1969 427/400 Coupe

The 1968 C3 Corvette was derived from Larry Shinoda’s Mako Shark show car. For 1969, there were small visual differences—principally the word Stingray added to the front fenders, and the door release mechanism was designed around what was a finger hold in 1968, eliminating the separate release button. Troublesome teething issues were more or less ironed out, a new 350-ci small-block engine was introduced, and sidepipe exhausts were available for the new body style, after being dropped in 1968.

In all there were seven engines offered. There were two small-blocks—the base 350/300 and the 350/350 L78—and five big-block engines. These were the 427/390 L36, 427/400 tri-carb L68, 427/435 tri-carb L71, 427/435 tri-carb L89 with the aluminum heads, and the monster 427/430 (ha! try 560 hp) L88. There was also the ZL1 package, which added an all-aluminum L88 engine and doubled the $4,781 price of the base coupe by adding a whopping $4,718. Not surprisingly, perhaps, there were only two of these.

The best daily driver packages are considered by many to be the L36 and L68 427-ci big-blocks, and this car is the 400-hp L68.

It is described as a numbers-matching, frame-off restoration of a very straight California car with side exhaust, and it’s one of 2,072 produced in 1969.