenix, AZ on Friday, January 21, 2011. no need to go into a detailed history of the model and engine selection. The 427/435 was the most potent production engine offered in the 1967 Corvette— other than the underrated 430-horsepower L88, which found its way into only 20 Corvettes that year. That said, let's shift right into 4th gear. On a desirability scale, it doesn't get much better than a Triple Black C2 big-block Corvette with a red stinger hood. Add some wicked-sounding sidepipes and you're off to the races—literally. As one of only 815 dressed out in Tuxedo Black, we can whittle the total number of 427/435 builds in this color to just under 22% of the total production of 3,754 cars—not a bad number to begin with. Further, our subject car still retains the original, numbers-matching drivetrain, which is a rarity, as many big-block Corvettes have long since parted ways with their internal organs between two green lights. Don't get stung Chassis number 105851 is also reported to be a highly documented example. This becomes especially important in the universe of high-dollar, big-block Corvettes. Why? The reality is that there are now more big-block Corvettes out in the world than were originally built. These cars are widely faked, restamped, repurposed and creatively rebuilt. As soon as big-block Corvettes started pulling big money on cable television, un- scrupulous shops and backyard garages all over the country started building them from heaps and piles—and turning out, on occasion, some fairly impressive stuff. It has been reported that some of the fakes are so well done, they've deceived some of the best guys in the hobby. There's a lot of money involved, so, as you can imagine, some guys get really good at it. That's where bulletproof documentation comes in. For investment-grade Corvettes, especially Fuelies and big blocks, history and documentation become overwhelmingly important. Finding a potent, 427-equipped 1967 Corvette is really quite easy; I did a quick search and located 138 for sale without too much effort. If we analyze the results and demand airtight, rock-solid papers on the car, including judging sheets and awards, the field of available cars drops dramatically. Be aware, fake documentation floats around out there too, but that's another story for another day. Great history, great documentation Based on the catalog description from RM Auctions, we see very good records, such as the Protect-O-Plate and ownership history. More than a few Corvette gurus have left their DNA on this chassis—and have confirmed that our black big-block roadster is, indeed, as it was built when it rolled off the assembly line. Add to this that 105851 has some nice hardware in the form of an NCRS Top Flight Award and was offered out of the private collection of Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson—a well respected col- lector—and the new owner can be assured that his cash has been put to good use. Other notable owners included Terry Michaelis and Jim Mangione of Pro Team Corvettes, which also adds to the provenance of the machine. Time for a shameless plug. This kind of informa- tion is why it becomes so valuable to subscribe to the Corvette Market Database (Platinum Subscriber). As auction reporters, such as myself, scour over auction offerings, our findings end up in the Sports Car Market and Corvette Market databases. This data can come in handy when you're investigating a car you purchased— or one you plan to purchase. It's well worth the price of admission. Last sold in 2005 Our subject car was last recorded sold for $145,200, including the buyer's premium, at Gooding & Company's Pebble Beach, CA, sale on August 21, 2005 (SCM #38927). At the time, the car was reported to be in #2 condition. Upon examination of the database record, all appears to be well—we see a car with the same equipment, color and details. That's good news (it doesn't always work out that way). In 2011, our sales figure has grown to $165,000, in- cluding the buyer's premium. While a near 14% increase in value over a span of six years may not sound all that stellar, it's not bad given the high-flying economic times during which this car was last reported sold versus today. It still serves the market well to see a solid result and offers more evidence of why quality is paramount. Final thoughts The car appears to be holding up very well. I am sure the restoration is tiring a bit, but that is to be expected as a car naturally ages. It's dressed in a very desirable color combination, and it is well-equipped, given that the car was originally built for high-performance street fighting. The history is well known, there's very good docu- mentation and the certainty that the car is the real deal. No nips and tucks. No back-room blowtorches. No restamps. The new owner can be assured that he's acquired a fine, well-respected, correct, numbersmatching '67. The black color will, generally speaking, command a 10% to 20% premium over other colors. Looking at other comparables, the documentation, history, awards, color and the generally improving market conditions, I'd call this Triple-Black, Tri-Power Corvette well bought. ■ (Introductory copy courtesy of RM Auctions.) www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 29

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C3 profile 1982 Corvette Collector Edition This car offered no performance enhancements over the standard model, but it carried hints for the future by Mark Rudnick Chassis number: 1G1AY0788C5115230 tion that gave them a boost for the first time in many years. The twin throttle body injectors looked somewhat like carburetors and were mounted diagonally on each side of a broad intake manifold. Cross-Fire's higher level of sophistication added 10 horsepower, now to an even 200. As this was also the body style's last hurrah, a series of Commemorative Collector's P Edition Corvettes were released to mark the transition. These 6,759 cars differed from base models in several ways, including a higher level of standard features that were otherwise optional on base models. Special features on this rare car included a lifting rear hatchback glass window, special wheels, a unique silver/beige paint color combination against a contrasting silver/beige leather interior as well as special cloisonné emblems. The interior is original and in excellent condition. The car retains almost all its original parts. The original wheels and tires were removed and stored long ago, so the original tires are in almost-mint condition. CM Analysis This car, Lot S626, sold for $21,450, including buyer's commission, at 1982 marked the end of the run for the “Sharks,” as the third-generation Corvette Russo and Steele's Scottsdale, AZ, auction on January 20, 2011. is affectionately known. With a lifespan of 15 years, this was Corvette's longest- lived, most-successful generation—from the perspective of sales. The Sharks started out in 1968, with a production of 28,566 units, jumping to 30 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Alternatives atterned after Larry Shinoda's “Shark II” prototype, the third-generation Chevrolet Corvette production run started in 1968 and continued with few aesthetic modifications through the 1982 model year. The final year of the C3 car offered factory “Cross-Fire” electronic fuel injec- Details Years Produced 1982 Number Produced 6,759 Original List Price $22,537.59 CM Valuation $16,800-$29,500 Tune-up $400 Distributor Cap $ 29.95 Chassis # Stamped on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar, and it is visible through the windshield Engine # Located on a boss on right front of engine block Club National Corvette Restorers Society, National Council of Corvette Clubs, Corvette Collector Edition Registry More www.ncrs.org, www.corvettesnccc. org, www.82registry.com 1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car, 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary Coupe, 1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Coupe CM Investment Grade C Photos: Russo and Steele

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Digital Bonus CM 38,762 units in 1969 and reaching a peak of 53,807 units in 1979. More than 40,000 units were produced in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980 and 1981. These Corvette production numbers have not been seen since the C3 Corvette was laid to rest in 1982. No question about it, the C3 Corvette was an unbridled sales success and testament to America's love affair with the Corvette. Farewell and hello The 1982 model year might very well be considered a pivotal moment in Corvette history, as it not only marked the end of a significant chapter in the Corvette story, but, perhaps more importantly, it was a harbinger to where Corvette was headed. The initial clues came in the form of the innovative drive train offered in the 1982 Corvette. For the first time since 1965, Corvette would install fuel injection in factory cars. Cross-Fire Injection—unlike the original fuel-injection systems used on Corvettes from 1957 to 1965—used twin throttle-body injectors with computerized metering and an electric fuel pump in the gas tank. The electronic control module that operated the system was capable of handling up to 80 adjustments per second in ignition timing, idle speed, air-fuel mixture, and so on to maximize performance and fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and provide the driver with instant throttle response. Mated to the Cross-Fire system was the new 4-speed automatic transmission, which was electronically linked to the ECM and offered lockup function in every gear except first. This combination represented the pinnacle of technological innovation to be found under the hood of the Corvette up to that time. It clearly indicated the direction Corvette was taking to meet the challenges of the day. A special look To recognize the closing of the Shark era and the unveiling of the new technology being developed for the Corvette, Chevrolet decided to offer the 1982 Collector Edition model, of which 6,759 were produced, which was about 26% of the 1982 production. While it offered no performance enhancements over the standard model, the Collector Edition was all about refinement and detail. The exterior was distinguished by its unique silver-beige finish, accented with graduated gray decals and accent striping applied to the hood and sides. The Corvette also had bronze-tinted glass roof panels, cloisonné emblems, and finned, cast-aluminum wheels, with white-lettered P255/60R15 Goodyear Eagle GT tires. The interior sported silver-beige leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather-trimmed door panels, extra-plush carpeting, and a cloisonné emblem in the horn. For the first time since 1962, the 1982 Collector Edition Corvette offered exterior access to the interior storage area by transforming the fastback rear window into a hatchback. At a cost of $22,538.00 ($4,248.00 above the base model), the Collector Edition had the distinction of being the first Corvette priced over $20k. Condition and value The market value of 1982 Collector Edition Corvettes over a standard 1982 Corvette varies from $5k to $8k—based on the car's condition. This car was an excellent example of a 1982 Collector Edition Corvette. This car was fully optioned, with the exception of CB radio and Gymkhana suspen- sion, had 19,500 miles on the odometer, recently received a first-class repaint, offered good documentation (an original window sticker and original manuals)—and a 1991 Bloomington Gold Certificate. This is pretty much as good as it gets for a 29-year-old Corvette that has seen limited road time. I believe the car was sold at fair market value. With continued moderate usage and proper care, this Corvette should see market appreciation in its future. ■ (Introductory copy courtesy of Russo and Steele.) Seat Time James Holloway, Monroe, LA: I purchased a 1982 Collector Edition in September 2006 from American Sportscar Center in Atlanta, GA. The car is in very nice condition, with only 15,540 documented miles. I don't believe this would be considered a concours car, but rather a very high-end, low-mileage driver. It is very original with a very few minor flaws. My CE is mechanically sound and is a great driving car. Of course, it has Cross-Fire injection, which does not have the greatest reputation. However, I have never had any problems with Cross-Fire. Another negative is the absence of manual transmissions in all 1982s, as I would much rather have a manual, than automatic. The 700 R4 automatic is a good transmission and continues to shift very nicely. Overall, the car is heavy on looks and styling and not so much so on performance, although the 200-horsepower engine does have plenty of pep. It will never have anywhere near the market value of the 1960s muscle cars. Although it is an early 1980s car, it has a look similar to late 1960s Corvettes, and this is a positive in my opinion. It's a fun car to drive and gets a lot of attention at gas stations and local Corvette shows. I would recommend the CE to anyone who does not need heavy muscle car performance— but prefers an attention-getting, fun-driving cruiser. www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 31

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C4 profile 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe This car is part fish and part fowl in the menagerie. But it's all Corvette—and a rather good one at that by John L. Stein is all original and unmolested, except for replacement mufflers, and presents in like-new condition inside and out. The vehicle has a clean CARFAX history, and the 24,000 miles showing on the odometer are believed to be actual. T CM Analysis This car, Lot F150, sold for $25,440, including buyer's premium, at Mecum's Kissimmee Auction at the Osceola Heritage Park Arena in Kissimmee, FL, on January 28, 2011. Sometimes events combine to create a high-tide moment that quickly peaks like a storm surge—and then recedes. In Corvette's legacy, there have been a number of these one-year-only events, such as the 1963 Split-Window coupe, the 1967 L71 Tri-Power and L88 big-blocks, the aluminum-block 1969 ZL1, and a few others. Unfortunately for ordinary mortals, most of these vehicles are priced in the strato- sphere today. But for the rest of us, there's a sensible alternative—the one-year-only, LT4-powered 1996 Grand Sport. While it doesn't command history like its earlier brethren, it's still plenty collectible—and a vastly better daily driver. Last in the 13-year-long production cycle of C4 Corvettes, the Grand Sport and its 330-horsepower LT4 V8 brought the best small-block pushrod performance since the ‘71 LT1. Of course, its name was derived from Zora Arkus-Duntov's beloved 1963 Grand Sport skunk-works racers. The car's only real weak points are that it is a C4—hardly the most desirable of Corvette platforms—and that it was a stopgap offering between the end of ZR-1 production and the beginning of C5 production. 32 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com This 1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport is number 127 of 1,000 1996 Grand Sports produced. In addition to the 350-ci, 330-horsepower LT4 engine and 6-speed manual transmission, this particular vehicle is equipped with the F45 Selective Real Time Damping suspension system—and power driver and passenger seats. It But what a nice stopgap it was. The Grand Sport was principally defined by its lusty LT4 engine, the best small-block Chevy to get dropped into the engine compartment of a production Corvette in Details Years Produced 1996 Number Produced 1,000 Original List Price $40,475 CM Valuation $24,000-$39,000 Tune-up $500 Distributor Cap N/A (distributorless ignition) Chassis # Lower left windshield corner Engine # Right front cylinder head deck Club National Corvette Restorers Society 6291 Day Road Cincinnati, OH 45252 More www.ncrs.org Alternatives 1990-93 Corvette ZR-1, 2001-02 Corvette Z06, 2005 Corvette coupe CM Investment Grade C Photos: Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

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Digital Bonus CM 26 years, and it was also recognizable by the scarlet hash marks on the left-front fender, a nod to the time of the original Grand Sports. But there was more to the latter-day Grand Sport than that. When you selected the RPO Z16 Grand Sport package, you also got eye-popping Admiral Blue paint with a white center stripe, rear fender flares, blackout five-spoke 17-inch wheels and fat front and rear ZR-1 rubber. You could get the Grand Sport RPO on either the coupe or convertible, but the convertible had smaller tires and no rear fender flares, so the coupe was closer to a race car in specifications. There were 810 Grand Sport coupes and 190 Grand Sport convertibles built, and all had 6-speed manual transmissions. Thankfully, the cars were all specially numbered, making it virtually impossible to create and sell a fake. Quite a deal in hindsight Specifying the Grand Sport's RPO Z16 on the order form cost $3,250 above the 1996 Corvette coupe's $37,225 retail price, which was a premium of 8.7%. The convertible edition was a bit less at $2,880, a premium of 6.4% over the base car's $45,060 MSRP. It's interesting to compare this to the '57 Fuelie's 15.2% premium over that year's base price, or the sizzling 84.5% premium that the ZR-1 package added to the base coupe price in 1990. That makes the Grand Sport option look like a pretty good deal. Lacking the exotic 32-valve engine of the departed ZR-1 (which not many people truly missed, as the LT4 still offered very good performance while costing some $29,808 less than the ZR-1 package) didn't hurt the Grand Sport or the LT4 option at the dealership. The proof is that the Grand Sport and LT4-engined cars accounted for 7,359 units in 1996, compared to just 448 ZR-1s for each of the three prior years. It's essential to recognize that the central attraction of the Grand Sport was the LT4 engine; however the motor was not exclusive to RPO Z16. Instead, the LT4 was also available as an option on any '96 Corvette for $1,450. The engine included a higher compression ratio of 10.8:1, revised big-port aluminum heads, special camshaft, Crane roller rockers and high-output fuel injectors. A slightly jaundiced eye would note that unlike other one-year-only Corvettes—such as the '63 Split-Window—the Grand Sport, except for its nicely tweaked LT4 engine, essentially played up Corvette's past, rather than the serving as the tip of the evolutionary spear. Put another way, the Grand Sport option was mostly a marketing program to build some energy during the awkward lull in between the ZR-1's somewhat unceremonious departure and the arrival of the long-awaited C5 cars for 1997. In this way, today the Grand Sport remains part fish and part fowl in the Corvette menagerie. But thankfully, it's still all Corvette, and a rather good one at that. A great starter Corvette What I like about this particular Grand Sport is that it's downright affordable—in line with a 3-year-old Chevy 2500 pickup—while remaining totally usable as a daily driver. Its friendly street value also invites the acquisition of other Corvettes, even for Regular Joes. For instance, if you wanted to bookend any generation of Corvette, at the price this Grand Sport traded for, it would be pretty easy to add a cherry $10,000 1984 Z51 for a total of about $34,000 for the pair. That's not bad, considering that bookending the C1 Corvette would cost you over $230,000 ($150,000 or so for a '53 and $80,000-plus for a '62). It would also take over $150,000 to bookend the midyear Corvette generation ($70,000-plus for a '63 and $80,000 or more for a good '67), $60,000 for a pair of C3 sharks ($30,000 apiece for a solid '68 and a solid '82), and $55,000 for the C5 generation ($20,000 for a '97 and $35,000 for a 2004). Any way you look at it, C4s are still the most afford- able Corvettes. Not much information was provided about options on our subject car, but the mentioned addition of F45 Selective Real Time Damping is an attractive one. This ingenious system, which uses special damping fluid that almost instantly changes viscosity when energized by electric field coils, provides a previously unattainable bandwidth for ride and handling. This technology was a breakthrough for Corvette in 1996—and it remains largely invisible in the automotive sphere today. Let's hope that after 15 years the computer-controlled system on this car still works fine. If so, I'd call it exceptionally well bought. ■ (Introductory description courtesy of Mecum Auctions.) www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 33

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C5 profile 2003 Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition Coupe This car carries 2003 Indy 500 pace car decals, but Corvettes didn't pace the race in 2003 by B. Mitchell Carlson Chassis Number: 1G1YY22G835127080 used on the official pace car. This 4-speed automatic-equipped coupe has been driven just 725 miles and comes with dual-zone air conditioning, Delco Bose CD stereo, heads-up display, tilt-telescopic steering wheel, dual removable roof panels (both painted and tinted glass) and Magnetic Selective Ride Control. T CM Analysis This car sold for $39,750, including buyer's premium, at Mecum's The 50th anniversary of the Corvette was shaping up to be a biggie for Chevrolet. Kissimmee, FL auction on January 26-30, 2011 No other American car nameplate had been in continuous production for 50 years. A special Anniversary edition package was to be the centerpiece of the year. This special edition was beyond all Corvettes built in the 2003 model year, all of which came with 50th anniversary badging on their front and rear valances. Non-Z06 cars also had the logo on the owner's manual cover and main gauges. This was just like 1978, when all Corvettes wore 25th Anniversary badges, but there was also the Special Edition package for that anniversary. However, the 2003 50th Anniversary Edition was a unique package available on coupes and convertibles—but not Z06s. The paint on the 50th Anniversary package was a unique “Xirallic” Anniversary Red—which was slightly darker, yet more brilliant than the 1993 40th Anniversary Ruby Red. The interiors featured Sports seats and were fully trimmed in Shale leather with the 34 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com he all-original 50th Anniversary Corvette coupe offered here incorporates the 1SC Equipment group, combining the Anniversary package with special Indianapolis 500 Pace Car graphics over Xirallic Crystal Red paint, special fender emblems and Champagne-colored aluminum wheels—identical to that Details Years Produced 2003 Number Produced 11,632 (4,065 coupes and 7,547 convertibles) Original List Price $48,895 ($55,370 for convertibles) CM Valuation $28,700-$36,000 Tune-up $150 Distributor Cap N/A (coil-pack ignition) Chassis # Left side of the dashboard and right frame rail near the radiator Engine # Pad forward of cylinder head on right side Club More Alternatives 50th Anniversary Corvette Registry 212 Greenleaf Circle Myrtle Beach, SC, 29579 www.50thregistry.com/ http://forums.corvetteforum.com/c5corvettes-1997-2004-2/ www.pacecarregistry.com/ 1993 40th Anniversary coupe, 2004 Le Mans Commemorative coupe, 2008 Indy Pace Car edition CM Investment Grade D Photos: Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

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Digital Bonus CM 50th Anniversary logo embroidered on the seat headrests. Shale was fully used on the interior, including components that usually were always black, such as the steering wheel and dashboard to the center console facing. Convertibles had a Shale cloth top. While Shale was exclusive to this package, it was carried over into 2004 for that year's Le Mans Commemorative Edition, with the exception of a change in the headrest embroidery to the regular C5 logo. All 50th Anniversary packages also had unique alloy wheels, along with front- fender badging, 1SC equipment package, and Magnetic Selective Ride control. Other upgrade options—such as the CD changer and multiple roof panels—were available if they didn't conflict with the package equipment. Anniversary Edition déjà vu—not! Unlike the 1978 25th Anniversary car, there was not an Indy Pace Car edition. Why? Well, the 50th Anniversary Edition premiered before the 2003 model year—at the 86th running of the Indy 500 on May 26, 2002. GM wanted to get a marketing jump on marketing 50 years of America's Only True Sports Car, so when the Corvette was once again selected to pace the race in 2002, it was as an early opportunity to plug the 50th Anniversary. Bowling Green actually built the first three 2003 50th Anniversary editions in February 2002—with a slew of 2002s built after them through the end of July. These three cars were not dolled-up 2002s or prototypes. They were the first three Model Year 2003 units, with 2003 federal certifications and VINs 1G1YY22G535100001, 100002, and 100003. Instead of the usual convertibles, these pace cars were mildly tweaked coupes— reportedly with aftermarket exhaust, different ECU programming, suspension stiffening, transmission upgrades, and mandatory safety equipment—but otherwise stock for primary and backup pace car duty. None of the three were festival or parade cars. Chevrolet did provide three 2002 Speedway White Corvette convertibles as well as 62 2002 silver Camaro Z/28 convertibles for dignitary /VIP use for the race week festivities—all with only the race logo for 2002. In addition, 33 Quicksilver and 33 Millennium Yellow 2002 convertibles also participated in the 500 Festival parade. All of these vehicles were standard production—albeit with Indy 500 race door graphics—and were sold though usual sales channels throughout the Midwest. One of the three pace cars was given to driver Helio Castroneves and Penske Racing for winning the race, which followed Indy 500 tradition. GM kept VIN 001, which paced the start of the race with actor Jim Caviezel behind the wheel. But I wanna buy a pace car! When the 50th Anniversary package started hitting the showroom floors in the fall of 2002, there wasn't an RPO for a replica pace car. To meet the limited demand for a lookalike car, customers could special order a non-GM aftermarket decal kit from the dealer's parts counter to install on a 50th Anniversary Edition—or on any C5 for that matter. These kits are still available from aftermarket parts suppliers, and they generally cost about $500. During the 87th running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 25, 2003, Corvette fans were a bit disappointed. The pace car was indeed a Chevrolet, but it was a SSR convertible car/truck/thingy. It was the new kid on the block, and it was officially called the “Official Pace Vehicle.” A Corvette convertible was back to lead the Indy 500 field a year later in 2004, but it was a totally unique graphics package that had nothing at all akin to the Le Mans Commemorative, nor was it available even as an accessory graphics kit. As far as Chevy dealers were concerned, a Dodge Ram could have just as well been the pace car…ahem…vehicle. So what happened here? With plummeting resale values on C5s, what exactly happened here with our feature car? As it has a standard-issue 2003 VIN, it is definitely a regular-issue 50th Anniversary package, with the 2003 Indy Pace Car graphics added on sometime after it left the assembly line. In fact, the unit sequence number is fairly late in the model year—number 27,080 of 35,469 total Corvettes for 2003. It's not realistic that the original buyer was willing to pay a $10k premium to have a set of decals put on an otherwise stock 50th Anniversary Edition. Indeed, the general trend on limited-edition Corvettes is that most owners will not mount decals or graphics that are packed loose in the trunk when new, as they believe that the unmounted decals will be worth more in the future. Our results show following that strategy sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. So, it seems likely that the aftermarket Indy 500 decals were applied sometime after this car left the assembly line. The only logical equation for the price paid for this car is the very low mileage—just 725 miles on this car. Even so, 50th Anniversary Editions can still be found with less miles—and untitled on the original MSO—for no more that what was paid here. Mecum certainly didn't pump it up as something it wasn't. In fact, their staff Corvette consignment specialist told me in preparation for this profile that he thought that this car was pretty unremarkable, and he wondered why we picked it to write about in the first place. Hopefully, the final bidder was willing to pay a pre- mium for exactly what it was, a “still-in-the-wrapper” example rather than getting blinded by the Xirallic Crystal Red mist of the auction and thinking it was the pace car that it never was. Nonetheless, I would have to call this Corvette very well sold indeed. ■ (Introductory description courtesy of Mecum Auctions.) Seat Time Sam Green, via email: I own a 2003 50th Anniversary coupe. I got the car for my 50th birthday on Oct. 12, 2002. It now has 13,500 miles on it, and the car is still in my garage. This was my first Corvette, and I wanted one all my life. Now, I own three—a 1978 Pace Car, a 2000 convertible and the 2003 50th Anniversary coupe. I love the coupe, but I try to not to drive it as much, now that I have the convertible. The convertible really belongs to my wife because I bought it for her because she had endured nine months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation treatment and is now cancer-free, so I felt like she deserved something special. www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 35

