Price Guide

The collector car market has seen incredible growth since 2009.
In light of this, we’ve made significant changes to our guide to better help you navigate the fast-changing collector-car market.

The guide is now in a data-driven format that reports the median price and high sale of each listed car.

The median column shows a recent-biased median from auctions in ACC’s Premium Database, which is our exclusive source of 29 years of auction results. The median is more resistant to outliers than an average, and it gives us the midpoint of the market.

The high-sale column shows the most recent high sale of each model.

The guide no longer presents a range of buy-low and sell-high prices for cars in #2 condition. Instead, we’re not measuring any ephemeral condition rating; we’re looking strictly at pricing data.

Not every model in this guide makes it to auction every year, so in those few cases we’ve reached out to experts in private sales for our median price. The recent timeframe is two years, but numbers are pulled from the past five years of sales.

We believe this new format will better help you when you’re thinking about buying or selling a car.

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We’re constantly working to improve this price guide, and we will include additional makes and models with each update to keep track of this expanding market. Look for the online updates at at the start of each quarter. Send your questions and comments to or