1999 Lingenfelter LS7 Twin-Turbo Coupe

The name John Lingenfelter has become a legend in the world of performance engineering. For over 30 years, it has been synonymous with world-class performance, taking great cars and trucks and reinventing them.

Lingenfelter has twice worked his magic on this 1999 Corvette, adding twin turbochargers and beefy internals to its 346-ci LS1 and taking the car to 226 mph for a Motor Trend cover story, which called it “the fastest, meanest street-legal car we’ve ever tested.”

Now the Torch Red coupe, serial number 001 in that first series of Lingenfelter C5 Stage II twin turbos, is faster and meaner than ever, because the original LS1 has been replaced by another Lingenfelter-built powerhouse. Displacing 427 cubic inches, the specially prepared, all-aluminum LS7 is fitted with a 4340 forged steel crank, JE forged aluminum pistons on forged Manley rods, and the entire assembly computer-balanced. A custom Lingenfelter hydraulic roller camshaft works stainless steel intake and Inconel exhaust valves in CNC ported-and-polished heads.

The turbocharging system was developed by John Lingenfelter and has been proven in hundreds of reliable installations. Comprising two liquid cooled, engine-oil-lubricated Garrett true ball bearing turbochargers, Lingenfelter compressor, and exhaust housings with integral waste gates, twin high efficiency air-to-air intercoolers and 304 stainless steel 4-into-1 custom exhaust manifolds, the system generates over 905 fire-breathing rear-wheel horsepower.

Carefully considered upgrades were performed on the drivetrain, suspension and brakes to compensate for the increased power. A triple-disc carbon fiber clutch was installed, along with a hardened, high-strength driver’s side half shaft for durability and Hotchkiss sway bars for handling response. The original LPE-designed Lingenfelter Signature Series wheels were sent back to manufacturer HRE and reinforced with stronger hubs to handle higher torque loads, then fitted with the latest high-speed Michelin tires. Six-piston front and four-piston rear Baer calipers with vented and slotted rotors are capable of slowing the car from well over 200 mph in little more than a heartbeat. Occupant safety is thoroughly addressed with a bolt-in roll bar, safety harness, and fire extinguisher.

Custom-built and later upgraded by Corvette performance guru John Lingenfelter, this overwhelming performer is well documented with detailed records, videos, dynamometer performance sheets, and autographed memorabilia.