1934 DeSoto Airflow coupe

Chassis number: 6078798
Engine number: SE8458

In 1934, the entire DeSoto lineup featured Chrysler Corporation’s new streamlined Airflow design.

Walter P. Chrysler expected the streamlined and futuristic Airflow models to take the nation by storm and reap huge profits. A design far ahead of its time, the Airflow featured built-in headlamps and wider front seats that could accommodate three adults abreast. The hood was extended past the front axle, and the rear fenders had full fender skirts. There was also a rounded radiator grille and a modified veeshaped windshield, further styling features that set this car apart from anything ever seen on American shores.

Although a truly unique car for the time, the Airflow was not widely accepted.

Introduced at the height of the Great Depression, only 1,520 DeSoto coupes were built in 1934. Of them, reportedly only 15 are known to have survived. This example is one of the few to have been restored. It is finished in silver with the correct brown cloth interior and is show-ready. The stylish “waterfall” grille accents this unique — but short-lived — modern marvel.