WeatherTech® Releases Innovative Modular Flooring System

MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd. is proud to announce an addition to its WeatherTech brand of products “The Easy to Install Floor Tile”, TechFloor™. WeatherTech TechFloor is the most revolutionary development in modular flooring to date. As the first modular tile floor system to offer two distinctly different materials molded into one tile, TechFloor provides an innovative flooring solution for even the rookie DIY enthusiasts.

Created with a TwoShot process that produces an extremely rigid tile that will not crack or break under even the tough environment of a garage, up to 60,000 lbs. of rolling vehicle loads. Easy to assemble and disassemble, TechFloor ‘s loop and tab system was designed to provide easy installation without the need for professional help. Installation requires no epoxies, tape or chemicals; allowing for an odorless and fume free flooring solution. TechFloor is the perfect answer for a surface in need of extra protection, durability or aesthetic improvement.

With its attractively designed soft touch TractionSquares™, TechFloor’s top surface is non-slip for wet-or-dry usage and an underside that offers incredibly grip to any surface. Adding to its versatility, the soft touch underside of the tiles will not scratch hardwood, marble or ceramic.

Featuring many color options and combinations, its attractive design will complement and modernize any floor area including: garage, workshop, airplane hangar, basement, kids’ play area, workout room, deck, patio, pool or porch. Whether for temporary use or permanent design, TechFloor will transform the look of any room or surface instantly.

MacNeil Automotive Products, Ltd has been a market leader of quality automotive accessories with its WeatherTech® brand of products for 22 years.  Located in Bolingbrook, IL, MacNeil is dedicated to being an industry leading American made company. For more information please visit or for distributors at


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