1952 Muntz Jet

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In 1949, Frank Kurtis started building an aluminum-bodied 2-seater sports car under his own name. However, by 1950 he sold the operation to Earl Muntz, who made his fortune selling used cars to returning servicemen, as well as Kaisers and Frazers along with his Muntz television sets. He was known all over Southern California for his outrageous radio and television ads that earned him the sobriquet of “Madman Muntz.”

The Muntz Jet offered is thought to have been owned by Grace Kelly, although these rumors remain unsubstantiated. It features a removable Carson-type top with a white Iguana-skin-patterned interior and padded dash along with a rare Muntz tape deck. The car is finished in House of Colors purple with just a hint of metallic.