1967 Plymouth RO23 Belvedere

Competition in NHRA Super Stock racing was at a fever pitch by the mid-1960s. The factories continued to trade blows with ever more radical specials to meet the demands of their team drivers, and in 1967 Plymouth upped the stakes, introducing a limited-production lightweight drag-racing package for the Belvedere known as the RO23.

Fifty-five 2-door hard tops were built to meet the NHRA’s Super Stock/B class rules, all powered by the 426 Hemi backed by either a 4-speed manual transmission or a TorqueFlite automatic.

This RO23 Plymouth Belvedere lightweight from the Joe Amato Collection features the correct and recently rebuilt 426 race Hemi, equipped with dual 4-barrel carburetors and dyno-tuned to 544 horsepower.