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C6 profile by Geoff Archer A Selection of C6s that sold recently on eBay 2008 Z06 Coupe and 44-foot Marine Technology Catamaran This may be the ultimate concoction of boyhood fantasy and grown-up horsepower chrome Z06 wheels, Z06 sill plates, a stinger-style stripe on the front hood and fascia, chrome exterior badges and a painted Z06 spoiler and body-color door handles. Inside, the Corvette contains a Dark Titanium leather-wrapped interior and special Crystal Red center trim plate. All 505 of the limited-edition Corvettes were signed and numbered in the center console area by Wil Cooksey, who retired in 2006 after 15 years as the Corvette plant manager. This vehicle also features 427 hood badges and engine cover emblems and 427 seat T and floor mat embroidery. There are 799 miles on the clock. This Marine Technology catamaran was themed after a 2008 Special Edition Corvette Z06—with all the original GM parts used in the build, such as original headlights, taillights, gauges, door panels, steering wheel, gear shift, engine cowlings, door seals and so on. Also included are two large 12-inch Garman GPS navigation monitors, rear entertainment, front and rear camera system, and LED neon cockpit lighting. A true state-of-the-art sound system was installed which includes a customized speaker pod which comes out of the front deck and rear speakers off the swim platform. This boat is also equipped with a custom interior to match the Z06 Corvette, which includes air conditioning out of the factory vents and AC seats. In the uniquely designed engine room, you will find a red carbon fiber trim pack- age, polished stainless fittings and bolt heads, an LED neon lighting package and a pair of fresh Mercury 1,075/1,200-horsepower dual fuel engines. This boat is fully functional and ready to perform or be displayed in a museum. The “Z044” has a long pedigree of awards, which includes the Florida Powerboat Club's 2009 Miami Boat Show President Award. Due to the performance aspect of this boat, 36 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com This limited-edition Corvette was one of 505 cars built specifically for North America, and they are the only 2008 Z06s available in Crystal Red Metallic tint coat. Sporting a 7.0L 427-ci LS7 V8 engine with 505 horsepower, the vehicle has included with the purchase is a pre-paid training course at a performance boat school. Details Years Produced 2008 Number Produced 7,731 (505 of this special edition) Original List Price $84,200 (for the Corvette) CM Valuation $57,000-$62,500 Tune-up $ 275 Distributor Cap N/A (Eight ignition coils at $120 each) Chassis # Driver's side dash top at windshield base Engine # Pad forward of the cylinder head on right side Club Corvette Club of America P.O. Box 9879 Bowling Green, KY 42102 More www.corvetteclubofamerica.com Alternatives 2008 Ford Mustang GT500 KR, 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10, 2008 Corvette Z06 CM Investment Grade C Photos: Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

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Digital Bonus CM CM Analysis Lot 1303, which includes a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 coupe, a 2010 MTI Custom 44' Catamaran, and 2006 America Tilt Display Trailer, sold for $742,500, including buyer's commission, at the 2011 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ. This was the high sale of the auction. Several years ago I employed an exotic car salesman who referred to his instant- gratification, hard- partying lifestyle as “high school with cash.” Of course, this metaphor, which describes what happens when a childish penchant for frivolous playthings meets the power of a big paycheck, is not new to our industry. Many high-end car showroom and car club names play with the theme of big boy toys or automobile-related candy stores. Come to think of it, several small-scale performance car manufacturers likely operate—or operated—on this same principle. What we have here is such an extreme display of this meme that it is hard to imagine life will ever be the same. Perhaps someone else will now be inspired to one-up the Z044 with a helicopter that is also a Harley-Davidson (oh wait, that's been done), a Lamborghini SUV (remember the LM-002?), a Sherman-tank-engined car (thank you Jay Leno) or an amphibious Ford F-150 (also done) or some other preposterous concoc- tion of boyhood fantasy and grown-up horsepower. More than likely, however, given this astound- ing transaction price, I would think we're looking at a WaterChev' moment. No automobile deri-vette-ive will top this over-the-top moment. But hey, if you are going to try, you should probably leave enough ground clearance to hang some trailer-hitch testicles made of gold-plated bowling balls. Well sold or bought? Neither—or both. The guy who bought it could afford it, and presumably the exchange of cash for Crystal Red Metallic product worked for him. Who knows how much the seller had “invested,” but now he's got a sizeable wad of dough with which to pursue his next fantasy. Let's just call this deal well done for all. ■ (Introductory description Jackson.) courtesy of BarrettHarley Copter LM-002 Leno's tank-engined special Amphibious F-150 Seat Time Sam Green, via email: There's a book called 1000 Places to See Before You Die (by Patricia Schultz, Workman Publishing). Well, while owning several sports and GT cars, such as a Lamborghini Islero, Lotus Esprit Turbo and Porsche 928S4, I decided there was “One Thing a Car Guy Needs to Do Before He Dies.” This would be to have a sports car that is capable of 0-60 mph times of under 4 seconds—and have a chassis and brakes to match the performance. So, I acquired a 2008 Corvette Z06. It fulfilled the dream, and without a doubt, provided the best bang for the buck of any car in this league. I drove it for over 32,000 miles throughout the Southwestern U.S.—in day-to-day commuting and on long trips and vacations. I would have loved to have had some track time, but alas, it was a leased car, so that was not to be. I truly enjoyed the blistering acceleration and confident handling in cornering. At any speed, I felt secure with the massive brakes. There was never a service problem in three years, but tires only lasted between 10,000 and 20,000 miles (I went through three sets). The suspension was definitely bumpy over uneven pavement, but that was expected with this car, and it was never a problem for me. The fit and finish were very good, and there were never any shakes or rattles. Luggage space was plentiful for a two-week trip, and in long-distance interstate driving, the very tall 6th gear was capable of 90 mph at barely 2,000 rpm, while fuel economy was well above 26 mpg on such drives. Have your cake, and eat it too! It was truly a great experience for three years, and I was very hesitant to return the Z06 to the lease company. If you can acquire one, I highly recommend it! www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 37

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Market Report Overview Winter Corvette Auctions See Strong Results Consumer confidence was up across the U.S., bringing many rare and high-quality Corvettes to market by Jim Pickering 2011 followed a general trend of upward movement on nearly all generations, from highly-restored C1s through late-model special edition C6s. The best cars again brought the best money, while driver-quality cars were tougher to sell. However, as we saw in the summer of 2010, good T condition Corvettes priced at $100k and under also saw a notable boost in sales, which was indicative of the return of middle-market buyers looking to turn cash into cars. And improving market conditions from September through January drew even more high-quality Corvettes to auction than we saw this summer, both in collections and individually, which helped a number of auction events increase their bottom lines over the marks set this time last year. The annual Scottsdale and Phoenix auctions in January saw a hefty increase in overall final totals, from $126m in 2010 to nearly $160m this year, showing the market to still be on the move, and not far from the all-time high of $167m achieved in the pre-crash days of 2007. In total, 222 Corvettes were offered at BarrettJackson, Russo and Steele, RM Auctions, Gooding and Company, Silver Auctions, and MotoeXotica in Arizona this January, with 192 selling for a final total of $13.8m—a comfortable increase from the $10.8m achieved for 152 cars in 2010. Barrett-Jackson was again the volume leader of the entire Arizona auction week, with a gross total of 1,245 cars crossing the auction block. As an all-no-reserve event, everything sold, totaling a combined $68.5m in sales. Corvettes were out in force under the WestWorld tents, with 140 available accounting for nearly $11m of the overall total. Senior Auction Analyst CM 1–6 Scale Condition Rating: 1: National concours standard/perfect 2: Very good, club concours, some small flaws 3: Average daily driver in decent condition 4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems 6: Good only for parts Carl Bomstead noted custom cars to be the biggest surprise this year, with several six-digit sale results, which suggest the market has warmed to high-end modifications. Russo and Steele's Scottsdale event was the biggest news of 2010, with high winds leveling tents 38 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com he American car market has seen remarkable growth during the past year, and Corvettes were a large part of that success. Sales held during the closing months of 2010 and the opening months of Top Ten Sales This Issue 1. 1963 Corvette 327/210 convertible, $440,000—Lot S70, p. 60 2. 1957 Corvette 283/283 Fuelie roadster, $374,000—Lot 213, p. 58 3. 1964 Corvette 396/375 coupe, $308,000—Lot S73, p. 62 4. 1959 Corvette custom convertible, $253,000—Lot 1279, p. 42 5. 1967 Corvette 427 convertible, $209,000—Lot 1289, p. 45 6. 1953 Corvette 235/150 roadster, $198,000—Lot S705, p. 54 7. 1964 Chevrolet Corvette 327/210 Bill Mitchell XX styling coupe, $176,000—Lot S72, p. 62 8. 1967 Corvette 427/435 convertible, $176,000—Lot 214, p. 64 9. 1962 Corvette 327/360 Fuelie convertible, $176,000—Lot 1276, p. 44 10. 1953 Corvette 235/150 raodster, $170,500—Lot 1293, p. 42 Best Buys 1. 1964 Chevrolet Corvette 327/210 Bill Mitchell XX styling coupe, $176,000—Lot S72, p. 62 2. 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 327/210 convertible, $440,000—Lot S70, p. 60 3. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/390 coupe, $84,700—Lot 1339, p. 45 4. 1984 Chevrolet Corvette 350/205 coupe, $4,100—Lot 19, p. 72 5. 1961 Chevrolet Corvette 283/245 convertible, $60,950—Lot S261, p. 48 and smashing scores of cars, including a handful of original and restored Corvettes. This year's event went off without a hitch, with overall sales of $20m again second only to a $20.1m total achieved in 2007. When all was said and done, 26 of 39 Corvettes sold for $1.3m. Across the U.S., Mecum returned to Kissimmee, FL, in late January for its annual “Muscle Cars and More” event, where overall final totals chimed in north of $41m. In total, 166 of 229 Corvettes sold here for $7.3m, which compared well to the 119 of 147 sold here for $5.7m last year. And although Barrett-Jackson was still the largest overall event in terms of attendance, Mecum had more cars, both overall and in terms of Corvettes. Auction Analyst Dale Novak noted quite a bit of bidder interest throughout all five days of the sale, with literally something for everyone in the market for a Corvette. The best and brightest cars continue to be the Corvettes of choice among buyers at auction, and while bidders continue to be careful with their money, it's clear that market conditions continue to improve, and buyers are not afraid to spend to get the Corvette they've always wanted. 

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Market Report Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ 40th Annual Scottsdale Collector Car Auction Strong Corvettes brought exceptional money under the big tent in Scottsdale, with 140 no-reserve cars making almost $11m Company Barrett-Jackson Date January 18-23, 2011 Location Scottsdale, AZ Auctioneers Assiter & Associates. Tom “Spanky” Assiter, lead auctioneer Corvettes sold/offered 140/140 (100%) Corvette sales total $10,993,000 Corvette high sale 2010 Marine Technology Custom Corvette 44-foot catamaran, custom trailer, and 2008 Corvette Z06 coupe, sold at a combined $742,500 Buyer's premium 1954 Corvette roadster, sold for $88,000 Report and photos by Carl Bomstead Market opinions in italics W ant to find out what a Corvette is worth in today's ever changing market? Well, just offer 140 finely-turned-out examples at the world's largest all-noreserve auction and let the fur fly. That's exactly what Barrett-Jackson did at their 40th anniversary auction in Scottsdale, Arizona this January. The offerings were for the most part exceptional, especially those featured in the main tent adjoining the auction area. There were six ‘54s offered, and they sold between $62,700 and $104,500, with the more expensive price going to a recently restored example that was finished in Pennant Blue. Strong number two examples were in the high $70s to low $80s, which follow recent market trends for these second-year cars. Thirteen '67s crossed the stage, and as expected, the well-optioned big-blocks again brought serious money. An unrestored 100% original 427/435 with only 17,800 original miles quickly blew past the $200k mark and sold for $242,000. An exceptional 427/435 with a long list of NCRS awards and the original tank sticker brought $209,000 and four of the other 427 cars sold for six figures each. A 2011 Corvette LeMans Racing Z06 coupe created by Chevrolet with VIN 001 to celebrate Corvette's 50 years of LeMans racing heritage sold for $231,000, with all proceeds to benefit the National Corvette Museum. Additionally, a 2008 Z06 sold here, paired with a 44-foot custom Corvette catamaran boat and trailer (see profile pg. 36). The combination made $742,500, topping BarrettJackson's list of sales for the week. One of this year's biggest surprises was the 40 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Barrett-Jackson Sales Total $12m $10m $8m $6m $4m $2m 0 strength of the custom Corvette market. Eighteen examples crossed the block, and for the most part, they did exceptionally well. A ‘59 with an LS7 505-horsepower V8 engine under the hood realized $253,000, and a ‘57 with an LS3, custom air, C4 rear brakes, and polished suspension along with a bunch of other goodies brought $187,000. Seven of the others sold in excess of $100,000, which shows the current market, at least at B-J, is very receptive to individual creations. As with most auctions, all was not thumbs-up and smiles. A ‘53 Corvette with VIN 243 was offered along with a 50th Anniversary Corvette with the same VIN and color combination. The ‘53 had a long list of Bloomington and NCRS awards, and the 2003 had only 21 miles on the clock. It was an impressive pair that sold for $170,500. The problem was that the seller had purchased the cars at the Barrett-Jackson auction in January '05 for $297,000, and he was overheard stating the he was expecting a sizable profit. The market spoke when the hammer fell, and he's licking a $127,000 hurt. In general, the Corvette market has been a bit soft of late, but the results of Barrett-Jackson's January event proved that strong cars will still bring exceptional money, and very good Corvettes are on their way back. And although each of this year's Arizona auctions saw increases this year, Barrett-Jackson was again the volume leader in every category—a fitting tribute for the company's 40th anniversary. ■ 10%, included in sold prices 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2006 2005 2004 2003

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Market Report C1 TOP 10 No. 10 #1293-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001243. Polo White/beige can- vas/red vinyl. Odo: 22,529 miles. 235-ci 150hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Numerous awards, including Triple Crown, Bloomington Gold, and Gold Spinner. Was once in Corvette Classic Museum. Minor issues with paint. Offered as a combo with 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette with VIN and colors that match the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ correct for car but not documented. Original 3-speed converted to T-10 4-speed. Optional Wonderbar radio and deluxe heater. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $77,000. If all were in order, we would be looking at a sale well into six figures. Lack of documentation on 283/283 Fuelie an issue, and transmission change makes it even more questionable. As such, drive and enjoy, but don't let any NCRS judges get too close. #1248.1-1957 CHEVROLET '53. Only showing 23 miles on the clock. A unique combination. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $170,500. This pair of matching Corvettes was purchased at the 2005 Scottsdale auction for $297,000 (CM #37010), so the seller came out upside-down by $127,000 or so. In today's world, the '53 is worth about what was paid here, making the as-new 2003 thrown in for free. Seller is licking his wounds, and buyer is smiling. #1332.2-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S001340. Polo White/beige canvas/red vinyl. Odo: 341 miles. 235-ci 150-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Complete restoration completed in 2004. Well maintained since, with less than 400 miles added. One row of stitching missing on driver's seat. Seven-year-old paint very presentable. Very nice brightwork. Slightly over-restored. Black paint with silver coves. Well fited interior. Second Flight NCRS with 93.6 points. A striking '57. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $93,500. The radio was only a $200 option in '57 but now adds over a grand to the package. Price paid was about right right for a 1957 283 car with dual fours. Expensive but a quality car. You would be hard pressed to find one and do it to this standard for price paid. Fair all around. #1264.2-1958 CHEVROLET Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $71,500. 1954 Corvettes have been off their high of a few years back and need to be of exceptional quality to bring the money. There was little to fault here, and I would not have been surprised to see another $10k or so. As such, well bought. #1253.2-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S100288. Venetian Red & white/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 96,422 miles. 283-ci 283-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. If anything, over-restored. Paint very acceptable, good brightwork, trunk sitting a bit high. New interior properly installed. Engine 42 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com CORVETTE convertible. S/N J58S101747. Snowcrest White & Inca Silver/white hard top/ red vinyl. Odo: 50,846 miles. 283-ci 250-hp Gold and Gold Spinner. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $154,000. This car had a long list of awards and deserved them all. Price paid was well beyond the levels mentioned in CM's price guide, but this was about as good as it gets. Well sold, but new owner has the bragging rights. TOP 10 No. 4 #1279-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom convertible. S/N J59S101185. Yellow & white/tan vinyl/buckskin leather. Odo: 273 miles. 7.0-L 505-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. An over-the-top custom presentation of a '59 Corvette with LS7 engine that powered the 2006 Z06. 4L65E transmission with C4 suspension. Custom frame with EVON wheels. Power disc brakes and steering, pneumatic hood and trunk. Everything polished and highly detailed. Limited use since completion. The ultimate CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S103252. Onyx Black/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 230 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Bodyoff restoration completed last year. Stated to be numbers-matching with correct date codes. Radio delete, which was the case with about half the '57s. Positraction rear end. Rich Onyx fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Attractive paint color combo, new interior properly installed, engine well detailed. Numbers-matching and date code-correct, with breakdown of casting and date code numbers provided by seller. Fitted with correct Borg Warner T-10 transmission dated 11-1-57. Original tag still on fuel injection. Fully documented. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $121,000. A no-questions '58 Fuelie that was assembled December of 1957. Block was cast November 15, 1957. Sold for strong-but-notunreasonable money, considering the condition and full documentation. Fair all around. #1259.1-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S107093. Inca Silver/silver vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 2,536 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Less than 1,000 '59s painted in Inca Silver. Well maintained with no swirls or surface scratches. Excellent trim fit. Interior properly fitted. NCRS Duntov Award in 2001, numerous chapter and regional awards, plus Bloomington

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Market Report Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ Corvette custom. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $253,000. This was offered at prime time Saturday night for maximum exposure. Every performance mod conceivable had been integrated into the well-planned custom design, but at a steep price. Two bidders had to have it, so the final price came as a surprise to everyone. With limited prior exposure, the car is now ready for the show circuit. #1321.1-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom convertible. S/N J59S107590. Black/red leather. 5.7-L 350-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Original '59 body mounted on custom chassis with C4 suspension. Fitted with LS1 engine first used in the '97 Corvette. 4-speed automatic 4L60E transmission. Power windows and steering, a/c, the package here. The knockoffs are valued at $10k and the teak wheel at $2k. The price paid was up there, so apparently the restamped block did not scare anyone away. Well sold. #1277.1-1967 CHEVROLET leather interior, four-wheel power disc brakes, Cottington wheels, and custom stereo. Little to fault on striking presentation. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $132,000. Custom Corvettes were well received in Arizona this year and sold for stronger-than-expected money. This was just one of several that were flawless and very well presented. TOP 10 No. 9 #1276-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S110884. Tuxedo Black/black vinyl/fawn vinyl. Odo: 761 miles. 327-ci 360hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Owned by the same family for 35 years. Restored to perfection by an NCRS judge who knew how far he could go and still win Top Flight and Duntov Mark of Excellence awards. Points lost were for over- LS1 engine, C4 Newman Car Creations frame and suspension. Vintage Air. All polished suspension parts, 2002 Corvette 17-inch wheels. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $132,000. A well-designed custom with exceptional paint that must have cost a small fortune, it was overall more subtle than several of the other customs offered. Price paid seemed reasonable enough, considering the quality of the workmanship. C2 #1237.2-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S103981. Milano Maroon/black vinyl/ black vinyl. Odo: 76,425 miles. 327-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Stated to be a frame-off restoration with matching numbers, but no documentation that the engine was born with the car. Gaps and panels are excellent and exceed anything that ever came out of CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S104345. Sunfire Yellow/black vinyl/ black vinyl. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl 4-sp. An older restoration that was freshened up in 2007. Documented with tank sticker, original order and photos of restoration. Side exhaust added from another Corvette. 20867S104548. Candy Apple Red/black fabric/black leather. Odo: 70 miles. 5.7-L 350-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. A five-year project that was recently completed. Limited test miles since. Paint by House of Kolor, late-model Power steering and disc brakes. 3:31 Posi rear end, a/c added. Attractive color combination on well maintained 427 that shows a bit of age. A strong driver. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $84,700. This was a middle-of-the-road price for a car that was a bit better than that. The documentation helped but the added stuff did not. A well bought car if you wanted a good driver, and there's no problem with that. #1267.1-1967 CHEVROLET St. Louis. Engine rebuilt. New exhaust, carpet, and top. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $60,500. For an L84 Fuelie restored to this level, the price was well under the money. Six figures would not have been unreasonable, but “matching numbers” is meaningless without documentation. restoration. Multiple NCRS awards. Bloomington Gold-certified. Both tops. List of other awards as long as your arm. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $176,000. The best of the best comes with a steep price tag. The new owner paid a premium of about $40k for the privilege. That, however, will be quickly forgotten when he receives his first of many best-in-class awards. Well bought and sold. #1260.2-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom convertible. S/N 44 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com #1289.1-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S101055. Nassau Blue/dark blue vinyl/ dark blue vinyl. Odo: 67 miles. 427-ci 450-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Three Top Flight Awards in 2000. Complete restoration with restampled but period-correct block. Only 67 miles since restoration. Original knockoffs, sidepipes, and teak steering wheel. M21 4-speed manual and original radio. L72 big-block a $300 option. A most desirable '66 Corvette. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $143,000. The original options completed CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S103489. Silver Pearl/silver leather. Odo: 48,355 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. An original unrestored Corvette with full documentation, including Bill of Sale and Protect-O-Plate. Low miles also documented. Has both tops. Radio delete an unusual option, seen on only about 700 '67s. Earned an NCRS Duntov award in 1998 and has been well main

