1910 Cadillac racer

The first multi-cylinder Cadillac was their 4-cylinder model introduced in 1905. It was a bit primitive in construction, but Cadillac knew they had to move on from the single-cylinder motors they had become known for. With this new model, Cadillac was able to offer a relatively powerful and good-performing car at an excellent price.

Each successive year after its introduction saw the Cadillac 4-cylinder model gradually upgraded. The engine’s displacement was increased, and the car was more refined throughout.

Built on a 1910 Cadillac chassis, this racer is good-looking and bound to be great fun to drive. Cadillac never produced anything quite like this in period, so it is safe to assume it was a well-executed conversion.

A fun machine with a great period-racer look, this Cadillac should prove great fun on the road, track or on a Brass car tour.