1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Coupe

This 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette coupe was an original RPO B2K dealer-ordered car, number 100 of 188 built in the first of five years of RPO B2K production. It was delivered new in New York to its original owner.

While on assignment for CM at the Arizona auctions in January 2008, Senior Analyst B. Mitchell Carlson watched the sale of this car. On p. 86 of the “Market Report Roundup” in the Spring issue of CM, he described it this way:

“Maroon metallic over gray leather. 71,451 miles. 350-ci 345-hp twin-turbocharged V8, 4+3 manual. Buffed-out older repaint with lots of scratches at driver’s door. Exterior emblems rough, cloudy, and faded; right side Callaway emblem missing. Engine bay generally dingy and with dings in aftercoolers. Claimed to have recently rebuilt turbos. Aftermarket dash and steering wheel rim covers soiled. Heavily worn leather to seats on both sides. Condition #4.”