1911 Rambler Model 65 7-passenger touring

1911 Rambler Model 65

In 1904, the Rambler Company relocated from Chicago to a factory in Kenosha, WI, where they pioneered assembly-line procedures and took their annual production to almost 4,000 units. By the turn of the next decade, with the last two-cylinder models phased out in favor of four-cylinder models, the Rambler became known as one of the most luxurious cars built in America. They were recognized by the slogan “The Comfort of the Parlor and the Speed of the Express Train.”

This outstanding Rambler Model 65 is widely believed to be the sole existing example of the model. Built on a 128-inch chassis, the longest offered, this gleaming Brass Era Seven-Passenger Touring Car is truly a sight to behold.

It is reported that the first owner of the Model 65 was an executive of the Coca-Cola Company in Laredo, TX. Built on the wide-track chassis — possibly the only Model 65 offered with that specification — the motorcar would have been well-suited to its owner, who most likely traveled the many unpaved roads of Texas that had been well-worn with the wide stance of horse-drawn wagons.