Leake Will Sell Rare L89 Corvette Convertible Without Reserve in OKC

After meticulous inspection and research, Leake Auction Company has confirmed that one of the Corvettes from the Tom Falbo Collection appears to be a 1967 L89. The Corvette features a 427/435 aluminum-head L89 V8 engine and carries the VIN 194677S121397. It is Marlboro Maroon with a white stinger and white interior. The car will be offered without reserve during Leake’s Oklahoma City auction, taking place February 19–21.

Recently retired NCRS National Judging Chairman Roy Sinor made the discovery. Sinor served in as Chairman for 17 years and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. Leake Auction Company contracted with Sinor to inspect all of the Corvettes from the Tom Falbo Collection. Based on his research, Sinor confirmed the following about the L89:

    • One of 16 L89s — as with the majority of these cars, there is no GM documentation
    • Power steering and brakes
    • Original GM-issued trim tag with June 21, 1967 date
    • St. Louis convertible body S8917
    • Trim code 988AA — indicating Marlboro Maroon
    • Engine assembly code indicates T0512IU on the engine pad, which is the L89 designation for the engine. Assembled on May 12, 1967
    • VIN derivative on the engine pad is 7121397
    • 3904351 – 4-bolt main engine block was cast on March 31, 1967
    • Machined and assembled in May and placed in a Corvette that was built in June

“As one of the rarest Corvettes ever produced, this was an incredible discovery,” stated Richard Sevenoaks, president of Leake Auction Company. “We have been scrutinizing all of the Corvettes from the Falbo Collection for over a month now, verifying the authenticity of each one. Obviously we were thrilled to discover this L89 coded engine. This is a Corvette you do not see every day on the auction block. It will be offered without reserve, giving everyone the opportunity to own a valuable piece of Corvette history.”

Even though the L89 was rated at the same 435 horsepower as the iron-head L71, the L89 produced more power because of its larger exhaust valves. In addition, the aluminum heads were lighter than the L71 cast iron-heads, taking 75 pounds off the nose of the Corvette. When coupled with the performance increase, this placed the 1967 Corvette L89 in a league of its own.

For decades Tom Falbo amassed a large collection of vehicles. After accumulating some of the rarest and most desirable Corvettes ever produced, Tom decided to fine-tune his collection. Many of the Corvettes are documented, numbers-matching originals with low mileage. In addition to the 40 Corvettes, 75 other vehicles will also be offered without reserve.

For more information about the Falbo Collection or other vehicles consigned to the auction, visit LeakeCar.com or call 918.254.7077.


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