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tained since, but showing signs of age. A most unusual time capsule. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $79,200. This was middle-of-the-road money for an unmolested, fully documented L68 with Tri-Power. The car could have easily been bid into the low six-figures without much question. As such, well bought, and I just hope the new owner continues to maintain it in its present condition. #1320-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S103753. Marlboro Maroon/black vinyl. Odo: 60,244 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Zero miles on a recent extensive restoration. Four NCRS Top Flight Awards prior to restoration. Quality respray with black stinger. Matching numbers documented with build sheet and window rang the bell. The L88s and L89s tend to bring serious money, but this was up there as well, considering the restamped block and age of restoration. Best Buy #1339-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S115675. Eng. # 3904351. Rally Red/black leather. Odo: 7,012 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Recent restoration of a numbers-matching 427 Corvette. Paint to high standard, trim not scratched or damaged. New leather interior. Rare factory a/c was on fewer than 4,000 cars and cost over $400. Rally wheels and side C6 #1565-2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY26UX75139723. Red/ white/blue/black leather. Odo: 41,775 miles. 6.0-L 400-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. The official Basketball Hall of Fame Corvette. Signed by members of the 1982 and 1960 Olympic Basketball Team. Porceeds to benefit the Child's Safety Network. Package included photographs of all the players and a VIP pack- sticker. Stunning restoration. About as good as it gets. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $154,000. It's difficult to say a Corvette was well bought at this price, but this one was. A desirable big-block with Tri-Power that had been restored to perfection. If you want the best, you have to dig deep. TOP 10 No. 5 #1289-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S114980. Rally Red/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 46,118 miles. 427-ci 435hp V8, 3 x 2-bbl, 4-sp. Numerous awards in mid-'90s including Duntov in 1998. Bloomington Gold certified. Power brakes, windows, and top. Sidepipes. Period-correct 427 restampted block. Documented with tank sticker and original invoice. Exceptional Rally pipes. AM/FM radio. Engine well detailed. A quality restoration. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $84,700. This was last seen at B-J's 2006 Scottsdale sale, where it sold for $92,800 (CM #40577). It was stated then that the Corvette was in need of serious attention and that the price paid was difficult to understand. Well, the car got a quality restoration, and today it found a new owner, with the seller left deep underwater. Well bought. #1327-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom convertible. S/N 1947677S112606. Black/black vinyl/black leather. Odo: 292 miles. 7.0-L 638-hp fuel-injected V8, 5-sp. Triple-black with 427 red stinger hood and flared rear fenders for wider tires. Exceptional paint. LS7 engine with Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. Upgraded C4 suspension. Lots age at the 2011 Hall of Fame cermonies that was valued at $4,000. Just the ticket if you are a fan of the early NBA years. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $27,000. This 2007 Corvette sold for about what a plain old version would go for, so the NBA stuff was all for naught. If you have a use for it, it was well bought considering all other the goodies offered. #1246.1-2009 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom coupe. S/N 1G1YY26WX95114907. Silver/red leather. Odo: 13 miles. 6.2-L 430-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Brand new 2009 Corvette coupe with custom '63 Split-Window body. Equipped with LS3 engine and 6-speed transmission. Miles on the odo from just a couple times Red paint with black stinger. A stunning example, but showing signs of age. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $209,000. An exceptional fullydocumented L71 big-block convertible that of brightwork under the hood, billet serpentine belts, custom headers. With power windows, brakes, and steering, plus a/c. Looks wicked quick. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $93,500. Custom Corvettes were out in force, and for the most part, they sold well. This one was no exception. Except for the wheels, it looked pretty much factory until you opened the hood. I doubt you could build it for the price paid. around the block and still under GM warranty. The refined engineering of the C6 with a period look. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $148,500. A unique and well-engineered custom 2009 Corvette. Price paid was up there for a novelty, but I'm willing to bet the seller did not make any money on the deal. A striking car if custom Corvettes were your thing. ■ www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 45

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL Kissimmee High Performance Auction This east coast alternative has rapidly become the largest single-site offering, in terms of numbers of cars offered, in January displacing even Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale Company Mecum Auctions Date January 26-30, 2011 Location Kissimmee, Florida Auctioneers Mark Delzell, Jimmy Landis, Bobby McGlothlen, Mike Hagerman, Matt Moravec, and Jeff Knosp Corvettes sold/offered 166/229 (73%) Corvette sales total $7,371,040 Corvette high sale 1955 roadster, S/N 002, sold at $180,200 1968 L88 convertible, sold for $174,900 Report and photos by Dale Novak Market opinions in italics made the tactical decision to expand this year's auction from four to five days of “car guy” fun in the sun. Once again, Mother Nature cooperated and provided excellent weather—the kind that brings snowbirds down in flocks from all points north. The sales rate wasn't too shabby either, with 68% of the overall lots sold. From Wednesday through Friday, the sales rate was tracking a notch above a jaw-dropping 77%. With final totals up to $41m over last year's $26.5m, it's no wonder Mr. Mecum was smiling so much. Perhaps with the exception of Mecum's Bloomington Gold sale held each June E in St. Charles, IL, Mecum's Kissimmee sale has more Corvettes on offer than most any other venue. In fact, this year's sale put 229 up for grabs, with 166 finding new homes. If you came looking for a Corvette, there was something for just about every buyer, regardless of whether they were looking for a C1 or C6. Cars on offer here ranged from a wellpresented first-year 1953, lot S114, which was a no sale at $170,000, to a driver-level 1989 Corvette finding a new home for $6,500. The highest-selling Corvette was lot U170, a 1955 roadster from the Bob McDorman Collection, which brought a very high $180,200. This was noted as serial number two and was finished in Polo White over a red interior. At the McDorman sale, held only a 46 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Mecum Sales Total $12m $10m $8m $6m $4m $2m 0 Every January, I make my way to Kissimmee, Florida for Mecum's winter sale. This year's event, entitled “Muscle Cars & More,” was held from January 26-30, 2011 at the same location as in previous years—the Osceola Heritage Park. Coming off a 71% sell-through rate in 2010, Dana Mecum and company Buyer's premium $300 up to $5,499; $500 from $5,500 to $9,999; 6% thereafter, included in sold prices. Phone and internet bids add 2% (not included here). few months prior in November of 2010, the same car was sold for $143,000. You simply can't complain about a tidy $40,000 gross profit—commissions, fees and transporting costs notwithstanding. Well played for the short-term owner. Other notables included lot S106, a 1968 L88 Corvette convertible, which changed hands at $174,900, lot S149, a 1967 427/400 three-time NCRS Top Flight winner, which made $153,700, and lot S130, a 1967 427/435 coupe which sold at $143,100. Even the often overlooked C4s and C5s saw solid results here, with a Lingenfelter-tuned 650-hp 40th Anniversary edition ZR-1, lot W269, finding a new owner for $37,100. For a more pedestrian example, if you can call any C4 ZR-1 coupe that, a 1990 offered as lot W266 sold at $21,200. A 2003 50th Anniversary coupe with Indy 500 Pace Car graphics brought a very stout $39,750 (see profile on p. 34,) while another 50th Anniversary convertible without the Pace car package made $24,910. Mecum's Kissimmee sale continues to grow and gain enthusiastic interest. It's a great east coast alternative to the annual Arizona auctions, and has rapidly become the largest single-venue offering in January, in terms of numbers of cars offered, outdoing even Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. And with excellent weather, a wide array of well-organized consignments, and a variety of price points available, it's the perfect place to find that next Corvette for your garage. ■ 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 2006 2005 2004 2003

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Market Report C1 #S114-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001127. White/red vinyl/ red vinyl. Odo: 162 miles. 235-ci 150-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Bloomington Gold certification, matching numbers, stated to have been a frame-off restoration. Wide gap on driver's door, passenger's door not much better. Fiberglass body in poor condition, which corresponds to build quality in 1953. Seats and carpets appear newer, but balance of Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL NCRS meet. I don't dish out #1 ratings casually, so you can be assured this was a beautiful example. Given the overall presentation, I'd say the owner was wise to hold out for more. Get it judged nationally with a good result and see the value rise accordingly. #S131-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S101137. Black/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 26,619 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Recent body-off restoration. Numbers-matching engine, upgraded 4-speed transmission. Passenger's door out, some sanding marks noted in paintwork, as well as some fisheyes and some flat areas under headlamps. Body shows some stress cracking. Clean engine bay not in full show condition but very close. Period battery show use based on miles noted. Nothing major or egregious, but does show some modest wear. Pristine engine bay with virtually no faults noted. Unique side exhaust system built into body. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $124,550. Resto-mods are usually good sellers at most venues, since a guy gets all the looks of a pure classic coupled with the energized thrills of a late-model performance car—great handling, brakes, and an air-conditioned cabin that is usually fairly quiet as well. This was a fresh build with less than 10,000 miles, and it looked the part. These are market-based cars that usually sell for well north of $100k when built properly, and given this one's quality, I think the buyer did well here. Best Buy #S261-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N interior looks older. Gauges lightly pitted. Engine bay starting to show age and use. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $170,000. Last seen at Mecum Auctions in Monterey, CA on August 15, 2009, where it was a no-sale at $170k (CM# 141256). Lightning struck a second time today, with the exact same high bid. '53s can be hard to live with, due to the poor build quality of the original bodies. That said, this was a nice example with little to fault. One of only 300 built, so should always be a valuable car, even if prices are down from the highs of a few years ago. Apparently, it's going to take more to buy the car. #S247-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S002622. Red/tan cloth/red vinyl. Odo: 8 miles. 250-ci 150-hp V6, 3x1bbl, manual. Small dimple in bumper, chrome light rings slightly pitting. Passenger door out. Interior very tight and shows well. Very nice engine bay presents as just about perfect in most regards. Well done in just about every area with the only faults being very nitpicky. 10867S109073. Black/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 58,490 miles. 283-ci 245-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, manual. Numbers-matching with desirable 2x4-bbl carb setup. Very straight body. Driver's door wide at fender, trunk tight on passenger's side. Seams showing in some areas of body, crack across driver's fender has been repaired but still shows under the black paint. Top a bit faded and soiled in areas. Interior nice, but installed. Carpet lightly faded. Appears to be an older restoration. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $76,320. Overall, this was a very nice, drivable, early-edition Corvette. The striking black over red presentation looked good, but black hides nothing, so it was easy to spot some of the flaws in the paint and body. It was noted to have been upgraded to a 4-speed, so we can conclude it was originally born with a 3-speed. 1957s are sought-after Corvettes, and as this one seemed to be correct in most regards, it achieved a spot-on, market-correct price. #S211-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom convertible. S/N J59S102546. Silver/ black cloth/red leather. Odo: 9,567 miles. 6.2-L 545-hp fuel-injected V8, 5-sp. LS3 Resto-mod. Doors both out, other panel gaps shows use. Engine bay presents well, but the intake manifold is fuel-stained. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $60,950. This was reported to be a frame-off restoration, but the car has started aging since then. The matching-numbers engine was a nice plus for the new owner, and it's hard not to like a C1 in black-over-red. Given the overall condition, popular color combo, and original engine, I'd call this well bought. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $90,000. This was reportedly an NCRS Florida Chapter Top Flight recipient in January 2011, just prior to the sale. It had also won Best of Show at the 48 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com look factory. Some sanding marks noted in paintwork, one long subtle streak in hood paint also noted. Interior looks almost new but does #S109-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 10867S107377. White/white hard top/black vinyl. Odo: 16,958 miles. 283ci 315-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Competitionspec Corvette. Driver's door sits wide, trunk high at rear. Splits and tears in interior from the driver being thrashed about. Includes SVRA and HSR log books. A fully prepped race car, and well used, judging by overall weathering. Well worn, but every authentic. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $58,300. This was stated to be an original Fuelie converted for racing right off the showroom floor, as was often done. It was fitted with the hard top only and dressed out in the classic competition white-with-blue

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30837S108522. White/blue vinyl. Odo: 2,337 miles. 377-ci 591-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Paint in driver condition but over a relatively nice body. Glass scratched, black trim rough. Latermodel Corvette seats. Driver-level engine bay looks well used. Fuel cell fashioned into a custom-built trunk area. Looks to be raceready for a vintage venue. Fitted with 377/591 engine. Autometer gauges. Cond: 3-. stripes. The car was ready for pretty much any vintage racing venue and just seemed right to me. Used, worn, weathered, and cool. The buyer and seller agreed, and the car found a new home. #S239-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom convertible. S/N 10867S107934. Black/black leather/black & silver leather. Odo: 548 miles. 5.7-L 480-hp fuel-injected V8, manual. Resto-modded with fuel-injected LS3 engine. Very nice paint, though some debris in places. Interior presents as brand new, smells like freshly upholstered leather. Chromed-out under the hood and very clean. Replated chrome done to high standards. Aftermarket “Gasser,” at least loosely defined, refers to drag cars which have been stripped of extraneous weight and jacked up using a straight axle up front to provide better weight distribution on acceleration. A raised stock front suspension is common as well, which is why they look like they are under full “hole shot” acceleration standing still. This simply oozed cool—it literally shook the podium. With a few more tweaks, it could go to a #1- in my book. High bid seemed like enough to get the deal done, given its limited usability. #S280-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 30837S101981. Silver/black. Odo: 18,654 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4x1-bbl, manual. Paint shows blemishes, such as some dry spray. Sanding marks and some areas of heavy paint noted. Driver door out. Weatherstripping a bit dry and cracked. Inner fenders have been spray painted with no prep. Previous possible repair noted. Interior in good shape overall, no major flaws, just somewhat weathered and tired. Undercarriage excellent. SOLD AT $53,000. This was a cross between a vintage racer and a modified race-ready road car. It had all sorts of performance and safety goodies installed and reportedly had been vintage raced in the 1990s at Road America, Road Atlanta, and Sebring, to name a few. It made for a nice presentation and had all the looks of an early 1960s road racer. I liked it. A fair deal for both buyer and seller. #S196-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE chrome Torq-Thrust-style wheels. C4 suspension and brakes. Not much to fault in most regards. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $137,800. This heavily resto-modded C1 looked to be very well done. The tires and wheels were too small and proportionately made the car look rather odd, at least to me. Other than that and the less-than-perfect paint, there was not much to pick on. At this money, perhaps I'll trick out my '59. Well sold. Gasser #S178-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20867S101454. Maroon/black vinyl. Odo: 25,492 miles. 455-ci 850-hp supercharged V8, 4-sp. Blown gasser Corvette. Less than ten miles since completion. Lots of polished bits and pieces with an old school “Super Chevy” presentation. Undercarriage and paintwork extremely clean and well done. Driver's door out, other panels show a factory fit. Interior looks very nice, but more as a weekend show car. Huge tires protrude out of trimmed rear wheel wells. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $90,000. The term coupe. S/N 30837S113585. Blue/black vinyl. Odo: 28,712 miles. 327-ci V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Period-correct 4-speed, incorrect shifter. Interior nice but graded as a weekend driver. Non-original engine. Glass scratched in areas, small blister noted on roof, rocker panels in poor condition. Paint and body present very well, engine bay looks weathered and used but not overly so. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $65,720. Aftermarket a/c added. Power windows. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $66,000. Should be a nice, usable split-window, thanks to the a/c and power windows. The car card noted a recent repaint, but it appeared to have been done in a hurry, based on the finished presentation. But the silver-over-black color combo looked fantastic under the bright lights, and the car was bid to a very respectable number. This was all the money and then some, given the condition. C2 #S174-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Grand Sport replica coupe. S/N The car card stated that the non-original engine was mated to a “period-correct” 4-speed transmission. That statement didn't instill much confidence—was the car originally fitted with an automatic? There was no documentation offered, so most buyers simply walked away puzzled. Still, this was a Split-Window a guy could buy and easily improve, as all the heavy lifting was done. But when you added it all up, this was well sold. www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 49

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL #W248-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 40867S108506. Blue/white vinyl/. Odo: 44,227 miles. 350-ci 300-hp V8, 4-sp. Street-style Corvette with period-style and performance bits added. Paint poorly applied but probably looked good on the block. Chrome pitted. Cut wheelwells, patched fender, odd bulge on driver's door, soiled top. Big-block hood fitted. MSD ignition and vintage a/c added. Hurst shifter. Odd felt seat inserts and newer late-model seatbelts. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $36,040. This Corvette had all stated to be original. The car looked the part, so there was no reason to believe otherwise. Included were the maintenance records and original sales receipt, brochure, and factory inspection sheet. If you were seeking an unmolested and very original L79, this was the car for you. Seller wanted $100k, but $77k was a very fair offer, considering it can't be driven without hurting the value. #S138-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S104850. Blue/blue vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 54,816 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, auto. Matching-numbers, Tri-Power, Powerglide automatic, factory a/c, power steering, and power brakes. Factory side exhaust, Redline tires. Excellent paint with very few flaws noted. Engine bay showing some age but nevertheless very nice. Driver's door in, other panels show factory fit. Hard top $86,100 at Mecum's St. Charles, IL, sale in 2003 (CM# 31539), more recently a $200k nosale at Mecum's Monterey, CA sale in August 2009 (CM# 141270). It was then rated a 3+, so the car has seen some fluffing since. Past CM records stated that the car was born wearing a different color. Most of these in the CM database brought something north of $300k, so either something was amiss, or this was very well bought. Seller was probably just tired of trailering the car from auction to auction and had to let it go. sorts of “pay as you go” street modifications. It was fitted with a rack-and-pinion steering system, among other street performance add-ons. Interior was stated to be less than two years old, but the felt inserts detracted from the presentation. Not sure what to do with this, other than drive it into the ground. Might have seemed cheap up on the block, and the new owner exited the auction grounds like a bat out of hell. Well sold. #S277-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S116917. White/ black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 17,559 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Numbersmatching with original miles. Windshieldsurround a bit marred. Teak wheel, telescopic. Was possibly hit, showing light damage to front end with some small cracks noted in the fender. Great patina to original, untouched interior. Super engine bay, inspection marks and stickers still present and look authentic. #W249-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE included with car. Interior tight and showready. A perpetual crowd pleaser. Documented with tank sticker. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $129,850. Fresh restoration of a very desirable mid-year Corvette. '67s are top of the heap for mid-year valuations (along with '63 SplitWindows), so the money paid here was expected for the quality presented. This was a great example of a 427/400 with nice options that included the very desirable factory-installed a/c. If it had a 4-speed, I think we could have seen another $25k or more. That said, a market-correct result. C3 Undercarriage is very nice, as you expect it would be, for a 1966 with under 18,000 miles. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $77,000. This Corvette was reported to have had only two owners from new, and the miles noted were 50 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com #S106-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S411010. Blue/black vinyl/blue vinyl. Odo: 6,200 miles. 427-ci 430hp, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Nicely restored L88. No mention of matching numbers, so assume not. Some bubbling paint, heat damage on hood. Driver's door out, other gaps very nice. Front fender cracked and repaired. Clean engine bay looks authentic, intake manifold lightly fuelstained. Fitted with air pump for a very correct presentation. Fireball at startup, which might explain the bubbled paint on the hood. Stated to be one of only 80 L88s built for the 1968 model year and very nicely presented. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $174,900. Last sold for coupe. S/N 194378S418881. Silver/black vinyl. Odo: 33,583 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-sp. Numbers-matching. Stated to have been in storage for last 29 years, miles believed actual. Dull paint lacking much luster. Rear end hit and repaired, but poorly executed. Driver door out. Splits on driver seat with seams showing. Optional 4-speed, power windows, and a/c. Factory work order included. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $27,000. I just bet this 1968 coupe looked really nice under the stage lights, which were bright enough to illumine the dead silver paint. Off the block, it was somewhat of Corvette that needed everything. Although the claims of it being stored are likely true, it was obviously unloved and poorly cared for. Shame, as it looked very nice walking up to it. I'm shocked the owner didn't cut it loose. #S272-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S732078. Gold/white vinyl/. Odo: 54,541 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Matching numbers, miles stated to be original. Headlamp door cracked, top showing some wrinkles and less-than-perfect

