1999 Callaway C12 Speedster

Reeves Callaway has built a reputation for producing some of the most sophisticated and advanced Corvette-based sports cars.

Introduced in 1998, Callaway’s C12 continued this legacy. Designed, developed and constructed by two top German engineering and development companies, Callaway and IVM, the C12 was intended as a bespoke, high-performance car that offered its occupants a civilized interior and relaxed ride.

With aerodynamic bodywork fabricated from fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar, a massaged aluminum V8 engine, heavily revised suspension, enormous disc brakes, and a thoughtfully upgraded interior, the Callaway C12 is a custom-built American supercar. It is so different from its Corvette base that cars sent to Europe are titled as Callaways. Very few of these cars were built and most were custom made to specifications of the clients.

One of only two such Speedsters built, this Callaway C12 was constructed to the special order of Bruce Callner, a longtime Callaway client. As delivered, the car was one of two C12s delivered with an automatic transmission and the only automatic Speedster ever built. Not content with the standard automatic set-up, Callaway purpose-built the transmission to cope with the tremendous power of the V8, and the electronic controls were modified. This Speedster was also ordered with dual coil suspension, blue and cream leather seats, metallic Lambo Blue paint, the Le Mans brake package, and interior carbon fiber trim, which contributed to a price in excess of $225,000.