1971 454/425 ZR2 Convertible

The LS6 engine RPO has been offered only once in Corvette history, and for only one model year—1971. With 454 cubic inches, a cast-iron block and aluminum heads, the first LS6 was second only to the full-blown L88 racing engine (offered from 1967 through 1969) in terms of both power and legend.

The original LS6 produced 425 horsepower and was the most powerful engine offered in 1971. Only 188 cars were produced with this power plant, less than 1% of Corvette’s 21,801 production run for 1971. The option price was $1,221, or 22% of the coupe’s $5,496 base price.

When tested by a leading automotive magazine, an LS6 with a four-speed manual and a 3.36:1 limited-slip differential produced impressive numbers: a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds, a time of 13.8 seconds at 105 mph in the quarter-mile and fuel mileage between 9 and 14 mpg.

Building on the LS6 option was the ZR2 package. Priced at $1,747, the ZR2 included the LS6, a heavy-duty, close-ratio four-speed manual transmission, heavy-duty power brakes, transistorized ignition, lightweight aluminum radiator, special springs, shocks, and front and rear stabilizer bars. A total of only twelve ZR2-equipped Corvettes were produced, making them even rarer than the original Z06.

The ZR2 offered here is not only one of just twelve built; it is one of only two convertibles—and the only completely original one in existence. The car is untouched and has all of its original components.

The car won Gold at the Bloomington Corvette Corral in 1982 and Gold “Special Collection” at Bloomington in 1984. It is fully documented with warranty card, Protect-O-Plate, partial tank sticker, Delco Remy transistor ignition tag, Bloomington Gold Special Collection certificate, Corvette Owner’s Card and letter of congratulations from General Motors GM John Z. DeLorean.