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fit. Interior is nice but no longer super tight. Steering wheel column paint color is mismatched and looks sloppy. Tired and weak back in St. Charles. For a high-horse L89 with needs, the market has spoken with remarkable clarity and accuracy—three times in a row. #S121-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S733696. Red/tan vinyl. Odo: 86,355 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Numbers-matching 427. Fitted with a/c, power steering, power brakes, and power windows. Tilt wheel. Positraction and tinted glass. Some light scratches, sanding marks, blemishes, and overbuffed areas in paint. Passenger's door out a small amount, other gaps look good. Trim scratched. Clean and tidy Original tires. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $25,970. By the car card, and not looking closely at the car in person, this would seem like a terrific opportunity to acquire an Anniversary Edition Corvette with under 100 original miles on it. That said, given the miles, this made for a very poor presentation. Obviously the car was not properly stored, as it was no longer as crisp and tight as you would expect, and the fact that it had been painted raised more than a few questions. Hopefully the new owner looked at the car up close and in person and not from the bidders seats. Well sold. #W171-1981 CHEVROLET CORVETTE under the hood, showing use and age. L71 engine. A decent driver. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $48,760. Last seen at Mecum's St. Charles, IL, sale in June 2009, where it was a no-sale at $36k (CM #120936). Pity, the car was a nice driver and it had only seen 208 miles since then. The 435-horse, triple-deuce engine can bring money when planted in a mid-year ‘Vette, which presumably will pull up the C3s in time. That's always been the assumption anyway, but it hasn't happened yet. The C2s seem to be climbing back up in value, so watch for their younger brothers to get better with age. A market-correct result. #S110-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194379S727012. Gold/black leather. Odo: 45,309 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Miles stated to be original. Bubbles and blisters showing in the paint, some dirt noted as well. Wrinkled paint noted on rear deck area. Passenger's door out, headlamp bucket a bit wide. Driver-grade interior, with the driver's seat showing much use. Clean under the hood, but shows plenty of use. Optional 427/435 L89, side exhaust, and coupe. S/N 1AY876XBS427563. Maroon. Odo: 101,182 miles. 350-ci V8, 4-bbl, auto. Shabby paint cracked, fiberglass showing underlying spider cracks as well. Fairly large blister on driver's-side rear quarter panel. Weatherstripping all poor and needs to be replaced. Rear window tint film looks like it was done with a spatula. Fright pig? Close interior, weatherstrip is dry in areas and cracking. Chassis in driver condition. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $55,120. This was reported to be a frame-up restoration, and it looked the part. I would suggest the car was decent to begin with before it underwent a primarily cosmetic fluffing. It showed very well at ten feet, but began to unwind under closer inspection. It was loaded with some nice options, and that presumably helped the final bid here. A nice Corvette, but the price paid was expensive for a 390-horse coupe. Well sold. Silver #F245-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Anniversary coupe. S/N 1Z87L8S438302. Silver & gray/black vinyl & cloth. Odo: 90 miles. 350-ci 185-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Actual miles stated at less than 100. Seats with cloth inserts look reasonably good, but with more wear than expected on a 90-mile car. Both doors out, car was repainted at some point and now looks cloudy and mottled. Engine bay looks good and very original but shows plenty of age, surface rust, and peeling paint. Trim shows pitting and markings. to it. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $10,500. This was described as a one-owner example with all paperwork and documents to prove the claim, but who cares when the car is this rough? Corvette owners have an old saying: There's no such thing as an average Corvette; they're either beat-to-death or pristine. This one was just needed everything. Well sold, snorkel and mask not included. #W257-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY878XC5110254. Gold/tan vinyl. Odo: 36,077 miles. 350-ci 200-hp V8, auto. Same owner last 25 years. Rare code 56 Gold paint showing fisheyes and poor prep. Small crack on taillight, soft nose gap buckled. Door jambs well worn. Black trim freshly tilt/telescopic steering column. Tank sticker and other documentation included. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $65,720. A $67,000 no-sale at Mecum's St. Charles, IL sale in June 2009 (CM #120916), a $62,500 no-sale at Mecum's Monterey, CA sale in August 2009 (CM #141273), and finally sold today for about the same money. Too bad the seller didn't let it go www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 51

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Market Report Mecum Auctions Kissimmee, FL painted. Interior has been touched up with dye and paint. Factory a/c. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $17,490. Only 648 code 56 Gold coupes were assembled in 1982. All 1982s were automatics, so it's a level playing field in that regard. This was the last year of the C3 body and arguably the nicest looking of the post-steel-bumper Corvettes. They seem to be gaining steam quickly, so grab one if you can. Price was about market-correct for one in this condition. C4 #W273-1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J6L5800973. Red/ tan leather. Odo: 11,761 miles. 350-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. LT5 4-cam 32-valve engine. Displayed at the Bowling Green Corvette Museum. All-original with all available options in 1990. Driver's seat bolster lightly worn, tires dry-rotted and need to be replaced. Miles stated to be original. Paint shows some light scratches, factory orange peel and swirl marks. Close to show- but other sources show 71 built (a minor disacrepancy). This was a nice enough Callaway and most likely a blast to pilot, though the color was a shade of love-it-or-hate-it. The upgraded Speedster engine produced 475 horses and 634 foot-pounds of torque, and this may be the only Callaway so equipped. With regards to bang for the buck, I'd call this well bought. #W269-1993 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J0P5800103. Red/ black leather. Odo: 12,700 miles. 454-ci 650hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. 12,700 miles from new. 40th Anniversary edition with parts and performance added by Lingenfelter. Custom racing-style seats and four-point safety belts. Small defect noticed on front nose. Driver's side headlamp may have been painted, as NOT SOLD AT $34,000. Very well kept and in great shape overall with reported low miles. As a future collectible, I'd have to say this one could do very well over the long term, provided the owner keeps the car in stellar condition. The bid was a tad light today but very close for a Grand Sport convertible in this condition, and it might do better at a Corvette-only venue. C6 #W175-2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY26U675125110. Black/ black leather. Odo: 8,100 miles. 6.0-L 400-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Miles stated to be actual, one owner, condition confirms. Factory orange peel noted, but acceptable as the factory finish quality. Nearly as new. Custom pinstripes added. Transparent roof panel. Z51 room condition. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $29,000. For a well-presented, low-mileage ZR-1, this was the one to own. It was very well kept and obviously babied. It came with some nice provenance, being on display at the Corvette Museum, which might explain the dry-rotted tires. New shoes are going to set a new owner back about $300 per tire, so that may have kept a few bidders at bay. That said, the offer was fair, but the owner was looking for more. #W261-1991 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Callaway convertible. S/N 1G1YY338OM5106108. Turquoise/turquoise hard top/black leather. Odo: 29,286 miles. 350ci 475-hp turbocharged V8, 6-sp. Only 3,000 miles since restoration. Small rub marks noted on rear bumper, dimple in driver's door. Clearcoat worn off in ring pattern on driver's side headlamp bucket. Fitted with a body-colored hard top. Lightly soiled and weathered inside. Driver's seat shows wear and use. Last year of the Chevrolet Callaway twin-turbo Corvette, one of 62 produced, fully documented. Stated to be autographed by Reeves Callaway. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $34,980. The car card said this was one of only 62 produced, 52 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com color is slightly off. 454 reported to produce 650 horsepower. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $37,100. This car was featured in Corvette Fever in 1993 and reportedly would get over 25 miles per gallon at highway cruising speeds. The full-throttle testosterone look was over-the-top for me, but some power-loving drivers loved it. Red, flashy, bulgy, powerful, and extremely fast. A lot of Corvette for the money. #W228.1-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY3253T5600405. Blue & white/white vinyl/black leather. Odo: 22,727 miles. 350-ci 330-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Miles believed actual, two owners from new. Paint presents well with few flaws. Tidy interior shows only moderate wear. Clean engine bay is dressed out nicely. Powder-coated wheels. One of 1,000 Grand Sports produced in the final year of the C4, and one of 190 convertibles. Cond: 2+. package with Z06 wheels. Paddle-shift automatic. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $30,740. This was simply a used Corvette, but an extremely well kept example. The original owner was obviously fastidious and fussy, as the car presented as new, showing nearly no wear in any regard. It had 8,100 miles on the odo and looked as if it had 810. This was just a tick over #3 money, so I'd call it well bought.■

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Market Report featured in the following pages make up the bulk of this issue of Corvette Market, covering everything from the rare cars of the Bob McDorman Collection through the Scottsdale auctions in January. It's up-to-date information you simply can't find anywhere else. B C1 #S57-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001118. Polo White/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 506 miles. 235-ci 150-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Cracked paint throughout body. Scratches in fiberglass in front left fender, some fiberglass chipped on left rear corner and lower right corner of hood. Illfitting gas cap door does not close completely. Rust on rear bumper. Chipped and cracked TOP 10 No. 6 #S705-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E53F001145. White/red vinyl. Odo: 1,143 miles. 235-ci 150-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Panel fit pretty good with only the top boot as the slight exception. Paint shows well, with some orange peel over wavy fiberglass consistent with the original build. Engine bay presents well, with only minor detail work needed. Scored 99.6 at an NCRS event. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $198,000. These cars, equipped with the Auctions Covered This Issue: Classic Motorcar Auctions, Canton, OH, 9/18/10—Kevin Coakley RM Auctions, London, U.K., 10/27/10—Paul Hardiman Silver Auctions, Puyallup, WA, 10/30/10—Jack Tockson Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/5/10—Megan Boyd RM Auctions, Gainesville, GA, 11/13/10—Megan Boyd McCormick, Palm Springs, CA, 11/19/10—Carl Bomstead Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/2/10—B. Mitchell Carlson The Raleigh Classic, Raleigh, NC, 12/3/10—Chip Lamb MotoeXotica, Tolleson, AZ, 1/14/11—B. Mitchell Carlson RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20/11—Carl Bomstead Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/20/11—Sam Stockham Silver Auctions, Fort McDowell, AZ, 1/21/11—B. Mitchell Carlson Gooding & Company, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/21/11—CM Staff Market opinions in italics Global Roundup Corvettes across the block 80 Corvettes, $5.2m in sales uyers and sellers of classic and collectible Corvettes enjoyed a stable market throughout the closing months of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Although driver-quality cars saw soft bids in some locations, for the most part, great cars again brought great prices, with rare and well-restored examples seeing some very high totals. The reports #301-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE “bubble top” roadster. S/N E54S002425. Sportsman Red/clear plastic/red vinyl. Odo: 30,176 miles. 235-ci 155-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Only 100 Sportsman Red Corvettes in 1954 but no way to document if born that color. Gaps uneven, but that's the way they left the factory. Paint cracking and checking on hood. Fitted with rare “bubble top,” now cracking. 25 clear and 25 tinted tops believed to have been produced by Model Builder of Chicago. On a hot day, a sauna on wheels. Priced somewhere between $350 and $500 depending on source. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $52,250. According to the auction catalog, only two bubble tops remain. They must move around a lot, as I have seen at least four the past year. This Corvette was sold by RM in 2002 to benefit the Scripps Foundation for $39,600 (SCM# 27010). Not a lot of movement since. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20. #273-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S003851. Pennant Blue/tan vinyl/tan vinyl. Odo: 21,581. 235-ci 155-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. An older restoration that is holding up well. Thought to have been used in a Coca-Cola commercial with Rita Hayworth and given to her as part of payment. Good story, but no documentation. One of 3,640 produced for 1954 and one of 300 in Pennant paint on dash, foggy gauge lenses, pitted chrome trim rings on gauges, dash padding wrinkled. Engine compartment appears to be an older amateur restoration with a pitted master cylinder lid and some seepage from underneath valve cover. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $144,100. The first of Bob McDorman's many Corvettes in his collection, this was the 118th of 300 built in 1953. It claimed the fourth highest sale overall. Significant money for the quality of the car. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. 54 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com “Blue Flame” stovebolt six, paled in comparison with the later V8-powered Corvettes. With only 300 made the first year, these were more of a project for Chevrolet to see if they could create an American version of the British cars of the day. Sales lagged in 1954, the V8 came in 1955, and the rest is history. While this was not the finest example out there, sales figures usually break the $200k mark. Even with some slight flaws, this was well bought. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. Blue, but again, no documentation. An attractive Corvette from the Jerry Petersen Collection. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $63,250. Prices on 1954 ‘Vettes spiked a couple years back, but have settled down of late. Price paid here was on the low end of the $60k–$80k catalog estimate, but in line with other recent sales. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20.

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block #370-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S002301. Pennant Blue/ beige cloth/beige vinyl. Odo: 7,991 miles. 235ci 150-hp I5, 3x1-bbl, auto. Body-off restoration twelve years ago, owned by seller for past 30. Early style features include triple “bullet style” air cleaners and short exhaust outlets. Electrical system converted to 12 volts, car otherwise stock, including wavy rechromed trim and panels plus less-than-perfect paint. Wiper arms not mounted. Clean engine engine swaps and unflattering modifications over the decades. This was actually a pretty good build, but still—once you venture past stock, you are on your own. Since ‘54s have not been going up in value as of late in stock flavors, I wouldn't have expected much more for this custom. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #S58-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S004483. Pennant Blue/tan vinyl/tan vinyl. 235-ci 115-hp I6, 3x1-bbl, auto. Paint in fair condition overall, some cracks in paint on passenger's door and rear left fin. Scratches in clearcoat on the left rear quarter. Gas cap door paint faded. Much of the chrome on bumpers and emblems bubbling, nearly peeling in many places. Steering so no way to document. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $107,250. Barrett-Jackson sold a 1955 Corvette—also in Harvest Gold—for $125,400. That one had earned NCRS Top Flight, so according to the judges, it was some measurable amount better. Based on that, I have to say this example sold for market-correct money, even though the seller was looking for more. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20. #S59-1955 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N VE55S001002. Polo White/ white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 53 miles. 265-ci 195-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Body and paint in nice overall condition. Some pitting on trim rings of gauges, a few stains on the carpet. Engine compartment in need of restoration—components rusty with peeling or missing paint. Equipped with optional V8, Wonderbar radio, bay with modern clamps, hoses, battery, etc. Expertly restored interior, but aftermarket modern toggle switch for lights and button under dash for horn. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $59,890. It seemed like almost every auction company in Arizona had a Pennant Blue '54 up for grabs (and it wasn't this car at multiple venues, either). They all fell into generally the same price range, as of the 300 Pennant blue '54s, there are likely 400 left today—as there's no way to prove original build color without the sales invoice. Sold for the current market price to a dealer on site. MotoeXotica, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #F257-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E54S001039. Fly Yellow/tan cloth/parchment vinyl. Odo: 5,949 miles. 400ci V8, 4-bbl, auto. Built approximately six years ago. Better-than-stock body smoothness, panel fit, and paint. All chrome either reproduction or replated original. No windshield wiper arms, per street rod fashion. Claimed to have $20k into a heavily modified 400-ci small block. Repro seat upholstery, carpet, and dashpad. Smaller diameter stock-style steering wheel chipped, cracked, and missing center piece. Lens on speedometer splintered. Stains on carpet. Overall a solid car in need of some TLC. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $55,000. One of my favorite colors of Corvette, this Pennant Blue second-year Corvette was bought fairly, considering the rare plastic bubble top (commissioned by Harley Earl) and the overall quality. A great start for a high-quality restoration, or drive and enjoy as-is. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #274-1955 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N VE55S001500. Harvest Gold/ dark green/yellow vinyl. Odo: 7,048 miles. 265-ci 195-hp V8, 4-bbl, 3-sp. Recent Second Flight NCRS award. Acceptable panel fit and correct body-colored wheels. Yellow seats windshield wipers. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $143,000. Last sold for $129,600 at BarrettJackson's Scottsdale sale in January 2002 (SCM# 26892). The second car built in 1955 and equipped with a 265-ci V8, it was believed to possibly be the first V8 Corvette ever built. That claim, coupled with the quality of the car, helped make it the 5th-highest sale of the day overall. It was bought fairly considering how nice it was and how well it was equipped. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #275-1956 CHEVROLET CORVETTE roadster. S/N E56S001483. Arctic Blue/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 4,582 miles. 265-ci 225hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 3-sp. Normal fit and finish issues, with some swirls in paint. Almost 90% of all 1956 Corvettes were equipped with the wheel. Aftermarket gauges, billet aluminum ratcheting type shifter for the automatic transmission. DIN-mount stereo with speakers mounted in the kick panels. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $32,450. 1954s have built a long history of 56 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com with green dash. Optional heater/defroster and three-speed manual. 1954 a milestone for the Corvette as the inaugural year of the V8. One of 120 in Harvest Gold, but no factory records optional dual-quad motor, which was a $172 add-on and was identified by a nine-fin alloy

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Market Report TOP 10 No. 2 Global Roundup Corvettes across the block valve cover. Four-speed manual was yet to be offered. Beige interior unusual, as only 887 were so equipped. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $71,500. Price paid should buy a middle-of-the-road 1956 Corvette, but this was a touch nicer than that. If only it had power windows or a power top. Even so, I'll call this one well bought. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20. #213-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S104957. Venetian Red/Venetian Red hard top / white vinyl soft top/red. Odo: 87 miles. 283-ci 283-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. A somewhat older restoration, according to magazine features displayed with car. Some chips in driver's door and gas door, some orange peel in front right fender. Nice stock interior with rub marks and scratches in door jambs. Slight pitting on steering wheel center. Nicely re- and optional windshield washers. One of only 557 finished in Cascade Green in 1957. First year for fuel injection on the Corvette. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $115,500. Early fuel-injected Corvettes were not known for their reliability and often ended up carbureted, which adds to this one's rarity; Wonderbar radio adds about a grand to the package. Price paid was a bit light for a Corvette restored to this level with such nice options. (If only they had ordered the four-speed...) In this market, all should be pleased. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20. #S670-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N J59S106363. Red/red vinyl. Odo: 6,207 miles. 350-ci fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. Lots of paint flaws and touch-ups. Panel fit OK, but trunk fit too high. Stainless trim around headlights fits poorly, trim around door glass worn and dull. Nice Coker radials. Interior nothing special, but not shabby. Engine bay clean but has aftermarket fuel injection, HEI, and cheap chrome valve covers and with steel wheels and poverty caps. Grungy engine compartment looks all there. One of 119 produced. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $100,440. This car was said to have been a Bloomington Gold recipient in 2010, featured a great equipment combination, and had a nice desirable color. At the price paid, I'd rate this as a fair deal for both buyer and seller. Classic Motorcar Auctions, Canton, OH, 9/10. #F578-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 10867S105857. Tuxedo Black & silver/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 83,909 miles. 283-ci 270-hp V8, 2x4-bbl, 4-sp. Decent panel fit per factory, with only problems to paint being some bubbling around both door lock cylinders. Light scratching on chrome. Stainless trim in good shape. Interior as you would expect, nicely redone but not stored engine compartment. Certified Bloomington Gold and Top Flight award winner, with extensive documentation, photographs, and magazine coverage. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $374,000. Not only was this car fuel injected, it was also equipped with the code 579E airbox. If that weren't enough, it also has code 684—heavy duty suspension and brakes make it the only one of 43 to be built with both (and less than half of which exist today). That said, it was bought slightly high today, above catalog estimate. See the C1 profile p. 26. RM Auctions, Gainesville, GA, 11/10. #276-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N E57S102327. Cascade Green & beige/beige vinyl. Odo: 107 miles. 283-ci 283-hp fuel-injected V8, 3-sp. Well maintained since restoration two years ago, judged an NCRS Top Flight car in October 2010. Equipped with fuel injection, three-speed man- air cleaner from Manny, Moe, and Jack. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $55,500. Lots of cheap off-theshelf parts here were a bit of a turn-off, but they all can be corrected with some money and diligence. This was a car you just drive on Saturday nights. The only trophies it will ever win will be for just showing up, so enjoy it on that level. This would require some real money to make it fetch a respectable price. You can find better, more original cars for the money, but if you liked the add-ons, this was a fair deal. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #547A-1960 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 003679103339. Tuxedo Black/black canvas/black vinyl. Odo: 500 miles. 283-ci 290-hp fuel-injected V8, 4-sp. over the top. Clean engine bay just a bit dusty. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $55,000. This was a nice, driver-quality, solid-axle Corvette. It looked to have been well kept, and mileage was most likely original. The car wouldn't wow at the big-boy Corvette meets, but would certainly stand out at the local show-and-shine. Price in today's C1 market looks dead-on with the 270hp dual-quad carb set-up. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #S695-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 20876S106811. Tuxedo Black/tan vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 52 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Very nice panel fit and paint. Only driver's door slightly out at bottom. Cove trim shows some pitting, other brightwork nice. Correct T-3 headlights. ual transmission, and Positraction differential. Also with heater/defroster, Wonderbar radio, 58 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Nice black paint, good straight brightwork, clean interior. Radio delete, big-brake package Silicone visible around windshield. Underhood tidy. Stated to be numbers-matching. Mileage since restoration. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $66,000. Pretty good restoration with no huge flaws that need correcting. This was good

