Oakland Automobiles at the AACA Museum

The AACA Museum, Inc. Williams-Clyne Gallery is home to a display of early Oakland vehicles through October 20th guest curated by the Keystone State Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club. The exhibit boasts a 1916 Oakland Model 50, a 1923 Oakland Model 6-44 and a 1923 Oakland Model 6-44 tourer. Two of these three automobiles are the only known survivors of their model year. Oakland Motor Company was a Division of General Motors that built automobiles from 1907 through 1931.

The 1916 Oakland Model 50 is still owned by members of the Gapp family who were the original purchasers of the car in Walhalla, ND in January 1917. It was then put in a crate for storage in 1934 where it remained until 2013. This Model 50 Oakland is powered by a 365-ci, two-piece V8 engine and is the only known surviving model from this year.

The 1923 Oakland Model 6-44 is a two-door, five-passenger coupe and is the only one from this year known to exist. It is equipped with a floor mounted, three-speed transmission and a 6-cylinder engine. The model number 6-44 represents the car’s engine size which translates to a 6-cylinder engine producing 44 horsepower. This car was originally purchased new in Ohio and sold for $1,445.

The third car on view is a 1923 Oakland Model 6-44 Touring Car. The original cost of this car in 1923 would have been $995. It has been repainted and had a new top installed by a previous owner. The body, wood and sheet metal remain in good original condition. The chassis and engine are original except for a correct replacement rear axle.

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Images courtesy of the AACA Museum, Inc.


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