1928 Cadillac “Al Capone” Series 341A

 1928 cadillac_al_capone_series_341a_02


The continuous history of this 1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan has been established since 1932. While the provenance of the “Al Capone” armored Cadillac has never been questioned, its origins were never confirmed beyond reasonable doubt until now.

Thorough documentation begins with the purchase of this 1928 Cadillac by Harry LaBreque in May of 1933 from Patrick Moore. According to Moore’s daughter, her parents purchased the car from an agent in Chicago with whom they believed it had been placed by Capone. The Moores worked with a traveling carnival, where they exhibited the Cadillac.

The ownership history after the purchase by LeBreque is well known and heavily documented, including its display at the Southland-On-Sea amusement park in England. It was restored in the late ’50s, when most of the heavy plating was removed but the other features, including the bulletproof glass and drop-down rear window, were retained.

In 2008, Richard Capatran, then 93 years old, recalled that he had helped his father install armor plating on Al Capone’s Cadillac. The car was delivered new to the shop, and 3,000 pounds of asbestos-wrapped steel plate was installed along with inch-thick bulletproof glass and a rear window that dropped quickly to allow the occupants to fire on would-be pursuers. Upon seeing the Cadillac, Capatran stated, “This is without a doubt the same car that was worked on in my dad’s shop.”