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Market Report C2 #144-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S115164. Riverside Red/black vinyl. Odo: 40,993 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Attractive Riverside Red convertible with popular 327/300 engine and M20 Muncie 4-speed. Gaps a bit uneven, but that's factory spec. Center console scratched. Lacking drain holes in hood. Goldline tires were not a factory option in Global Roundup Corvettes across the block money for a nice car. Sale price was getting near to cheap Fuelie prices, but it may cost near that to replicate this elsewhere. A fair deal. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. ture position, and generally excellent quality. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S68-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 308675120198. Riverside Red/white vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 40,344 miles. 327-ci 375-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Repaint in slightly different shade from original Riverside Red. Chips around headlights, dimple in body above left headlight. Deep scratching in right rear bumper, vent window chrome pitted. was a no-sale here. Since 2007 it had covered a mere 71 miles. Judging by the condition as described when sold in 2007, not much effort was made to improve the car. Price paid in 2007 would still be high for this car, and with no improvements, I don't foresee the owner getting his money back out for some time. Final bid was in line with the market considering the car's flaws. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #S71-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 308375101386. Riverside Red/red vinyl. Odo: 68,250 miles. 327-ci 360-hp fuelinjected V8, 4-sp. Ill-fitting passenger's side door, chipped paint, chip in paint behind 1963. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $65,000. Going backwards here, as it was offered at the February McCormick sale and bid to $71k (CM #159224), and the seller also passed. Car should bring a number in the mid-80s but the Corvette market is a bit unstable right now. McCormick, Palm Springs, CA, 11/10. TOP 10 No. 1 Best Buy #S70-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 30867S100148. Rose Pearl & white/ white vinyl/white leather. Odo: 36 miles. 327ci 210-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Very well preserved and overall in excellent condition. Only slight pitting on chrome sidepipes and some marks from where the hard top rests on deck. Originally presented to the once-President of Chevrolet, Semon “Bunkie” Knudson. Unique leather upholstery, grated foot-well Gauges slightly foggy, material saggy on seats. Messy wiring under the hood with rusty manifolds, as well as cracked and peeling paint on other components. Nice overall. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $89,100. The second of Bob McDorman's “four-of-a-kind” Sting Ray Corvettes, this car was one of less than 50 convertibles built with a/c. The car also sported rare two-bar spinners on the original Kelsey-Hayes wheels. Bought at a fair price, taking into account the rare equipment and overall satisfactory condition. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S618-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 30837S119736. Black/black vinyl. Odo: 15,856 miles. 327-ci 340-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older repaint done with all trim in place, so it's rough around the edges, but other paint flaws could be cleaned up. Headlight fit marginal, windshield delaminating. Interior holding up OK, with some wear since redo. Wonderbar radio. Underhood underwhelming. intake painted to look aluminum and overall driver's door, and signs of shrinkage across tail section in a straight line. Overall nice interior, some scratches on center console. Missing wiper knob, crisp gauges and chrome. Rusty mainfolds; appears to have been been restored, then driven. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $71,500. The fourth of Bob McDorman's “four-of-a-kind” Sting Ray Split-Window Corvettes left more questions than answers. An odd line of shrinkage across the back suggested the possibility of previous repaired damage. It was bright and shiny red, but the buyers saw through the gleam and bid correctly. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #283-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 Replica coupe. S/N 30837S112830. Daytona Blue/black vinyl. 327-ci 360-hp fuelinjected V8, 4-sp. Z06 replica built on what is believed to be an original Fuelie. Excellent Daytona Blue paint over solid body, stated 5-year no-expense-spared restoration still looks excellent. Fitted with special Z06 options, including 360-hp Fuelie motor, stiffer springs, beefier sway bars, special dual master plates, custom color scheme. Largely styled after the car given to retired styling chief Harley Earl, but chrome header-style sidepipes set it apart. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $440,000. Last sold for $252,000 at Mecum's St Charles, Illinois, auction in June, 2003 (SCM# 31537). The star car of the show, and the top sale. Bought well considering its provenance, fea- 60 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com just unappealing. Stated to be numbers-matching. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $50,500. This car sold at Silver's Ft. McDowell Auction in January '07 for $64,800 (SCM# 44149) and cylinder, finned drum brakes with special highperformance shoes, etc. Radio delete, 36-gal

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block lon tank fitted. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $110,000. This car had a great look overall, and the Z06 bits were all correct for a factory-original car. But it wasn't a factory-original car, which begs the question of what the new owner will be doing with it. Either way, at the price paid, this was a great deal, especially if he or she knows of an original Z06 somewhere that might be lacking a few rare (and very expensive) original parts. See the Insider's View on p,10. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/11. TOP 10 No. 7 Best Buy #S72-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Bill Mitchell XX Styling coupe. S/N 40837S106614. Blue metallic/blue leather. Odo: 31,518 miles. 327-ci 210-hp V8, 4-bbl, 3-sp. Appears to have original paint. Chips around air scoops on the right side, right door, and left rear quarter, bubbling in some areas, namely around the headlights. Left rear quarter also appears to have had some paint work. Inside appears to be in original condition as well, with some discoloring on console leather, wear on driver's seat, possibly the first big-block Corvette. Florence's Corvette was the second highest sale of the auction and was bought fairly considering current market conditions. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #352-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194675S118610. Ermine White/white soft top/blue vinyl. Odo: 51,200 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Decent newer repaint. Iffy headlight bucket fit, pitting on vent window frames, average-quality bumper replate. Well fitted reproduction interior upholstery, faded older carpeting. Stated to produced in 1965 showed at driver quality— the paint wasn't perfect, and neither was the body or the interior. Bought somewhat high undoubtedly for its historical significance. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #631-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S102812. Tuxedo Black/black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 2,972 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Older high-quality restoration exhibits light swirls and buffed edges. Gaps about as-built, apart from left rear quarter out farther than door and and small rips in door padding. Tidy engine compartment. Fully loaded, with factory a/c, power steering, brakes, and windows. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $176,000. One of the stars of the show, Bill Mitchell's XX Styling Corvette claimed third-highest sale. Special factory details include ventless door glass, custom diecast front grill, dual fender vents, padded dash and console, SS floor mats, and triple taillights (think Impala). Considering the quality and uniqueness of the car, and its history, this was well bought. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. TOP 10 No. 3 #S73-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 40837S102860. Pink Pearl/pink leather. Odo: 18,280 miles. 396-ci 375-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. The Florence Knudsen Corvette, in original condition with cracked pink pearl paint, similar to what a cracked eggshell would look like. Nice chrome overall, only small pitting in rear bumper. Excellent interior with nicely detailed engine compartment. Presented to Bunkie's wife Florence, finished with luxurious pink leather and custom pink-wall tires. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $308,000. The car was nicely equipped with many 1965 features, including a '65-styled hood and, more importantly, a 396-ci big-block V8, making it quite 62 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com have 350-hp motor—but the block codes to a 300-hp—and factory a/c—now with R124atype fittings and belt detached from compressor. Indicated miles said to be actual, but odo not fitted squarely. Stock power brake booster converted to dual master cylinder. Repop knockoffs shod with radials. Bank-owned consignment. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $40,280. One wonders what the bank was originally told that their collateral was worth. Most likely it was at least double the $36,000 reserve. Like a lot of things since the whole financial meltdown of the last few years, they took what they could get and likely wrote it off. Cheap for several reasons, none of which constitutes a bargain. MotoeXotica, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #S74-1965 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 19437S5100001. Silver Pearl/silver vinyl. Odo: 28,500 miles. 327-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Shrinkage in rear fenders indicates possible replacement. Circular repairs surrounding gas cap area, chips in paint on trunk, blemishes in clearcoat on roof, cracking Bondo and paint on top of driver's side front fender. Interior in fair condition; cracks in wood steering wheel, stains on carpet, soggy center console. Driver-quality engine compartment, rusty manifolds. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $82,500. One of Bob McDorman's many special serial number cars, this #1 Corvette poor headlight fit. Chrome and brightwork correct and uniform with only minor wear indicated. Older convertible top and black vinyl interior well preserved. Engine compartment detailing reflects comprehensive driveline overhaul stated as having been done fewer than 500 miles ago. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $42,660. If the numbers matched as the consignor claimed, this L79 ragtop with an M20 4-speed and sidepipes was a very good buy, especially in tripleblack. I like these high-compression, high-output 327 C2s more than the big-block cars for a host of reasons, weight distribution being perhaps the foremost of these. The Raleigh Classic is not a traditionally strong Corvette sale, so whether this was an indicator of the marketplace or a lucky break for the buyer remains to be seen. Raleigh Classic, Raleigh, NC, 12/10. #F450-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S119983. Silver Pearl/black leather. Odo: 62,461 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Paint looks good but rough in some of the cracks and jambs. All panels fit well. Stainless trim appears original and in good shape. Fitted with sidepipes.

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block rear end, power steering, brakes, and windows, a/c, AM/FM, headrests, tilt/tele column, wood 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Older NCRS Top Flight award and still stunning in “right” colors. A couple minor touch-ups in paint but Interior in good shape, with slight wear to driver's seat being the only sign of use. Welloptioned with power steering, brakes, and windows. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $48,950. Another nice looking cruise-in car. It won't win any top awards but will provide great usability, assuming it has no big mechanical needs or poorly fixed crash damage. Sold here slightly below market, so no big surprises. If the new owner doesn't have to put any money in, I would call it well bought. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #S75-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194676S100006. Ermine White/black vinyl/red vinyl. Odo: 180 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Cracks in paint, marks on doors from hard top. Chrome edgy— checks in rear bumper, pitting on vent windows, rust on front right bumper. Interior in fair condition, with saggy center console, rim wheel, knockoff alloys, side exhaust, and N03 big tank. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $155,100. The original owner optioned this as a true road-trip car: a/c, the highest ratio rear end available, big block, and a 36-gallon tank to feed it a long way. Said to be one of only four '66s equipped with both a/c and the big tank, and combine that with a boatload of options— this was a very desirable coupe. Hard to say that it was bought well, but hardly throwing money away. The third highest sale at this venue. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. TOP 10 No. 8 #214-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S120538. Rally Red/Rally Red hard top / white vinyl soft top/red. Odo: 47,399 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Older thorough restoration shows signs of age. Shrinkage spots in nose area, tight gap around left headlight, cracked paint around hood, paint wearing off front right fender top, nice chrome and stainless overall. Clean, recent-looking in- otherwise most striking. Very desirable L71 427/435 with Muncie 4-speed, power disc brakes, sidepipes and red line tires. Complete with Protect-O-Plate and other documentation. Also from the Reggie Jackson Collection. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $165,000. Last seen at Gooding's Pebble Beach 2005 sale, where it sold for $145,200 (CM #38927). While the Corvette market has been fluctuating a bit of late, '67 big-blocks have held their own. You could make the case that the money was a bit light here, even without factoring in Reggie's ownership. Well bought and sold. See C2 profile on p. 30. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20. #298-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S104033. Marlboro Maroon/white vinyl/white vinyl. Odo: 5,112 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, auto. Comprehensive restoration to high standard, earning Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flight awards. One-year-only 427 hood with “not typical” painted stinger. New carpet, seat pitting on gauge rings and radio. Driver'sgrade engine bay, with rusty manifolds. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $55,000. Number 6 built in 1966, this Ermine White Corvette was the textbook example of fun in the sun. Small block 327-ci V8 with 4-speed and knockoff wheels can't be beat. A fun car at a fair price. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #F221-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194376S107461. Nassau Blue/ dark blue vinyl. Odo: 17 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Protect-O-Plate. Full frameoff restoration, including resetting odo to zero from claimed 43,509 miles. Good prep and fit, better-than-original paint application, betterthan-original bumper replating. Now has some paint chipping on door edges. Restored interior, lightly dulling seats, lightly soiled carpets. Optional M21 close-ratio 4-speed, 3.08 Posi 64 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com terior with foggy rear window. Engine restored with factory overspray on valve covers and intake, some paint beginning to peel. A Bloomington Gold and Top Flight award winner. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $176,000. A well-optioned Corvette ordered just that way back in 1967. Finished in eye-catching red, this car was no slouch at the dragstrip with its mighty 427-ci V8 and manual transmission. Purchased fair considering the current market and excellent options. RM Auctions, Gainesville, GA, 11/10. #267-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S105851. Tuxedo Black/black vinyl. Odo: 74,621 miles. 427-ci covers and dashpad. Loaded with goodies including factory a/c, power brakes/steering and Rally wheels. Complete with window sticker, tank sticker, and Protect-O-Plate. Equipped with L68 Tri-Power and 2-speed automatic transmission. From Reggie Jackson's collection. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $126,500. Last seen at Russo and Steele's January 2008 Scottsdale sale, where it was a no-sale at $120,000 (CM #51967). Three years later, that offer looks rather inviting but doubt if “Mr. October” is overly concerned. Considering the 2-speed, this was well sold indeed. RM Auctions, Phoenix, AZ, 1/20. TOP 10 No. 9 #46-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S118154. Nassau Blue & white/white vinyl. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl,

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block 4-sp. CE original replacement engine fitted. Stated to be authentic throughout, with mostly original paint. Previous front end damage repaired relatively well, with blending barely visible around nose. New carpet, seat covers, and door panels in clean stock-style interior, engine compartment appears spotless. Fitted with sidepipes and shoulder harness seatbelts. Cond: 2+ SOLD AT $83,600. This car had great options and a good look, with a nice color combination you don't see often on 427/435s. And although the original engine was long gone, the replacement “CE” engine was period correct for the car, and while it may #F179-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194378S425060. Black/painted panels/black vinyl. Odo: 60,859 miles. 427-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Original big block, 4-speed, power steering and wood rimmed steering wheel. Newer body-off restoration. Better-than-original door fit and panel gaps, replated bumpers with good original trim. All reproduction interior soft trim, expertly fitted and showing no wear. Aftermarket AM/FM/ cassette deck. Generally well detailed engine bay, although modern belts, hoses, and hurt the car's overall value, it won't change the driving experience. Overall, this price was a bit strong, but not by much. Gooding & Company, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #S76-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194677S100007. Rally Red/ black vinyl/black vinyl. Odo: 52,612 miles. 327-ci 300-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Claimed to be a surviving original, with normal wear as would be expected. Cracked paint, some wear and tear on the interior. Engine compartment also in factory condition, having never been car, especially on passenger's door. Chrome and brightwork nice overall. Interior is a mess—headliner falling down, worn out seats, chrome on console rusted, stained seat belts and carpet. Engine compartment in original, rusty, grimy, unrestored condition. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $66,000. Despite the desirable color combination, this left a lot to be desired. A little pre-auction work would have gone a long way. Despite its cosmetic faults, a collector saw through all of that to its heart of gold: a rare 400-hp Tri-Power V8, believed to be one of only 16 built. Bought fairly considering its poor cosmetic quality and high-performance drivetrain. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. C3 #S79-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194678S400002. Corvette Bronze/black cloth & black hard top/tobacco brown vinyl. Odo: 39,963 miles. 327-ci 350-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Car appears to have been repainted at one time. Chips in paint, most notably on tail and right door. Crack in body near front left of hood opening. Roof shows chips and orange peel. Bumpers starting to pit. Threshold moldings obviously left on during the repaint, as evidenced by overspray. Wheel heater hose clamps utilized. Authentically restored undercarriage, with virtually no dust since. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $31,350. While an all-black Corvette is desirable, the original big block—and the entry-level one at that—was all that kept this one from being a stripper special. Sold for market price. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #TH355-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194678S404302. Silver flake/marbled leather. Odo: 22,199 miles. 427-ci 750-hp supercharged V8, 4-sp. Appeared in Hot Rod magazine, July 1973. Crazy one-of-a-kind paint job with heavy metallic flake and air-brushed ribbons in various loud colors. Custom fender flares, removable top with big plexi sunroof, and one-piece tiltforward front clip. Paint chipping extensively on rear wing. Custom interior covered in colorful marbled leather with brass buttons and fake restored. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $64,900. One of Bob McDorman's 007 Corvettes, this was the 7th Corvette made in 1967. This car also served as a “pilot car” for testing the line prior to production. Bought at a fair price considering the nice overall quality and neat extras, including bolt-on aluminum wheels. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S78-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194377S103103. Marlboro Maroon/saddle tan vinyl. Odo: 42,133 miles. 427-ci 400-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Scratches on right front fender. Cracked paint throughout 66 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com and console grungy, with lots of messy wiring under the dash. Engine may have been restored at one time. Optional L79 V8. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $33,000. The second Corvette built for 1968, first year for the new “Coke-bottle” styling by legendary designer Larry Shinoda. This well equipped model was somewhat of a bargain for the day at just above $30k. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. bearskin carpet. Engine built by Doug Cook and showing its age, with paint on blower chipping away and all aluminum oxidizing. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $17,050. This monstrosity was done in bad taste, but at least it was authentic, old school bad taste and had a small story to tell. The good news was that the dated engine/ blower combo alone would be worth nearly the money paid here. For the price, what better way to scare old ladies and small children in

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Market Report car Global Roundup Corvettes across the block your neighborhood than with this beast? I hear bearskin is coming back, too. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #152-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE L89 race convertible. S/N 194678S404229. Red/red fiberglass/velour. Odo: 4,541 miles. 427-ci 543-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Full-spec race car with L71 429 and L89 aluminium heads, Muncie M21, hard top. Refreshed in the U.S. in 2004, very good red paint, good chrome. Velour wearing through Goes to show that if you have money on the first go-around, cut it loose. Silver Auctions, Fort McDowell, AZ, 1/11. #328-1970 CHEVROLET CORVETTE custom coupe. S/N 194370S410155. Cortez Silver & black/black leather. Odo: 74,946 miles. 454-ci 390-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Claimed to have been built circa 1971 with parts ordered directly from Motion Performance. Restored recently, now on modern Torq-Thrust D wheels shod with radials. Authentic replacement inte paid was right on the money, and the new driver should enjoy driving it. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #S84-1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37V2S500001. War Bonnet Yellow/black leather. Odo: 83,525 miles. 454ci 270-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Evidence of being painted red at one time. Chip in rear decklid on passenger's side. Lots of orange peel overall, paint thick in door jambs. Windshield molding on bottom left coming off of the car. Black on driver's seat. On silver Minilites. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $79,763. Raced by Rhoddy HarveyBailey in the U.K. the in early '70s, where it shone briefly thanks to sheer grunt. Offered here at no reserve, and sold well under bottom estimate, but about on the mark for race Corvettes in Europe (the last one offered didn't sell, at around this money). RM Auctions, London, U.K., 10/10. #502-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 194679S733323. Red/black vinyl hard and soft tops/black vinyl. Odo: 16,799 miles. 427-ci 435-hp V8, 3x2-bbl, 4-sp. Originally Fathom Green with standard black vinyl interior. Equipped with both tops and AM/FM radio, stated to be inoperative. Stated by the consignor to be a big-block car with a date-code-correct 435-hp motor. Presentable older repaint over better body prep, betterthan-original door gaps, better-than-average bumper replating. Newer soft top, likely origi- rior shows minimal wear. Hood release cable broken off and sitting in passenger's footwell, so no motor inspection possible. Undercoated, with new brake and suspension hardware plus shock absorbers. Factory-optional a/c, interior décor group, power windows, AM/FM radio and tilt/telescopic steering column. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $23,850. The consignor somewhat carefully avoided calling this a real Motion, so without documentation (none was exhibited), I'll just say that the aftermarket mods were period correct and leave it at that. (A “Day Two car,” as my colleague Colin Comer likes to call them.) MotoeXotica, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #TH351-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 194371S100821. Brands Hatch Green/saddle vinyl. Odo: 35,302 miles. 454-ci 365-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Nice repaint with only minor blemishes, including slight cracking around headlight doors. seats faded, dry, and beginning to crack. All black plastic on the car is dry. Engine compartment dirty and dusty, with messy wiring. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $50,600. The first Corvette off the assembly line in 1972 and highly optioned, but left a lot to be restored. Despite its likable drivetrain, an LS5 with auto transmission, and factory a/c, the next owner has his work cut out for him. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #F134-1974 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z37J4S419166. Bright yellow/ painted panels/black leather. Odo: 24,172 miles. 350-ci 195-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. Good prep and application on older repaint, but they also sprayed the door seals. Hood binds against the body on the driver's side if you don't lift nal vinyl on hard top. Glossy black rattle-can repaint on undercarriage. Heavier seat vinyl wrinkling, light wear on carpeting. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $27,216. Relatively inexpensive for a “435 horse” drop top, but not a smoking hot deal, as the provenance was all but non-existent. Was a no-sale at $28,500 when it ran across the block on Saturday afternoon, but sold when re-ran early on Sunday for less than Saturday even factoring the 8% buyer's fee. 68 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Masking evident around locks and doors handles. Decent chrome. Interior clean -and shows no wear. Engine bay generally clean, only detraction is corrugated wire looming on some harnesses. LS5, matching numbers, original window sticker. Sidepipes fitted. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $33,000. This was a good car with what were most likely original miles, and the fresh repaint was done to satisfactory standards. It showed well and should be a lot of fun for cruise-ins, though the color combo would seem better suited to something British. Price very carefully from the center. Heavily weathered Road America and Can-Am Challenge decals on the backlight. Good, mostly original interior, aside from an older T-pad on the center console. Rattle-can repaint of the motor. Optional Interior Décor group, a/c, power brakes, tilt/tele column, and AM/FM radio. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,100. Nothing much special here except maybe the a/c and stiryour-own-gears tranny. Sold fairly well for the consignor, as it met the $10,500 reserve and passed it with an extra bid to boot. Mecum

