1950 Buick Custom “Truly Rare”

Courtesy of Bonhams
  • 1950 Buick “hard-top” coupe
  • 350-hp, 364-ci Chrysler Hemi V8
  • Six Stromberg carburetors
  • 3-speed manual transmission, drum brakes
  • Popular Customs cover car 1965
  • Built by Gene Howard
  • Chopped, channeled and hard-topped

“Truly Rare” was built around a 1950 Buick. The body was channeled six inches and rides on a frame fabricated from a ’50 Buick and a ’51 Oldsmobile. The body is equal parts ’50 Cadillac and ’51 Olds. The front and sides are heavily reworked with a flowing plastic look. ’60 Plymouth taillights nestle into deep scallops in the rear fenders.

The ’51 Chrysler Hemi by Don Wallace has a three-quarter-race cam and six Stromberg carburetors. Mandy Holder sprayed the original lavender pearl paint. The interior has ’55 Buick instruments, white diamond pleat leatherette upholstery and bucket seats, front and rear. The car is offered today in its final 1960s show livery. A steering wheel replaces the original “T” handle.