1929 Ford Dick Flint Roadster

Michael Furman ©2013, courtesy of RM Auctions

• 1952 Hot Rod magazine cover car

• Clocked at 143.54 mph at El Mirage dry lake

• Class winner at the Grand National Roadster Show

• First in Class and Dean Batchelor Award at the 1999 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Dick Flint and a friend stop at a crosswalk, watching a voluptuous coed pass in front of them. Dick’s friend leaps out of the car as she haughtily turns away from the boys’ arresting red roadster.

This was the iconic scene captured on the cover of the May 1952 issue of Hot Rod magazine. The magazine’s founder, the late Robert E. Petersen, remembered it as “the first issue where we sold over half a million copies.”

The Dick Flint roadster is an icon, not just to car guys but to the legions of young men whose imaginations it set afire.