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block Market Re Market Re Market Re Market Re Market Re Market Re Market Re Market Re Market Re eport Global Roundup Corvettes across the block erage with no major defects. Engine bay clean but not overly detailed. Cond: t Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block erage erage with no major defects. Engine bay clean but not overly detailed. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $15,120. Last seen at the Worldwide Hilton Head auction in November of 2006, where it sold for $17,900. It should be noted that the car had, at that time, just 70 fewer miles than when it crossed the block here, more than four years later. This L82 4-speed ‘Vette ought to have been an enjoyable driver, but that's apparently not what the vendor had in mind when he bought it well above guidebook price even then. Fairly sold for condition today, or perhaps even slightly well sold. Raleigh Classic, Raleigh, NC, 12/10. #TH364-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car coupe. S/N 1Z8748S903015. Black & silver/silver leather. Odo: 24,247 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, 4-sp. One repaint in good condition except for few large cracks in nose. Headlight doors and passenger's fender have been filled in with touch-up paint. Original factory pace car door stickers in trunk, repros on car. Glass tops. Tires don't match front-to-back. Door gaps common on these. Multitude of small marks and water spots might come out a little better with a careful detailing. Period accessory ducktail spoiler looks OK. Badges buffed miles. 350-ci 225-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Miles claimed actual since new. Wears an OK older repaint with decent masking. Window tint film on all glass except windshield. Light soiling and wear on carpeting, seats, and steering wheel rim leather. Topically cleaned up engine bay, flash rust on most bare metal, economy hard and require restoration, glass and T-tops clean. Silver leather and carpets redone, dash carefully restored or well-preserved. Engine repainted with light detailing, new a/c compressor might mean a good system. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $13,230. With the documented miles, the condition was not surprising, especially since this was merely an L48 automatic example. A nice driver, but making many improvements above and beyond that might be painful to the wallet. Fairly traded for both buyer and seller. Raleigh Classic, Raleigh, NC, 12/10. #F78-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car coupe. S/N 1Z8748S903040. Silver & black/tinted panels/silver leather. Odo: 63,478 miles. 350-ci 220-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Better quality masking, repaint, and decal placement. Displays last year's New Brunswick registration inspection sticker in the windshield next to the VIN tag. Alarm system decals on passenger's door window and rear window by driver's door. Front suspension sits rather high. New repro seat upholstery, rest of interior replacement service items. With optional front and rear spoilers, L82 engine, TH350 automatic, AM/FM/cassette, power windows and locks, cruise control, tilt/tele column, rear defrost, and a/c. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $12,650. One can make the argument that the pace car alloy wheels were parts bin clean-out, although GM knew exactly how many pace cars they would eventually build, and this car was also built fairly late in the model year, so they likely were using up remaining stock. The reserve was cleared at $10k, so we'll say that it was sold well. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #S162-1980 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Allen Pursuit Edition coupe. S/N 1Z878AS416997. White & silver/white panels/red leather. Odo: 24,804 miles. 350-ci 190hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Resculpted bodywork when new, customized heavily—in both style and weight. Hood at least twice as heavy as stock, so the thicker T-top panels and doors must be even worse. Panel fit and paint quality quite good. Bone-stock interior, with light wear for the indicated miles. Chrome plating on the decent. Interior shows no significant wear beyond what mileage might indicate. Recent engine bay cleaning is a bit too “dealer” shiny. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $18,700. Recently these have taken a slight hit in price, and some pace car sales earlier this year went for significantly less. This example was far from perfect but had good miles. Is there a rebound in price on the way? One might think so by the price paid here. Well sold. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #563-1978 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Indy Pace Car coupe. S/N 1Z87L8S903942. Tuxedo Black & silver/silver leather. Odo: 42,059 miles. 350-ci 185-hp V8, 4-bbl, auto. Older repaint to an average standard not un- 70 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com original and in good shape. Replacement distributor cap, belts, hoses, and clamps. Offered at no reserve. Includes two of the few options available: the L82 motor and AM/FM radio. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $15,950. While this wasn't in prime condition, it was a good driver and reasonably well represents '78 pace cars—and their recent dipping in value. A year ago, this would've been a couple of grand more, but it's not like the market is tanking on them. Yet. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #F74-1979 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z8749S435793. Classic White/ painted panels/dark blue leather. Odo: 34,612 stock valve covers and air cleaner—in addition to pretty much every stamped steel surface on and under the hood. All-season radials on Cragar wire wheels with three-prong spinners. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $31,900. Cars that really should not be turned into Neo-Classics, part II. Before the Fiero-based Zimmer, there was the Allen Pursuit. Thankfully, only six were built for Florida Excalibur dealer Jerry Allen from 1978 to 1980. The reserve was lifted at the end of bidding, proving once again that money has

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block nothing to do with taste. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #662-1980 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1Z87AS438776. White/bronze glass/maroon leather. Odo: 47,309 miles. 350ci V8, 4-bbl, auto. A refurbished driver resprayed in white to above-average standard. Good glass throughout. Trim and badges lightly scratched and heavily buffed. Interior worn, with dry leather, tear in the driver's seat bolster, and normal console wear with unusual C4 Best Buy #19-1984 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY0787E5116744. White/graphite leather. Odo: 71,956 miles. 350-ci 205-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Excellent original paint and bodywork save hood resprayed over stone chips, and small protruding “bump” low in left rear valance. Tinted acrylic top (only) with corner broken off at right rear and glued back. Clean and excellent original graphite leather interior, carpet, and fully working digital dash. Good glass, though driver-side windshield has slight wiper rash easily removed. Cond: 2. SOLD AT file on p. 30. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. bay cleanup. Equipped with leather sport seats, tinted roof panel, cassette stereo, rear window shade, and dealer-installed mudguards. Aftermarket exhaust system, rear deck spoiler, and window tint film. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $5,618. This car ran again on Saturday to a $3,500 no-sale bid, then reappeared at the Silver auction a week later, and was a no-reserve sale at $5,300. I've seen worse '84s, but I've also seen better, so this was a spot-on bid. MotoeXotica, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #23-1986 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY078XG5100507. Red/red leather. Odo: 72,717 miles. 350-ci 230-hp fuelinjected V8, 4+3 manual. Expensive restoration needs include worn-out leather seating, ugly cracked and flaking steering wheel, scuffed door panels, worn carpeting, and stone-chipped windshield. Older total repaint over stone chips, dirt, and sloppy masking. Engine presents daily-driver ambiance with Ram Air intake and Optima “Yellow Top” battery as only deviations from stock. Wheels and tires claimed new in last 1,000 miles. Mufflers add-on wood trim. Fitted with the typical aftermarket Mallory distributor, chrome valve covers, and Edelbrock carburetor and manifold. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $9,936. This was no more than a scruffy driver, though the dealer who bought it obviously thinks he can get five figures for it. Slightly well sold for a late C3 in such condition. Raleigh Classic, Raleigh, NC, 12/10. #S626-1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Collector Edition coupe. S/N 1G1AY0788C5115230. Silver/silver leather. Odo: 19,623 miles. 350-ci 200-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Recent repaint to good standard and holding up well. All panels fit well and undercarriage very clean. Interior very nice, with only light cracking to leather. Driver's seat looks better than passenger's, indicating $4,428. Best condition of three C4s present, but sold for the least. Currently, this series is the entry-level Corvette and true bargain for enthusiasts seeking reasonable performance with minimal investment. Parts are readily available from aftermarket sources (save the Opti-Spark ignition and “space age” digital dash, which can be a challenge). The consignor dropped his $6k reserve and let it go for $4,100, which I think was a deal, as it was a good car all around. Silver Auctions, Puyallup, WA, 10/10. #133-1984 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1AY0781E5141963. Red/tinted panel/red leather. Odo: 94,271 miles. 350-ci 205-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Newer repaint quite presentable on top, some sloppy masking and heavier overspray underneath. Lackluster door fit. Chipping on door glass, wiper seals, and weatherstripping. Noticeable emblem fading. Moderate interior wear and fading, console cover lightly warped. Minimal engine possible recent re-dye. Fully loaded Collector Edition. Stated Bloomington Gold in 1991. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $21,450. This Corvette sold at this auction back in 2008 for $26,400 (SCM# 51825) and has covered only 101 miles since. It was a nice car, but that was big money even back then. The $21,450 that it brought this time was more in line with the market, considering its nice condition. See the C3 pro- 72 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com removed, catalytic converters remain. Recently passed Washington emissions test. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $4,968. For 1986, Corvette was given drivetrain improvements for enhanced reliability, the “gimmicky” digital instrument cluster was updated for increased readability in daylight, and overall build quality improved. The consignor said, “I bought this car for my wife six years ago at this auction, but forgot she doesn't drive stick. It's just been sitting.” Considering its condition, it sold for a marketcorrect price. Silver Auctions, Puyallup, WA, 10/10. #309-1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J8L5803020. Polo Green/black leather. Odo: 66,605 miles. 350-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Scuffed and polish-swirled original paint, some light stone chips on front fascia and behind wheels. Light

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interior wear, heavier wear on steering wheel rim. Light road dust on undercarriage and engine bay. Equipped with dual power sport seats and ride control. Aftermarket stereo system and black plastic door sill guards. Shod with newer performance tires. No mention of documentation. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $11,000. No one was going to steal a deal on a ZR-1 out here. Sure, it wasn't a minty low-miler like I generally see at auction, but it wasn't better than an $11k car, either. Seller wanted $15k. MotoeXotica, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #726-1991 CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR-1 coupe. S/N 1G1YZ23J3M5800401. Arctic White/glass/red leather. Odo: 25,567 miles. 350-ci 375-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. All-original finish throughout, with only a few minor chips to doors and mirrors. Good trim and emblems have not suffered from a buffer, windshield sports usual edge delamination. Leather a little dry, seam pulling lightly on driver's seat, some light dye separation on car. Bought fairly considering its conditions, options, and somewhat historical significance. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #279-1993 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY23PXP5107997. Dark Red Metallic/tinted panel/light beige leather. Odo: 73,946 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Optional dual leather power seats, electronic climate control, and mud guards. Fitted with aftermarket wheels shod with Michelins. Original paint has dull areas on hood despite repeated buffing. Well-kept original leather, with only some glossiness for wear. The valance, which is in better condition. Newer Kumhos on like-new stock alloys. Lighter wear than expected on seats and carpeting for the miles indicated. Door panels starting to feel a bit loose. Redyed or replacement steering wheel. Better-quality dealer-grade engine clean-up, replacement ECU. Flat gray rattlecan touch-up of the exhaust. Offered at no reserve. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $8,640. One of two claimed 40th Anniversary Editions out here (the other one really wasn't one), and this was the weaker of the two. Rightfully put on no reserve, and it brought a market-correct price. Silver Auctions, Fort McDowell, AZ, 1/11. #F574-1995 CHEVROLET CORVETTE side bolster. Engine compartment tidy but not detailed, some pitting beneath coating to cam covers and plenum. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $21,000. Having owned an identical car with a lot of the same production defects, I could find little not to like about this ZR-1. Unfortunately, this was not a strong sports car sale, and Corvettes, particularly later-model examples, rarely find new homes here. The release of the new ZR-1 has not brought values of the prior generation upward to speak of, so the bid realized here was light, and the seller was wise to hold out for more. Raleigh Classic, Raleigh, NC, 12/10. #S106-1992 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY33P8N5119133. White/black cloth/red leather. Odo: 2,368 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Low mileage, but still a few marks and scratches on both front and rear bumpers of otherwise nearly mint 'Vette. Interior and engine compartment in excellent condition, with only minor wear on the driver's seat. The 999,999th Corvette ever. Modeled after the first Corvette roadster in Polo White over red. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $24,200. It only took GM another eight years to reach the 999,999th Corvette after celebrating the anniversary of the 750,000th in 1984. While it wasn't anything special in the drivetrain department, still significant for its proximity to the millionth coupe. S/N 1G1YY22P6S5113600. Polo Green/tan leather. Odo: 29,000 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Exterior appears factory original, with only slight wear from mileage. Light scratching on nose. All panels fit well. Interior shows only use consistent with mileage. Slight wear to driver's seat bolster. A good, driver-quality used car. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $14,300. The C4 was long in heaviest interior wear is on the center console armrest and the steering wheel. Tidy and topically cleaned engine bay. Dusty undercarriage, with a black-painted aftermarket exhaust system. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $8,208. Despite the consignor's claims, this was not a 40th Anniversary Edition, as they were painted the darker Ruby Red and every single one had a Ruby Red interior. All 1993 Corvettes with leather seats—that would be all but 426 1993 Corvettes—had the 40th Anniversary logo embroidered on the headrests. Actually, this slightly lighter Dark Red Metallic was the rarest color for '93 at 325 units—if you wanted red, you usually bought a 40th Anniversary. Of the C4s that sold, this was one of the better ones for the money. Silver Auctions, Fort McDowell, AZ, 1/11. #235-1993 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 40th Anniversary Edition coupe. S/N 1G1YY23P9P5107781. Ruby Red Metallic/ painted panel/Ruby Red leather. Odo: 104,313 miles. 5.7-L 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Plenty of light scratches and chipping on original paint. Buffing burn-through on left rear quarter panel. Slightly darker hue on front the tooth by 1995, but they were nonetheless getting to be pretty good cars, with many of the emissions bugaboos that plagued them in the 1980s finally sorted out through advancements in fuel-injection metering and efficiency. This looked to be an honest car with no real stories behind it. Assuming everything checked out, I would say this was fairly well bought, as they should fetch something above $15k in this shape. Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, 1/11. #F36-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Collector Edition convertible. S/N 1G1YY32PXT5100002. Sebring Silver/black cloth/gray leather. Odo: 16,369 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. The second Corvette made in 1996, and the pilot car for the Collector's Edition package. Originally a dis- www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 73

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Market Report Like-new paint. Global Roundup Corvettes across the block play and press car before ending up in the collection of Bob McDorman. Miles actual since new, and 100% original with minimal wear and soiling. No perceivable another bid. It did, and was hammered sold. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. coupe. #S115-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE S/N 1G1YY2257TS100001. Competition Yellow/black leather. Odo: 38,349 miles. 350-ci 330-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Overall in nice condition, despite somewhat high mileage for a collector Corvette. Some damage possibly once occurred on front right side, evidenced by scratches in fender and hood and odd primer spot on right rear bumper. Driver's door seal cracked, slight wear on carpet wear. Driver's seat has light wrinkling, and that's it for wear. Equipped with dual sixway power seats, electronic climate control, FE1 suspension, and Delco/Bose cassette/CD stereo. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $25,025. Another recent buy from Mecum's Bob McDorman collection auction. It isn't very often that we get sequential VINs at an auction, but then again, both cars came out of a collection that specialized in that sort of thing. The romantic in me wants to hope that the same collector bought both to keep them together. But if the '96 Collector Edition really spins your wrench, this was the car to get. Otherwise, pretty much sold for what one would expect. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #F96-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY32P9T5120418. White/black cloth/red leather. Odo: 55,568 miles. 350-ci 300-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Generally well cared for. Excellent original paint; possibly a respray on the nose, but more likely a slight color shift due to the different polymer beneath the paint. Light UV burn on door glass seals. More noticeable fading and wear on seating surfaces. Dusty engine bay with a replacement battery but generally original otherwise. Dusty undercarriage Equipped with dual six-way power seats, also. and Delco/Bose CD stereo system. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $24,750. About the only way you could one-up this car would be to either have the first Grand Sport or the last C4. Some may argue this, but I say well bought, as this was one of the only truly collectible C4s in circulation. Even if school-bus colors don't work for you, it's hard to beat the first car with the biggest engine from the final year of production. Purchased less than a month ago from the Bob McDorman collection auction for $24,200. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #F103-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Grand Sport coupe. S/N 1G1YY2253T5600818. Admiral Blue & white/painted panel/black leather. Odo: 19,503 miles. 350-ci 330-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Slightly modified with polished Flowmaster dual exhaust, chrome door sill protectors, and ID plate on dashboard. Non-OEM replacement battery. Otherwise a very well-cared-for original example. Paint well buffed, polished, almost better than new. Squeaky clean engine bay and undercarriage. Heavier than expected wear on original tires as well as on steering both seats—driver's seat especially. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $24,200. Another of Bob McDorman's number one cars, this was the first Corvette to roll off the assembly line in 1996, Corvette's last year for C4 production. In eye-catching Competition Yellow, it was hard to miss. Optioned with an LT4 and 6-speed, it had the get-up-and-go, and someone has enjoyed it for nearly 40,000 miles already. Sold at a fair price considering the quality of the car and mileage already on the clock. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. coupe. Competition #F37-1996 CHEVROLET CORVETTE S/N 1G1YY2257T5100001. Yellow/painted panel/black leather. Odo: 38,350 miles. 350-ci 330-hp fuelinjected V8, 6-sp. The first 1996 Corvette built. As such, also the first Corvette ever equipped with an LT4. 38,350 rather pampered miles accrued since leaving Bowling Green, but does show some light wear. Theft recovery number etched into windshield near the VIN tag. Paint like new, with only a couple of light stone chips on the nose. Moderate wear on the driver's side seat and carpeting. Optional dual power Sports seats, electronic climate control, electronic climate control, plus Delco-Bose cassette/CD sound system. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $15,125. Personally, I'm not sure 55k miles qualifies as “low miles.” Certainly it's far less than the average ten-plus-year-old used car— and there are some C4s with over 300k on the clock—but for a “sunny day” convertible, this was about par for the course. It had just about died on the block at $13,500 when the seller indicated that he'd drop the reserve if it got 74 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com wheel. Seating surfaces notably wrinkled and worn. Dual six-way power sport seats and low tire pressure indicator. NCM reissued built sheet. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $25,300. I would guess that this Grand Sport spent most of its miles on a track or road course. Not that that's a bad thing, as that's where GSs play well—as long as they keep tires on the tarmac and air between you, the other drivers, and the barriers. GSs are still the place you put your money in a C4; the reserve was off at $22k, and the bidding just kept going, so I'm not the only ones who knew this. See C4 profile p. 32. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. C5 #S121-1998 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G5W5110991. Aztec Gold/black cloth/tan leather. Odo: 5,781 miles. 5.7-L 350-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. In excellent condition overall, beautiful color, shows little to no wear despite having over 5,000 miles. Minor stone chips on front bumper. Interior nice, showing just slight evidence of wear in driver's entry area and on driver's

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Nearly new, the rare Bowling Green metallic paint presents as flawless, same for the black interior and engine compartment. The first seat. Engine compartment clean, some corrosion on alternator. Light oak leather interior with the optional sport seats and Bose stereo. All aluminum LS1 and 4-speed automatic. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $31,900. Bob McDorman collected this car for the rarity of the color, as only three were built Aztec Gold. Bought at a fair price considering the rare, unique desirable color combination, plus the exceptional overall quality. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S124-1998 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G6W510003. Sebring Silver Metallic/black cloth/gray Top option package for 1999. The last Corvette of the millennium. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $26,400. Serial #33283 marked the last Corvette built before we entered the new millennium, a must for Bob McDorman's thorough collection. Basically a brand new Corvette and therefore a bargain. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S106-2000 CHEVROLET CORVETTE AAT 1953 Commemorative Conversion convertible. S/N 1G1YY32G7Y5116939. Tan/black cloth/tan & black leather. Odo: 31,858 miles. 5.7-L 345-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Converted in '06 by Advanced Automotive Technologies, at a reported cost of $55k. Originally black, no paint flaws detectable, excellent panel fit, brightwork like new. Custom interior done in stock fashion, just light wear on seat bottoms and custom floor mats. Decal from original selling dealer underhood. Tidy under the hood. Optional Memory Package, dual-power sport seats, body side moldings, performance leather. Odo: 323 miles. 5.7-L 345-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Showroom quality with hardly any miles. Minor chips on passenger's side door. Unusual stain on driver's side door speaker. Odd wrinkles and wear on driver's seat for such a low-mileage vehicle, nice interior otherwise. Clean engine compartment with some corrosion on alternator and water pump. Optional Bose stereo, sport seats, dual zone a/c, Active Handling, and selective ride control. Rare magnesium wheels shod with Goodyear F1 rubber. The first C5 built. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $31,900. This was very nicely finished in the popular Sebring Silver and with a good options list. Bought fairly considering the mileage and historical significance. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S125-1999 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY22G0X5133283. Sebring Silver Metallic/black leather. Odo: 47 miles. 5.7-L 345-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Never titled, in excellent condition overall, with no visible marks inside or out, interior still in factory plastic. Engine compartment shows no signs of the 47 miles the car has been driven. Active Handling, polished alloys, Twilight Sentinel, and CD changer. Cond: 2-. built. Good options and powered by an LS6 385-hp V8. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $53,900. Continuing with his collection of serial number ones, Bob McDorman added the very first Z06 to roll off the line, this Torch Red 2001 model. Bought at a reasonable price, considering it was a Z06 and a significant one at that. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S136-2004 CHEVROLET CORVETTE SOLD AT $55,000. Let's do the math: $55k conversion in 2006, sold in late 2010 when the reserve was lifted at the end of bidding for $50k hammer price, and subtract the sell fee. Basically, it cost $1k per year to have the car converted with zero return. Oh yeah, there was the cost of the car also. Sort of makes buying any Dodge Stratus look like a good investment. But at least this one-of-one color combination looks better in person than one would expect. Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, 12/10. #S128-2000 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY2266Y510001. Bowling Green Metallic/black leather. Odo: 3,496 miles. 5.7-L 345-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 75 coupe. S/N 1G1YY22GX45134064. LeMans Blue/Shale leather. Odo: 10 miles. 5.7-L 350hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Presents as truly Corvette of the new millennium. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $26,400. If you have the last of the 20th century you gotta have the first of the 21st, right? Practically new with not quite 3,500 miles, this was another bargain at less than half the original sticker. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S129-2001 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 coupe. S/N 1G1YY12S015100001. Torch Red/black & red leather. Odo: 291 miles. 5.7-L 385-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Presents as mint inside, out, and under the hood. The first Z06 ratio differential,

