2002 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coupe

Courtesy of Russo and Steele

Created by Matt Murphy in 1999 to build specially tuned Chevrolet high-performance cars that were emissions-compliant, modern versions of the famous dealer-modified Chevys of the 1960s and early 1970s, GMMG quickly forged an outstanding reputation. Focusing on the fourth-generation Camaro and Firebird, GMMG created a new generation “supercar” with durability, reliability and modern technology. Clearly echoing the Baldwin-Motion, Berger, Dick Harrell, Fred Gibb, Nickey and Yenko dealer-tuned Chevy supercars of the past, the GMMG Camaro was available through selected Chevrolet dealers.

Over 25 individual tweaks were made to the GMMG cars, covering everything from the powertrain and performance to appearance, with the accent on performance-easy 11-second quarter-mile times with outstanding handling and braking to match.

With fewer than 1,000 actual miles from new and fastidiously maintained, this 2002 GMMG ZL1 Camaro is car number 7 of the 69 produced.