1968 Pontiac GTO Ram Air II

Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

This 1968 GTO is the ultra-rare and desirable Ram Air II model from the private collection of Jim Mattison, founder of Pontiac Historical Services (PHS). It is one of only 199 4-speed Ram Air II GTOs built in 1968. This car still retains its born-with engine, transmission and rear-axle components.

The car received a no-excuses, frame-off, three-year restoration and was completed in 2013. The car was completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal by well-known Pontiac restorer Marvin Minarich. The restoration of this GTO is 100% factory correct, right down to the T-3 headlamps and original-style Firestone red-stripe tires.

This car was sent to the GTOAA National Convention in 2013, scoring 652 out of 700 points, and again in 2014, where it scored 687 out of 700 points, receiving Concours Gold top honors for the restoration quality.