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Market Report Global Roundup Corvettes across the block perfect in stunning LeMans Blue. No sign of wear inside or out—appropriate, with only ten miles ever driven. Interior still protected by delivery plastic. Engine compartment flawless. Specially equipped with crossed-flag embroidered head rests, unique wheel center caps, plus silver front and rear emblems celebrating Corvette's two GTS class wins at Le Mans. The last C5 produced. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $45,100. Not only was this the last C5, but also a special Le Mans edition, and effectively never used. Therefore purchased at a fair price. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. C6 #464-2006 CHEVROLET CORVETTE convertible. S/N 1G1YY36U565112952. Arctic White/black cloth/gray leather. Odo: 61,909 miles. Good original paint, with no obvious blemishes. Scuffing on both front and rear lower valance rub strips. Squeaky clean, ing options, immaculate condition, very low miles, and historic significance, have to call this fairly bought. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S141-2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 coupe. S/N 1G1YY25E5751000001. Velocity Yellow/black leather. Odo: 3,967 miles. 7.0-L 505-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Appealing Velocity Yellow paint shows every little mark, but car still presents as nearly flawless. Has a small paint chip in passenger's side mirror and an odd rub mark on the passenger new 430-hp LS3 V8 and equipped with the allegedly faster shifting auto 6-speed, this serial number one car remained virtually flawless. Bought at market value for slightly less than its Velocity Yellow twin, considering it was not a Z06. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S145-2009 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY26W295100001. Blade Silver/Ebony Leather. Odo: 3,784 miles. 6.2-L 430-hp fuel-injected V8, 6-sp. Barely a year old, and remains virtually brand new outside and inside. Despite some highway miles, the car shows no signs of wear on exterior, interior, or engine compartment. Z51 package, which includes larger cross-drilled brakes, stiffer springs and damping, Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, and lower gear ratios. The first Corvette built in 2009. Cond: 1. SOLD AT bone stock engine bay with an OEM replacement battery. Minimal interior wear. Heavily worn replacement tires. Basically equipped, with paddle shift automatic, 3LT Preferred Equipment Group package, and OnStar. No mention made if it is currently subscribed. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $30,240. 2006 was the first year for the paddle-shift six-speed automatic. Fancy that, a late-model used C6 in a tent full of licensed dealers sells for a bid north of wholesale. We keep saying it: The best price you'll get on a C6 is to trade it in on something else. Silver Auctions, Fort McDowell, AZ, 1/11. #S140-2006 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY26UX6510001. Monterey Red/black leather. 6.0-L 400-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Less than 140 miles, and appropriately unmarked. Exterior and interior are flawless. Only odd marks found are the scratches on the cover of the fuse box under the hood. The first car built with the all-new paddleshifted 6-speed automatic transmission. Equipped with Z51 Performance Package plus 3LT Preferred Equipment Group, including Bose sound system. Monterey Red metallic tintcoat finish was a special order option. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $44,000. For its special, very appealing paint, super performance driv- 76 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com door. Interior and engine compartment both factory fresh. Claimed top speed of 198 mph. The first Corvette built in 2007. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $59,400. Z06s have come a long way, as seen in this car's hydro-formed aluminum frame, magnesium roof support and engine cradle, hand-assembled 427-ci engine, and carbon fiber hood. All things considered, a market price. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. #S144-2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE coupe. S/N 1G1YY26W485100001. Velocity Yellow/Ebony & linen leather. Odo: 979 miles. 6.2-L 430-hp fuel-injected V8, auto. Another Velocity Yellow Corvette in absolutely mint condition in and out, as expected from a vehicle with only 979 miles. (They must have taken their shoes off to drive it.) Engine compartment appears new from factory as well. The first Corvette of 2008. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $47,300. In 2008, much like 2007, Corvette kicked off their production with another Velocity Yellow Corvette, this time NOT a Z06 like the previous year. Powered by the $52,800. The newest and last of Bob Mcdorman's serial number one collection. Bought at market value for a baseline Corvette. Mecum Auctions, Canal Winchester, OH, 11/10. ■

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By the Numbers Top 85 Corvette Sales at Auction November 2010 through January 2011* 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Z06 coupe with 44' catamaran, sold for $742,500 at Barrett-Jackson Rank Model 1 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Limited Edition Z06 coupe 2 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 327-ci convertible 3 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 4 1964 Chevrolet Corvette 396-ci coupe 5 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 6 1953 Chevrolet Corvette roadster 7 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 convertible 8 2011 Chevrolet Corvette LeMans Racing Z06 coupe 9 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 convertible 10 1953 Chevrolet Corvette 11 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 12 1955 Chevrolet Corvette roadster 13 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 convertible 14 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 327/360 convertible 15 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 454/425 coupe 16 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Bill Mitchell Sting Ray XX coupe 17 1968 Chevrolet Corvette L88 427/430 convertible 18 1953 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 19 2003 Chevrolet Corvette convertible *Sold as with lot 1293 20 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Custom coupe 21 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 convertible 22 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 23 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Big Tank 427/390 coupe 24 1959 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 25 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 26 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/400 convertible 27 1981 Chevrolet Corvette coupe 28 1981 Chevrolet Corvette coupe 78 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com Sold Price Location $742,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $440,000 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $374,000 RM, Gainesville, GA $308,000 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $253,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $247,500 WWG, Auburn, IN $242,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $231,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $209,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $198,000 Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ $187,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $180,200 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $176,000 RM, Gainesville, GA $176,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $176,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $176,000 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $174,900 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $170,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $170,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $170,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $165,000 RM, Phoenix, AZ $164,594 Bonhams, Paris, FRA $155,100 Mecum, Kansas City, MO $154,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $154,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $153,700 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $150,000 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $150,000 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV Lot # Date 1303.2 1/18/2011 S70 11/5/2010 213 11/13/2010 S73 11/5/2010 1279 1/18/2011 46 9/2/2010 1010.2 1/18/2011 1032 1/18/2011 1289 1/18/2011 S705 1/19/2011 1273.1 1/18/2011 U170 1/26/2011 214 11/13/2010 1276 1/18/2011 1256 1/18/2011 S72 11/5/2010 S106 1/26/2011 1293 1/18/2011 1293.1 1/18/2011 1306 1/18/2011 267 1/20/2011 359 2/5/2011 F221 12/2/2010 1259.1 1/18/2011 1320 1/18/2011 S149 1/26/2011 373 9/25/2010 373.1 9/25/2010 *Auction sales as recorded from November 25 through January 25 in the Corvette Market Digital Plus database (www.corvettemarket.com).

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Rank Model 29 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Custom coupe 30 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 coupe 31 1953 Chevrolet Corvette 235/150 roadster 32 1953 Chevrolet Corvette 235/150 roadster 33 1966 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 34 1955 Chevrolet Corvette Serial #2 roadster 35 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Custom 480 36 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 37 1966 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 38 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 39 2001 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary convertible 40 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 41 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 42 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/400 convertible 43 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/400 convertible 44 1955 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 45 1959 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 46 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car 346/350 47 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 48 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 49 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 50 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 51 1962 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 52 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 53 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 54 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie convertible 55 1956 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 56 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 57 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 58 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Split-Window coupe Replica 59 1960 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 60 1958 Chevrolet Corvette 283/270 61 1955 Chevrolet Corvette roadster 62 1960 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 63 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435 coupe 64 1954 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 65 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 66 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 67 1961 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 350-ci 68 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/400 coupe 69 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 70 1960 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 71 1967 Chevrolet Corvette coupe 72 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427/390 convertible 73 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427/425 coupe 74 1965 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 75 1966 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 76 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 77 1959 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 78 1961 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 79 1967 Chevrolet Corvette coupe 80 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Custom convertible 81 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Lingenfelter convertible 82 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 83 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 605 84 1965 Chevrolet Corvette convertible 85 1967 Chevrolet Corvette convertible Sold Price Location $148,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $148,400 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $144,100 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $143,100 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $143,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $143,000 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $137,800 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $137,500 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $137,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $134,200 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $132,000 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $132,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $132,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $129,850 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $126,500 RM, Phoenix, AZ $125,400 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $124,550 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $123,200 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $121,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $121,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $118,250 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $117,700 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $115,500 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $115,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $115,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $115,500 RM, Phoenix, AZ $115,500 RM, Phoenix, AZ $110,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $110,000 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $110,000 RM, Phoenix, AZ $107,800 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $107,250 Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ $107,250 RM, Phoenix, AZ $106,700 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $106,000 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $104,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $104,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $104,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $101,760 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $101,760 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $101,200 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $100,440 Classic Motorcar Auctions, Canton, OH $99,000 Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas, NV $97,520 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $96,460 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $95,700 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $95,700 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $93,500 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ $91,300 Mecum, Canal Winchester, OH $91,160 Mecum, Kissimmee, FL $90,300 Carlisle, Carlisle, PA $90,200 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ Lot # Date 1246.1 1/18/2011 S202 1/26/2011 S57 11/5/2010 S130 1/26/2011 1289.1 1/18/2011 S59 11/5/2010 S239 1/26/2011 353.1 9/25/2010 1011.1 1/18/2011 651.1 9/25/2010 371 9/25/2010 1321.1 1/18/2011 1260.2 1/18/2011 S138 1/26/2011 298 1/20/2011 1275.2 1/18/2011 S211 1/26/2011 S138 11/5/2010 1264.2 1/18/2011 1254.2 1/18/2011 643.2 9/25/2010 385 9/25/2010 362.2 9/25/2010 975.3 1/18/2011 1266 1/18/2011 276 1/20/2011 269 1/20/2011 989 1/18/2011 1000 1/18/2011 283 1/20/2011 983 1/18/2011 S658 1/19/2011 274 1/20/2011 660 9/25/2010 T256 1/26/2011 980 1/18/2011 980.1 1/18/2011 1234 1/18/2011 S24 1/26/2011 T230 1/26/2011 1260.1 1/18/2011 547A 9/18/2010 644.3 9/25/2010 F230 1/26/2011 S6 1/26/2011 1005 1/18/2011 1261.2 1/18/2011 1248.1 1/18/2011 1329 1/18/2011 1267 1/18/2011 1247.2 1/18/2011 1327 1/18/2011 1285 1/18/2011 S61 11/5/2010 T64 1/26/2011 F186 9/30/2010 1242.1 1/18/2011 www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 79

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Price Guide Buy-Sell Price Range Low High C1 (1953–62) 235/150 Roadster 235/150 Roadster 235/155 Roadster 265/195 265/210 Convertible 265/225 283/220 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/283 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/290 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/290 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/250 FI 283/270 283/290 FI 283/230 Convertible 283/245 283/270 283/275 FI 283/315 FI 327/250 Convertible 327/300 327/340 327/360 FI 327/250 Split-Window Coupe 327/300 L75 327/340 L76 327/360 FI L84 327/360 Z06 327/250 Convertible 327/300 L75 327/340 L76 327/360 FI L84 Grand Sport 327/250 Coupe 327/300 L75 327/365 L76 53 54 55 55 56 56 57 57 57 57 57 58 58 58 58 58 59 59 59 59 59 60 60 60 60 60 61 61 61 61 61 62 62 62 62 (1956–62, add $2k–$4k for auxiliary hard top.) C2 (1963–67) 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 63 64 64 10,594 10,919 $40,000 $43,000 $50,400 $73,400 $127,000 $35,000 $36,000 $39,000 $65,000 5 8,304 $71,200 A $82,000 A $83,000 A $136,400 A $191,000 A $63,000 B $66,000 B $72,000 B $135,400 A $6,000,000 $10,000,000 A $32,700 $33,400 $52,400 B $57,700 B 80 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH 300 3,640 7 693 387 3,080 1,633 2,045 284 1,621 756 4,243 2,436 504 978 1,007 5,487 1,417 175 1,846 745 5,827 1,211 100 2,364 759 5,357 1,175 2,827 118 1,462 4,907 3,294 4,412 1,918 $125,000 $65,000 $62,000 $65,000 $45,000 $50,000 $44,300 $49,200 $59,000 $49,200 $70,200 $39,400 $44,300 $52,800 $48,100 $68,200 $38,400 $43,300 $53,500 $47,200 $66,900 $39,400 $47,600 $52,800 $48,200 $67,900 $40,400 $45,300 $49,200 $55,800 $66,900 $44,300 $48,600 $51,200 $75,100 $225,000 A $108,000 B $125,000 B $122,000 A $85,000 B $86,700 B $88,500 B $93,500 B $113,100 A $92,800 B $119,900 A $76,700 B $99,900 B $105,300 B $85,600 B $125,000 B $70,800 B $81,700 B $100,400 B $95,600 B $124,000 B $82,700 B $84,600 B $100,000 B $91,900 B $125,000 B $66,800 B $85,300 B $86,600 B $100,400 B $131,300 B $78,700 B $86,600 B $91,500 B $141,700 B HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH 327/375 FI L84 327/250 Convertible 327/300 L75 327/365 L76 327/375 FI L84 327/250 Coupe 327/300 L75 327/350 L79 327/365 L76 327/375 FI L84 396/425 L78 327/250 Convertible 327/300 L75 327/350 L79 327/365 L76 327/375 FI L84 396/425 L78 327/300 Coupe 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/425 L72 327/300 Convertible 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/425 L72 327/300 Coupe 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 327/300 Convertible 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 C3 (1968–82) 327/300 Coupe 327/350 L79 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 327/300 Convertible 327/350 L79 64 64 64 64 64 64 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 13,925 Buy-Sell Price Range Low High 8,186 15,378 9,958 17,762 8,504 $36,900 $55,700 $35,000 $37,000 $39,000 $56,700 $38,400 $38,400 $41,000 $43,000 $63,700 $65,700 $39,000 $39,000 $42,000 $43,000 $64,700 $71,400 $38,000 $43,000 $56,000 $68,700 $40,000 $45,000 $58,000 $70,000 $45,000 $48,000 $62,000 $72,000 14,436 $61,000 B $96,400 A $58,000 B $62,700 B $62,700 B $98,400 A $69,700 B $63,400 B $75,000 B $78,000 B $115,400 A $127,000 A $70,400 A $75,000 B $80,000 B $85,000 B $123,000 A $127,000 B $72,400 B $76,400 B $94,700 B $127,000 B $80,000 A $83,000 B $115,000 B $127,000 A $79,400 B $85,000 B $109,000 B $130,000 B $1,200,000 $2,000,000 A $96,400 $46,700 $50,000 $65,000 $75,000 $177,700 A $92,700 B $100,000 B $131,000 B $143,700 A $1,216,700 $2,033,400 A $95,000 $187,400 A HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH (For 1963–67, add $2k–$3k for side exhaust; $2k–$4k for auxiliary hard top; $4k–$6k for a/c; $5k–$8k for knockoff wheels; $6k–$10k for aluminum wheels.) 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 9,936 18,630 $18,000 $20,000 $25,000 $28,000 $275,000 $40,000 $54,000 $24,000 $26,000 $35,400 $41,000 $50,000 $58,000 C C C C $371,700 A $72,000 B $95,000 B $46,400 $52,000 C C HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Buy-Sell Price Range Low High 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 350/300 Coupe 350/350 L46 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 427/430 ZL1 350/300 Convertible 350/350 L46 427/390 L36 427/400 L68 427/430 L88 427/435 L71 427/435 L89 350/300 Coupe 68 68 68 68 68 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 70 22,129 $36,000 $35,000 $325,000 $46,800 $59,700 $18,000 $21,000 $25,000 $29,000 $283,400 $40,400 $50,000 16,633 $61,000 $69,000 C C $450,000 A $84,400 B $110,700 B $38,400 $43,000 $52,000 $64,700 C C C C $416,700 A $79,400 B $93,000 B 10,668 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 A $22,700 $24,000 $30,000 $34,000 $291,700 $51,700 $69,000 $18,500 $48,000 $55,000 $63,000 $70,000 C C C C $375,000 A $110,000 B $118,400 B $39,000 C HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHHH HHH HHH HHH 350/350 L46 350/370 LT1 454/390 LS5 350/300 Convertible 350/350 L46 350/370 LT1 454/390 LS5 350/270 Coupe 350/330 LT1 454/365 LS5 454/425 LS6 350/270 Convertible 350/330 LT1 454/365 LS5 454/425 LS6 350/200 Coupe 350/255 LT1 454/270 LS5 300/250 Convertible 350/255 LT1 454/270 LS5 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 72 72 72 72 72 72 Buy-Sell Price Range Low High 6,648 14,680 7,121 20,496 6,508 $22,000 $28,000 $27,000 $24,000 $25,000 $33,000 $33,000 $18,000 $25,000 $25,000 $71,000 $25,000 $31,000 $33,000 $90,000 $18,500 $26,500 $27,500 $25,000 $35,000 $33,000 $40,000 $56,000 C C $58,000 B $50,000 $55,000 $68,000 C C C $70,000 B $36,900 $53,000 C C $55,000 B $160,000 A $48,000 $65,000 C C $67,000 B $191,700 A $40,000 $55,000 $56,000 $51,000 $66,000 $67,000 C C C C C C HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 81 Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Price Guide Buy-Sell Price Range Low High (1968–72, add $1k–$2k for auxiliary hard top; $2k–$3k for a/c.) 350/190 Coupe 350/250 L82 454/275 LS4 350/190 Convertible 350/250 L82 454/275 LS4 350/195 Coupe 350/250 L82 454/270 LS4 350/195 Convertible 350/250 L82 454/270 LS4 350/165 Coupe 350/205 L82 350/165 Convertible 350/205 L82 350/180 Coupe 350/210 L82 350/180 Coupe 350/210 L82 350/185 Coupe 350/220 L82 350/185 Silver Anniversary 350 /220 L82 350/185 Pace Car 350/220 L82 350/195 Coupe 350/225 L82 350/190 Coupe 350/230 L82 305/180 (California only) 350/190 Coupe 350/200 Coupe 350/200 Collector Edition 73 73 73 73 73 73 74 74 74 74 74 74 75 75 75 75 76 76 77 77 78 78 78 78 78 78 79 79 80 80 80 81 82 82 Convertible Malcolm Konner Comm. Coupe Coupe Convertible Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe Convertible 35th Anniversary coupe Challenge Racer 84 85 86 86 86 87 87 25,521 4,943 32,028 5,474 33,836 4,629 46,558 49,213 24,991 15,283 6,502 53,807 40,614 40,606 18,648 6,759 51,547 39,729 27,794 7,315 50 87 88 88 88 88 188 inc. 15,382 7,407 2,050 inc. 56 inc. $13,000 $15,000 $17,000 $20,000 $22,000 $24,000 $11,000 $14,000 $15,000 $19,000 $21,000 $22,000 $10,000 $12,500 $18,000 $20,000 $9,000 $11,000 $9,500 $12,000 $9,900 $12,800 $12,800 $15,800 $19,700 $19,700 $10,400 $13,300 $11,800 $13,800 $9,900 $11,800 $11,800 $16,800 $5,500 $6,000 $6,500 $9,500 $24,000 $28,000 $33,000 $33,000 $40,000 $42,000 $23,000 $28,000 $30,000 $32,000 $36,000 $40,000 $19,000 $23,000 $33,000 $37,000 $16,000 $20,000 $18,000 $22,000 $17,700 $22,700 $24,600 $29,500 $34,500 $39,400 $18,700 $23,600 $19,700 $23,600 C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C $17,700 D $20,700 $21,700 $29,500 C C C 20,007 10,625 $10,000 $7,500 $10,000 $20,000 $7,500 $10,000 $12,500 $25,900 82 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com $8,500 D $9,000 D $10,500 D $16,000 D $20,000 D $11,500 D $16,000 D HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH HHH (1973–82, add $750 for aluminum wheels, $1,250 for auiliary hard top. 1978–82, add $650 for glass top.) C4 (1984–96) Coupe Coupe Coupe HH HH HH HH HH HH HH $32,000 D $11,000 D $16,000 D $21,400 D $39,200 D HH HH HH HH HH Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe Convertible Challenge Racer Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Callaway Cpe/Cvt World Challenge Racer Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Callaway Cpe/Cvt Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible 40th Anniversary coupe 40th Anniversary convertible 40th Anniversary ZR-1 coupe Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Coupe ZR-1 coupe Convertible Pace Car convertible Coupe Convertible Collector Edition coupe Collector Edition convertible Grand Sport coupe Grand Sport convertible 88 89 89 89 89 90 90 90 90 90 91 91 91 91 92 92 92 93 93 93 93 93 93 94 94 94 95 95 95 95 96 96 96 96 96 96 Convertible Pace Car convertible Coupe Convertible Hard top Coupe Convertible Hard top Coupe 97 98 98 98 99 99 99 00 00 00 01 125 inc. 16,663 9,749 60 inc. 67 inc. 12,967 3,049 7,630 58 inc. 23 inc. 12,923 2,044 5,672 71 inc. 14,102 502 5,875 15,396 448 5,692 6,749 inc. inc. inc. 17,536 448 5,346 15,323 448 4,444 527 12,326 2,798 4,031 1,381 810 190 9,752 Buy-Sell Price Range Low High $20,000 $7,500 $10,900 $25,500 $21,000 $8,000 $21,500 $9,700 $21,000 $24,000 $9,500 $19,900 $11,900 $21,500 $10,000 $20,700 $11,900 $10,000 $21,500 $12,900 $13,900 $18,200 $32,900 $11,000 $30,900 $14,900 $12,000 $31,100 $14,900 $24,700 $13,400 $15,900 $16,200 $18,000 $24,000 $28,900 19,235 10,686 1,163 18,078 11,161 4,031 18,113 13,479 2,090 15,681 $15,500 $16,200 $20,000 $26,700 $17,700 $21,400 $17,000 $19,000 $22,500 $18,000 $21,900 $31,000 D $12,000 D $16,700 D $39,200 D $32,000 D $13,000 D $30,000 C $17,400 D $32,000 D $35,700 D $13,000 D $30,400 C $18,200 D $32,000 D $14,000 D $32,500 C $18,400 D $14,000 D $34,700 C $18,700 D $21,700 D $26,400 $42,300 C C $16,000 D $42,400 C $19,700 D $16,500 D $43,700 C $19,000 D $32,500 D $17,700 D $21,200 D $24,500 D $28,400 D $39,000 $53,000 C C (1984–96, add $1,300 for auxiliary hard top, $600 for 6-sp, $3,000 for LT4 in 1996.) C5 (1997–2004) Coupe Coupe $20,200 D $20,900 D $26,700 D $34,900 D $22,400 D $27,000 D $21,500 D $24,200 D $27,000 D $22,700 D $25,900 D HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HHH HHH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Buy-Sell Price Range Low High Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top 50th Anniversary coupe 50th Anniversary convertible Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Commemorative coupe Commemorative convertible Z06 Commemorative hard top C6 (2005–present) Coupe Convertible Coupe Convertible Z06 coupe Coupe Convertible Pace Car convertible Z06 coupe Ron Fellows Z06 coupe Coupe Pace Car coupe Convertible Pace Car convertible Z06 coupe Coupe Convertible Z06 coupe ZR1 coupe Coupe Grand Sport coupe Convertible Grand Sport convertible Z06 coupe ZR1 coupe 01 01 02 02 02 03 03 03 03 03 04 04 04 04 04 04 05 05 06 06 06 07 07 07 07 07 08 08 08 08 08 09 09 09 09 10 10 10 10 10 10 14,173 5,773 14,760 12,710 8,297 8,727 6,475 8,635 4,085 7,547 13,950 9,557 3,658 2,215 2,659 2,025 26,278 10,644 16,598 11,151 6,272 21,484 10,918 500 8,159 399 19,796 234 7,283 266 7,731 8,737 3,343 3,461 1,415 3,054 3,707 1,003 2,335 518 1,577 $24,000 $24,000 $22,900 $26,500 $24,900 $24,500 $29,400 $26,500 $28,700 $31,000 $25,900 $30,700 $30,700 $26,700 $32,200 $30,000 $29,400 $35,900 $33,200 $38,700 $48,700 $34,400 $40,500 $41,000 $52,900 $61,200 $34,200 $36,200 $41,500 $42,500 $57,000 $41,000 $45,000 $55,000 $95,100 $44,500 $49,800 $48,800 $53,300 $67,600 $99,900 $30,000 D $30,500 C $28,900 D $33,000 D $33,500 C $30,000 D $34,700 D $33,700 C $36,000 D $40,200 D $31,700 D $37,000 D $35,200 C $33,500 D $36,700 D $37,400 C $37,200 D $40,900 D $38,500 D $44,200 D $54,200 C $39,900 D $47,500 D $47,500 D $56,700 $65,000 C C $41,400 D $43,000 D $48,400 D $49,500 D $62,500 C $45,000 D $49,000 D $66,500 $105,000 C C $56,600 (MSRP) $62,500 (MSRP) $63,300 (MSRP) $68,300 (MSRP) $81,450 (MSRP) $116,880 (MSRP) D C D C C C HH HH HH HH H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H (Note: Bloomington Gold, NCRS certification, or racing history can add significantly to the value of a Corvette.) *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating Buy-Sell ll Price Range Low High Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top 50th Anniversary coupe 5 ow High Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top 50th Anniversary coupe 50th Anniversary convertible Coupe Convertible Z06 hard top Commemorative coupe Commemorative convertible Z06 Commemorative hard top C6 (2005–present) Coupe Convertible Coupe Convertible Z06 coupe Coupe Convertible Pace Car convertible Z06 coupe Ron Fellows Z06 coupe Coupe Pace Car coupe Convertible Pace Car convertible Z06 coupe Coupe Convertible Z06 coupe ZR1 coupe Coupe Grand Sport coupe Convertible Grand Sport convertible Z06 coupe ZR1 coupe 01 01 02 02 02 03 03 03 03 03 04 04 04 04 04 04 05 05 06 06 06 07 07 07 07 07 08 08 08 08 08 09 09 09 09 10 10 10 10 10 10 14,173 5,773 14,760 12,710 8,297 8,727 6,475 8,635 4,085 7,547 13,950 9,557 3,658 2,215 2,659 2,025 26,278 10,644 16,598 11,151 6,272 21,484 10,918 500 8,159 399 19,796 234 7,283 266 7,731 8,737 3,343 3,461 1,415 3,054 3,707 1,003 2,335 518 1,577 $24,000 $24,000 $22,900 $26,500 $24,900 $24,500 $29,400 $26,500 $28,700 $31,000 $25,900 $30,700 $30,700 $26,700 $32,200 $30,000 $29,400 $35,900 $33,200 $38,700 $48,700 $34,400 $40,500 $41,000 $52,900 $61,200 $34,200 $36,200 $41,500 $42,500 $57,000 $41,000 $45,000 $55,000 $95,100 $44,500 $49,800 $48,800 $53,300 $67,600 $99,900 $30,000 D $30,500 C $28,900 D $33,000 D $33,500 C $30,000 D $34,700 D $33,700 C $36,000 D $40,200 D $31,700 D $37,000 D $35,200 C $33,500 D $36,700 D $37,400 C $37,200 D $40,900 D $38,500 D $44,200 D $54,200 C $39,900 D $47,500 D $47,500 D $56,700 $65,000 C C $41,400 D $43,000 D $48,400 D $49,500 D $62,500 C $45,000 D $49,000 D $66,500 $105,000 C C $56,600 (MSRP) $62,500 (MSRP) $63,300 (MSRP) $68,300 (MSRP) $81,450 (MSRP) $116,880 (MSRP) D C D C C C HH HH HH HH H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H (Note: Bloomington Gold, NCRS certification, or racing history can add significantly to the value of a Corvette.) *Predicted appreciation over twelve months, where five-star cars will out-perform market at large, three-star cars are fully priced, and one-star cars are still depreciating www.corvettemarket.com www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 83 Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating* Yrs. Built No. Made Investment Grade Appreciation Rating*

