1955 265/195 Roadster

Though almost identical to its immediate predecessors in outward appearance, the 1955 Corvette was a significant milestone in the evolution of America’s sports car. This was the first year that Chevrolet’s vaunted 265-ci V8 engine was available. This year also marked the transition to a 12-volt electrical system, firmly transitioning the model into the modern era. Despite optimistic projections by GM, however, 1955 Corvette production only reached 700 units. Obviously a disappointment for the company at the time, today the ’55 model’s legacy is as an extremely rare landmark Corvette that is regarded as one of the most collectible of all the classic ’Vettes.

Manufactured in February 1955, this pristine car is the 44th example of the 700 produced. In June 1988, it achieved Bloomington Gold Certification, a determination that certified the car at the time as exceeding 95% of its original “as-delivered” condition and correctness. By the early 2000s, it had come into the collection of Paul Jones of Jonesville, Michigan, one of the better-known collectors in the country.

This stunning early Corvette is finished in Pennant Blue paint, an original factory color that many enthusiasts believe was only available on 45 examples in 1955. The car also features whitewall tires, a well-preserved light beige interior, and matching tan vinyl top. It offers striking visual details such as the classic “fencing mask” headlight covers, and the large stylized “V” on the Chevrolet fender badges that adorned Corvettes for this year only.

On a recent test drive, this Corvette performed flawlessly, with a smooth-shifting gearbox and a strong-pulling engine. This is a wonderfully presented example of one of the rarest of all Corvettes, and will be a marvelous addition to even the most pedigreed sports car collections.