1963 Chevrolet Corvette 327/360 Fuelie coupe

Pawel Litwinski, courtesy of Bonhams

This Sting Ray coupe was built in the third week of December 1962 and left the factory wearing 916A Daytona Blue paint over an 898A Saddle leather interior.

The car was equipped with the optional L84 360-hp engine package, M20 4-speed manual transmission, P48 knockoff aluminum wheels, A31 power windows and N11 side exhausts. Its first owner was a 16-year-old Florida teen named Sherry Morris, whose father had promised to buy her any car she desired on the condition that she sell her flame-painted 1956 Chevy sedan. Ms. Morris held her father to his promise, and would enjoy her blue Corvette for some 20 years before ill health forced her to sell it in August 1983 to its second owner, Jay Smith.

The car then went to Corvette expert Scott Marshall of Bountiful, UT, who performed a four-year, body-off restoration that encompassed some 1,300 man-hours of labor and cost $33,000. Interestingly, Marshall did not find it necessary to rebuild the engine, which has never been apart.

Bruce and Ralene Strauss of Irvine, CA, purchased the restored car in May 1989 for $50,000. The Strausses kept the car until early 2009, when Tony Hart bought it through Corvette Mike in Anaheim, CA. Hart says this fine Corvette, which has accrued just 27,621 miles at the time of cataloging, has “phenomenal power and torque.”