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Trick Stuff What you need for your Corvette and where to get it. By John Gunnell Bring Your Stolen Corvette Back Home LoJack for classic cars, engaging speakers and a tool bag that fits RAID in tight spaces Craftsman's new Right Angle Impact Driver—or RAID—is a compact power tool that you can use like a big drill, and it is faster and more powerful. It produces 700 inch-pounds of torque—which is 58.3 foot-pounds—and spins at 2,100 rpm. This allows you to drive fasteners in while working in tight spaces where other tools won't fit. It is perfect for Corvette repairs, such as the installation of brake calipers and master cylinders, headlights, audio speakers, head bolts, timing belt covers, alternators, water pumps, radiators, intakes, valve covers, shock absorbers and struts. The RAID is priced at $100. Call 1-800-349-4358 or visit www.sears.com. Speaker engagements Alpine's top-of-the-line Alpine Type-X series provides a dynamic, precise sound experience in the car for true audiophiles—and they can be easily installed in Corvettes. Their advanced crossover network allows users to customize the listening experience. The 12-inch Alpine Type X speakers list for $244 to $300. Visit www.alpineusa.com to locate a retailer. Corvette-sized tool bag This tool bag is just the right size for storage in Corvettes. It is a modular, zippered bag with a removable shoulder strap. The compact, but roomy, lightweight nylon pouch provides three removable, modular Velcro® tool panel pockets for small tools. The front panel has four rows of MOLLE system loops so you can attach smaller pouches and accessories. The bag sells for $49.95, and distributor Pro-Fit says it's the easiest way to carry your tools. Call 1.253.310.6308 or visit www.pro-fitcarrysystems. com. Corvette engine stands If you have a lot of Corvette projects going at once, chances are you're tripping over a half dozen or more engines that you rebuilt or are rebuilding. Engine stands help, but they can be so bulky that you wind up with more obstacles in the shop. Phoenix Machine's tubular Heavy Duty Chevrolet engine transport stand can help. It takes up very little space. Different models are available for small- and big-blocks. The stands are made from laser-cut flanges and heavy wall tubing, and hold the complete engine—even if it has a racing-style oil pan. The stands are powder-coated and priced at $54. Options include four heavy-duty casters and two brakes for an additional $32. Call Phoenix Machine at 920.841.0500 or email mark@phoenixmachinellc.com. ■ LoJack your car back One 2001 Corvette was stolen nine times—and recovered each time—because it had a LoJack in-vehicle tracking system installed in 2007. LoJack's newest stolen vehicle recovery system—LoJack for Classics—is designed for older cars, including Corvettes. It is self-powered, which allows it to be more easily hidden and eliminates 6-volt issues for early Corvette owners. The system uses Radio Frequency Technology, which means that stolen cars hidden in trailers, parking garages or cargo containers can be tracked and found. LoJack for Classics is available immediately through https:// store.lojack.com. The price is a one-time cost of $695, which is peanuts for the owner of a convertible L88. For more information, visit www.lojack.com, www.facebook. com/LoJackCorp or http://twitter.com/LoJackCorp. 84 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com

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WHAT'S YOUR CAR WORTH? FIND OUT AT NOW ONLINE! The world's largest collector car price guide based on over 500,000 sold transactions from . Updated weekly. www.collectorcarpricetracker.com For the collector who needs to know what things are selling for, right now. 100% Free. Visit today. www.corvettemarket.com WINTER 2011 Corvette Market 85

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In Miniature By Marshall Buck 1961 Corvette Convertible I think that almost everyone agrees that being toothless is not good, but, in this instance, there may be some who think differently. Allow me to explain. When looking at the revised front grille treatment of the 1961 Corvette, there are many who view the toned-down “toothless” look as an improvement, although I don't feel the same way. I prefer all the teeth on the 1953-60 cars. The headlight surrounds, which were painted the body color, were also part of the toning-down trend in 1961. A restyled rear, which added a little more storage space in the trunk, also was new in 1961. This 1961 Jewel Blue with Cream coves 1:24 Speaking Volumes 1961 Corvette Details Production Dates: 2011 only Quantity: Limited edition of 5,000 CM Five-Star Rating: Overall Quality: Authenticity: Overall Value: Web: www.danburymint.com scale model is a brand-new 50th Anniversary limited edition release from The Danbury Mint. Remember, every year can be a 50th Anniversary of sorts. These models will be available in March, and the edition is limited to 5,000 serial-numbered pieces. This is not the first '61 from Danbury Mint. The other one they've made to date was an Ermine White convertible with red interior, removable hard top, and a naturally aspirated engine. Those models, produced in 2009 as an unlimited regular edition are all gone now—as in sold out. Just like the styling changes made the real Corvette a little more subdued, so does this authentic and attractive color combination. This is good, especially for those who collect all variations, as each model can maintain its individuality rather than being another red model in the Sea of Resale Red. The hand-polished paint finish is excellent. There's a great amount of detail all around. Although a few working features are absent on this model, there are still plenty of moving parts, such as functional steering and suspension, opening doors, hood and trunk and adjustable sun visors. The rubber floor mat in trunk can be removed, along with the rear panel and spare tire. A removable convertible top with detailed framework is also included. In a break from Danbury Mint's usual well-detailed molded plastic top, this one is also covered in white fabric, which has a very tight weave that gives a good “in-scale” look. That said, there is something that doesn't seem quite right; it could be that the fabric gets in the way of a really good fit when the top is in place. Pop the hood and you'll find the heart: a well-detailed, fuel-injected V8. The interior is comprehensive with all the bits in place. The oh-so-delicate chrome emblems and scripts on the body are a joy to see. Even the wheel spinners have emblems in place! Danbury Mint models are known for their great chassis detail, and this one is no exception. As with all of Danbury Mint's Corvette models, they have spent a good deal of time and effort to produce a very fine-looking model, although it is not one of their best efforts. Given the overall detail and quality we've come to expect from Danbury Mint, I hate to say it, but this one is a little bit of a letdown. Here are my gripes: Surprisingly, this model has no prop rod for the hood, the fit of the protruding body panels aft of the front wheels is poor, the taillights and their chrome bezels should be recessed into the body, but they are not. In addition, the steering wheel sits far too low, the seats are pushed too far back into the body, and the fit of the driver door on my sample was bad, which hindered opening and closing. The final verdict? Despite the flaws, this is a very good model, and it's certainly worth grabbing while you can. Priced at $158. 86 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com By Mark Wigginton Mike Yager's Corvette Bible By Mike Yager, Krause Publications, 304 pages, $97, Amazon.com I was a car-crazy 15-year- old when my father, who worked on the docks in Los Angeles, came to my bedroom and announced that a brand-new 1968 Triumph GT6 had been damaged during unloading, and he was doing a deal with the insurance company to make it mine. After I gave him a noncommittal teen grunt in response, he left. I didn't show it, but the news was like an electric shock, and his words started a frenzied quest for information to feed my fevered imagination. Over the next few weeks, I read everything I could find on the car, which wasn't an easy task in those pre-Internet days. I was pretty much stuck with poring over reviews from Road & Track and/or Car and Driver, again and again. Alas the Triumph never materialized, and instead I wound up spending $500 on a clapped-out 1960 Bugeye Sprite, even though I knew almost nothing about Sprites. But you don't have to be as ignorant and clueless as I was when it comes to Corvettes. Mike Yager has solved that problem for you with his “Corvette Bible” model guide. It isn't new, but it is an essential part of your library if you are interested in driving, buying or fixing-up a Corvette. Published in 2007, the book takes a look at the entire range of Corvettes, from 1953 through publication, with chapters covering each year, and the many models. But it isn't the breadth that makes this an important book for the new Corvette enthusiast, it's the basic structure. Each year gets a nicely written overview, plus a detailed chart that decodes the VIN and production numbers, engine options and a “cool stuff” box that highlights options or the kind of obscure facts that will amaze or annoy your friends. Yager also offers a chart for each year that, at a glance, can tell you the relative merits of a particular car—and whether it should be a collectible, a driver, racer or restoration candidate. Provenance: Yager, owner of Mid America Motorworks and longtime Corvette expert, is no stranger to these pages, and his knowledge of all things Corvette is beyond reproach. Fit and Finish: The printing and photo reproduction are of good quality, but what sets this book apart is the design concept: Yager uses charts where possible and keeps it tight. It works well, with lots of data packed into a small area for each model year. Drivability: This is like having a really well informed collector come along with you to look at a car. You learn what to look for— and what to expect—model by model, on a macro level. It might keep you from falling in love when you shouldn't, or help you understand what is correct or what just pretends to be correct. Pair it with the Corvette Black Book and you are well down the road to starting out right. It isn't the end of your Corvette journey, but the beginning—and you start with a good map. ■

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Resource Directory Auction Companies Auctions America by RM. 877.906.2437, 5540 CR llA Auburn, IN 46706. Home of the 480-acre Auction Park in Auburn, IN, where the annual Labor Day Auction is held in conjunction with the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Festival. www.auctionsamerica. com. (IN) Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers. 815.568.8888, 815.568.6615. 950 Greenlee St., Marengo, IL 60015. Auctions: Orlando, Kansas City, Rockford, Bloomington Gold, St. Paul, Des Moines, Carlisle, and Chicago. Nobody Sells More Muscle Than Mecum. Nobody. www.mecumauction.com. (IL) Russo and Steele Collector Automobiles. 602.252.2697, 602.252.6260. 5230 South 39th Street, Phoenix AZ 85040. info@ russoandsteele.com; www.russoandsteele.com. (AZ) Silver Auctions. 800.255.4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@silverauctions.com. www.silverauctions.com. (WA) The Worldwide Group. 866.273.6394, Established by Put your company in the CM Resource Directory. Call 877.219.2605 x211, or email advert@corvettemarket.com John Kruse and Rod C. Egan, The Worldwide Group—Auctioneers, Appraisers and Brokers—is one of the world's premier auction houses, specializing in the procurement and sale of the world's finest automobiles and vintage watercraft. www.WWGauctions.com. (IN) Corvette Parts & Restoration County Corvette 610.696.7888, Sales, service, parts and restoration. When it must be right. www.countycorvette.com. (PA) Mid America Motorworks 800.500.1500, America's leader in 1953-2008 Corvette parts and accessories. Request a free catalog at www.mamotorworks.com. (IL) AutoBahn Power. Performance + Looks + Durability + Comfort = Autobahn Power! Autobahn Power is a veteran of vehicle modifications, parts and accessories. Our specialty has been to carry products that are better than original equipment in performance, safety and quality. Our warehouse, service shop and retail store are located in the Midwest for good access to all parts of the USA. We have completed literally hundreds of project cars. These performance vehicles are in enthusiast's hands across the USA. Many of the cars are in daily use proving the durability of our workmanship and products. Check us out at www.autobahnpower.com. Classic Car Transport Intercity Lines, Inc. 800.221.3936, 413.436.9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast-to-coast service. Insured enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocations. www.intercitylines.com. (MA) Insurance Hagerty Collector Car Insur- ance. 800.922.4050. Collector cars aren't like their late-model counterparts. These classics actually appreciate in value so standard market policies that cost significantly more won't do the job. We'll agree on a fair value and cover you for the full amount. No prorated claims, no hassles, no games. www.hagerty.com. (MI) Corvettes for Sale Corvette Central Parts and accessories for all corvettes. Corvette Central has been a leading Ad Index Al Knoch Interiors ............................59 Auto Etc Neon ..................................89 Barrett-Jackson ...................................7 Baymont Inn & Suites.......................87 Bloomington Gold ......................17, 19 Bowling Green Convention & Visitors Bur.....................................................92 Branson Collector Car Auction.........69 Bruce Shaw.......................................88 Chubb Personal Insurance...................9 Classic Restoration............................91 Collector Car Price Tracker ..............85 Corvette America ..............................13 Corvette Correction...........................89 Corvette Market ..........................23, 77 Corvette Repair Inc...........................57 Corvette Specialties ..........................89 County Corvette..................................2 Cousin Joe's ......................................61 Dave Gill Chevrolet..........................53 Grundy Worldwide............................47 Harchelroad Motors Inc....................53 Heacock Classic ...............................41 88 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com JC Taylor...........................................63 Jim Meyer Racing Products Inc........89 Lee Murphy Chevrolet......................53 Long Island Corvette Supply Inc......89 Mac Neil Automotive Products Ltd..85 Mecum Auction...................................3 Meguiar's ....................................24, 25 Michael Somers ................................83 Mid America Motorworks.................65 Midwest Corvettes & Classics, LLC 81 National Corvette Museum...............83 National Corvette Restorers Society.11 Pro-Team Corvette Sales, Inc............71 Reliable Carriers ...............................39 Silver Collector Car Auctions ...........55 Sports Car Market.............................43 St Bernard Church.............................85 Superior Chevrolet......................53, 67 SWISSVAX USA, LLC......................6 The Chevy Store Inc .........................21 Thomas C Sunday Inc.......................81 Zip Products......................................15 manufacturer and distributor of Corvette parts and accessories since 1975. We offer the most comprehensive and detailed parts catalogs on the market today and produce a different catalog for each Corvette generation. All catalogs are also online with full search and order features. From Blue Flame 6 to the new C6, only Corvette Central has it all. www.corvettecentral.com. (MI) County Corvette. 610.696.7888, The most modern and best equipped Corvette-only facility in the nation. www.countycorvette.com. (PA) The Chevy Store At The Chevy Store, you will find only the highest grade, investment quality Corvette and specialty Chevrolet automobiles. We take pride in providing our clients with the finest selection anywhere. Offering investment quality corvettes and Chevrolets for over 30 years! 503.256.5384 (p) 503.256.4767 (f) www.thechevystore.com. (OR) Museums National Corvette Museum 800-53-VETTE, The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY was established as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation with a mission of celebrating the invention of the Corvette and preserving its past, present and future. www.corvettemuseum.com. (KY) ■

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Vette-o-bilia Online trash and trinkets—some valuable, some not. By Carl Bomstead Pedal Cars, Pin-up Girls and Useless Trophies The photo wasn't racy by today's standards but it attracted a great deal of attention and sold for aggressive money A s we wiled away the hours finding cool Corvette stuff in a spot where people spend silly money adding to their collection of treasures, we found a couple of very cool pieces that did not receive any interest at all. A 1963 Jim Beam Corvette decanter—still full of the original product—failed to receive any at- tention when offered at $1,500. No wonder you say, but it was signed by Dave McLellan, a former Corvette chief engineer, and Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Father of the Corvette. It was offered with photographs of them signing the decanter at a Corvette show in 1994. Both were known for signing anything and everything, so the signatures are not particularly rare. I'm not surprised that no one stepped up at this price. A 1986 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car pedal car that was entered in some sort of dealer contest and was presented with a big honking trophy was offered at $1,500. It also received no interest. This offer was a bit pricey, considering that the pedal car is worth about $700—and who cares about the trophy? So, there is little wonder why this offering failed to sell. But here are some that did receive interest, even if for less than a buck. EBAY #330526849601— EIGHT ISSUES OF VETTE AND CORVETTE FEVER FROM 1994. Number of Bids: 1. SOLD AT: 99 cents. Date Sold: 2/10/2011. These magazines were in good condition and covered a lot of subjects, including the Lister Corvette, Corvette Challenge Cup race cars and a Corvette Limo that someone with way too much time on their hands created. A lot of information for less than a buck. Of course they made up for it by charging $5 for shipping and handling. Still, this is a tough way to get rich. 3. SOLD AT: $12.50. Date Sold: 2/10/2011. This 7-inch by 8-inch fold-out brochure included a cutaway of the chassis and all sorts of useful technical information. A must-have for the owner of a 1958 Corvette. Sold for a song, as these usually go for $60 or so. 1/31/2011. This 76-page album had a tabbed section for the Corvette and included technical information, available options, paint chips and upholstery samples. A wealth of information—and acquired for a favorable price, as we have seen these sell for around $600. EBAY #320645575161— EBAY #160540804966— EBAY #220734219216— 1958 CORVETTE SALES BROCHURE. Number of Bids: FRANKLIN MINT 1:6 SCALE 283 CORVETTE ENGINE. Number of Bids: 13. SOLD AT: $335.55. Date Sold: 2/9/2011. This was a model of the Corvette 283-ci fuel-injected engine that was offered as an option from 1957 through 1961. It was introduced by the Franklin Mint in 1991 and survived for 20 years in decent condition. It was complete with all the paperwork and original packaging. Most of the Franklin Mint and Danbury models sell for a fraction of the issue price, but that was not the case here. This is a very cool display piece if the actual engine is under the hood of the C1 resting in your garage. 90 Corvette Market WINTER 2011 www.corvettemarket.com EBAY # 140503056361— ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH OF PIN-UP GIRL WITH CORVETE PEDAL CAR. Number of Bids: 14. SOLD AT: $91. Date Sold: 1/27/2011. This was a period press photo of an attractive swimsuit girl with a 1957 Corvette pedal car. It was not particularly racy by today's standards but it attracted a great deal of attention, and for some reason, sold for a rather aggressive price. CORVETTE NEON SIGN. Number of Bids: 13. SOLD AT: $304. Date Sold: 1/29/2011. This attractive sign measured 30 inches by 15 inches and was recently made. The seller stated he bought it about five years ago for $400. A decent buy, assuming nothing gets broken when the sign is shipped. A simple break costs about $60 to repair, so neon signs need to be handled with care. EBAY #30052255192— EBAY #380.08904276— 1959 CHEVROLET DEALER SHOWROOM ALBUM. Number of Bids: Buy-It-Now. SOLD AT: $389. Date Sold: UGO FENDINI MODEL OF 1976-77 CORVETTE. Number of Bids: 14. SOLD AT: $212.50. Date Sold: 2/2/2011. This 1:43 scale resin model was in good condition and was complete with packaging. Fendini started making polyurethane resign models in 1974—and is still going strong. He specializes in land speed record cars, and his website does not list the Corvette sold here. His models are not cheap, and as such, this one was well bought. ■